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Mulberry Dwarf Black on tree

Dwarf Mulberry - Black Morus nigra

This mulberry has a very low chill factor making it ideal for our subtropical climate. Pruning after fruiting allows it to be kept under 3mtrs, and also encourages multiply cropping throughout the summer.  It is best to pick the fruit when ripe, as it doesn't ripen further off the tree. A benefit of a mulberry tree is that the fruit ripens over an extended period of time unlike other fruit that often ripens all at once. The fruits of the black mulberry, considered the tastiest and most versatile of the mulberries are large and juicy with a good balance of sweetne

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$29.00 159 Cutting 165mm Buy 2 or more @ $19.75ea
$14.75 0 Cutting ST Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Mulberry White Shahtoot

Mulberry - White Shahtoot Morus macroura

Large sweet fruit can reach up to 10cm in length. It is delicious eaten fresh but can also be sundried and eaten as a sweet. Medium sized spreading tree with a weeping habit, excellent shade tree. Birds love them too so make sure you cover them if you don't want to share. You can also get multiple crops by pruning immediately after your first crop. (White Shahtoot Video)

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$29.00 104 Grafted 165mm
$19.75 3 Grafted MT
$29.00 0 Grafted BRL Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Mulberry Red Shahtoot

Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot Morus macroura

Much more compact in growth habit than the King White Shahtoot. These delicious sweet fruits can reach 10cm in length. Ideal for back yards and we consider it a must have fruit tree for the back yard. The best way to eat mulberries is fresh from the tree but if some should make it to the kitchen bench they make excellent pies, jams, wines and sauces. Multiple crops are possible by pruning directly after your first crop. Suitable for most regions of Australia, although it can be susceptible to damage from late frosts. The red shahtoot is ideal for growing in pots and containers du

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$34.00 92 Grafted 165mm
Mulberry Bowl

Mulberry - Beenleigh Black Morus nigra

Large juicy very sweet fruit to 4cm. This tree requires virtually no maintenance and is fairly drought-resistant once established. Well suited to a range of climates.

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$29.00 50 Cutting 165mm
Mulberry - Hicks Fancy

Mulberry - Hicks Fancy Morus nigra

Long red berries, maturing from Late November on. When fully ripe the fruit is very sweet and juicy with an unusual slightly acid taste. This is a smaller tree with very good crops. Annual pruning is required as fruit is produced on new seasons growth.
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$44.00 0 Grafted BRL Email Me When Available In Production
Angela mulberries

Mulberry - Angela Morus alba x nigra

Very sweet hybrid selection of a white and black mulberry. Does have some seeds in fruit, so keep netted to avoid seed dispersal by birds next to native bush areas.
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$27.00 0 Grafted 165mm Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Native mulberry compliments of tide chaser

Native Mulberry Pipturus argenteus

This is an excellent tree for rainforest restoration as it attracts many birds and insects.  It has small, white edible fruits that are sweet and hold their seeds on the outside like strawberries.  Trees are dioecious, having male and female flowers on separate trees.  

Mulberry - Black Seedling Morus nigra

Rootstock mulberry for Shahtoot Red and Hicks Fancy
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$9.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available In Production

Mulberry - White Seedling Morus alba

Quick growing hardy shade tree. Used also as a rootstock for Mulberry varieties.  This tree is used as a host plant for silk worms employed in the commercial production of silk.  Morus alba is also notable for the rapid release of its pollen which is launched at over half the speed of sound.
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$9.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available In Production
Mulberry Black English Propagated by Flemings Nursery Label

Mulberry - Black English Morus nigra

Large quantities of good sized sweet black mulberries are produce in late spring.  The tree is a large spreading deciduous shade tree with an attractive form.  Well suited to colder climates.
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$59.00 0 Grafted BRXL Email Me When Available In Production
Mulberry - Gayes pink

Mulberry - Gayes Pink Morus sp

A sweet pink mulberry that crops well in the subtropics. Weeping habit, can be kept as a small tree with regular pruning, after spring crop then hard prune in winter
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$19.90 0 Grafted 165mm Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material