Refund or Returns


Refunds and Returns

Refund Policy of Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Firstly we ask that you remember that plants are alive and sometimes their leaves can droop during transit and their leaf colour varies seasonally which is why we have included what we believe to be proven instructions on what to do when you receive your plants. We do our best to send out our trees in as optimal condition as possible. Being a live product there is always a possibility that things can go wrong in transit. We are proud of our customer feedback and this is our guarantee to you that we feel confident we can deliver to most parts of Australia in good condition. 

If you are not satisfied with your order or they have been badly damaged in transit please follow these steps.

Steps to start a Returns, Exchange or Replacement process

Conditions: We can only refund plants after they are returned to us even if they are in bad condition so please hold onto your box and pots. If you have planted it in the ground or into a new pot please return it to the original pot. 

  1. Starting Return: Contact Us within a maximum of 3 weeks after your order has been successfully delivered with the reason for the refund/return request.
  2. Photos: (Optional) Attach a photo of your plants which shows why you would like a refund.
  3. Return Postage Paid by Daleys: We will then give you the option to have the plants returned to us for a full refund. We will send you a return paid postage label to print out and put on the box. Because time is important and we will likely re-vigorise returned stock we do request that you box and drop them off at the post office within 2 business days. Do your best to re-water them but make sure that water does not seep out during transit by re-wrapping the pots to seal in water. You can then drop the box off at your local Australia Post shop. If you don't have a printer just quote the Return Reference number to them and they can print it out at the post office for you. Please re-use the box it was sent in as Daleys does not reimburse packaging costs.
  4. Refunding payment back to you: We will issue a full refund of the order value after we receive the order within 2-5 working days using only the same payment method that was used for the order and contact you to verify that this has been completed. If the full order is returned then the full order value including postage will be refunded. If only part of the order is returned then this value of the order plus a proportional amount of the postage will be refunded. ( Postage is not refunded for exchange/change of mind/ choosing the wrong item )

Returns Address

Daleys Nursery
36 Daleys Lane
Geneva 2474 NSW

Exchange Policy

In the event that you change your mind, ordered the wrong item or would like another item instead. Please follow the above steps for the returns/exchange policy. Please Note when changing your mind postage costs are not covered by Daleys Nursery and we must receive them within 30 days from the date that they arrived at your place.

General Information ( After 3 weeks has passed )

If your trees do not perform for you as expected this may be due to climate, soil, moisture or other factors beyond our control. You are welcome to contact us for advice, but due to all these variables we cannot guarantee the performance of all our trees across all Australian climates. Other options is to upload photos of your plants to the Daleys Fruit Tree Forum

Replacement Policy

We do not replace plants. Instead we require that they are returned to us and refunded back to the payment method used to place the order.If you would like to order the same plant again you may place another order via our website. Please note pricing and availability may have changed. You may need to wait until we have stock or if the price has changed you may need to wait until we can produce a big batch with a price you are satisfied with. Just like fruit & veg prices do change regularily and are set and locked in at the time of purchase. We suggest you wait until the plant has been successfully received and the money is back in your account before placing another order. Please note that if you order the exact same plant and again you are not happy we will not cover a return the second time. This is a decision you need to consider before ordering the replacements. We suggest that you Do Not Use the same courier company you originally used when placing the order but pay the extra money to use an express courier to your address. ( This is always our recommendation - to use a courier company you have used before and that you know and trust )

Western Australia (WA) Orders Refund/Exchange Policy

Unlike other states WA orders has the following checks before they are delivered.

1. Daleys Staff check the plants before they leave.

2.NSW  Department of Primary Industries (DPI) representative checks them before they leave here to ensure they meet quarantine requirements.

3. WA Department of Primary Industries (DPI) representative checks them when they enter WA.

4. You then can check them on arrival.

The journey from Northern NSW to WA is a long and arduous one and there are risks involved in getting the trees to you even with all these checks. We do our best to pack them accordingly but as you can understand we cannot guarantee their condition on arrival and although we can give you help and advice we do not have the same refund guarantee as other states.

Condition of Returns and Refunds

* Returns must be made at a local Australia Post shop. The return does not include pickup from your home address.

* The time that the plants were given to Australia Post is recorded under the tracking number on the postage paid return slip. In the case that more than 2 working days have passed since the return slip was issued or (4 working days since the plants had been received ) then the return will not be refunded. Plants are living and timing of the return is therefore very important.

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