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Fruit Tree Packs

Rare Fruit Review, Magazine Pack - Buy 3, Get 1 Free

The Rare Fruit Review is a annual publication that is packed with interesting and inspiring stories from rare fruit growers. Indulge in your rare fruit passion with this pack and save 25%, Buy 3 and get the chepaest 1 FREE.

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Rare Fruit Mag. 1  
Rare Fruit Mag. 2  
Rare Fruit Mag. 3  
Rare Fruit Mag. 4 FREE

Hedges and Screen Plants

Select from our best selection of hedge and screen plants. Buy a total of 16 and receive a 25% discount plus save on freight costs. You can select 16 of one type or a mix of lots of 4 . All screen plants are in 90mm Megatubes and approximately 30-70cm tall

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Screen 1 Saved 25%
Screen 2 Saved 25%
Screen 3 Saved 25%
Screen 4 Saved 25%

Conifer Pack - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Conifers are beautiful, sculptural plants for your landscaping project. Mix or match these plants to create your evergreen garden. They are ideal for a uniform hedging or screening effect. Conifers are long lived, for you and futue generations to enjoy.

Buy 3 and get 1 free with this special offer.

Use the drop down menu to select the varieties you want for your garden or arbor.

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Conifer One  
Conifer Two  
Conifer Three  
Your Free Conifer FREE

Propagation Tool Pack

Keen home propagators can get all the tools they need for their garden projects in this pack. Save 15% on all grafting knives, grafting tape, as well as secatuers and girdling tools.

Use the drop down menu to select the items you require.

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Tool 1 Saved 15%
Tool 2 Saved 15%
Tool 3 Saved 15%

Native Plants - Buy 3 get 1 FREE - 90mm Mega Tubes

Plant a native garden with this pack, buy 3 of our native trees or shrubs in a 90mm mega tube and get 1 FREE.

Use the drop down menu to select the plants of your choice.

The free item must be the lowest valued item of those selected in your pack.

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Native 1  
Native 2  
Native 3  

Freight Free - Pack Save 40%

Fill your box with this special offer that save you 40% off and no freight charges. You can mix and match which 3 varieties you want by clicking on the drop down menus. You can view all these plants individually on our Postage Free Page Here.

Please note adding additional plants to this pack will attract freight on those extra plants only

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Super tube 1 Saved 40%
Super tube 2 Saved 40%
Super tube 3 Saved 40%

Pitaya - Buy 2 save 10%

Grow a couple of varieties of pitayas with this pack. Also known as dragon fruit, pitayas are a beautiful looking fruit that are versatile in the kitchen. They have a delicate flavour and are very juicy when eaten fresh. They do require a sturdy trellis to grow on.

For more information about growing pitayas, check out our youtubes videos

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Pitaya 1 Saved 10%
Pitaya 2 Saved 10%

National Tree Day - Native Tree Pack for Schools

This pack is perfect for school students. The pack contains 36 native trees so each student may take a tree home to plant them in their home garden. The pack can be a mixture of different species or can be made up of all the same. The trees in these packs are in forestry tubes and sold in groups of two or four.

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Native Species 1 Saved 25%
Native Species 2 Saved 25%
native species 3 Saved 25%
Native Species 4 Saved 25%
Native Species 5 Saved 25%
Native Species 6 Saved 25%
Naive Species 7 Saved 25%
Native Species 8 Saved 25%
Native Species 9 Saved 25%

Garden Herbs and Vegetables

Grow your own herbs and veggies, perfect for pots or kitchen gardens.

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Herb and Veg Pack 1 Saved 25%
Herb and Veg Pack 2 Saved 25%
Herb and Veg Pack 3 Saved 25%
Herb and Veg Pack 4 Saved 25%

A Rainforest Pack (Save 10%)

Sometimes it's too hard to know where to start when creating a rainforest. This pack has a bit of everything to get you going.

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Pioneer Plant - To Prepare the Soil Saved 10%
Mature Plants - Reaching for the Sky Saved 10%
Understory Plants - Eye Level Plants Saved 10%