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Erin and Daniel with a Yellow and Red Cherry guava

Meet our Staff at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

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We asked our staff below what their favourite fruit trees are and we would also love to know What your favourite fruit trees are too?


What is your job at Daleys Nursery?

I have done most jobs here at Daleys over the past 30 years, but now  I seem to be chained to the office chair, balancing the books, planning and researching. But I still am very passionate about growing fruit trees to find homes across Australia, a very satisfying job.

What are your favourite three fruit trees in order?

Definitely Lychee is my favourite, lying in my hammick with a bowl of chilled lychees on a hot summers afternoon is heaven
Coming in 2nd is a tree ripened White Adriatic Fig picked fresh off the tree and peeled to expose the lush red juicy flesh. Another heavenly experience.
No 3 is my favourite Citrus, a tree ripened Navelina Orange picked in June. The juicy and sweet flesh is superb.
There are my favourite Summer, Autumn and Winter fruits.  I cannot let Spring escape so if I was to pick Greg Cyclingmy favourite Spring fruit, yes it has to be a tree ripened Apricot.

What made you passionate about fruit trees?

I have always had a passion for things earthy, but I would have to say cycling  around New Zealand 30 years ago fruit picking and devouring sometimes more fruit than I should, made me think what a wonderful food we have in fruit. And realising just how many different flavours, sizes, colours and variety there are in fruit trees. 


Pauline - Meet Our Staff at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

What do you do at Daleys Nursery?

I started at Daley’s in 2009 and these days, I co-ordinate our fantastic sales team. We dispatch plants straight to your door, we run our Outlet Store, and, collectively, we solve all the brain bending problems that arise during the day. All the while, focussing on getting our best possible plants to you. It's hard not to enjoy working with a team that's so passionate about what we do, growing fruit trees and plants for a better world. We share knowledge and experience. A highlight is the different fruits coming into season in our production orchard and sharing the tastes of those. Besides eating fruit, I keep all the back of house admin work running smoothly, communicating with customers, researching and updating plant information, stocktaking, and contributing to reporting and planning.

What are your Favourite Fruit Trees in order?

1. Jakfruit - can one fruit feed a village? Jakfruit comes close. Cook them up green as a vegie or wait until their arils are fragrant and sweet. I love the more intense flavours of the soft aril varieties.

2. Canistel - Creamy, custardy golden gems.

3. Any fruit that's in season basically! I love discovering and rediscovering tastes and textures.

Why am I passionate about growing trees?

Every time a seedling emerges from the earth it's like seeing it for the first time - fresh and new and extraordinary - each species distinguishable from the next by just these first 2 leaves. Then watching and waiting and helping it grow to produce delicious, unique fruit for me, my family, friends, workmates, the birds, bats and possums too, is so rewarding. On a tiny little blue-green orb. Amazing



What do you do at Daleys Nursery?

I look after the technology in our business with a big emphasis on our website.

What are your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in Order?

1. Dwarf Coffee Trees (Catui) - The desire to achieve the perfect cup of coffee has given me a love for the coffee tree. I have 8 growing in pots and my older ones have beans on them. They are a lush evergreen tree and when they flower it is spectacular and the smell is overwhelming like a frangapani. It is amazing how such a small tree can produce so many beans even after 2 years. They are definitely a talking point for me.

2. Black Sapote or Chocolate PudCorrey Mango Treeding Fruit - This fruit is a bit bigger then an orange but it is action packed. The ones I have eaten had no seeds and the insides are thick and creamy. The taste is splended and yes in my opinion there is definitely a chocolate pudding flavour especially if you mix it with coconut to give the milky flavour of chocolate. I now have 2 varieties that I am growing in pots the bernicker and the ricks late black sapotes.

3. Mango Tree - I am most proud of my mango tree that I am growing in a pot. Most people who see it can't believe that such a small tree can produce huge mangoes. I have the Glenn variety however most people like to grow the Dwarf Irwin Mango Tree in pots. The Glen has the best flavour though.

Why am I passionate about growing Trees?

The joy I experience from growing fruit trees has made it one of the best hobbies I have ever had. It is so rewarding to watch the fruit trees mature and to apply the tricks of the trade to get your fruit trees to produce. Keeping pests at bay is all part of the fun. Having your own mini orchard is a reward in and of itself. 


Caleb from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

What do you do at Daleys Nursery?

I am the Dispatch manager here at Daley's, so I spend my days with the team here collecting and dressing your plants, sorting and packing your orders and ensuring that they reach you in top condition. I am also involved in stocktaking our range for sale and you can frequently catch up with me in the retail store.

What are your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in Order?

1. Lilly Pilly's! Native, and such a diverse range under one common name! Used so often as a street tree, it is an adventure on every outing with my kids; a lucky dip as to whether they will be beautifully tangy or warhead sour, perfect for cooking!
2. Persimmons! The astringent varieties are best eaten sitting under the tree, as an incredibly sweet ball of jelly, juice dripping down your face. It brings out the child in everybody.
3. Star Apple! These are some of the most beautiful fruiting trees I have ever seen. It is incredible to stand in the centre of a mature, spreading, golden canopy, with a bronze glow in the air, and cut open the purple fruit to find the star hidden inside. Star apples deserve a feature status in any ornamental garden.

Why am I passionate about growing Trees?

Food comes from plants. Animals eat the plants, sometimes people eat the animals, and most people eat plants. Growing your own food is an incredibly satisfying experience. Learning about the plants to appreciate the cornucopia of food that is already there and reaching that next layer of understanding to see past the wall of green, it is truly intoxicating.

WilkoWilco from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

What are your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in Order?

Green Pigeon mandarin

Carambola Star Fruit Trees

Sandpaper Fig (makes the BEST jam💚)

Why am I passionate about growing Trees?

I'm passionate about doing my bit in reforesting the planet while providing food for my family as well as habit for wildlife.

DanielDaniel from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

What are your favourite 4 Fruit Trees in Order?

Mandarin Fruit Trees

Achacha Fruit Trees

Abiu Fruit Trees

Bunya Nut Trees - Such an amazing tree, its ancient 200m years, amazing shape, amazing food, amazing timber and amazing how it brought so many indigenous peoples together in peace for sharing its bounty.

Why am I passionate about growing Trees?

I am passionate about growing edibles because well they are edible. They provide unique tasting nourishment while fulfilling all types of landscape requirements. Wherever you are you can find a selection of plants that can feed you and your wild neighbours, now that beats ornamentals any day.

AnnaAnna from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

What are your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in Order?

Purple Mangosteen

King Thai Mango

Pink Supreme Guava

Why am I passionate about growing Trees?

I love discovering and growing rare fruits, there are so many to discover and it’s a joy to step into an abundant garden full of delicious fruit.

TobyToby from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

What are your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in Order?

Kiwi Fruit

Apple Pink Lady Fruit Trees

Taracco blood orange

Why am I passionate about growing Trees?

I'm passionate about discovering new food through growing it. It is always intriguing to find rare and obscure foods.



What is your Job at Daleys?

My specialty is planting seeds, from both local rainforest species and edible fruit or nut trees all over the Earth. After they have sprouted into Seedlings I then Tube them up into a larger pot size and celebrate their graduation from Polyhouse 1 into Polyhouse 2. In the Last year I have really enjoyed collecting seed from local species that play an integral role in our eco-systems, everything from providing a food source for the birds, creating habitat for animals or just simply purifying the water in our catchment area and keeping the river from eroding away (which it does when there are no trees left). I also spend quite a bit of time in Retail serving customers, which I absolutely love, as there so many inspiring people out their who are either creating a permaculture garden or just planting out an area on their property with natives to restore biodiversity and balance their own ecological footprint. In between this and that I help the crew get plants out and send them off to their new homes all around Australia. It's always a buzz to see what some people out there are going to have growing in their home.

What are your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in OrderPaul With a Big Jakfruit

This is very difficult, as I absolutely love most fruit and nuts

1. Star Apple - I have to say this is one of the yummiest fruits I have ever tasted, very sweet and beautiful texture, makes you go "mmm Mmmmmm"

2. Acerola Cherry - this is a yummy little tropical fruit from South America that I just love, it fruits many times per year and has a vitamin C content 40 times the oranges !!!

3. Midjim Berry - I have included a Bushfood as that is one of my passions, this is a really tasty little white berry, that comes in the thousands, it is a Real treat from mother nature for Indigenous peoples of this land.

Why are you passionate about growing trees?

Trees are an integral part of the Earths most biologically diverse ecosystems. They are currently being logged at an incredibly unsustainable rate (300 acres every single hour, in South-east Asia alone). With the effects oPaul Persimmonf climate change and deforestation placing massive stress on an already degraded biosphere, the planting of Trees offers hope for healing the land and restoring balance to the Earth-system.

Quotes that inspire Paul:

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one seed" Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Do not be afraid to go out on a limb … that's where the fruit is" Anonymous

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." Greek Proverb

"The symbolism – and the substantive significance – of planting a tree has universal power in every culture and every society on Earth, and it is a way for individual men, women and children to participate in creating solutions for the environmental crisis."



What is your job at Daleys Nursery?

My job at Daley's Nursery is a nursery hand, especially cuttings of different types of fruits trees.

What is your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in Order?

1. Cherries
2. Langsat or Lanzones
3. Mango Trees

Why are you passionate about growing trees?

I'm passionate about growing trees because I love to see them grow and I like gardening.

Rick RelaxedRick


What is your job at Daleys Nursery?

Propagation co ordinator, overseer.  Plant protection, ie, pests and diseases.  Irrigation controller, maintainance weed control.  Nursery cleanliness and hygiene etc, etc, etc.

What is your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in order?

1. Persimmon

2. LycheeRick Frost Leaf

3. Jaboticaba

Why are you passionate about growing trees?

It's challenging.  At the end of the day I can see that I've been there and you can watch the plants growing.  It's interesting why plants behave the way they do.



What is your job at Daleys Nursery?

- Organize plants for dispatch
- Decide what is available for sale
- Maintenance of buildings, machinery, roads
- Organize plants that are required for potting

What is your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in order?

1. Pecan - A beautiful shade tree with its lime green foliage and you receive great nuts.

2. Black sapote - Bronze green foliage, its shape and you receive chocolate mousse

3. Gulf Gold Plum - You get a large amount of great tasting plums.

Why are you passionate about growing trees?

Because I am doing something that has a variety of activities,  Growing plants has a positive effect on the environment (I hope that's the effect) It is a challenge to grow a variety of plants under much the same environment and condition. 


What is your Job at Daleys Nursery?

I work in dispatch, it is my job to make sure that all the plants we send to our customers are beautiful. I also work in the office taking orders over the phone and helping with customer inquiries. Over the years that I have worked at Daleys Nursery I have been able to plant out an exciting home orchard and many native plants in my garden which I love.

What are your favourite 3 Fruit Trees in Order?

Having grown up in Queensland the mango has to be one of my favourites, a Bowen or more recently the Nam Doc Mai.
Freshly picked figs are delicious and the trees grow and produce very quickly.
Being a cherry lover, I discovered the grumichama a few years ago.  This is a great alternative and the tree is beautiful.

Why are you passionate about growing fruit trees?

The satisfaction of planting, nurturing and watching nature work its magic is truly encouraging and inspiring to continue planting.



What is your Job at Daleys Nursery?

Propagation mainly.

What are your 3 Favourite Fruit Trees in Order?

Mango Trees - A good year will fill your pantry with chutney.

Lychee Trees - Superior taste sensation if the birds leave any.

Macadamia Nut Tree - Roast them in shell on top of fire place and they fill your home with the most delicious aroma, plus they are superior tasting nuts.


ErinWhat are your favourite 3 fruit trees in order?

1. Persimmon-  I love the delicious jelly sweetness of the astringent varieties when fully ripe. The Autumn displays of red and orange leaves hanging on the tree bring great beauty to the garden. I have fond memories of eating baskets full of persimmons when I was younger.

2. Nectarine-  The Spring blossoms are spectacular and they are the taste of summer for me, both the white and yellow varieties make me happy.

3. Lychee- Absolutely incredibly wonderful fruits and they are such beautiful, striking trees with gorgeous flushes of pinkish-red new growth. It is a special thing to be able to pick your own Lychees.

Why are you passionate about growing trees?

Trees are amazing, they provide so many essential gifts to the world- such as  air, food, habitat, beauty, shade, mulch etc . I especially love to harvest food for my family. It is very satisfying to plant trees, watch them develop through the seasons and know that future generations will benefit from the trees I plant as well. Trees are so precious and valuable with all the work they do, we all need to plant more trees!


What are your favourite 3 fruit trees in order?Dave

1. Bowen mango - There is nothing better to come in a room of ripe mangoes. The taste is sweet with underlying hints of sourness and pine also having a tropical floral taste.

2. Avocado - Simply put, avocado is a super food with a great source of vitamins c,e,k and B-6.   They also provide lutein, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado on toast with garlic and salt on top is amazing

3. Macadamia nut - The creamy delicious nut is something to die for. I love to roast them in the shell. This gives them a unique taste. Try stopping at one.

Why are you passionate about growing trees?

I love growing trees, especially growing them from seeds and watching them grow into a mature tree. The information stored up in that  tiny seed is a miracle in itself. It screams out a creator God.


Dan from Daleys Fruit Tree NurseryWhat is your Job at Daleys Nursery?

Dan works in our propagation department.

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