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Anthony's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/12/13 Updated: 14/12/13 Frost:
Location: Plainland

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Anthony Forum Contributions
My jackfruit tree leaves look sicky - I’m not sure where you live due to the postcode but if you are in Qld, your jackfruit should be in a much bigger pot for starters. The leaves look like they are sunburnt or burnt from liquid fertiliser? A plant that size should be in a bigger pot, or in..2 days 15hrs
Dragon fruit24 - If anyone is interested in a few pics of various Dragonfruit from this years and last years crop you can check out my instagram @lockyervalleydragonfruit . They are all my own pics from my own dragonfruit patch of 50+ varieties and all purchased from repu..28 days 15hrs
Tree killing cactus - That is certainly a type of Dragonfruit and if you can get your hands on some pollen from a different variety of dragonfruit when they are flowering you could possibly end up with a lot of fruit. Unfortunately, once they get that far up into your tree yo..145 days 16hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie. I received some seeds from you about 3 years ago. I think! After germinating well, they spent 2 years in pots and did really well, growing to about 80cm tall. Gave a couple to family and planted 1 in the ground in my orchard about 12 months ago...167 days 16hrs
Dragon fruit issues - Hi Shaun, I'm pretty certain that is sunburn. ..313 days 14hrs
Anyone know where to buy park table - Gossi park and street furniture may be able to help you out. Combo 3 in 1 setting has frame like that. ..858 days 13hrs
Looking for a big cereus peruvianus cutting - Unfortunately, I just cut my Peruvianus into 24 small sections. Red fox origin. Looking to plant a large area to this variety. I have a small piece if you want it...950 days 15hrs
Free fruta bomba papaya seed - I'll take a few from you, no worries. Let me know. ..953 days 13hrs
Asimina seeds - Hi phil. Are you still growing Asimina? Would love to get onto a few seeds if you have any to spare. Thanks, Anthony...958 days 13hrs
Cat litter do you put it in - A lot of kitty litter is made from Bentonite, which is a super absorbent clay. It's the same stuff they use to seal leaking dams. I wouldn't use it in the garden unless I had very sandy soil. Dig it in down deep and it might be beneficial. Still have th..970 days 17hrs
Dragon fruit none event - Any hints on the original variety name on that one???..991 days 12hrs
Tuckeroo tree3 - Hi Jennifer. Where I live is right on the coast and there are heaps of tuckeroo trees planted here. They are extremely tough and obviously tolerate the salt along the coast fairly well as there is always a breeze here, sometimes excessive breeze. Not sure..1005 days 16hrs
Dragon fruit not setting fruit - Not sure about grafting unless you are after a fruit salad plant consisting of your favourite varieties. These are 2 that I have recently crossed with the hope of something special. Epi x dragonfruit...1006 days 14hrs
Plug for tamborine dragonfruit farm - I stopped dealing with him after the 1 and only order I made as it took so long to get it sent. Have seen him on tff but don't give him any time. I'll keep letting Matt look after everything...1067 days 14hrs
Plug for tamborine dragonfruit farm - Dann Jarvis from mass spectrum botanicals. A little dodgy me thinks...1067 days 16hrs

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