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The plants that are listed below are trees and shrubs that respond better to clipping into hedges than others. These tough hedging plants are great used for protection, privacy screens and aesthetic value. A-Z list below

Size and Growth
If you wish to create a hedge which is really dense and bushy from the ground upwards it is advisable to plant young, small plants. Many people look at the small seedlings in tubes and imagine it will be years before they will achieve anything which looks like a 'hedge' however, if larger plants are chosen the result can often be that the hedge is rather gappy at the base. Also larger plants are more expensive and are more likely to fail than small ones.

All plants listed will grow in a sunny or partially shady position with any with special requirements being stated on the label.

Unless otherwise stated the plants listed will all grow in any reasonable well-drained soil.

Planting and Pruning requirements
When planting and caring for a new hedge it is very important to follow the pruning and planting instructions that will come with the plants. Some people hesitate to cut their hedging plants back, or forget to do it frequently enough and with many varieties this will result in a hedge which is not dense at the base.

Hedge Plants A - Z Listing

Callistemon - Kings Park Special

$12.90 ($12.90-$14.90 choose a size)

Features narrow green leaves and deep red bottle-brush flowers that are grouped together in bunches, making a spectacular display in spring and autumn. Kings Park Special is one of the larger Callistemons, so it is great for a tall screen or feature tree. Like all callistemons, it is hardy and bird attracting.

Callistemon Burgundy


A dense, evergreen shrub to a height of 3m. The new tip growth is pink and densely covered with silky hairs. The bottle brushes are very dark red fading to deep purple/violet with age.

Cordyline Rubra

$9.75 ($9.75-$17.90 choose a size)

Bright,attractive 2m plant that will add vibrant year-round colour to your sub-tropical garden. Hot pink and purple stripes make a stunning and colourful feature.
Buy 2+ @$9.75



These beautiful ornamental shrubs provide a blaze of vibrant floral color throughout summer, and autumn color in cooler climates. Can be used to great effect when planted as a low informal hedge, and look equally impressive when planted singly. Most Abelia species have a densely bushy habit, often with slightly arching branches and small glossy leaves that taper to a fine point. The young foliage has bronze to golden tints that in some cultivars persist to maturity. From late summer, small, full-shaped to tubular, white to pink flowers smother the bushes. Some species have persistent reddish sepals that provide an additional ornamental feature after the flowers have faded.Although hardiness varies considerably, most abelias are not suitable in areas with severe winters. Plant in a position in sun or part-shade with moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Pruning should be undertaken to keep the plant looking tidy whilst maintaining its natural arching habit. Trim to shape in late winter or spring, removing the cane ends and also some of the basal shoots in order to allow room for new growth

Bamboo - Oldhamii

$37.00 ($37.00-$79.00 choose a size)

An edible species of bamboo. Fast growing in just about any soil type or environmental condition. Oldhamii is a medium sized upright clumping bamboo. It has deep green foliage that starts low on the smooth clumps which turn yellow as they are exposed to sunlight. The tall upright culms grow straight and strong making it a popular variety for many different horticultural and agricultural applications. Both the timber and the shoots are popular for construction and human consumption purposes.

Banksia - Hairpin

$3.95 ($3.95-$17.90 choose a size)

A beautiful native plant with stunning large flowers that range in colour from brown, red and orange to gold. It is a shrub or small tree that is suited to a wide range of soil types and temperatures growing naturally from Victoria through to Cairns. Great food source for bees and nectar feeding birds.

Banksia - Swamp

$3.95 ($3.95-$12.90 choose a size)

An upright shrub with large serrated leaves bearing large yellow-green brush type flowers. Performs well in open sunny positions with damp soil. Attracts nectar feeding birds.

Callistemon - Cherry Time

$14.75 ($2.90-$14.90 choose a size)

A medium weeping shrub with fine glossy leaves and bronze new growth. Vivid cherry coloured brushes flourish from spring to early summer, most attractive to Honey Eaters. Extremely frost hardy, suited to coastal gardens as well.

Callistemon - Purple Splendour


Medium bushy shrub 3 metres with soft pink new growth. The flowers are pink/mauve bottlebrush late spring. Hardy and adaptable to most conditions in full sun. Pruning maintains shape and encourages flowering.

Conifer - Blue Cone


A formal, oval-shapedconifer with dark blue-green, "book-leaf" foliage. Should reach more than 1M in 10 years.

Conifer Cupressocyparis leylandii GOLDEN NUGGET


Compact and erect with lacy golden-yellow foliage, this Dutch selection will make a great hedge, specimen or edger.

Cordyline - Chocolate Queen

$17.90 ($14.90-$24.90 choose a size)

Add some tropical flare to your patio containers with this colourful Cordyline. As the leaves mature, they become flushed with chocolate purple and deep red colouring, a true kaleidoscope of colour. The strap-like foliage much wider than is typical, this plant forms an upright stalk of fabulously variegated green leaves striped heavily with cream and white.

Cordyline - Early Morning Diamond


A bright a cheerful ornamental foliage plant with streaks of yellow,, orange, red and green. Prefers a well-lit situation with protection from hot sun. Good drainage is essential.

Cordyline - John Klass Red


Dark green foliage with bright red highlights makes this a striking ornamental landscaping plant for sheltered parts of the garden. Prefers sun or part shade.

Cupressus Castlewellan Gold


A very hardy, large, dense growing conicle tree. Formal or informal hedging, Or specimen plant in garden. 7-8 m high X 3-4 m wide. Full sun, frost resistant. Responds well to pruning.

Duranta repens - Golden


A dense, slightly pendulous branching shrub which will grow into a single trunked tree if pruned. Pale mauve-blue flowers. When pruned and hedged this makes a very impressive golden hedge.

Dwarf Brunfelsia - Yesterday Today Tomorrow


A beautifully scented shrub with delightful shades of mauve flowers that fade to white. Perfect for cottage gardens, hedges, pots and patios. Thrives on humidity and perfects a frost-free garden.

Dwarf Olive- Bambalina

$19.75 ($19.75-$19.75 choose a size)

An ornamental olive with a compact habit used primarily for evergreen hedging and screening. It is slow growing and easily maintained, making a beautiful addition to a landscape design. It bears little to no fruit and at maturity will reach 2-4m. It prefers a full sun position with free draining soil.

Dwarf Poinciana Barbados Pride


Spectacular flowering shrub to 3m. Great for hedges as it tolerate pruning well. This shrub will be deciduous in cooler climates and evergreen in the tropics. Stems, branches and petioles are armed with sharp spines and it has attractive fern-like foliage. It flowers throughout the year in the tropics and in late summer through autumn in frosty climates.

Eastern Cape Myrtle


Excellent dwarf hedging plant from South Africa, it has small glossy leaves and coppery new growth which makes it a perfect hedging plant which is easily maintained. It has small white flowers, followed by black edible berries. Resistant to Myrtle Rust

Finger Lime - Alstonville

$34.00 ($34.00-$46.95 choose a size)

Mostly seedless fruit with lime green vesicles, the skin is smooth and brown with green tinges. A highly productive selection with excellent quality fruit. Fruits are 7-12 cm long when fully ripe.

Finger Lime - Jali Red

$34.00 ($24.90-$39.00 choose a size)

One of the largest of the Finger limes 8-12cm long. Bright pinkish-red vesicles are held inside a dark brown to maroon coloured skin. Good flavour and a high yielding variety.

Finger Lime- Judys Everbearing

$39.00 ($34.00-$79.00 choose a size)

Large juice vesicles are clear light green to pink in colour with few seeds, the skin is Khaki, dark brown and maroon in colour. The trees is most productive between Summer and Autumn with a light crop throughout the year. Heavy crops of high quality fruit are produced, the flavour is aromatic with a lemon lime flavour.

Glossy Laurel

$9.90 ($3.95-$9.90 choose a size)

A highly ornamental tree with dark, glossy foliage and bunches of small, yellow flowers followed by striking bright-red fruit. A native rainforest shrub appearing in subtropical rainforests north of Lismore.

Golden penda

$12.90 ($2.95-$17.75 choose a size)

A highly ornamental tree, native to Nth Qld Rainforests. Beautiful yellow flowers with prominent anthers occuring in winter. Its glossy green leaves makes it an ideal landscape specimen as far south as Sydney.

Grevillea - Just Rosy


A medium sized bush with bright red bird attracting flowers. Tip prune the bush to keep it tidy and producing masses of these beautiful blooms. they are excellent cut flowers.

Grevillea - Orange Marmalade


Vigorous dense shrub with long, wide leaves making it a great screen. The orange flowers are held in terminal clusters , at the end of its branches, year round.

Grevillea baileyana ( grafted )


This is a small tree with striking bronze backed leaves. It has white flowers in spring and early summer. The attractive foliage and flowers make this an excellent garden specimen. Grows 5m high and 2-3 m wide.

Grevillea curviloba sub. sp. incurva ( Grafted )


This is quite a hardy grevillea which has a magnificient show of scented creamy white flowers in the spring and spot flowers throughout the growing season. It adapts well to most areas in Australia. Grevillea curviloba is best grafted as it tends to be quite weak on its own roots. Tip prune after flowering flush in the Spring or Autumn. It grows well as a standard grafted onto Grevillea robusta. It grows 1m high and 3m wide. Originates from Muchea WA.

Grevillea decora ( Grafted )


One of the best grevilleas to grow as it flowers from April to August and it is an important source of food for birds in the winter months. New foliage is brown and its silver rusty foliage is very attractive year round. Prune it annually to keep it bushy and prevent wind damage. Grows 2-5 m high and 2-4 m wide, frost hardy once established. Originates from Queensland - Burra Range, Barcaldine, & the Great Dividing Range.

Grevillea delta ( Grafted )


This beautiful grevillea will flower all year round. It is wonderful as a hedge and prunes very well. This is a low bush suitable for any garden. Prune lightly once a year. Highly attractive to small birds. Grows 1.5m high by 1.5m wide. Originates from Mt Lesueur WA.

Grevillea nudiflora ( Grafted )


This beautiful grevillea flowers for most of the year. It is a wonderful ground cover and the birds love it. Lightly prune annually and remove any dead wood. Ideal for rockeries or as a filler in a sunny spot. It grows to 30cm high and 3m wide, suitable for most areas of Australia. Originates from Albany WA

Heath Myrtle - miniature


A beautiful screen plant that bears masses of small starry white flowers. Spreading habit with fine light green to bronze foliage 1.5m

Ixora Sunkist

$14.90 ($14.75-$14.90 choose a size)

A compact form of Ixora, growing to 50cm in height with glossy green leaves and bearing vibrant red showy ball shaped clusters of flowers in the warmer months. Perfect for a low dense colourful hedge or border or mass planting of colour.

Lavender - French

$17.90 ($12.90-$17.90 choose a size)

A large, fast growing shrub that is sometimes referred to as ever-blooming Lavender, for best results prune back to under 1m including blooms. The large, colourful flower heads can be dried if picked before any of the little flowers turn brown.

Lilly Pilly - Aussie Compact

$14.75 ($4.90-$14.75 choose a size)

Native with non-invasive roots. Grows to 3 metres high x 1.5 metres wide. Excellent for topiary. Foliage is compact, neat and glossy green through to bronze new growth.

Lilly Pilly - Creek Dwarf Form


The dwarf form of this popular evergreen shrub is grown for its attractive foliage and berries. Perfect for using as a hedge, it has edible fruits, glossy green leaves and an attractive compact form.

Lilly Pilly - Magenta Cherry

$4.90 ($4.90-$14.90 choose a size)

Most popular native hedging plant in Australia. Attractive dense glossy new growth. Also edible crunchy cherry like fruit.

Lilly Pilly - Riberry

$14.95 ($4.90-$14.95 choose a size)

The small leaved lilly pilly produces masses of red pear shaped fruit. Its handsome purple-red growth makes this lilly pilly one of the favourites as an Edible Hedge. The fruit exhibits a juicy but slightly acidic finish. Which is reminiscent of cinnamon. It is a very popular ingredient in wild-food dishes.

Loratapetulum Pink - Pink Fringe flower


The new leaves of this shrub are a shade of rosy burgundy and as they mature turn an olive bronze. The deep pink flowers occur in late winter and early spring. They have thin tassel-like petals giving them an almost spidery appearance.

Michelia - Mixed up Miss

$24.90 ($17.75-$24.90 choose a size)

A bushy evergreen shrub, it produces lovely brown furry flowers buds that open to reveal beautiful flowers to 7 cm that are white with a slight hint of pink. This plant is hardier than its parents. Full sun. Protect from hot coastal winds.

Mondo Grass


A popular ornamental plant often used in japanese gardens. The low growing grass is used for border and decorative planting. A low maintenance and very useful landscaping plant. Height 30cm.

Native Wampee - Gregs

$14.75 ($4.95-$14.90 choose a size)

An evergreen shrub to 6m, native to eastern Australia where it is very rare. Leaves are lemon scented when crushed and form a dense canopy of shiny green foliage, white showy flowers followed by very attractive edible pale pinkish-white fruits.

Photinia Red Robin


Fast growing evergreen shrub, with a dense habit, that responds well to pruning. New foliage growth is brilliant red in colour, changing to bronze-green as the season progresses and maturing to be dark green. Showy white flowers appear in clusters to be followed by small berries. Ideal as a long lasting hedge, a focal point shrub/small tree, topiarised, or in pots on balconies and courtyards in courtyards.

Photinia Rubens


A finer leaf Photinia with ruby red new leaves and glossy dark green mature foliage. This is a lovely shrub, hedge or light screening plant. It can be regularly clipped for maximum colour or leave to enjoy the small white flowers.It is less dense then Photinia Red Robin.



A low, mounding shrub that is useful as a foundation planting in sunny areas. Light blue flowers appear in cycles during warm months, providing a colour accent. Can be trained to climb. Suitable as a ground cover in mild areas. 2m

Prickly alyxia


Sometimes called a prickly alyxia due to the stiff prickly leaves. A rainforest plant from Wollongong. Attractive orange fruit. It is often seed used as a native alternative to the Murraya paniculata.

Sweet Pea Bush


An evergreen, compact shrub bearing clusters of rich purple winged pea-like flowers over a long period from late spring through to autumn. Hardy in most garden positions, including coastal settings, it makes a colourful tub specimen or general garden shrub. Well drained soils important, as it does not like wet feet. A light trimming between flowering times will keep it dense.

Tagasaste - Tree lucerne

$4.90 ($4.90-$14.90 choose a size)

A valuable leguminous tree used for animal foliage, shelter and soil improvement. The high protein content of its foliage is excellent for animal fodder and at the same time improving soil fertility. Used extensively in permaculture as a multipurpose tree. Prefers well drained soil, but generally quiet hardy.

Tiger Grass

$14.90 ($14.90-$14.90 choose a size)

Tiger Grass is well known for its similar look to bamboo, even though it is a giant clumping grass. It grows to around 3-4mtrs in height and cannot be trimmed shorter. It grows about 1m wide but can be planted closer than this for screening. Tiger Grass is fairly low maintenance and drought tolerant once established, though looks much better with regular water through dry periods.

Conifer Smaragd


One of the most popular conifers available. Forms a beautiful cone-shaped shrub reaching approx 2M in the first 10 years. Ideal as a feature, along fences or in pots.

Conifer Thuja orientalis Aurea Nana

$9.75 ($9.75-$14.90 choose a size)

A very popular conifer, forming a neat globular shape with a smooth outline. In summer the plant is bright gold, greener in winter. Very hardy, excellent in pots.
Buy 2+ @$9.75

Callistemon - Kings Park Special

$12.90 ($12.90-$14.90 choose a size)

Features narrow green leaves and deep red bottle-brush flowers that are grouped together in bunches, making a spectacular display in spring and autumn. Kings Park Special is one of the larger Callistemons, so it is great for a tall screen or feature tree. Like all callistemons, it is hardy and bird attracting.

Callistemon - Little John

$14.90 ($2.95-$14.90 choose a size)

A dwarf Bottlebrush with bright crimson blooming over a long period. A very hardy little shrub that is easily maintained.

Golden penda

$12.90 ($2.95-$17.75 choose a size)

A highly ornamental tree, native to Nth Qld Rainforests. Beautiful yellow flowers with prominent anthers occuring in winter. Its glossy green leaves makes it an ideal landscape specimen as far south as Sydney.

Hedge Plants Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

Colin J Richardson
12y ago

Macksville, NSW, Australia

Hedge Plants

I find for a medium hedge (to 3 metres) that you can't beat "Syzigium australe - "Select Form). The plant is not prone to psyllids like a lot of Lilly Pillies and the birds love the bright red fruits, plus the beautifil feathery white flowers are a joy.

15y ago

Bankstown, NSW, Australia

Hedge Plants

Casuarina glauca is a good hedge plant.

15y ago

Bankstown, NSW, Australia

Hedge Plants

Read the book called 'Grow what where,2750plants'from the local library.

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