Rainforest Trees


Rainforest remnant at Red Mountain Cawongla

Bunya Nut

$17.90 ($4.90-$17.90 choose a size)

Handsome large tree for parks and gardens. Has large edible nuts and is cold tolerant. A symmetrical pine suitable for container growing when young. Full sun.

Native Wampee - Gregs

$14.75 ($4.95-$14.90 choose a size)

An evergreen shrub to 6m, native to eastern Australia where it is very rare. Leaves are lemon scented when crushed and form a dense canopy of shiny green foliage, white showy flowers followed by very attractive edible pale pinkish-white fruits.

Wedge leaf Tuckeroo


Very rare, this small tree to 10m is found in various rainforest types in South East Queensland. It has distinctly shaped leaves and is an attractive plant to grow in rainforests and gardens.

Cabinet Timber Trees

Rainforest Trees Native & Ornamentals > Rainforest Trees > Cabinet Timber Trees

The Cabinet Timber Trees are high quality rainforest trees that are great for people with a larger block and who can harvest the timber in about 10-20 years. They are suitable for creating impressive furniture.

Pioneer Plants

Rainforest Trees Native & Ornamentals > Rainforest Trees > Pioneer Plants

A list of Pioneer Plants for the australia environment.

Riparian Trees

Rainforest Trees Native & Ornamentals > Rainforest Trees > Riparian Trees

Planting along water courses and creeks for controlling erosion.


Rainforest Trees Native & Ornamentals > Rainforest Trees > Secondary/Mature

Rainforest species

Understorey Plants

Rainforest Trees Native & Ornamentals > Rainforest Trees > Understorey Plants

The plants that grow beneath the forest canopy. They are the underbrush or undergrowth that makes a rainforest lush down to ground level. Often these plants can grow in very low light.

Extra Information

Australia is home to some of the most magnificent and unique rainforest plants in the world. A most versatile group of plants, they have ornamental, environmental and commercial value and can be used to create attractive backyard habitats, as indoor specimen plants, small-scale reforestation projects or large commercial ventures.

Subtropical rainforest is found in high rainfall areas in rich volcanic soil. The forests contain 10 to 60 species of trees, the more common ones being the booyongs, yellow carrabeen, rosewood, figs and lillypillies.

Red Cedar

$14.90 ($4.90-$16.90 choose a size)

Fast growing deciduous rainforest tree highly valued for its timber in earlier days. Has now become rare. Easily grown on moist soils of eastern Australia.

Grevillea Silky Oak

$2.95 ($2.95-$15.90 choose a size)

Very fast growing slender tree with ferny foliage and bright yellow toothbrush flowers. Grows in a wide range of conditions including southern and inland areas. Good indoor plant.

Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush

$2.45 ($2.45-$12.75 choose a size)

Extremely versatile and hardy plants that will grow almost anywhere. An important stabilizing plant for river banks and streams as well as a useful ornamental grass in native gardens

White Bolly Gum

$2.45 ($2.45-$14.90 choose a size)

Grows up to 12 meters high. It has glossy, elliptic to obovate leaves which have whitish, waxy undersides. Younger leaves and branchlets are covered with brown hairs. It has small, 2 mm long flowers followed by rounded, black fruits which are about 8 mm in diameter and ripen from mid-autumn to early winter

Lilly Pilly - Coolamon

$4.95 ($4.95-$13.90 choose a size)

The Coolamon reaches up to 25 - 30m. A rainforest tree it is also an endangered species. Plant in rich soil with adequate moisture. Attractive red-pink flowers with large edible fruit.

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