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We are now offering a Pallet freight options for delivery of larger orders. This option will allow you to purchase in bulk with these advantages.

1) Larger trees can now be packed without having to pack into our 90cm Mail Order cartons. This means we don't have to prune trees and they can be up to 1.5 meters high

2) Freight costs will also be cheaper in a Pallet and travel much safer. When placing an order as a general guide a pallet can be between 15-60% cheaper than what is quoted by Postal services like Australia Post and Fastways. To see postal services place your order online and enter your postcode. To see pallet prices please complete your order and in the special instructions write Can you please give me a pallet price. Otherwise you can Contact Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery with your full address and we will research the best pallet price depending on where you live.

Discount Plants - Fruit Trees

We are predominantly a Mail order Nursery, but still offer good discounted pricing on varieties we have extra in our production. We no longer have specific wholesale prices, but do have discounted pricing on some lines of fruit trees.

Advanced Fruit Trees

Also check out out Advanced Fruit Trees that are normally only available for Pick up. This list can only be picked up except when placing an order that qualifies for a pallet. They can not be purchased online because they are too big for the usual mail order boxes but simply make a list and enter them into the special instructions when completing your order. If your order qualifies as a pallet order staff will then manually add them to your order.

How do I Qualify for a Pallet

As a rough guideline to take advantages of the savings in using the pallet option, you would need to order to be over approximately $1,500.

How do I place a Pallet Order?

You do not need an account or to even contact us. Just place an order online over $2,000 and in the special instructions write can you "please give me a pallet price" This will flag the order to be checked by staff and they will then research pallet pricing for you. Any savings that you get in freight will be refunded back to you payment method before your order is sent.

Why we love Subtropical Fruit Trees

Since 1980 we have been establishing and building strong relationships with respected editors and horticulturalists within this Green industry. This has been a necessary part of our business success due to the fact that the 'subtropical fruit tree' industry does not have a specific organisation or body to help support it and build consumer awareness.

Over the last three years we have noted a significant increase in interest. Fruit trees have again become the 'in thing' and are promoted significantly throughout media outlets including some of the most popular gardening shows. Dwarf citrus and fruit trees are also increasing popular and are ideal for container growing.