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Cordyline stricta

Cordyline - Narrow-leaved palm lily Cordyline stricta

Medium cordyline found in all major types of rainforest north of to the McPherson Range. An elegant plant with purple to black fruit, well suited to smaller gardens to create a lushious rainforest feeling. It can grow in sun or shade, and in shallow or deep soils. Though it thrives in moist conditions, it is very drought tolerant; so an established plant should require little supplemental watering. Its tolerance of low light and water also make it an attractive and low-maintenance potplant for indoors or outdoors.
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  $2.95 80 Seedling FT

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$14.75 0 Seedling ST Email Me When Available In Production
  $9.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available In Production
Excellant pot plant when young

Cordyline - Broad leaved palm lily Cordyline petiolaris

This is an excellent container plant with palm like foliage. An native understory rainforest plant. Very hardy and attractive landscape specimen.
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  $2.95 52 Seedling FT

$9.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
$14.75 0 Seedling ST Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Cordyline rubra

Cordyline - Red-fruited Palm Lily Cordyline rubra

This is smaller and less bushy than other Palm Lilies, so is ideal for mixing with other plants. Flowers in late spring, grows to 2-3m, and has short, broad leaves with shiny, red berries.
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$2.95 52 Seedling FT

Buy 8 or more @ $1.95ea

Cordyline Red Star Compliments of Dobbies

Cordyline - Red Star Cordyline australis

A fast growing native to New Zealand that can be grown as a palm-like shrub or a small tree. Its narrow, sword-like upper leaves remain erect while the lower leaves in the tip cluster droop. Panicles of fragrant white flowers appear in late spring, followed by small white or blue fruits. Red Star is grown for its rusty bronze-red leaves and is often used for height and texture in annual container plantings. Cordylines grow best in deep, well-drained soil in full sun, and will tolerate alkaline soils, drought and seaside gardens.
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  $14.90 20 Seedling ST


  $12.90 12 Seedling MT

Cordyline John Klass

Cordyline - John Klass Red Cordyline sp.

Dark green foliage with bright red highlights makes this a striking ornamental landscaping plant for sheltered parts of the garden.  Prefers sun or part shade.
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$12.90 17 Cutting MT

Cordyline Early Morning in 90mm Megatubes

Cordyline - Early Morning Diamond Cordyline sp.

A bright a cheerful ornamental foliage plant with streaks of yellow,, orange, red and green. Prefers a well-lit situation with protection from hot sun. Good drainage is essential.
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$14.90 6 Cutting MT

Cordyline - Chocolate Queen Cordyline terminalis

Add some tropical flare to your patio containers with this colorful Cordyline. As the leaves mature, they become flushed with chocolate purple and deep red coloring, a true kaleidoscope of color! The strap-like foliage much wider than is typical, this plant forms an upright stalk of fabulously variegated green leaves striped heavily with cream and white.
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$17.90 5 Seedling MT

$17.90 4 Seedling ST


Cordyline ruby compliments of creekside

Cordyline Ruby Cordyline terminalis

A hybrid from India. Ruby has a dwarf compact habit that makes it suitable for container production. The new foliage is bright pink and darkens to burgundy as it ages.
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$17.90 2 Seedling MT

$17.90 1 Seedling ST


Cordyline Tangelo

Cordyline Tangelo Cordyline fruticosa Tangelo

Easy to grow and give an instant tropical feel to the garden. Striking evergreen plant with glossy green broad leaves and red highlights. Mass plant for impact or plant in a container as a feature. Grows approx. 1 - 2m tall x 60cm wide.
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  $12.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Cordyline australis - Cabbage tree

Cordyline australis - Cabbage tree Cordyline australis

A striking palm like plant with leaves that can reach 1m long. Produces panicles of small white sweet-scented flowers opening in summer.
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  $2.95 0 Seedling FT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material