Plant Pot Size Examples


Different Plant sizes

Plant Pot Size

Forestry Tube Pot 50mm * 125mm

Example Only: Different varieties of plants can be much smaller than in this example picture which is a general guide only. Please read below for more information.

Forestry Tube (FT)  Pot Volume 0.25L, Small

Forestry Tube 50mm sq x 125mm deep. Square pot shape and root trainers. The deep square forestry tubes have root trainers and open bottoms to encourage non-spiralling roots and abundant new root tips for fast establishment. Approximate height of plant 15 - 30cm high

Super Tube (ST)  Pot Volume 0.5L, Small

Super Tube 68mm sq. x 160mm deep. Square pot shape and root trainers. Approximate height of plant 20 - 50cm high

Mega Tube (MT)  Pot Volume 0.75L, Medium

Mega Tube 90mm sq. x 150mm deep. (Volume 1ltr) Square pot shape and root trainers. Approximate height of plant 30 - 60cm

165mm Pot  Pot Volume 2.5L, Large

Volume 2.5ltrs. 165mm diameter x 165mm high pot.  Approximate height of plant 40 - 90cm

4 Litre Bag  Large

Polyethene bag volume 4ltr. (250mm deep x 140mm diameter) Approximate height of plant 40 - 90cm. We use for trees that require extra drainage and have deep roots.

6 Litre Bag  Large

Polyethene bag volume 6ltr.


Bare Root

Bare Root. Deciduous trees that are sold in winter when dormant. They do not have leaves or soil attached to their roots. Left to Right: Small - Medium - Large

Bare RootBare Root Comparison Picture


Bare Root Small

Bare Root Small With Box

 Bare Root Medium

Bare Root Tree Large Against Box


 Bare Root Large

Bare Root Fruit Tree Extra Large Against Box



Advanced Blueberry 35ltr Bag

View our Full List of Advanced Fruit Trees

 Advanced Fruit Trees

These trees are too large to be sent by post usually 1 - 1.5mtrs high. The above picture is an example of a 30 litre bag but advanced plants can be grown in pot sizes from 4L Bags up to 30 litre bags. Please contact us if you wish to know the exact post size a specific variety will be sold in as the "Advanced size is related to the height of the plant being too tall for our mail order boxes and must be picked up in Kyogle NSW at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery.

* All Picture are a guide only
























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