Gift Voucher FAQ

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Gift Voucher FAQ


Gift Voucher Commonly Asked Questions

Howto: Redeem Gift Vouchers Online

  1. Can I give my gift voucher to a friend? Yes of course you can.
  2. How long does my gift voucher last? Until the gift voucher is used or 3 years has gone past since it's purchase date. Please ask us for exceptions to the time limit.
  3. Can I purchase a gift voucher for my friend for Christmas or their Birthday? Yes, we can even print it and send it to their address. Please click to order a Daleys Nursery Gift Voucher Online. Postage to anywhere in Australia is free.
  4. How do I redeem my Gift Voucher? At the bottom of the shopping cart is a field called "OFFER or Voucher" Enter your Gift Voucher code here. 
  5. I want to order more plants than the price of my gift voucher, how can I pay the difference? On the Secure Checkout page please select from the Payment method drop down menu. Payment methods include paypal and cards.
  6. Can I use the gift voucher in person? Yes
  7. When I go to redeem the voucher it says "Voucher Code: is Not a Valid Voucher or has already been used" This could be because you are currently using the voucher on another order you are placing perhaps on a different device. Or the Voucher has been fully used. Please contact us for help.
  8. Can a Gift Vouchers be used with other promotions offers or specials. No, When purchasing a gift voucher the voucher amount does not get included in offer totals, specials or promotional amounts.
  9. Can I Pre Purchase items using a Gift Voucher or buy plants not in stock?Gift Vouchers can only be used for plants after they have become available for purchase and are in stock. If you wish to pre purchase a plant not yet in stock you can still do this however you can not apply the gift voucher to the order until you receive an email notifying you that the pre purchase was a success and it is now in stock and ready to be sent. You can then use this email to add the Gift Voucher to your order and add to this order other in stock plants. If a refund is applicable it will be applied against the payment method at this time. ( Pre Purchase FAQ)
  10. Can I purchase a gift voucher with a gift voucher? No
  11. I could not find an answer to my question Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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