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Zippey's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/07/14 Updated: 21/07/14 Frost:
Location: Greenwich

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Zippey Forum Contributions
Milk kefir grains - Hi Bernard, Oh great, I would love to try water kefir, do you still have some? I have plenty of milk kefir grains if you want some too? My email is zippey@gmx.net Thanks in advance!!!! ..2033 days 16hrs
Milk kefir grains - Hi Tan2, No problem I have plenty. Please post your email here so I can email you my address so you can send me a self-addressed envelope to send you the grains. ..2056 days 21hrs
Milk kefir grains - I have spare milk kefir grains. I live in Sydney. If someone is interested to get some: please post your email here and I send you my address...2067 days 21hrs
Milk kefir grains - Hi there, I have some spare milk grains (a spoon or two) to give away. We can arrange a pick up in Lidcombe during the day or from Greenwich in the evening...2119 days 11hrs
Milk kefir grains - Hi TMary, That is very kind of you. By the way, the taste changed indeed slightly: since it has been a bit warmer, the kefir isn't as yeasty tasting as before. Also, I think the grains had been a bit stressed when they were shipped to me (They s..2130 days 21hrs

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