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Bare Root Catalogue

If ordering any of the items highlighted in bright yellow your entire order will not be shipped until all the plants are ready, we anticipate this being late June/July.

Fruit and Nut Trees

Name (Fruit and Nut Trees)SizePriceAvail.Qty
Asparagus Mary Washington Compliments of Gardening DrumAsparagus - Mary Washington (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $7.90 350
Grape Autumn Royal compliments of JN NutritionGrape - Autumn Royal (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $15.90 34
Delicous Black MuscatsGrape - Black Muscat Hamburg (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $14.90 60
Beautiful bunch of Cabernet Savignon grapesGrape - Cabernet Sauvignon (grafted) (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $15.90 80
Grape Crimson Seedless compliments of Delux FruitsGrape - Crimson Seedless (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $15.90 148
Grape Flame SeedlessGrape - Flame Seedless (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $15.90 130
Grape Shiraz Compliments of Lodi WinesGrape - Shiraz (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $15.90 80
Grape Thompson SeedlessGrape - Sultana H5 (Grafted) (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $15.90 148
Hazelnut - Ennis (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Large $29.00 94
Hazelnut Halls Giant For Sale 165mm potHazelnut - Halls Giant (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Large $29.00 96
Raspberry Chilcotin Compliments of Stargazer PerenialsRaspberry - Chilcotin (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $9.90 75
raspberry chilliwack compliments of yalca fruit treesRaspberry - Chilliwack (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $9.90 75
Raspberry - Heritage (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $9.90 200

Bush Food Plants

Name (Bush Food Plants)SizePriceAvail.Qty

Herbs, Spices & Perennial Vegetables

Name (Herbs, Spices & Perennial Vegetables)SizePriceAvail.Qty
Rhubarb Compliments of Organic GardenerRhubarb - Ever Red (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $12.90 23
Name (Herbs, Spices & Perennial Vegetables)SizePriceAvail.Qty
Rhubarb Victoria Compliments of cherrygalRhubarb - Victoria (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Small $7.90 25

Ornamental Native & Exotic

Name (Ornamental Native & Exotic)SizePriceAvail.Qty
Claret AshClaret Ash (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Large $39.00 30
Golden Ash Fraxinus oxycarpaGolden Ash - Aurea (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Large $39.00 10
Grape Ornamental Crimson Glory compliment of pinterestGrape - Ornamental Crimson Glory (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $15.90 60
Acer rubrum at ManjimupMaple - Autumn Red (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Large $39.90 20
Silver birch compliments of mooseys country gardenSilver Birch (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $14.90 20
Tulip tree flowersTulip Tree (Bare Rooted/No Soil) Medium $9.75 20

Rainforest Trees

Name (Rainforest Trees)SizePriceMinQty

Farm and Forestry Trees

Name (Farm and Forestry Trees)SizePriceAvail.Qty

Gardening Accessories

Name (Gardening Accessories)SizePriceAvail.Qty

Fruit Tree Specials

Name (Fruit Tree Specials)SizePriceAvail.Qty

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