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Dianella Kentlyn

Dianella - Kentlyn Dianella revoluta

Its slim foliage appears a beautiful shade of deep green and produces flowers that sit on stems above the foliage. The flowers and berries appear blue in colour and are produced during Spring and Summer. A great choice for informal borders, under-plantings or rockeries.
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$12.90 34 Rhizome MT

$14.90 22 Rhizome ST


Dianella Caerulea flowers

Blue flax-lily Dianella caerulea

An evergreen tuft-forming perennial. Produces panicles of small star-shaped flowers in summer. Flowers followed by blue berries.
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$17.90 5 Seedling ST


$2.95 0 Seedling FT Email Me When Available In Production
$9.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available In Production

Blue Flax-lily Qld Dianella atraxis

A tufted grass like plant native to North Queensland. It has deep blue fruits and flowers and grows to a height of 1m.
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$2.95 0 Seedling FT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material