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Black Apple fruitBotanical Name: Planchonella australis

A tall tree with a fluted trunk and bushfood potential. This tree produces a small apple-sized fruit that is eaten by rainforest mammals. The edible flesh is a rich red, with a delicate, slightly sweet flavour. 28m

ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$4.90 0 Seedling Pot: 0.25L
Height: 5-10cm
Email Me When Available In Production
$9.90 0 Seedling Pot: 0.75L
Height: 40-50cm
Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
$14.90 0 Seedling Pot: 0.5L
Height: 20-30cm
Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material

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Black Apple For Sale (Size: Medium)  (Grown from Seed)

Plant Information or Specifications

Sub Categories (HashTags)

Climate Subtropical (#ClimateSubtropical), Colour Flesh Orange (#ColourFleshOrange), Colour Fruit Skin Black (#ColourFruitSkinBlack), Eat Fresh (#EatFresh), Grow Full Sun (#GrowFullSun), Grow Part Sun (#GrowPartSun), Leaves Evergreen (#LeavesEvergreen), Native Rainforest Plant (#NativeRainforestPlant), Pollination Self Fertile (#PollinationSelfFertile), Size Height 10m + (#SizeHeight10m+), Size Plant Width 5-10m (#SizePlantWidth5-10m)

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Preferred Climate

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Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions)


Plants required to Pollinate

1 (Self Pollinating)
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Can it Handle Frosts?


Amount of leaves in Winter?

All Leaves (Evergreen)

Water Requirements

Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree?

No (Full Size)

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest

5+ Years

Sun or Shade

Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type

Good Drainage

Soil pH

Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months



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Black Apple

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Black Apple

Kathy2's Edible Fruits
Update: 3011 days 15hrs

Comments: -

Spring 2011: Gift from my dad. Native but doesn't get coloured new growth. Healthy dark leaves, very pretty. Has a very "old" look about it (like a big tree in minature).


Height 1 metres

Growing: In a Pot

Qty: 1

Pollination: No

Pest Control: Ants like to farm all sorts of different scale on it so I have to be diligent with scraping them off and spraying with white oil.

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16 of 17 people found this review useful

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Black Apple (Seedling)

Branny1's Edible Fruits
Update: 433 days 10hrs

Comments: -

Brand new into my yard, and I'm super excited about them. I've consulted a few sources, and I've decided to have a go at confining them to a smaller size in large pots. One will go straight into the ground, and the other three into pots.

I'm going lean with potting mix, as I'm worried about killing more native fruit trees, so some compost and a bit of native pelletised fertiliser on top, mulched heavily. We'll see!

EDIT: Jan 2019 Doing really well in their pots, I'll have to repot them soon. One died- I had it positioned in such a way that it wasn't being watered. I cut it back in hopes it would reshoot, but three months on, it's still sitting there. That being said, the stalk is still quite firm and bendable, so I shall leave it be. Another was attacked by something that the ants are farming, and leaves a black, sooty sort of stuff behind. I moved it further into the sun and away from the others, and it seems to be growing well despite the problem. After four months of it not clearing up on its own (I like to give the bugs a chance to solve things for me) I've given it a spray with some oil, and we'll see what happens. It looks healthy enough anyway, and is still growing. The others are doing the best, and the one in the most shade has grown the most. I water every few days. 

Planted: 2018

Qty: 4

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Pollination: No

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6 of 7 people found this review useful

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