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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How will my plants arrive? Click to watch a video.
  2. How much is freight for my order? Freight is calculated automatically online depending on your Postcode. Please add the plants and then enter your postcode to see the total freight for your order. The cheapest option is automatically selected for you. You can choose which Freight company you wish to send with at the checkout and compare costs. (Australia Post, Fastway Couriers, Couriers Please and Star Track Express). Often it is better to pay slightly extra to choose a courier company that you are happy with from experience, rather than the cheapest option. (Learn More
    Find out approximate freight costs for each carton size.                                                                                                                                            
  3. When will my Order arrive? You can enter your postcode and suburb to find out the latest time during the week you can place your order to receive it before the weekend. Occasionally orders do not arrive before the weekend however rest assured that they are packed to last 2+ weeks in transit.
    WA Customer orders are sent at specific dates throughout the year. (WA  Next Dispatch Date)
  4. What do our customers say about us? Please read our Testimonial Page and Google Reviews
  5. Not all the plants I want are available. Can you hold my order until they are?
    Unfortunately no, but we can notify you when they are ready for sale. Just do a fruit tree search and put your email address and mobile phone down to be notified the moment they are ready. We can not put plants aside as we must sell our plants when they are the optimum age and height to be sent by freight and planted by you. It may take months for a wish list of plants to be available all at once and by this time some of the existing plants ordered may not meet the quality and standards we have in place. 
  6. Can I pre purchase the trees I want?  Yes, we do have a pre purchase option for many plants that are not available, this will be displayed beside the product on the appropriate web page and is very simple to process, click on the prepurchase option and follow the prompts. ( Full Pre Purchase Details
  7. What plants will suit where I live? The first way is to type your postcode into Australia plants - Most Popular -- OR -- Select by climate (Temperate, Tropical etc.) and specifications (dwarf, pollination, height etc) with our Choosing Fruit Trees page. We also have a FREE  Fruit Tree Reference Guide. This categorises all our plants into Climatic Zones across Australia, with information on all our trees we sell. To request a copy go to https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/Catalogue.htm
  8. What happens if my plants are damaged in transit? 99% of plants arrive in great condition to our customers. In some cases the plants may be damaged and Daleys will act in good faith to advise you on revitalising the damaged plant or please contact us if not satisfied.
  9. How big are the trees? Most of our trees are grown in 90 mm, 165mm pots or 4 litre bags. The boxes we ship our plants in are 90 cm tall and all our trees must fit within these boxes to be shipped out.  If necessary trees will be tip pruned before shipping, this initiates the formation of new buds which will help with the successful establishment of your fruit trees. Here is picture of our comparative pot sizes. 
  10. Do you sell Gift Vouchers? Yes please click to order a Daleys Nursery Gift Voucher Online. Postage to anywhere in Australia is free. Gift Voucher Commonly Asked Questions
  11. I have placed my order, when are you likely to process it and when will it arrive?
    Orders are sent on Monday through Thursday and are processed in order of when they came in. You may choose one of our express options- Fastways Express or Startrack Express- in the checkout if available to your area. Enter your postcode on this page for better information. Delivery Times We do pack our plants to survive up to 2 weeks in transit.
  12. Is there a way to Not Pay Freight?
    Daleys has a range of fruit trees and plants that fit our postage free box other plants you will need to pay freight.  (Learn More)
  13. Can you grow large quantities of the same plant for me?
    Please contact us regarding your requirements and we can quote on your requirements. Please realise we will require a deposit for a confirmed order.
  14. Do you send overseas? No, It's complicated. The option you have is to find a third party in Australia. You can ask them to place the order on your behalf. They can then get the relevant documentation and quarantine checks performed on your order. After this they can then send it directly to your address in your country after they re-pack and re-water your order. Please note we can not provide any paperwork or documentation this needs to be done solely by your third party. Usually the customers who have the ability to export plants between countries already have contacts in each country to perform these tasks.
  15. How secure is it to order using our Online Nursery?
    Daleys Nursery uses the latest security so you can feel safe giving us your credit card information for your order. We also offer Paypal, Direct Deposit, Polipay and Afterpay. If using non-instant payment methods like Direct deposit, cheque or Australia Post money order your order can not be modified online.  We will send your order out after payment is received.
  16. I have a gift voucher how do I use it? 
    Add the plants to your cart. Look for the box which says "Offer/Voucher" and enter your voucher code and click update/submit.
  17. I wish to follow up on my order as I have not yet received notification about the order I have placed?  
    We send a confirmation of your order to your email when you place an order with us, we also email you with your delivery information when your order leaves the nursery.  If you have placed an order but do not have an email please contact us for your confirmation and shipping details.  If you have not received an email from us there may be an error with your email address so please call to confirm your details with us.
  18. What if my order is missing in Transit? Please follow these step by step instructions for orders missing in transit.
  19. I wish to Add Plants or change my order? 
    For credit card, Paypal, Polipay and Afterpay orders please use the bright green link in your order confirmation email you received when you placed your order that says "You can add more plants to this order by clicking here." For payment methods such as Direct Deposit, cheque or Australia Post money order, your order can not be modified after it is placed. You may contact us and we can make changes on your behalf.
  20. I wish to know if a particular product is available and how long it will take to receive it? 
    All our available stock is listed online in the shop. For out of stock items we have a notification service, if you request this service we will notify you by either email or an SMS message to your mobile when an item is ready for sale.  You can request this service from the appropriate web page. You may be able to prepurchase items that are almost ready for sale, this service will be displayed on the appropriate web page. If an item is in production this means we are growing these plants, we have planted seeds, taken cutting or grafted the trees you want. They do take time to mature so they are ready for sale and as each product varies this may be a wait of 6 - 18 months but some slow growing items can take longer.
  21. Can I visit your nursery?
    Yes.  Our shop is open Tuesday- Friday 9am - 3pm, here is a map for directions. We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and most NSW Public Holidays. To check our current opening days and times go to our Contact Page
  22. What is Daleys Nursery guarantee and Refund Policy?
    If you receive a tree that you are not totally satisfied with you need to advise us on delivery.  If your trees do not perform for you as you expected this may be due to climate, soil, moisture or other factors beyond our control. You are welcome to contact us for advice, but due to all these variables we cannot guarantee the performance of all our trees across all Australian climates. (Full Return Policy)
  23. What is your Pricing Policy?
    Once you have committed to buy a plant and received order confirmation by email the price will not change either up or down even if the price changes online. The price of growing plants varies greatly for each batch of plants even if they are the same. Just like Fruit & Veg prices change when they have good growing seasons so do plant prices. If we are successful on a certain plant our prices will be reflected on our Specials page. If less plants reach maturity then the price will be increased to reflect this. The positive is that we can then continue growing and learning about these harder to grow plants for you rather than focusing on the easy ones. 
  24. Can my plant have a straight trunk? 
    Maybe but you must specify this in the Special Instructions. This is known as having 1 central leader and can be important for people growing ornamental trees but usually not important for fruit trees. Plants are like children, they grow up in many different ways, even though they may be the same variety they are all unique. If specified we will choose from the stock we have. Please note special instructions do delay your order being sent.
  25. Who is responsible for incorrect Address information with Online orders
    Please ensure the name and address entered on orders are correct. The shipping label will appear exactly as you enter it. If it contains incorrect and/or insufficient details Daleys Nursery will not be held liable for replacement or additional shipping costs. 
    Please note if you are paying by PAYPAL, we have noted the address can sometimes default to what address is on your PAYPAL account. 
  26. Can you send to Western Australia?
    Yes, we can send to WA, there are freight and quarantine costs on top of the cost of the plants which will be calculated automatically online.  The distance between Northern NSW and WA is also a consideration when placing your order as this does involve a risk  due to the distance.  We do our best to minimise this risk by taking great care when we pack your trees.  We send to WA twice a year, see FAQ 2 for calculating your freight.
  27. When will a Western Australia ( WA ) Order be sent.
    The next Send Date can be found at this web page:https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/WA.htm


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