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YouTube Shorts: Daleys Fruit Tree Outlet Nursery is open

Opening Hours

Open: 9-3pm Tuesday - Friday

Closed: Monday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

When visiting us we kindly ask you to understand the following.

  1. Place PickUp Orders 1 day before visiting us. Not all Online stock is available in the Nursery Outlet Shop. 
  2. If you wish to browse our Nursery Outlet Shop please do.
  3. Pricing and product information is available by scanning the QR Code attached to the yellow label on all our plants.
  4. When ready press our Staff Buzzer. Staff will then come to process your order.

As always our online plants can be delivered to your home.


What to expect when visiting our outlet store

Please watch our youtube above. We stock plants not suitable for mail order. They may be too large for mail order, overstocked or just not up to our mail order standards. All of these plants are discounted from 15-50%. We also discount the smaller pot sizes like Forestry Tubes and Super Tubes by at least 30%. Plants just like fruit in the supermarket are seasonal and not all plants are available all year round.

Pricing in our Outlet store

Scan QR Code In-store to view Price

Scan the QR code on each plants label using your smartphone to get the online price and detailed  information. Further discounts eg 15 to 50% will apply to this price depending on the area the plant is in. Labels do not have pricing so make sure your phone can read QR codes before you visit. Everyone should now be familiar with the QR sign in at most cafes these days. (Try scanning the above Lime Tahitian QR code)

Plants available online - 1 Day in Advance

Pickup10 Offer Code - Get 10% off your pickup order

Remember mail order plants available online must be ordered 1 day or more before you visit us. These plants are prepared and waiting for you when you quote your order number. Please choose pick up in store. All Plants In stock They are not discounted further. So be sure to make time to view all our nursery outlet plants before you leave.

* Staff can not get Mail Order plants that have not been ordered 1 day in advance.

Conditions of Pickup

When creating an order for pick up you have the option to choose a pickup date. Plants are usually prepared for pickup and placed into a waiting area in the shop on the day you choose. Please Note: A maximum of 3 weeks after this date your plants will be held waiting for you. After this date your order can not be refunded. This is due to plants outgrowing their pots. These plants are either discarded or placed into the Nursery outlet store discount bays. (Please ensure you check them out when you visit us). It is important to understand that 3 weeks after the pickup date is a long time after the order was scheduled for pickup and can not be extended. There is strictly no refunds after this time.Address: 36 Daleys Ln, GENEVA NSW 2474, Australia

Google Maps Directions

36 Daleys Ln Geneva NSW 2474 Australia

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