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Anthony's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/12/13 Updated: 14/12/13 Frost:
Location: PLAINLAND,4341,QLD

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Anthony Forum Contributions
Poorly pecan1 - Hi Melissa, I’m no expert on pecans but I just planted 10 seedlins(about 6 weeks ago), and they all looked like this just before they dropped all of their leaves for winter. The stems still look good. ..27 days 23hrs
Abius in se qld - Just wondering if anyone has Abiu seeds for sale at the moment? I thought I’d give them a shot in the Lockyer Valley. We get a couple of light frost each year but the achacha seeds I planted last year are doing well, so maybe Abiu will do alright. Tha..72 days 13hrs
Dragon fruit20 - I can supply cuttings of this variety as well as many others. Email - rannman75 at gmail dot com Instagram for pics - lockyervalleydragonfruit Thanks, Anthony..79 days 12hrs
What citrus is this4 - So, I’ve decided to try and grow a few of these seeds to see what happens. I haven’t run into the man who grew these particular fruit, but I’ll start growing them anyway. ..82 days 13hrs
What citrus is this4 - I’ve discovered the name of the gentleman who dropped these particular variety into work, so when I see him next I will ask about it and hopefully find out what it is. A lot of people have suggested Lemonade, but from what I’ve seen it’s not likel..85 days 13hrs
What citrus is this4 - Picked a few of these(on the right), up at work thinking that they were limes. Shape was a bit weird, but the look was generally right. Smooth, thin skin, super juicy looking. Cut open the flesh is more orange than green, with a nice grapefruit flavour..90 days 12hrs
Apache pecan seedlings - So, out of the 10 seedlings I planted, could I end up with both A and B varieties🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Sounds ok to me. As I’m really only growing them as a shade area in an awkward spot, some nuts are better than no nuts, I reckon! Thanks for th..97 days 12hrs
Suitable tree1 - Septic outlet? Does it have a hose and sprinkler system hooked up to it? Most septics these days have a lot of chlorine in the outlet water to kill all the bugs and germs. I use my septic water on anything non edible after letting it rest in a 1000lt..102 days 13hrs
Apache pecan seedlings - So given that it’s a hybrid, which make sense, how does this effect pollination in the future? Does this mean they can pollinate each other successfully ??? I don’t know much about nuts, only dragonfruit. ..102 days 13hrs
Apache pecan seedlings - The tag on the plant clearly states that they are Apache seedlings. I assumed that Daley’s know what they are selling🤔. Like I said, the trees are more for shade than anything else but nuts would be a bonus. There are a couple of large pecan plan..106 days 12hrs
Apache pecan seedlings - I just purchased 10 Apache seedlings and was wondering if this variety needs a pollinator to produce nuts? Growing mainly for shade, but nuts would be a bonus. ..108 days 13hrs
Worms in guavas - My grandfather always told the kids to eat the fruit in the dark if the fruit flies had gotten to it!🤔🤔Guava still tasted like guava, even with a few grubs in it👍...122 days 10hrs
Seville orange from seed how long before - Hi George. Not sure how old your seedling is but I grew a couple of Julie Seville’s. Gave one to my mum in Kingaroy and kept one myself. I think mine is approx. 4 years old, 5 yrs max🤔. Been in the ground 18 months in the Lockyer Valley and is over 2..136 days 17hrs
White ants in wine barrel - I wouldn’t get rid of the barrel or worry about transplanting the tree. I assume the barrel was sitting flat on the ground? If you can lift the barrel up off the ground you will probably solve the problem. The white ants were possibly after the pott..156 days 11hrs
My jackfruit tree leaves look sicky - I’m not sure where you live due to the postcode but if you are in Qld, your jackfruit should be in a much bigger pot for starters. The leaves look like they are sunburnt or burnt from liquid fertiliser? A plant that size should be in a bigger pot, or in..214 days 12hrs

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