Testimonials for Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

3 months after a purchase we get our customers to leave us some feedback. All feedback is included. Both positive and negative. 

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I live a few hours from Daleys nursery so that ususally means only 1 day postage for most of my orders. The plants always arrive in absolutely outstanding condition with 0 leaf drop or wilt. How you can pack the plants so well together and into that thin box, I will never know. 10/10 business and I recommend my friends and family to shop there whenever I can. BenCoutts CrossingNSW (29th Mar 2021)

The plants are always good quality. They are packed well and always arrive in good condition, delivered to our front door. Daleys have good variety and their web page gives good information. Making it easy to decide if the plant is right for your conditions. All these things are very important, more so during these Covid times. We can still have no contact fun in our garden. CarolMapletonQLD (29th Mar 2021)

My order of 3 cape gooseberries came in perfect condition despite the fact that the order was dispatched during a heat-wave! Plants were secured very well within the box and only a small piece of one of the branches had broken during transit. The soil was excellent quality and the plants had been very well looked after in the nursery. They are still looking great and I am just about to pot into larger pots. Will definitely order from Daley's nurser again! AnnieRedbank PlainsQLD (29th Mar 2021)

I bought this as a gift for a friend who lost one during the bushfires in 2019/2020, she was delighted! I have purchased from Daley’s in the past & will again, great range, good communication! Linda Redland BayQLD (29th Mar 2021)

Do not get alert notifications when the plants are available even if have settings done on website.However this is not a big deal. I am happy with the quality of plants sent and the kind of nurturing they are provided. You really know your work and I am very happy with your quality and great work you are doing for our mother earth. AditiSchofieldsNSW (29th Mar 2021)

Loved the convenience of the delivery and also the QR code with the plants MayPeakhurst HeightsNSW (29th Mar 2021)

Plants arrived quickly, were well packed and very healthy LyndaZilzieQLD (29th Mar 2021)

Generally happy although my dwarf mulberry died fairly quickly. Other plants are great. Very well packed. Took a long while for the order to be processed but that is ok. Very good instructional videos in the website. Thanks RebeccaEarlwoodNSW (29th Mar 2021)

Considering the nature of the delivery & the distance travelled I was very happy to receive the plants of such excellent quality and condition, Roger RogerBalgownieNSW (29th Mar 2021)

Fast service plants healthy and a no fuss transaction Thankyou JudyUpper Taylors ArmNSW (29th Mar 2021)

Your efficiency and very good handling of the trees by post. PeterWallabadahNSW (29th Mar 2021)

Range of plants, good size, excellent packaging & arrive in good condition. JosephPaddingtonNSW (29th Mar 2021)

Keep up the good work guys! I’ve been a customer of yours for 7 years now :) VinceEnfieldVIC (29th Mar 2021)

I am delighted with everything about Daley’s fruit and will continue to buy quality fruit trees for my family 👍🏻 ManasiDoreenVIC (28th Mar 2021)

Quick response to a small hiccup we had , issue resolved straight away veredSt Ives ChaseNSW (28th Mar 2021)

The spiky plant pierced one of the leaves of the other plants. It's fine though. Other then that it's great thanks. Good quality. Coming back for more. JenniferMacarthurACT (28th Mar 2021)

The website, although logical and efficient, is a bit clunky and cluttered looking. NatashaLavingtonNSW (28th Mar 2021)

Very efficient service, great quality plants IainHightonVIC (28th Mar 2021)

The trees I ordered arrived in excellent condition and I will be ordering more trees from Daley’s in the future but the chocolate mint which was also part of the order was very dehydrated and has not survived. AthulyaRockbankVIC (28th Mar 2021)

Just like the whole Daleys experience including explanations of various varieties of food bearing trees. 2xfig trees recently delivered growing well! Excellent quality. Massive variety of food plants. Hope to call in at your Nursery on way back from Australian Celtic Festival, Glen Innes (end April/Early May). JohnTewantinQLD (28th Mar 2021)

I live a few hours from Daleys nursery so that ususally means only 1 day postage for most of my orders. The plants always arrive in absolutely outstanding condition with 0 leaf drop or wilt. How you can pack the plants so well together and into that thin box, I will never know. 10/10 business and I recommend my friends and family to shop there whenever I can. BenCoutts CrossingNSW (28th Mar 2021)

Packaging was excellent - trees arrived healthy and safe melissaHelensvaleQLD (28th Mar 2021)

Everything is perfect NickyHanging RockNSW (28th Mar 2021)

Very happy with my purchase, plants arrived very well packaged and looking very healthy. I will definitely deal with again. JimDalmenyNSW (28th Mar 2021)

Daley’s is always fast, reliable and provides excellent quality plants. Thank you! AnneAdamstown HeightsNSW (28th Mar 2021)

I’m really hoping that you will have some banana ‘Nathan’ ready soon for me to purchase! LorraineHoppers CrossingVIC (28th Mar 2021)

eg. Macadamia nut tree. I think theres so many varieties, it confuses the customer. All I wanted was a tree that is the main commercial variety that produces a good lot of fruit. For Sydney. I am still not sure what to order. I think maybe you need a website revamp which is not cluttered but clear and concise. Sorry but A61 and 702 dont tell a layperson what they need to know. And list whether A61 is the normal commercial variety. I think you are a good service but need to streamline your website a bit. When you go to a website, you want to be clearly directed to getting what you need,or else clutter will reduce the visibility of the most important things. I am a bookkeeper and assistant accountant. If you ever want help,let me know. Meanwhile I would still like a definitive answer on the Macadamia nut tree. Thanks NatashaWest Pennant HillsNSW (28th Mar 2021)

Always very reliable. LynneForestdaleQLD (28th Mar 2021)

Quick delivery and good plants. KimAngle Park SA (28th Mar 2021)

Keep the great work going. May Beaconhill NSW (28th Mar 2021)

We have bought so many plans through Daley’s website. What we love the most is when we receive the plants it’s always in fabulous package condition no damage and the plants look so healthy too! Tham Pascoe Vale South VIC (28th Mar 2021)

Box is great my white jacaranda was a bit tall for box so the top leaves dies but tree gre leaves out over in stem. Dead tip has to be tried off TrudyIvanhoeNSW (27th Mar 2021)

I am extremely satisfied with the service and quality . I recommended you to several of my friends. I will certainly use you again. As a matter of fact i have discussed travelling to meet you in person I am so impressed FrankHornsbyNSW (27th Mar 2021)

You Guy's used to be the best about 12/18 months ago, now you hardly have any stock and no variety anymore, that's what set you guy's apart from the rest. I don't even bother checking your website anymore, I wasn't even going to reply to this email, the only reason I am is I hope someone reads this and does something to bring Daleys back to where it was, it was by far the best place in Australia to buy plants, now not at all. I really hope someone reads this, Kind Regards, Andy andrewBeachmereQLD (27th Mar 2021)

The plant arrived stressed and diseased with hugs all over the leaves. Eventually all the leaves dropped and now not a single leaf remains on the tree. If I bought one from the local nursery, it would be much better than that. IsabellaBentleighVIC (27th Mar 2021)

I liked the way it was packed with square pot well fixed in the bottom with plenty of room for the well started adriatic fig cutting. It was planted out just under a week from its arrival and is doing well. JohnLavingtonNSW (27th Mar 2021)

After buying lot of plants in last 4 years, i have many good words for Daley’s Nursery but sure there is room for improvement in plant labelling, As example I bought 3 goji berries and nursing & caring for 2 years, by accident came to know it is of wrong type. Response from you was not very satisfying as well. Daley’s is sure not cost effective nursery for small sized plants after including postage but also losing its only strength which WAS variety of plants . other area is not well established root system and less survival rate after transport as compared with local garden centers and nurseries Shahid Bashir Shahid Parafield GardensSA (27th Mar 2021)

Quarterly update Feb..May...Aug...Nov re customer order requests. Can you stock Jasmine arabian (grand duke and other 2 = used for tea) plus Common Jasmine. Otherwise love Daleys....Thankyou M & JBuderimQLD (27th Mar 2021)

The tree took a while to get home but I was always informed of where it was. We’ve planted it now in a pot and hope it’ll survive the transfer. Thank you, it was in perfect condition. Great business idea LeilaMitcheltonQLD (27th Mar 2021)

I purchased a Peanut Butter tree and when it arrived it was packaged very well. The instructions for planting the tree was very useful and easy to understand. I even went onto your youtube page on how to plant and look after the tree once you receive it. That also was very useful. The tree is growing very well and am very happy with the service and updates I received via emails from Daleys Nursery prior to receiving my tree. Thank you. BarbaraSilverdaleNSW (27th Mar 2021)

Open branches in Melbourne (and other major cities) to enable faster and cheaper shipping and for better face to face customer experiences. RizviHoppers CrossingVIC (27th Mar 2021)

Good communication is GregMinnamurraNSW (27th Mar 2021)

I only every buy plants from Daleys. They've got a great selection but you have to be quick for those rare fruiting plants! RobinAustralNSW (27th Mar 2021)

Plants were packed nicely. Most of the time though it coming from far plant looks very healthy and moist. I have gotten many plants from Daleys and they are mostly successful. I recommend your service to others. Thank you and all the best. Bernadette FigtreeNSW (26th Mar 2021)

Prompt delivery , unhappy with the state of the carton , obvious damage to the crumpled base and it was left just inside my front gate ? This was particularly troubling to me as I live on a main road , lots of passing traffic. However no apparent damage to the plants which were , as usual , very well wrapped in plastic . It is very frustrating , often waiting months for some desirable species to become available and also having no real indication of when these may be in stock and ready for purchase. The various Sapote species and selected grafted varieties are one on my eager to buy list , particularly the white. Also White mulberry and selected and grafted Jujubes are others. regards, david davidBinalongNSW (26th Mar 2021)

They were quite advanced trees, well packed and are growing pretty well. AngelaScotts HeadNSW (26th Mar 2021)

Freight company could email day be for delivery so you look for where they have left it as I have a property KayHahndorfSA (26th Mar 2021)

It went well the item was healthy and took fast. NathanCaptain CreekQLD (26th Mar 2021)


The quality of the products has been great catherineBroadmeadowNSW (26th Mar 2021)

I prefer to prepay for a product, accept the product will become available in my turn and then I will be notified. The current system does not well serve those who don't carry a mobile with them and are thus slow to seize the opportunity one has been waiting for. peterSilver RidgeQLD (26th Mar 2021)

Purchased a female and a male pistachio each were over 100 dollars. When we picked them up they were sickly with spots on the few leaves they did have. The female still has its leaves but is not growing. The male immediately lost the six leaves it did have and isnt reshooting. We have over 150 fruit trees some of which came from Daleys and have not lost any. We live in a perfect climate for the pistachio and have irrigation. Will wait a little longer to see if they recover, as we still have many warm weeks before winter. Sad. KathrynAlloraQLD (26th Mar 2021)

I was very happy with my Longan trees and they are doing well after being planted out. Very happy with the service, packaging and product from Daleys but have only made one order so can only recommend on that basis. JulieDeception BayQLD (26th Mar 2021)

Would love to speak to someone about fruit trees and conditions I would buy a lot more tree Thankyou you a specialist in your service HazelForbesNSW (26th Mar 2021)

Very happy with my purchase. Healthy plant which arrived on time. Plant has thrived. Will definitely order from Daley's again. Great service, prompt delivery quality plant. Sandra WodongaVIC (26th Mar 2021)

Efficient service and quality product. KerryAspleyQLD (26th Mar 2021)

The cardboard pots should have been communicated about ahead of time. Also, you print "recyclable" on them whilst they're wrapped to the gills in plastic packing tape. You can't easily soak them in water and use the instructions provided. if they have a solid root ball this might still work but for under developed roots which is not uncommon on the free freight stock, it's lame. I receive my cardboard pots the day before I had to go away for a few weeks and we had torrential rain, so I'm not sure what I'm going to be returning home to. But my main issue with Daleys is the website, that I have to individually fill out my details EVERY TIME i was to get notified of stock or reserve something and that it doesn't work properly on my firefox with a few privacy/security plugins. Almost every other site works, but I have to use a separate stock browser for Daleys. I like that you use a home-grown solution.... I just wish it worked a little better. I could give hours of feedback about the website alone. ChrisUpper LansdowneNSW (26th Mar 2021)

Modernisation of the website will go a long way in increasing usability ChrisErskine ParkNSW (26th Mar 2021)

Only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 for quality is because I received a star apple not long ago and once I took it out of the box the leaves looked either scorched or salt burn on some sort of deficiency. All in all though the quality is normally great MarcoMorphett ValeSA (26th Mar 2021)

Please tell us anything else or what we need to do to be better for you next time?....Sending the right plant would be a start. Take phone calls. Answer e-mails. The worst online plant site I have ever had the misfortune to buy from. RoryGoolwaSA (26th Mar 2021)

The website needs a big update. And I know its a pain but a contact number would be helpful. AnneMount EvelynVIC (26th Mar 2021)

Excellent service and delivery. Very healthy plants Gary jamesSouth GraftonNSW (25th Mar 2021)

My experience from ordering to receiving was positive. I have never had plants shipped before. Dipped my toe in the water with your company and was 100 % happy with the result Thomas BlackbuttQLD (25th Mar 2021)

You folks are pretty good but I think more new variety’s and notice on timeframe of availability of figs trees. I know there’s a chat forum but not everyone is good at propergating cuttings and would just rather buy the plant. Jay Hurstbridge VIC (25th Mar 2021)

Prompt, good healthy trees and vegetables JoshuaMcdowallQLD (25th Mar 2021)

Whatever you have in stock, can your website have them displayed on the main screen please. I’m a visual person and love seeing everything you have to offer DianeFreshwaterNSW (25th Mar 2021)

Thanks, All planted out with 100% survival rate. Hope the recent rains have not been too damaging. Sunny and dry here in far North Queensland! Regards, Bill. BillJulattenQLD (24th Mar 2021)

Daleys are always fast and the products and great - would recommend to anyone Glenda GlenfieldNSW (24th Mar 2021)

Website is a little dated, but overall great experience. Healthy plants. JuneCarnegieVIC (23rd Mar 2021)

i liked the notifications of when my preffered trees became available. Thanks Neal nealNariel ValleyVIC (23rd Mar 2021)

I have made quite a few purchases from Daley's and have had a very good success rate with these plants. The website I feel is a little outdated but does get the job done. I find most of the questions I have for google the answers tend to be linked to Daley's which gives me confidence in the product. RyanLake IllawarraNSW (23rd Mar 2021)

Absolute TOP quality plants and service, the White Jacaranda I recently purchased is almost double in size and doing very well. Thank you. PamelaDeeragunQLD (23rd Mar 2021)

I still haven't heard about orders I placed, you may not have grown my trees yet??? GregNunderiNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

I'd 100% recommend your company. Plants and service are fantastic. Extra website filters (for searching) would be nice. Also stock is a difficult one to balance, but I'd buy more if thing we're more readily available. LukeMetfordNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

Website could do with an update. Plant products and customer service is great. JakeEleebanaNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

Nothing to improve. Great service. Fabulous range of products. Quick delivery. Thank you. RosemaryAyrQLD (22nd Mar 2021)

I love Asian herbs and Asian fruit tress be nice if you have a pepper vine and garlic vine available .thank you. Expedita BooralQLD (22nd Mar 2021)

Maybe some more detailed information about particular trees would be great, how to care for them, fertilising schedule, companion plants. Thanks so much for everything you do! DoraPeakhurstNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

Easy to order on line . Plants delivered in great condition. Happy to order again in the future. SandraWerribee SouthVIC (22nd Mar 2021)

Great packaging meant our fruit tree arrived in excellent condition ByronHarringtonNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

Nothing to improve guys... you are great! Us & our friends are happy that you now carry a lot of asian fruit trees. Unfortunately, some trees are not recommended for Sydney's weather planting. Keep up the good work guys! MarioWestleighNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

Tell the post office to let us know that it is plants that have arrived. ours sat in the box over the weekend and were quite dry when we picked them up. Post office did not advise it was plants. ZacMalandaQLD (22nd Mar 2021)

web:View Invoice - BRIAN-QUARTERMAINE- 2021-03-22 10:46:10 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 5/5 - Freight Company: 5/5 - Friends: 5/5 - Plant Survival: 5/5 - Staff: 0/5 - Website: 5/5
good service BRIANRobertsonNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

My LOQUAT Treeling arrived in excellent condition. It is a lovely specimen and is doing very well. I can only say profuse "thank yous". SueRollingstoneQLD (22nd Mar 2021)

The persimmons are wonderful thank you, all 3 still alive. tiiuYoungNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

All three that I buy they grow so nice and perfect Thank you very much. Marija MarijaNgunnawalACT (22nd Mar 2021)

Thrilled with product. Robust sturdy plants. Arrived in pristine order. Could not have been better. Thanku so very much. MardiGreenridgeNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

Have more variety in their collection JohnPakenhamVIC (22nd Mar 2021)

Trees have all been in good condition, and have thrived. ChrisBingaraNSW (22nd Mar 2021)

Daley's provided prompt and professional service all the way through the process, from ordering to delivery. I did not believe that plants could be ordered over the internet and be delivered to a private address with such success. THANK YOU DALEY'S PetaNomeQLD (22nd Mar 2021)


I buy a dwarf Papaya and now it’s having a flowers it’s a Male papaya..I next time u need to make sure u give ur costumer the right tree to fruit so they not waisting money... sorry if I say this .. thank u and God bless and more power to it Nirsery Mary AnnQldQLD (22nd Mar 2021)

Great range of trees. Helpful care tips in delivery box. Well boxed, no damage. Trees in A1 condition. Great work. Thanks ! ChristianVine ValeSA (21st Mar 2021)

I received a different olive plant than the one I ordered; one that was on special to receive free postage. As well as receiving the wrong plant, I had to pay postage. All efforts to ring and send e-mails were unsucessful and I rang many times and sent e-mails to 3 different staff including the owner. Dealing with Daleys Online Nursery was the worst online fruit-tree purchase experience of my life. I would not recommend buying from Daleys at all. Rory Williams, Goolwa, SA. truenorth@gmx.us RoryGoolwaSA (21st Mar 2021)

Very professional service with friendly staff, my plant arrived in excellent order looking very healthy. GordonAltona MeadowsVIC (21st Mar 2021)

Thank you. Love my trees MichelleHighland ParkQLD (21st Mar 2021)

not very computer wise that is my only problem but it just takes a bit longer KenSheldonQLD (21st Mar 2021)

Very happy with the service. The tree I got is doing well. Thank you. ElsieCanterburyNSW (21st Mar 2021)

Make it easier to order from interstate to relatives or friends in state Barbara(21st Mar 2021)

Excellent service and communication throughout the transaction. PaulSummer HillNSW (21st Mar 2021)

Once ordered time to arrival at my place was excellent. Trees were top loaded and dropped off quite early in the day. Can’t ask for better. Thank you Daley’s KayElimbahQLD (21st Mar 2021)

The pandanus plant arrived promptly in tip top condition, beautifully packed. Thanks! CathyRingwood EastVIC (21st Mar 2021)

My box arrived quite squished and partially torn. One of the tea tree plants was sick and died within two days of arriving. The remainder of plants were well and healthy and are thriving. The access to natives is a major positive but the distance for travel of plants is unfortunately a long way! RikkiMill ParkVIC (21st Mar 2021)

the Japoticaba was speedily delivered, in good condition and very well packaged to avoid any potential for damage. This was my first time ordering plants online and I was certainly hesitant if it could be delivered safely, but I have been nothing but impressed by these guys. Definitely recommend. JackLake HeightsNSW (21st Mar 2021)

Well packaged and delivered quickly as always! RobertStrathpineQLD (21st Mar 2021)

Very happy with my purchase and especially the quality of packaging. RussellKaleenACT (21st Mar 2021)

Has not turned up yet BrettWurdong HeightsQLD (20th Mar 2021)

Can you do updates on plants being put on notify list. LeonieBallarat EastVIC (20th Mar 2021)

Beautiful and healthy plants great service anddelivery LisaBeechmontQLD (20th Mar 2021)

Daleys didn´t have the plants when I first enquired about them, but kept their promise to let me know when the plants became available. The order arrived quickly and the plants were healthy and are now thriving in my garden. Excellent service. RosalindGiralangACT (20th Mar 2021)

Put some special sale and discount on plants Azmat Truganina VIC (20th Mar 2021)

Professional and courteous. Quality trees BoydNewrybarNSW (20th Mar 2021)

Just keep up the great work LisaAppinNSW (20th Mar 2021)

very good service and great quality Jeannine SunburyVIC (20th Mar 2021)

The plant arrived in first class condition and is thriving. WilliamWodongaVIC (20th Mar 2021)

Strongly suspect that the pandanus plant i bought is not what its meant to be. Would be good if someone could call me. HansLangwarrinVIC (20th Mar 2021)

The recent cardboard boxes instead of plastic were actually not great, because they were wet in the bottom to keep the plants alive, but they broke up. It meant you couldn't stand the plant up in the pot and had to repot it straight away. I get the move to sustainable products, so maybe something that is more water tolerant? ta Liz ElizabethHornsby HeightsNSW (20th Mar 2021)

More then happy with the service we receive PeterWaterview HeightsNSW (20th Mar 2021)

Good quality products. Also have all seasonal plants ,so people can establish growth quickly. vishwaTaylors LakesVIC (20th Mar 2021)

I have a pink flowering macadamia ( beaumont) if you could send that to me that would be great JasonNew BeithQLD (20th Mar 2021)

Why change anything that is already near perfect LesMindenQLD (20th Mar 2021)

My tree arrived well packed and ready to plant. Going strong! AnneSylvaniaNSW (20th Mar 2021)

The plant that I ordered was delivered to me in good condition and on time. Thank you. LaleethaLeichhardtNSW (20th Mar 2021)

Quick delivery, plant arrived in excellent condition. GeorgeOakeyQLD (20th Mar 2021)

the health of the plants on arrival; instructions on how to help them thrive; the details of best conditions. colleenCoorparooQLD (20th Mar 2021)

Somehow put some of the instructions outside box 😊 VeroniqueMount KeiraNSW (20th Mar 2021)

cheaper freight charges, as im sure that the cost puts a lot of people off, thanks Gavan. GavanCaloundraQLD (20th Mar 2021)

I really find your website easy to use🙂 and all the videos with the pics of each plant from Cath explaining about the plant and showing the trees fully grown etc, this has helped me to feel confident in buying all my fruit trees knowing about them courtneyKaraleeQLD (20th Mar 2021)

Hi folks over all I am very happy with your service and as a repeat customer would happily recommend you to others Gavin nJilliby NSW (20th Mar 2021)

ive had plants on order since last august RobShoalhaven HeadsNSW (20th Mar 2021)

I like the way you keep me informed on what’s happening with my order and when I put a notification on plants that in the future will become available, Daley’s always notify me with the number of plants that are available. Thant way I am able to make an informed choice whether to purchase the plant or not. Ronnie from Doonside NSW RonaldDoonsideNSW (20th Mar 2021)

I like the way you keep me informed on what’s happening with my order and when I put a notification on plants that in the future will become available, Daley’s always notify me with the number of plants that are available. Thant way I am able to make an informed choice whether to purchase the plant or not. Ronnie from Doonside NSW RonaldDoonsideNSW (20th Mar 2021)

I love the variety of plants you keep and the Pandanus we ordered & received was so healthy! The packaging & shipping was excellent too. Just have to work out what to buy next. HeatherBaulkham HillsNSW (19th Mar 2021)

Plants are great quality and arrive promptly. Descriptions are great and I like the youtube videos describing the plants. MeiBrunswick WestVIC (19th Mar 2021)

Great service, correspondence , plant stock and delivery. Keep doing what your doing. Regards Bryan Jones BryanVermontVIC (19th Mar 2021)

My only issue is the "contact when available" tab. I have numerous times asked to be contacted when a plant is available and never have. I have only found out when the plant is available by logging back into your website. So to improve credibility I suggest you remove the "contact when available" tab or fix it so it actually works. The service apart from that issue is excellent. DavidTewantinQLD (19th Mar 2021)

would like to be inform earlier when your product will be available to buy. I have registered and really want to get some of the exotic South East Asian fruit plant (eg. Custard apple Grafted) but never have opportunity (always sold out) AerishGladesvilleNSW (19th Mar 2021)

Totally happy with all aspects of buying on line from you. Trees purchased are thriving. Wonderful service thank you MarilynBroadbeach QldQLD (19th Mar 2021)

I find ur website confusing especially finding availability, adding name to waiting list, sending emails. Pauline Broadbeach WatersQLD (19th Mar 2021)

Good response to planting questions. WarrenWest Pennant HillsNSW (19th Mar 2021)

Always delivered quickly and arrives well packed and safe. Great selection of trees. JulieThornlandsQLD (19th Mar 2021)

Poinciana tree continues to thrive. LesleyMona ValeNSW (19th Mar 2021)

Fantastic service, communication and product! Couldn’t be happier JessicaCroydonVIC (19th Mar 2021)

Very satisfied with the whole transaction You guys are my new go to nursery and i work at a retail nursery elsewhere. 👍👍👍 Craig RockvilleQLD (19th Mar 2021)

My order experience was a failure. I waited over two weeks for the order to arrive with no communication from Daileys and no updates from the order tracking. When I contacted them about my order I was told a week later it went to WA instead of NSW. I cancelled the order after waiting three weeks. RyanCulburra BeachNSW (19th Mar 2021)

The 2 trees were ordered on the Website on a Sunday. Delivered by the Tuesday afternoon. The email included a very informative video on how to care for the new trees, and future care on progressive reporting. I tip pruned as recommended, and new growth is already more than 40 cm on one and 20 cm on the other. Looking forward to some fruit in just over 6 months time. I've already recommended Daley's Nursery to friends looking for fruit trees. Thank you. GaryKallangurQLD (18th Mar 2021)

Daley's is a wonderful company with great service but unfortunately I'm finding more and more items that due to quarantine can't be sent to South Australia, I understand but it's still frustrating. Thanks Daley for the service you provide. 👍 JasonAlbert Park AdelaideSA (18th Mar 2021)

The 5 Gumbi Gumbi seedlings arrived in perfect condition and are flourishing Thank You robertClevelandQLD (18th Mar 2021)

The only comment I can make is most things seem to be out of stock which is a shame. NikolaiSpringwoodNSW (18th Mar 2021)

Excellent and speedy delivery. Plants arrived in perfect condition. I only wish I had more garden space so I could buy one of every tree you sell!!! ChristineGwandalanNSW (18th Mar 2021)

Couple of the myrtle could have been a bit bigger but on the whole really good kellyDeepwaterQLD (17th Mar 2021)

I ordered my Dwarf Orange Tree on 25/8 and received it on the 11/12.It was a very disappointing specimen. Much better plants were available at Bunnings earlier. Even though I have followed all your recommendations it still has not shown any signs of growth. I find it very difficult to understand how a nursery business can operate with out phone contact. Please contact me on 0423634589 to discuss this matter or provide a full refund. AlanAlstonvilleNSW (17th Mar 2021)

Packaging was excellent. Palm arrived without any damage at all. MichaelRockyviewQLD (17th Mar 2021)

Wonderful packaging The labels are faded and not easy to read. RichardBlackwoodSA (17th Mar 2021)

Very professional service with friendly staff, my plant arrived in excellent order looking very healthy. GordonAltona MeadowsVIC (16th Mar 2021)

I was very happy with every aspect of my order. Thank you! DallasWynnumQLD (16th Mar 2021)

Although I signed up for a notification - none came, I needed to check in on the website to work out whether a product was available. ZoranMulgraveVIC (16th Mar 2021)

The most recent plant order arrived in excellent condition. I am a pensioner, so the financial outlay is significant. The delivery was prompt, however the freight company’s online tracking advice did not appear to correspond with the physical passage of the freight which, given that the welfare of live plants is at stake, created concern and prompted me to contact the freight company a day prior to the plants arriving. It was a wonderful relief to have the plants arrive on time, notwithstanding the online tracking concern, and pleasing to see them in such good condition. Our little patch of Permaculture in the ranges is now almost filled to capacity as we transition from annual food plants to predominantly perennial food plants. Kind regards, Kevin KevinHerbertonQLD (16th Mar 2021)

Love you guys!! KarenWiltonNSW (15th Mar 2021)

Great customer service, fast delivery, would never hesitate to purchase any product from this company, my only choice really PeterSconeNSW (15th Mar 2021)

If orders could be dispatched on a Monday so it gets to the customers by Friday otherwise it's at the depot over the weekend. Satya Orchard HillsNSW (15th Mar 2021)

Love the improved website, happy with the no plastic boxes for plants. They do seem to be a bit drier than when in the plastic however. MichaelMacquarie HillsNSW (15th Mar 2021)

ore information, if possible, about the fruit trees e.g. when fruit ripened. The quality of the fruit trees was always very good. VickiGundarooNSW (15th Mar 2021)

Plants and quality - fantastic Plants all arrived in fantastic condition and approximately 2 months on now are all established and growing without issue. website - not so fantastic One issue I often have with the website is trying to manage out of stock plants. I would really like it if I could put in a request of multiple out of stock plants and they are "held" until all ready to be sent at once. - I am happy to pay up front or an additional premium for this. I know a solution to the above would be a bit of a logistical nightmare but I can't afford to purchase individual plants as they come available. (big shipping costs). ElliotNorth RothburyNSW (15th Mar 2021)

Well I tell friends about, so the tree I bought looked except a few, The Ben Hur pomegranate a little dissatisfied with it I expected to better looking branches they are not quite balance branches if grows won’t last as one of the branches sure break, but I’m hoping more branches comes out Pomegranate do lot of branches anyway. Thanks very much very happy with the last pomagranate you send me, I do have more in my yard they grow very well here. Mario MarioBethaniaQLD (15th Mar 2021)

Daley’s Fruit are a great place to shop. The plants are always promptly delivered and healthy stock. MarionLilydaleVIC (15th Mar 2021)

Website is very poor. Cross pollination info and suitable plans should be listed against each three as the extra things to purchase. Very difficult to find these info and make a choice. Other than that Daleysfruit is a quality product and a honest company. You earned my loyalty. Malcolm LeppingtonNSW (15th Mar 2021)

The best and only professional and efficient plant service in Australia. Not one of our trees or plants from Daleys has ever died! MiriamSalisburyQLD (15th Mar 2021)

Really heathy plants that have thrived LouiseYankalillaSA (15th Mar 2021)

Very impressed with the product, it's condition on arrival and the process and communication from this company! KamVincentiaNSW (15th Mar 2021)

It would be more helpful if you provided ‘Information plant tag’ containing planting advice along with the yellow Daleys Fruit tree nursery name, description and use tag. CarolMaribyrnongVIC (15th Mar 2021)

website can be difficult to navigate but is ok if you have the time. postage is still an issue but appreciate there will be chargers no matter what other on line nurseries offer fixed charge shipping and free over a certain amount DaveKabraQLD (15th Mar 2021)

Getting your product description in line with the actual product supplied? I bought a 2-5 meter dwarf coconut, 5 meters is a bit tall for what I wanted, if it turned out to be 6? Well plants hey? When it turned up, the tag said 4-8 meters. 2M, 8M? The product you supplied is not fit for the purpose, your invitation to offer was deceptive, in one single transaction you have gone from a nursery that I have supported and praised to one that I am prepared to go to some effort to inform the general public of. A full refund of the purchase price, the postage and a token amount as an apology would go a long way to assuaging the anger. I like a good war, I'll have my satisfaction one way or another. CameronRaceviewQLD (15th Mar 2021)

Keep up the good work KevinSarina RangeQLD (14th Mar 2021)

Overall happy with purchases and look forward to receive updates on fruit tree that are out of stock at the moment. Thank you. AliciaWheelers HillVIC (14th Mar 2021)

Only a basic variety of fruit tree stock available from time to time and a long wait if something is sold out till it comes back Daniel South GraftonNSW (14th Mar 2021)

Exceptional service & fantastic quality Muscat grapevine! Thankyou. Nada SpotswoodVIC (14th Mar 2021)

Free post on some of the biggest stuff DanielTaraQLD (14th Mar 2021)

The tree I purchased was very healthy and arrived in top condition as the packaging was excellent it sustained no damage or loss of condition. It has grown on magnificently. Communication was excellent. All round a perfect purchasing experience. Top marks from me. LyndenHughesdaleVIC (14th Mar 2021)

I like the quality of the fruit trees and the way they are packed. I find the website a bit busy. JanTapitalleeNSW (14th Mar 2021)

Very good quality product and well packed delivery!!! MeiKirraweeNSW (14th Mar 2021)

I was disappointed that two lemon myrtles I bought as gifts died. However, my plants have been fine and you have responded quickly to my queries. DianaGlenorieNSW (14th Mar 2021)

Thank you for your best quality plants and packaging. The boxes that you send your trees in is particularly impressive. Over the years, every purchased plant has reached me in excellent condition, and very quickly as well. Keep up the great work! Naomi Tisdell Naomi TemoraNSW (14th Mar 2021)

Freight was fast but the plant was found inside the gate and tipped over; we live on an acre and it was lucky I found it as it had fallen over into the garden. The plant (white jacaranda) is perfect, lovely straight stem. KarynGrasmereNSW (14th Mar 2021)

Sending request to post on Monday was good I dont like cardboard pots in free freight plants because soil falls out of top and they need to be repotted immediately because pot is falling apart. Put Cling film around top of pot too. Was glad Yellow Dragon was in plastic pot. Wish list Notification doesnt work until stocks go to a certain level abd then you might miss our. Also would be nice ti know when wish list plants go on pre order?? Thanks guys Mark Mount WaverleyVIC (14th Mar 2021)

Received my first order of assorted fruit tree 2 months ago. They where so healthy an advanced on arrival, they came well packed and with wonderful instructions. I planted them out about a month ago and they are still thriving. I found your website so helpful I could type in my postcode to see what plants did well in my area. Many thanks AnnaDavistownNSW (14th Mar 2021)

Only improvement would be larger printing on website. Even this is difficult to read. :) MerrylChapel HillQLD (14th Mar 2021)

Send plants faster jaspreetMeadow Heights VIC (13th Mar 2021)

Am always satisfied with all my orders and if theres a small changes I want to make I always email Jenny or Pauline which are both diligent in my queries and problem. Cant ask for more. Well done. VioletaNimbinNSW (13th Mar 2021)

Everything was great....trees were in good condition, very healthy. We got your gift voucher from our daughter for xmas, as she knows how much we love our citrus. They are growing well, and the planting information in your web site helped us know how to plant correctly, and look after them. We should have oranges in a couple of years, and forever more. Thank you. Jeni & Paul JeniferPort MacquarieNSW (13th Mar 2021)

The Youtube videos are great and inspiring especially the tips you share. Listening to the down to earth (pardon the pun) people is like a breath of fresh air. The website appearance is a little outdated but functional meaning I can always find what I want easily. The plants arrived on time and as always in good health. WilliamWarnerQLD (13th Mar 2021)

As always Daleys packaging is excellent arrived quickly. Love Daley’s range and quality of fruit trees Lisa Lake IllawarraNSW (13th Mar 2021)

very good selection of fruit trees, I only wish if you could ship some of larger plants conradPymbleNSW (13th Mar 2021)

Fabulous experience every time. Great variety of plants that have all arrived in great condition. KirstenClothiers CreekNSW (13th Mar 2021)

Careful attention to safe delivery of trees to the customer. (If you are nice to trees, you probably area good person) Thank you✅ BrianBoronia Heights QLD (13th Mar 2021)

Include information about the fertilizer you have on the delivered plant, and if we should continue with the same. David DavidSpringwoodQLD (13th Mar 2021)

The best experience and sujanHenley Beach SouthSA (13th Mar 2021)

Very happy with the service and quality of the trees. I’ve purchased from Daleys several times now and they never disappoint. SuzanneThe GapQLD (13th Mar 2021)

I have said it many times. You are unfriendly to returning customers GordonSancroxNSW (13th Mar 2021)

Look at your site often. Trees always beautiful and healthy and well established. NicoleMaleny QLD (13th Mar 2021)

I have bought many trees now from Daleys. It tickled me I could get plants delivered and even after more tha. three years its a treat to see the long cardboard box arrive. Always with a great product, straighforward purchasing and clearly an enterprise working well. JonathanMount Saint ThomasNSW (13th Mar 2021)

Good quality of plants Quyen Tatura VIC (13th Mar 2021)

I've bought several fruit trees from Daleys over the years and they have always been of good quality and produce good fruit. I appreciate the informative webpage with videos. I also love the sheer variety of exotic and native plants that you provide. I sense there is a real passion in what you do and it shows in the quality of your products. Highly recommended! steveOurimbahNSW (12th Mar 2021)

I would like to know whether my jambu is grafted or is it from a cutting or layering. I have leaves appearing at the bottom of the stem. Should these be removed? Kevin KevinErinaNSW (12th Mar 2021)

So very excited to receive our order - the lime, mandarin and mulberry plants arrived in A1 condition and the information provided to acclimatize them prior to planting could not have been any clearer. Our only ‘complaint’ is that we don’t have a yard large enough to accommodate any more fruit trees! Looking for top quality fruit trees? Daley’s Fruit Nursery is the only place to shop! Diane & BarryGretaNSW (12th Mar 2021)

Liked everything Thank you LesBenowaQLD (12th Mar 2021)

I don’t like your new pot I like plastic pot better Niramon RevesbyNSW (12th Mar 2021)

Our trees arrived when we were told they would in great condition I can't fault the service I received and would be happy to deal with you again anytime johnYamantoQLD (12th Mar 2021)

Plants are always very healthy and in good condition. RossMount CoolumQLD (12th Mar 2021)

The website could be easier to navigate but service wise, quality of plants, packaging can't fault. Thank you! SoniaHinchinbrookNSW (12th Mar 2021)

quality of trees first class more up dates on pre orders other wise very hard to fault kevin RiverviewQLD (12th Mar 2021)

Great range of plants and good service in letting me know when plants I have expressed an interest in become available. VickiSouth MurwillumbahNSW (12th Mar 2021)

I have purchased a number of times and it has always been a good experience. GavinHighfieldsQLD (12th Mar 2021)

Thank you guys, you are the best. You have fantastic collection of fruits trees. Daley’s team helped me create my garden of Eden with rare varieties. NataliiaTambourine Mountain QLD (12th Mar 2021)

The tree l received was in fantastic condition. It was such a lovely healthy looking bergamot orange, thank you. UrszulaDoncasterVIC (11th Mar 2021)

I think your service is fantastic! I do better than encouraging my friends to buy from Daleys — I've bought two blueberries and a persimmon for them. I belong to a gardening group on Facebook and often recommend Daleys to those who are after fruit trees. BarbaraGoulburnNSW (11th Mar 2021)

You should consider rewarding for return and loyal customers. Have a discount and reward points program. Should have the event of a yearly sale. PaulCecil ParkNSW (11th Mar 2021)

Our little Mulberry tree arrived in wonderful condition and we have followed the instructions that we very well explained and we also followed the instructions on the youtube video. Our tree looks very happy in the ground and appears to be doing very well. It was a bit hard getting the plant in the first place and obviously we had to go onto a waiting list for quite a long time, but I think the website could be a bit more user friendly. Thanks again for our mulberry tree. We love it. Nicki from Valentine. Nicolette ValentineNSW (10th Mar 2021)

I thought the follow up contact regarding delivery was fantastic! Our dwarf pawpaw is powering and well worth pre ordering. Sorry I can't add anything to improve...the process from website shopping to delivery was wonderful. Thanks Louise LouiseCoffs HarbourNSW (9th Mar 2021)

Trees arrived fresh and actively growing. Very confident these hard-to-get varieties will do well. StephenForbesNSW (9th Mar 2021)

The range in which you offer and communication online (through email) is really good and informative. I am yet to see any other range as good for the plants I am looking for. Website is not the most user friendly but its not the end of the world. Quality of plants is great, 100% survive rate except one that the dog decided to demolish. Would, and have, recommended to friends and will keep using as more plants come into season. Jack JillibyNSW (9th Mar 2021)

Great customer service from Daleys. Would like to know expected dates of out of stocks products and be able to hold some orders to be able to do a bulk order to decrease freight costs. Ongoing issues with freight company. TraceyVale ParkSA (9th Mar 2021)

good company good products and I got what I Wanted thomasConistonNSW (9th Mar 2021)

Very healthy plants which were promptly delivered and arrived safely. MaxineMedowieNSW (8th Mar 2021)

 Hi, unfortunately the last 2 banana oassionfruit have died. When the plant arrived the leaves had small spots on them. We kept it in a small pot for a few weeks then planted it out into a new bed which had new seales potting mix, the mix had been down for a month while waiting for delivery of the banna passionfruit. The bed has plenty of drainage. We are extremely disappointed with your plants. This now makes 3 bananna passionfruit which have died within 1 month of planting. All plants were planted in different beds in our garden. We currently have 4 standard passion fruit growing and producing good fruit From your records to Gary and Jean Urquhary in Coffs Habour you will see how much this has costed us financially and and yoy will understand we are not happy and we hope this does not fall on deaf ears. Regards Gary Urquhart Gary(8th Mar 2021)

Daley’s are my favourite fruit trees seller in Oz. And God knows, I tried a few before finding them by accident. Their website provides the most comprehensive info on fruit trees. Plants are packed with utmost care and they keep you updated with shipping info. Plants arrive as advised and looking fresh with additional info on introducing your plants to your local growing conditions. Recently, I started watching their YouTube channel. It is now my go-to channel on fruit tree planting info. Ms Kermode is great! If you are into fruit trees as I have recently become, check out Daley’s. IsaacusGlenwoodNSW (8th Mar 2021)

For the price I paid I was expecting the trees to be a lot taller. Advanced trees that should have fruit after 12 months M .Tara QLD (8th Mar 2021)

We're very happy with the quality of the tree, and the way it was packed and transported. It arrived in very good order. My only (constructive) criticism would be that the website could do with an up-to-date makeover to make the browsing and purchasing experience more intuitive and pleasurable. MichaelSeymourVIC (8th Mar 2021)

Purchased finger like trees. Great packaging and delivery. Excellent advice on how to care for the finger limes. Very happy! TamaraBitternVIC (8th Mar 2021)

Ordered a pink jumboo plant to NSW. Leaves fell off after few days and appears to be dying. Previous deliveries for other plants from Daleys have been great and doing well Muneer MuneerStanhope GardensNSW (8th Mar 2021)

Hi Team, Thanks for you being prompt in communicating to the customer. The delivery was good... however the mango plant did not survive. The change is seen with in two days of time and tried a few ways. Thank you, once again. Regards Raja Ravi RajaMount WaverleyVIC (8th Mar 2021)

Easy process, Australia post deliver to the door. I like that I can request that you contact me when a plant is ready. I am currently waiting on Asparagus. melindaGraftonNSW (8th Mar 2021)

Letting me know when previous unavailable stock becomes available 👍 MattDubboNSW (8th Mar 2021)

Improve the website MargThe Oaks NSW (8th Mar 2021)

Great range. Love the informational youtube videos. The tree was packaged well and arrived happy and healthy. Highly recommend. ScottGreat MarlowNSW (8th Mar 2021)

wonderful service and products. GaryBulahdelahNSW (8th Mar 2021)

More information about some of the fruiting plants such Nangapire as current information is very limited. RichardWisemans FerryNSW (8th Mar 2021)

In terms of quality, as well as variety, I haven't found any other nursery [online or offline] that comes close to Daleys! I ordered a few fruiting plants [Mulberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry] from them. The plants were really well package, and there were clear instructions included on how to take care of them. Been a few months now, and the plants are doing really well. Would strongly recommend Daleys... NoelBaulkham HillsNSW (28th Feb 2021)

All my lovely plants arrived in perfect condition and beautifully packed and protected, freshly watered and not one sign of withering ! Really great service and they're all growing really well, thank you Daleys. JenniferMeganNSW (26th Feb 2021)

Lovely strong healthy plants, excellent quality. Prices are very good as well and if you need to contact Daleys Nursery, it is easy to do and they respond very quickly and are able to solve your problems quickly. I would highly recommend them. VictoriaPennant HillsNSW (22nd Feb 2021)

Appreciate the contact and response to enquiries SandraGunnedahNSW (28th Feb 2021)

Great online nursery. Once you understand the layout of their website it’s very easy to use. I’m a first time user/purchaser and I’m extremely satisfied with all my purchases thus far. Plants arrived in exceptional condition, perhaps better than if I’d gone to the local nursery and selected them myself. Thank you to the whole Daleys team. Felicity AlbyNSW (15th Feb 2021)

As a family we are looking at buying various fruit trees. We live in a small bloke but looking to get some acreage to plant. We think your variety and catalogue is great. Nathan Peregian SpringsQLD (23rd Feb 2021)

I loved how quickly our tree came it it was so cared for. Great info. Really happy. Thank you BrionyBogangarNSW (22nd Feb 2021)

I absolutely love your plants! I check your available stock page every second day just looking at the range. So hard to resist not buy everything! It’s always a speedy delivery and the plants are in great shape when they arrive. GeorgiaPottsvilleNSW (22nd Feb 2021)

Quality Mulberry Tree Shirley Lakes EntranceVIC (22nd Feb 2021)

I have ordered from Daleys before and never had a problem karenMooroopnaVIC (22nd Feb 2021)

In terms of quality, as well as variety, I haven't found any other nursery [online or offline] that comes close to Daleys! I ordered a few fruiting plants [Mulberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry] from them. The plants were really well package, and there were clear instructions included on how to take care of them. Been a few months now, and the plants are doing really well. Would strongly recommend Daleys... NoelBaulkham HillsNSW (22nd Feb 2021)

web:View Invoice - Nazira -Bedwani- 2021-02-20 14:11:12 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 5/5 - Freight Company: 5/5 - Friends: 5/5 - Plant Survival: 5/5 - Staff: 0/5 - Website: 4/5
My rosella is growing beautifully. Thank you! Nazira RydalmereNSW (20th Feb 2021)

web:View Invoice - Malcolm-Martin- 2021-02-20 06:46:54 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 5/5 - Freight Company: 4/5 - Friends: 4/5 - Plant Survival: 4/5 - Staff: 0/5 - Website: 4/5
Quality Great, Well Grown plants. Had one issue with multiple tags on a Kiwi fruit plant- saying different things and one post of a male vine arrived extra dry in pot and lost all leaves within 2r hrs. i nurtured it and it finally started to shoot again but this was a bit set back. Yes hot weather at the time of shipment did not help. i know you have no control of that part. MalcolmHighfields;qldQLD (20th Feb 2021)

Prompt efficient order & delivery. Plant is going gangbusters! KerrynNew LambtonNSW (18th Feb 2021)

Prefer Australia Post to couriers as l need package left at the front door. GaryPort DouglasQLD (15th Feb 2021)

The website needs to go back to being able to open plants in new tabs. It's really annoying to have to go to a plant's page then click back to the search results (where you have to find your place again). StephenBallarat EastVIC (15th Feb 2021)

Great online nursery. Once you understand the layout of their website it’s very easy to use. I’m a first time user/purchaser and I’m extremely satisfied with all my purchases thus far. Plants arrived in exceptional condition, perhaps better than if I’d gone to the local nursery and selected them myself. Thank you to the whole Daleys team. Felicity AlbyNSW (15th Feb 2021)

I would like you to set up a branch next door . davidBinalongNSW (15th Feb 2021)

Please ring me on 0411 26 26 27 re order for 200 red cedar seedlings. Regards, Bruce Marich BruceMaitlandNSW (15th Feb 2021)

The old (classic) website is easier to use and find info on the specific plants I’m interested in. The YouTube videos are great! It would be fab to have info on companion planting too. CarleyAvoca BeachNSW (15th Feb 2021)

Received my Moringa tree promptly. Very well packaged.. it’s doing very well thank you Cathy Kingaroy DcQLD (15th Feb 2021)

Dear Daleys, Thankyou so much for our amazing Willow tree. It was a gift for my daughter's 9th birthday (her name is Willow). It arrived on time and in perfect condition. Willow was soooo happy. I had ordered one from a different provider and it arrived almost black and broken with crunchy leaves falling out of dismal packaging - it broke my heart so in desperation I put an order in with you (my original first choice but you were out of stock at the time I was ordering) not thinking it would arrive in time for the 16th and WOW!!! Can't thank you enough. kind regards Angelika AngelikaBracken RidgeQLD (15th Feb 2021)

very happy with service quality & delivery of products GRAHAMElizabeth NorthSA (15th Feb 2021)

I have lots of plants on the wait list for a long time. Maybe an update on when those plants are available ChrisBundeena NSW (15th Feb 2021)

The ease of ordering and the immediate responses and support won me RowanMummelNSW (15th Feb 2021)

A wide range of plants to choose. TanMarrickvilleNSW (15th Feb 2021)

The trees were in great condition and packed well. The website is sometimes tricky to get around. Once you add something to your cart trying to get back to the search is difficult and you have to go the long way back around. Other than that, buying fruit trees from Daley's has been the best way to get my garden started. Thank you AmberMullumbimbyNSW (14th Feb 2021)

The plants all arrive as promised and are accompanied with good instructions for success. I've lost a couple of plants after a few weeks but this would be due to soil and or my care of the. I look forward to replacing some of the plants as they come available and trying again. David WodongaVIC (14th Feb 2021)

Great service thank you. ChrisAngledoolNSW (11th Feb 2021)

Out of 7 trees 1 survived. Cost for one tree, over $200, so I will never again buy online. DonnaleeCardwellQLD (11th Feb 2021)

I always receive good quality plants that are well packed and that can easily transfer into my garden and grow so well.The plants are very healthy.When plants are out of stock Daley’s always reminds me personally when stock is available again.I like this feature as not many other gardening places do this.Thank you. MariaSt AlbansVIC (11th Feb 2021)

I can't think of any improvements except for the website, the mobile version now often gives less information than it did previously. DavidRenmarkSA (11th Feb 2021)

Iam always pleased with the quality of the plants and how quickly I receive them Jeannine SunburyVIC (11th Feb 2021)

Lovely strong healthy plants, excellent quality. Prices are very good as well and if you need to contact Daleys Nursery, it is easy to do and they respond very quickly and are able to solve your problems quickly. I would highly recommend them. VictoriaPennant HillsNSW (11th Feb 2021)

Always quick postage, high quality plants, highly recommend. JamieTallebudgeraQLD (11th Feb 2021)

One died, but the others are all doing well & some already have fruit, mulberries & figs are looking yummy.. the blueberry wasnt as hearty & is just a twig now - seeing if it revives.. fingers crossed Sarah ToukleyNSW (11th Feb 2021)

I've always enjoyed shopping with Daley's. All of those important aspects (variety / quality / price) are well supported by an excellent shipping process. ColinFrenchvilleQLD (11th Feb 2021)

Make it easy to find trees available on web site DanielMackayQLD (11th Feb 2021)

Always happy with the plants and service from Daley’s WendyKempsey NSW (11th Feb 2021)

I have bought a number of small trees from Daley’s and have been happy with them all. The Native Frangipani in particular are growing very well and are lovely little trees. I was able to change my order from 5 to 10 trees when I realised I needed more than I’d ordered and more became available. Thanks for great service and lovely little, soon to be big, trees. I have recommended Daley’s to several friends. JacquiSunrise BeachQLD (11th Feb 2021)

It is always good fun ordering plants from you guys. It starts with spending time to search your website for the next exotic or native plant and have it in very good condition at your doorstep in no time. A pleasure. TinaRingtail CreekQLD (11th Feb 2021)

Great website. Easy to order & pay. Lots of information on arrival of plant. SusanGwandalanNSW (10th Feb 2021)

Your plants are healthy. They are packed well to survive the trip, which is only a few days. You are very prompt in your email reply, despite no phones. More variety of plants would be nice. Thank you. FrancisBroadmeadows VIC (10th Feb 2021)

Great price for healthy plants that are packaged well. Each package contained clear instructions to ensure the survival of every plant I have ordered. TonyBalgal BeachQLD (10th Feb 2021)

The plants are healthy, arrived safely and are growing well! BeverleyEumundiQLD (10th Feb 2021)

Long term customer, I am disgusted with how I have been treated. KimPullenvale (qld)QLD (10th Feb 2021)

Everything arrived quickly and in great condition. Website could be easier to deal with but more because what is in stock as opposed to what is being propagated requires a lot of digging to determine. AndrewWilliamstownVIC (10th Feb 2021)

Daleys always provide great service. Plants always arrive in good condition, definitely no complaints. WarrenGraftonNSW (10th Feb 2021)

i was on a waiting list for a banana plant. i got notification as soon as it was available. i purchased it and the plant was at my doorstep within a week, all nicely packaged. The plant is doing very well too! Very pleased with the service. ARUNIMAHammondvilleNSW (10th Feb 2021)

This is the second time I have purchased from you and the service, delivery, and plant quality has been excellent each time. JeffreyKitchenerNSW (10th Feb 2021)

Brilliant. Best customer service. Aplant that was damaged in transit was replaced quickly with no dramas. Love Daley's and tell all my friends to use them. NikkiGaythorneQLD (10th Feb 2021)

Thank you! About to make another order 🙂 EllaTamborine MountainQLD (10th Feb 2021)

Prompt reply to initial enquiry. Quick despatch and delivery. Product arrived safely. GarryBurpengary EastQLD (10th Feb 2021)

I always enjoy the quality in which the plant arrives. I have a nice selection of fruit trees developing now. One thing to improve would probably be not overstating a plant's ability to withstand frost. I've had some plants that have said they were somewhat frost resistant but were wrecked by the first touch of frost. JimCorryongVIC (10th Feb 2021)

Healthy plants every time TristanSingleton HeightsNSW (10th Feb 2021)

All the products I have purchased have been as advertised and I have had good results from all Thanks KeithBongareeQLD (10th Feb 2021)

Great variety of plants, orders have usually arrived earlier than expected, every plant has been healthy and happy TyzekWindaleNSW (10th Feb 2021)

Thank you NandiniMango HillQLD (9th Feb 2021)

Overall good service, many varieties of trees at affordable price. Ordering process is smooth and easy. Little concern so far was my dragon fruit being delivered with a young branch damaged (a little tear) by the black sticky tape around the branch. HaiWestmeadowsVIC (9th Feb 2021)

a contact phone number would be great SamRochedaleQLD (9th Feb 2021)

a contact phone number would be great SamRochedaleQLD (9th Feb 2021)

If I had seen the plants prior to the purchase I would not have bought the plants. Very disappointed in the quality of the plants. LyallMount VincentNSW (9th Feb 2021)

I ordered a couple of plants( 2x finger limes, moringas, herbs, etc). They are packed so good. Very informative also in how to unpack and care of the plants.They ALL are alive and growing in my Sydney garden.I wish I have a bigger garden to grow more plants😄 Congratulations for 40th bday👏 SarahKingsfordNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Quality Trees at realistic prices,Excellent prompt customer service reply's to e mail inquiries,kept informed of order shipment process and dispatch via email.Well packaged for shipment and prompt shipping and delivery via Aust Post. TONYWarrnamboolVIC (9th Feb 2021)

Website not really very user friendly in my opinion LeylaHuntlyVIC (9th Feb 2021)

Really healthy and strong plants, great service, thanks. AngelaBelgrave SouthVIC (9th Feb 2021)

Both the trees I received last time have not recovered from the road trip LeghEmeraldQLD (9th Feb 2021)

Through several delivery purchases and an actual visit to the nursery,I appreciated the helpful staff assistance and thorough packaging of my orders ready for delivery. Cheers Lynne LynneLong JettyNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Doing a fantastic job - if anything just a bit more info on any quirks the plant may have- eg babaco doesn’t like wet feet. chrisMudgeerabaQLD (9th Feb 2021)

Keep up the good work GlennElwoodVIC (9th Feb 2021)

Trees were in excellent condition, packaging was high standard and excellent service all round. Will definitely buy again. LeighCaseyACT (9th Feb 2021)

Plants arrived healthy and were packaged well. All are growing splendidly. Very happy customer MarciaBrendale;qldQLD (9th Feb 2021)

Honest good service Even quickly followed up on one dead plant SteveFlinders ParkSA (9th Feb 2021)

To be honest I prefered the old website in a lot of ways compared to the new one and the only other thing is the notification for plant's I've asked to be let known when available, it hasn't worked on lots of accessions now. I have had correspondence in regard to this and was told that the first on the list is first to be notified which is fair enough but I've been waiting quite some time on a couple of items so would have to be up there. Recently I was notified Blue Java was available but when I looked on the web there was none, it's lucky a couple of months before I was looking at the website and found blue java available so I'd already purchased and received one but I'm interested in another maybe. All in all though you have a wonderful company with great variety of wonderful goodness and it is a pleasure to deal with your staff. Daley's Nursery Rocks!👍 JasonAlbert ParkSA (9th Feb 2021)

I am still waiting for dwarfs mango and avocado trees to become available so I can buy some . I think I am on waiting list not sure if someone can let me know that would be great PeterEmu HeightsNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Good specimen sent, accurate as picture and description. MaryWyeeNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Would like a telephone number to ask certain questions! ColynMount ColahNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Just persist in providing the quality of product and service that I received and I'm confident your business will continue to flourish. ShaneDoonsideNSW (9th Feb 2021)

My order was a bit slow arriving due to the Covid induced backlog & also bad weather up north. I was really surprised when my plants arrived more than a week after I placed my order & they were all still alive. After a few days they all recovered & are now thriving in the garden. I've been buying plants from Daleys for over 10 years & highly recommend them to anyone looking to oder plants online. SEANSutherlandNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Feedback on plant availability system is poor ...unless there is no stock.... MikeBlueys BeachNSW (9th Feb 2021)

I always find the website clunky, but love the plants when I get them. They are always beautifully wrapped AnnCowraNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Reliably varied selection of plants for inspiration JanelleKillcare HeightsNSW (9th Feb 2021)

Great plants fast delivery and well packed LindaArandaACT (9th Feb 2021)

Plant was taken care of and quality was better than I had expected. Was a bit apprehensive but totally satisfied Serap Roxburgh ParkVIC (9th Feb 2021)

Great service, good products. Been buying for years, everything has grown well Thanks GlenRutherfordNSW (8th Feb 2021)

After I am on the waiting list for a plant, I have no idea when I can get it. I think I should get reminder for this situation. Xin XinEppingNSW (8th Feb 2021)

Best customer service HemangBlair AtholSA (8th Feb 2021)

Hi I visited last year and found pine nut in the nursery the web site said you had none I keep asking when the andean wallnut is in for this reason johnKeerrongNSW (8th Feb 2021)

Prompt efficient order & delivery. Plant is going gangbusters! KerrynNew LambtonNSW (8th Feb 2021)

I liked everything would like a telephone number to talk to someone about growing details ColynMount ColahNSW (8th Feb 2021)

I liked the way my order arrived safely and nothing was broken or damaged. Ihave potted up most of the last order, and have got new growth on grape tree. herbs doing well too. Still waiting to get strawberry guavas on my plant, bought a few years ago. It gets flower buds on it, then they drop off, wondering if it needs extra fertilizer. SandraMalvern EastVIC (8th Feb 2021)

I purchased an insect netting for fruit tree; product and service satisfactory. VickiCoomoo CoomooNSW (8th Feb 2021)

When filtering plants by region, perhaps make it super clear and bold and bright if a plant will grow in a region but will not produce fruit there (or jambolan plum). I'm in Goulburn (700m above sea level) and it was only after receiving it and looking back at website again and searching in Google that it became clear that the tree won't fruit above 600m elevation. PupRebeccaGoulburnNSW (8th Feb 2021)

Afterpay for prepurchase items AngeBungareeVIC (8th Feb 2021)

Excellent quality of plants supplied, very pleasing variey of plants available, fast and efficient service, well packed plants, fast delivery. DavidBuderimQLD (8th Feb 2021)

The quality of the Blueberry bushes was excellent. Delivered well and all went well J & MHowlongNSW (8th Feb 2021)

Im pretty happy and daley's is my first go-to place for fruit trees etc. CalGilbertonVIC (8th Feb 2021)

Love you guys! Product is always of the highest quality. Communication is great. Packaging is sturdy & cleverly designed to all the plants to breathe. Website is simple to navigate & no fuss. Your range is quite amazing. I only buy through you guys & a nursery in Victoria. Please grow more yuzu! * appreciated the extra notification before Christmas btw * Best wishes, Naomi Naomi TemoraNSW (8th Feb 2021)

Happy with my online purchases of quality fruit trees for my garden. Certainly will refer my friends ands fellow gardeners to your nursery for their needs for good planting materials. Thank you DannyGoonellabahNSW (8th Feb 2021)


i love all that you do charlesSt AlbansVIC (7th Feb 2021)

More Tropical fruit plants available for next time, but not grow by the seed! ThanhAngle ParkSA (6th Feb 2021)

I love your plants and have bought many over the years and give you 10 of 10 for everyone that I have received. I also tell anyone I speak to, who I think might be interested in purchasing sub tropical plants, about your excellent plants and service. - Unfortunately I do have a problem with the Persimmon Plant that I bought last year. I have done everything that I could to give it a good home in our new yard. I planted it in a new garden in with good new soil and in Spring the Graft grew new shoots and looked great then within a few days they went limp and died and dropped off the stem. I still have the stem and it appears to be alive but no more shoots have appeared. I am not sure what I should do and would appreciate any advice you may have. Sorry for the bad news. Many thanks Lyn Lyn West HavenNSW (5th Feb 2021)

Delivery was very fast - the day after notification of its arrival. The young sapling was firmly packed and it had been well cared for in your nursery. The nursery person I dealt with on line was courteous and helpful. I will certainly contact Daley's for further plants. My Hovenea is growing well! RobynWarwickQLD (5th Feb 2021)

You did very well thank you DaveMount KeiraNSW (5th Feb 2021)

Delivery was very fast - the day after notification of its arrival. The young sapling was firmly packed and it had been well cared for in your nursery. The nursery person I dealt with on line was courteous and helpful. I will certainly contact Daley's for further plants. My Hovenea is growing well! RobynWarwickQLD (5th Feb 2021)

The stingy nursery i have ever bought from. I've bought plants and trees over $700+ paid everything in full, the plants and delivery never offer any discount. So i went to other nursery, i bought just 9 plants, they gave me 10% discounts. The more i buy from them the biggest discounts i get. I wish i knew or did my research before i go crazy buying everything from one nursery. I would not recommend this nursery to any of mine families and friends. NoiDerrimutVIC (5th Feb 2021)

Great service,always updated as to what products are available,plants arrive are so healthy, PeterSconeNSW (4th Feb 2021)

Very quick and prompt delivery and well packaged. ElizabethBaradineNSW (4th Feb 2021)

It took 3 and a half months to be delivered! NatalieHornsby HeightsNSW (4th Feb 2021)

excellent variety of plants, peterCabaritaNSW (4th Feb 2021)

well packed arrived in tip yop condition allanWerrington CountyNSW (4th Feb 2021)

one out of the numerous cartons we received was a bit busted up. the plant was fine!!! SharonCaringbah SouthNSW (4th Feb 2021)

The trees I have bought have been good quality and shipped well. The website is quite dated and a bit clunky though so that is my only negative feedback. It doesn't bother me personally though. SarahHillsideVIC (4th Feb 2021)

I have had only good experiences with Daley. I see there has been an improvement on ensuring all clients get a chance to buy plants when stock becomes available. This is great. Thank you for making all these exotic varieties available to us. FernandoMount EvelynVIC (4th Feb 2021)

I have never ordered fruit trees online before and was very nervous, but they were packaged so carefully and were in a better condition than some of the plants in my local nurseries. Great service! SamanthaWallanVIC (4th Feb 2021)

Awesome products!!! Keep up the good work. CordelioMerrylandsNSW (4th Feb 2021)

Customer service was fantastic. My order sold out while I was checking out and I was contacted the next day and managed to complete the order over the phone easily. Melina(4th Feb 2021)

Prompt and courteous service. ClaudiaSydneyNSW (4th Feb 2021)

Everything was very good. However, I dont like navigating the website. I liked the older version of your website, which in my opinion was easier to navigate. TerryOrangeNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

Service, range and products cannot be better. Complemented by thorough information about the plants available, often unique, or other websites appear to copy the information from Daleys. The main downside for me is not knowing if/when out of stock plants may become available. JasonGordonNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

List more of fruit trees. Otherwise services and everything else is EXCELLENT. GavinGlen WaverleyVIC (3rd Feb 2021)

The plant was delivered promptly with very good packaging so there was no damage at all. It has a lot more leaves than I expected which is great. SerenaGlendenningNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

The only way you could improve the service would be to dig the planting holes for me! I'm a happy customer. JeffKiahNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

2 trees died the root base soil had mould? I poured over milk however they died. I was unlucky :( vesnaMyrniongVIC (3rd Feb 2021)
Plants have always been terrific on arrival. Thanks so much. LyndalThe GapQLD (3rd Feb 2021)

Please only send trees on a Monday or Tuesday so that they will more than likely arrive by Friday. You sent mine later in the week, they sat at the post office or in a truck over a heat-wave weekend and were not delivered until the following Tuesday. The plants did not look healthy and have not been thriving compared to plants I purchased locally a few weeks later. ShereeBalaclavaNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

dont change something that works, great service GrantTemoraNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

Everything perfect thank you AbdullahSydenhamVIC (3rd Feb 2021)

I ordered gift voucher and catalogue on this occasion, but when I order plants I am very happy with service and delivery. ChristineDudleyNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

Lovely healthy plants. Arrived in good condition LouiseLongwarry NorthVIC (3rd Feb 2021)

was surprised at the size of the tree didn't expect it to be so tall JacquelineWinghamNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

I would appreciate a clearer indication of plant types that require or would benefit from cross pollination. Sarah GoulburnNSW (3rd Feb 2021)

Please don’t use thief transport company (ARAMEX) they put parcel post front of the door took 3 or four picture look likes they delivered if like your parcel post they took them self they did for me your post and they did my other parcel post they say investigate case newer answer to me back please use Australian honest company’s like Australia post please don’t use thief United Arabic emirates (ARAMEX) transport company thanks your giving services is great thank you all. AbdullahSydenhamVIC (2nd Feb 2021)

No idea, I still haven’t seen the plants so can’t really do a survey before they get delivered DavidWamuranQLD (2nd Feb 2021)

Not sure when the mailing order list will be updated So I have to check everyday until I find the item I am looking for ... It’s better to display a “note” to tell if the mailing order list updated ... ThanhGilmoreACT (2nd Feb 2021)

Fantastic crew at Daleys who not only provide a fantastic product but also fantastic customer support! 👍😊 Thank you!!!! MatthewWerribeeVIC (2nd Feb 2021)

Every thing was first class very Impressed RonaldHastings PointNSW (2nd Feb 2021)

The plants came in great condition. Delivery was a little slow, but that's the way it is at the moment with everything, so that's ok. The plants looked healthy when they arrived which is the main thing. Thank you. I left a "notify me" request on dwarf pomegranates some time ago. Has there been any update on this? Thank you. BettinaTomakinNSW (2nd Feb 2021)

I absolutely loved it when the plants that I ordered arrived at my door step. They arrived looking healthy. I has been few months since I received the order and the plants are doing well. When I first placed an order for 2 plants, I felt it was a risk. I had never ordered plants online, this was going to be an interstate order and the website wasn't user friendly. So at the time of placing the order; I didn't know if I would ever see the plants. I was definitely over the moon when I received then. I am looking forward to placing my next order with Daleys Fruit as soon as the plants that I want are back in stock. I have also been recommending this website to fiends AnnubSebastopolVIC (2nd Feb 2021)

The plants arrived in very good condition, very well packed. No sign of root binding and they have adapted to being replanted without any check to their growth. DayleTallarookVIC (2nd Feb 2021)

I was very happy with my purchase of dragon fruit plant, the way it was packaged and the speed I received my order, thank you GarryMalmsburyVIC (2nd Feb 2021)

My plant is really healthy, Ive found Daleys very very responsive to emails. From when I was notified my plant was available (it was out of stock) it was easy to finalise the order, can't wait to receive the two female kiwis when in stock! CharleneNorth MackayQLD (2nd Feb 2021)

Your website is very good with almost all the info about the plants, you have almost every tropical fruit plants from around the world . The only problems is not enough stock available. Very disappointed to check your website almost every day & didn't see the availability of what I'm waiting for. Regarding to the quality of plants, I give it a 3,as I always experience some plants died back after nearly a year of purchased. CindyFairfield NSW (2nd Feb 2021)

Prices have gone up a but and freight is also expensive. Otherwise quality of plants and customer service are still outstanding. VinodSchofieldsNSW (2nd Feb 2021)

Very pleased. Prompt response to my purchase. Arrived within expected timeframe. Very well packaged for safety during transit GregCabarlahQLD (2nd Feb 2021)

EVERYTHING WENT AS IT SHOULD David Whyalla NorrieSA (2nd Feb 2021)

I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend Daleys Nursery to my family and friends. Thank you. CherylTorringtonQLD (2nd Feb 2021)

The plant has not arrived yet. DallasGloucesterNSW (2nd Feb 2021)

Plant received in awesome condition, well packaged, well pruned, I would definitely recommend Daleys fruit trees to anyone. MarkYassNSW (2nd Feb 2021)

I find the website to be a mess. If it were cleaner and simpler I think it would be easier to navigate. Also, and I recognise that this is likely out of your hands, there is so much out of stock at the moment that I want to buy. I can't fault the plants though. Amazing quality and I've not had an issue with them thriving. PaulGordonACT (2nd Feb 2021)

I’ve made more than one order through daleys and its always packed carefully and at the door before uou know it. Great products, great service. TimValla BeachNSW (2nd Feb 2021)

Never lost a plant, arrived on time. JanineCurrimundiQLD (2nd Feb 2021)

I always receive plants in a healthy and fresh state even after being through post, I would and have highly recommend the Daleys to friends and family, I thank them for the trouble they go through to organise all that necessary for my plants. thank you anj angelaPort MacquarieNSW (2nd Feb 2021)

Always had success with Daleys Nursery plants, the packaging is very secure, the plants arrive in great condition... I'm running out of space but still have my eye on more, I will be back... RobertValley ViewSA (2nd Feb 2021)

I would be perfect if you could improve the notification system. Some plants have gone so fast before any notifications were sent. MinhWyndham ValeVIC (1st Feb 2021)

I liked everything about going on line to order, as it’s a good lot of years since I’d first received plants and it’s the same feeling of being family now, but I guess it’s the knowing that all involved care about and for the plants as i do and others buying the best of plants from Daley’s. Others have seen the ones from the last order and impressed. In fact they’re waiting to see what’s in the next order. Thanks again for such quality plants and the speed of receiving them. A 110% for all levels of service. Eric Dent. EricGrangeQLD (1st Feb 2021)

Large collection of all varieties of plants in one place. Easy to get my favourite unusual plants to grow in Adelaide. Every time I receive on time perfectly packed plants in excellent condition. Very Happy and I have recommended to my friends who also purchased Daleys. BharathyNorthgateSA (1st Feb 2021)

Website can be improved as sometimes not intuitive to navigate. TomHoppers CrossingVIC (1st Feb 2021)

Love the nursery, love the variety, love the staff - knowledgeable and friendly, love the prompt delivery! Plants happy and healthy. So far, 4 homes, 7 gardens (urban food forests fronts and backs), feeding 7 families - 3 Grandparents, 6 Children, 7 grandchildren, 2 neighbors and myself - THANKS DALEY'S! I couldn't have done it without you! RenaeMorayfieldQLD (1st Feb 2021)

Communication was excellent throughout the waiting period. The plants were packed brilliantly and the accompanying information/planting guide was perfect. Have bought from you before and will do again. Will definitely recommend. GeorginaLeetonNSW (1st Feb 2021)

I wish I had a garden big enough for more of your trees ConnieCromer HeightsNSW (1st Feb 2021)

Website is not very mobile friendly. Can make it difficult to browse. The mobile friendly part is limited, does not have all information. Usually plants arrive fine but a delay during a hot period meant one was set back although still alive, and one died (which you kindly replaced and arrived in good order). FionaSouth WindsorNSW (1st Feb 2021)

The plants were well packed and healthy on arrival and have thrived since. Very satisfied with the service you provide. RosemarieBald HillsQLD (1st Feb 2021)

Was a bit skeptical of mail-order fruit trees (I like to be able to see what I'm buying, make sure the plant is vigorous, etc.) but you had what I wanted and none of the local nurseries did so away we went. The tree arrived in good nick, very healthy looking leaves - could not have been happier. It is in the ground now and is healthy and growing well. Thanks so much! AltinKatoombaNSW (27th Jan 2021)

The quality of the plant and delivery were excellent. In the ordering process there was no one to talk to and it was difficult to ascertain the estimated delay in obtaining the plant. Overall however your nursery provides an excellent, I would Even say indispensable service! Regards Greg Melrose GregCronullaNSW (27h Jan 2021)

The plants were delivered quickly & safely in summer time. Arrived in good condition. I just wish there would be more varieties available at the same time. DianaKellyvilleNSW (27th Jan 2021)

My banana came in perfect condition and I was given constant updates on delivery. I love the pre purchase option too so you don’t miss out 😀 LisaCampbelltownNSW (27th Jan 2021)

My Persimmon was delivered quickly and in perfect condition by Australia Post. The quality of the plant was outstanding, as has been the case with any plants that I have purchased from Daleys. SandraThe HeadQLD (27th Jan 2021)

Just the obvious ie lack of plants in stock. when we ask to be notified, would be good to know approx when the required plant will be available. keep up the good work! SpiroAshfieldNSW (27th Jan 2021)

Plants arrived fresh and healthy BryanEatons HillQLD (27th Jan 2021)

I was extremely happy to have experienced a no questions asked approach to my mango plant issue. This was resolved without any difficulties and with replacements, i am extremely happy with the new plants i have. It was really nice to deal with Pauline who felt like my personal, dedicated helper. Thank you for helping with something im so passionate about. JohnVermontVIC (25th Jan 2021)

Plants are extremely healthy and grow strong since day one. Exceptional value for money, what a smile you out on my face. Thank you GlenBexleyNSW (27th Jan 2021)

Website seems hard to find some plants as they appear to be separate from the area you would expect to find them, the cutting grown Nangapire as and example. RichardWisemans FerryNSW (26th Jan 2021)

Excellent plant range, information and service. MichelWilloughbyNSW (26th Jan 2021)

I would like to see more flowers, maybe bare root roses for sale. Shopping at Daley's is addictive. There are so many plants I want to buy. Great quality and I highly recommend Aramex/ Fastaways as the courier. Never any issues. Happy to keep coming back and always recommend to everyone who are looking for a reputable nursery. VieannaPimpamaQLD (26th Jan 2021)

Lovely trees. All doing well and will be reordering next season. I know it is not your fault but Aussie Post stinks. All sent to the same address, one was delivered, second was for collection at the local PO, no problem, but the third for some reason was sent to a different PO and kept for nearly a week before I was notified. Fortunately because of your good packing, no long term damage done. AinslieSamford ValleyQLD (26th Jan 2021)

Love the plants I get from you. All have lived and thrived JanettePort LincolnSA (26th Jan 2021)

Maybe if you can notify registered customers of plants availability before they go onto the availability list? ThaoAltona MeadowsVIC (26th Jan 2021)

prompt service and being kept up to date on expected arrival LARRYAvocaQLD (26th Jan 2021)

I was impressed with speedy delivery and quality of packaging, if I know anyone looking for plants I would recommend Gregory SalisburyQLD (26th Jan 2021)

I am surprised how quick they dispatch plants and they arrive in A1 condition have used these guys for years and would recommended them davidNaroomaNSW (26th Jan 2021)

excellent service JosephineOberonNSW (26th Jan 2021)

Your website could do with an update or modernisation. BrettNuriootpaSA (26th Jan 2021)

I like that I can go on a waiting list if plants are currently unavailable, as soon as the plant comes in I get informed and can order straight away. Very happy 😀 GittaToowongQLD (26th Jan 2021)

The tree care guide was great. My apple tree lost all of it's leaves as soon as it arrived. But I was able to revive it using the guide. It is coming along well the new leaves are very tender though. WayneSouth JohnstoneQLD (26th Jan 2021)

I cannot speak highly enough of your product, your service and the satisfaction i get from watching oyur tree prosper in my garden. Thank you! TerrenceWhitfieldQLD (26th Jan 2021)

I love the variety you have at the nursery. Would be great if you have more information on the tags when it comes with the tree. PhuongWest Pennant HillsNSW (25th Jan 2021)

The packing was perfect and the quality of the plants are excellent. I've already recommended your website to my friends. MichiyoTrinity BeachQLD (25th Jan 2021)

I was a bit disappointed with an avocado tree I recently purchased as it was damaged at the graft and we have had to prop it up at an awkward angle. Apart from that instance I have always been happy with the plants and they have started producing very quickly FrancesFrankston SouthVIC (25th Jan 2021)

Great support and most importantly great plants! JohnFrankstonVIC (25th Jan 2021)

Should have something like notes when you update the mail order list?( I used to check everything until I find something I like to order ) ThanhGilmoreACT (25th Jan 2021)

Very professional. Nothing to improve from my perspective. Thank you JoanneBeaumont HillsNSW (25th Jan 2021)

Love Daley’s and always try to get my plants from you first. Kick myself when I impulse buy something from a chain store NicoleUmina BeachNSW (25th Jan 2021)

I had a problem on one occasion in the website where I pre-ordered an item and so didn’t seem to be able to go back to the items listed for sale. I would like to see a feature continue shopping TrudiSouth KempseyNSW (25th Jan 2021)

I love coming to your nursery (I'm 6hrs south), and I've been waiting a couple of years to get some pandanus for my garden, I received my email, after a little wait, they arrived perfectly safe and sound. Thank you guys JacquelineTinoneeNSW (25th Jan 2021)

Very good quality plants, first place I turn to for fruit trees, thank you so much. AlanaKinbombiQLD (25th Jan 2021)

Fast despatch of order, covered loss of plants by forwarder twice. Plants finally arrived in very good condition RobertDevon MeadowsVIC (25th Jan 2021)

Website could improve lot better. Make it more modern and easy to use. Freight can be expensive. But I'm vary happy with products and communication steveBrightviewQLD (25th Jan 2021)

Plants always arrive in good condition. Great range of plants offered for my permaculture garden and helpful advice on website to choose from JaneAmityQLD (25th Jan 2021)

Happy 40th. no improvement needed. Great to be able to get good fruit trees without leaving home. Love and best regards to Greg & all your wonderful people @ Dales Carol Newman CarolMapletonQLD (25th Jan 2021)

I was extremely impressed with the plant packaging freight etc. The plant was very healthy and is growing well. Thank you. JulianneValla BeachNSW (25th Jan 2021)

I would highly recommend Daley's for their great range, quality, and prompt delivery. Our garden is full of their beautiful plants and trees and I'm always looking for an excuse to fit more in! HazelBeechworthVIC (25th Jan 2021)

My beautiful trees were delivered in top condition and in the time that was stated - love it 😍 ChristineDarlingtonSA (24th Jan 2021)

Wish I could give advice on how to improve but I think you have perfected the customer relationship and their expectations. Oh...perhaps think about getting rid of plastic pots and wrapping, I'm sure there are alternatives. Cheers Rol RolandCasuarinaNSW (24th Jan 2021)

The plants I bought hold great cultural significance for a work colleague and was given as a gift, made her day. Thank you very much.. Cheers all round. DenisDouglasQLD (24th Jan 2021)

Health plant arriving in a timely manner with clear instructions on the initial care and eventual planting care! Do better no suggestions STEPHENTinbeerwahQLD (24th Jan 2021)

It's always a pleasure to shop and buy from Daleys Nursery! JohnJerrabomberraACT (24th Jan 2021)

over three deliveries 2 were fine dispatched on Monday and arrived before the weekend , third dispatched midweek and spent the weekend with the courier arrive heat stress , one tree near dead other borderline peterMooroopna Nth WestVIC (24th Jan 2021)

Ordered 3 X pigeon pea plants as supports for some young fruit trees we have. They arrived promptly and we'll packaged which was great. Two of them are currently thriving. Unfortunately one came and didn't look overly healthy. Was not growing straight and was starting to yellow. It has since died which was a bit disappointing but won't stop me ordering other plants from Daley's. LiamReservoirVIC (24th Jan 2021)

My last order was a Kwan mango I think it was a little too dwarf I paid $59 now I see you are asking $49 The carrier wasn’t good either there was no way to contact So my last deal was not very good left me feeling I was left down. Jorge Prospect SA (24th Jan 2021)

Quick postage ease of use of your web page with lots of information on your pages to help with planting and to determine if the plant your looking for is going to grow in your area. Thanks daley's love your work 👍 JennetteMorayfieldQLD (24th Jan 2021)

Good quality stock and very well packed for shipment DougBeechworthVIC (24th Jan 2021)

Great plants and packaging just busy time at the moment so can be a little delayed. markTerranoraNSW (24th Jan 2021)

I am very happy with the fruit plants those I have bought. They are vey healthy. Azizul Hoque Minto NSW (24th Jan 2021)

cannot beat perfection rogerSugarloaf CreekVIC (24th Jan 2021)

I can use the website, however a friend I recommended your business to cannot use the website, because it is not accessible to people who use assistive technology such as a screen reader. LaurenceBridgeman DownsQLD (24th Jan 2021)

More than 90% of all plants purchased from Daley’s are still doing well in our sustainable food forest. What could be better? The waiting list for some plants is horrendous. Thank you. AlisonBurpengaryQLD (24th Jan 2021)

The Vanilla plant arrived in good condition. I have planted it in the fernery and it is doing wonderfully. I am most satisfied with the quality of the plant. Cheers Geoffrey Walsh GeoffreyEatons HillQLD (23rd Jan 2021)

very fast delivery, plants are in excellent conditions, very happy YvonneBelmontQLD (23rd Jan 2021)

Well packed and detail description on how to look after the plant. SrikanthHarrington ParkNSW (23rd Jan 2021)

Good customers service. I was able to put my name down for plants not yet available. Daley then contacts me when my plants arrive. Healthy plants. Well done. DominicGuildfordNSW (23rd Jan 2021)

There's nothing to improve as you have done all that anyone can expect of a respectable company DavidTemplestoweVIC (23rd Jan 2021)

Everything is fantastic , just one suggestion would be to Please include growing,planting and care guide : tips on the website or send it along with the order . Also please make the bael plant available for purchase , I’ve been waiting since 2 years for its availability and the website still shows it’s under trials saumyaTruganinaVIC (21st Jan 2021)

Value for money purchase with excellent quality products received. RaymondTennyson NSW (20th Jan 2021)

Customer service & advice is always amazing & friendly, plants are always happy & healthy when recieved (even if not always for long in my care), plants are received very quickly from being sent & in biodegradable packaging. I love buying my plants from Daleys Fruit Nursery... but as I live in arid South Australia, the plants I love to buy don't always love where they've been shipped to 😔. AmandaWhyalla PlayfordSA (20th Jan 2021)

great selection top quality everything arrived in first class condition johnLabradorQLD (20th Jan 2021)

Unfortunately you're alway out of stock of avocado. TonWest WollongongNSW (20th Jan 2021)

Your service and delivery were very efficient with the plants arriving in good condition. However I have now lost one plant already and have to decide whether or not to try again with the same type of plant. But thank you for the opportunity to purchase from your nursery. DebraBranyanQLD (20th Jan 2021)

Please grow more plants like you used to do. I had to wait nearly two months to order my second mango plant. CharmaineEastwoodNSW (20th Jan 2021)

Excellent service 5 *****.Tree very well packed.Was a little bit withered when it arrived because it was in transit over a weekend.I soaked it in a bucket of water and it came good.Since hardening it off I only planted it 2 weeks ago and it's going good. Alfred JohnLaidleyQLD (19th Jan 2021)

I have been using Daleys for over 2 years now the plants ,service, packing and postage are first class . KerriBrightviewQLD (19th Jan 2021)
my trees were in great condition when i got them PatriciaBurwoodVIC (19th Jan 2021)

You don't need to do anything as my tree arrived very fast,packed in a box with great care,tree was in perfect condition SuzanneTareeNSW (19th Jan 2021)

You have used probably the worst courier company in Australia and had we known that we would not have booked with you. We have had problems with this mob in the past and did so now. We paid for express delivery and waited ages. We fully expected the product to be dead but luckily it was ok as the packaging was good. If you want to stay in business never use this crowd!!! LorraineCarlingfordNSW (19th Jan 2021)

Very happy with my plant, it arrived in perfect condition. After following your guidelines it's now growing well. My garden is small, and there's no room for any more large plants, but I'd enjoy buying from Daley's again if there was. HelenBardonQLD (19th Jan 2021)

Love the variety of fruit trees you can purchase off Daley’s. Great quality plants that arrive well packaged and in time. Lisa Lake Illawarra NSW (19th Jan 2021)

Nothing, you’re going great, you all deserve a pat on the back, well done DarrylEast FelugaQLD (19th Jan 2021)

Plants are quite small/young MrBridgeman DownsQLD (19th Jan 2021)

I love it that I can rely on consistently healthy trees arriving in good condition. Thanks, Daley's!!! LornaMalenyQLD (19th Jan 2021)

Expertly packed. Prompt delivery. Would recommend. Rose LawsonNSW (19th Jan 2021)

Healthy plant, good customer service. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ NeePark AvenueQLD (18th Jan 2021)

very happy, good size plants and kept me informed about delivery LynnHunters HillNSW (18th Jan 2021)

I Love Daleys and my yard is filled with your plants. I have some constructive criticism for you to consider in improving your website, possibly increasing sales but mainly improving the browsing and search experience for regular visitors. I log on to your website almost weekly, frustratingly having to browse your entire catalog for hidden newly added plants that have finally become available for purchase. I think it would be a useful addition on your website to have a simplified “what’s new” or “just added/updated daily” section to browse. Your websites search engine for singling out “in stock” plants in categories isn’t always accurate or updated and it’s easy to miss recently added plants unless doing a full site search. For example: Cinnamon tree and Picone black fig where not added as “in Stock” in their Figs or Spice section and without myself doing a deeper search I would not of purchased these items. No big deal and friendly constructive thoughts to think about. Cheers. Stuart StuartPalm BeachQLD (18th Jan 2021)

Website is poor and almost discourages me from looking up items BronwynBraidwoodNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Plants arrived in perfect condition. Planting instructions and care details were all available on the website. The two Pepino plants are thriving and fruiting after 3 months. KoshiCastle HillNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Excellent service as always. I live in Victoria and the plants that I have ordered have always arrived in remarkably good condition. Thewy are packed well for the trip and additional information re care of the plant is always enclosed with the purchase. Daleys Nursery never disappoint! BettyApollo BayVIC (18th Jan 2021)

I order off a number of companies and they have always been great Daley’s however the plants just look really strong when I get them I can’t really tell you about the freight providers sorry I will be ordering again soon Thank you Lee-Anne from Sydney Lee-anneLiverpoolNSW (18th Jan 2021)

fantastic a Nursery KhoiDoncasterVIC (18th Jan 2021)

The plants I ordered have thrived since I received them. I also like the information available on the website. Malcolm WitherenQLD (18th Jan 2021)

Fantastic I could not be more surprised or happier with my trees from Daley’s they arrived in great condition and well packed and protected. As one was a present and it arrived 3 days before the day very happy. Mine has doubled in size in two months. Very happy would have no hesitation in ordering again from Daley’s. Thank you 🙏 RayleneWaranga ShoresVIC (18th Jan 2021)

Very happy with our Dwarf Mango tree. The package was well handled and the tree was in very good condition. The instructions accompanying were clear and easy to follow. ConnieToukleyNSW (18th Jan 2021)

My last purchase contained various fruit tress that were destined for Christmas presents. I had them a month before Christmas and easily kept them doing well before gifting them. My sons and my granddaughter's boyfriend, were all really happy and enthusiastic with their gifts. kismetWoorimQLD (18th Jan 2021)

Fast delivery, well packed, quality plants. Happy customer 😁 AntonInverlochVIC (18th Jan 2021)

Your www sight can be a bit dodgy in how it renders things The fonts on buttons do not scale correctly in firefox " expand more " is unreadable keep up the good work the plants are great and that is what counts paulSt AndrewsVIC (18th Jan 2021)

Maybe just shzooz up the website a bit. The videos that you provide are good. ImeldaLeichhardtNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Everything was of a high standard. I personally picked my order up so cannot comment on the Freight Company. Overall satisfaction is always good. ThankYou MarianNimbinNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Fantastic I could not be more surprised or happier with my trees from Daley’s they arrived in great condition and well packed and protected. As one was a present and it arrived 3 days before the day very happy. Mine has doubled in size in two months. Very happy would have no hesitation in ordering again from Daley’s. Thank you 🙏 RayleneWaranga ShoresVIC (18th Jan 2021)

web:View Invoice - Raylene-Dowker- 2021-01-18 09:46:52 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 5/5 - Freight Company: 5/5 - Friends: 5/5 - Plant Survival: 5/5 - Staff: 0/5 - Website: 5/5
Fantastic this was a birthday present for my yoga teacher, it arrived 4 days before her birthday in excellent condition. As this was the first time I have purchased trees on line from Daley’s I would have no hesitation in purchasing again your service and product are of the highest quality. Thank you 🙏 RayleneWaranga ShoresVIC (18th Jan 2021)

I find the staff always happy to help with enquires the order in advance due to being out of stock is a great service SamRydeNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Only issue was I submitted my email to go on the waitlist for the item I was after. I didn't receive notification via the waitlist that my item was available. I just happened to check the website again and that's how I realised I could purchase it. If a waitlist is offered, items shouldn't be listed for sale until the waitlist people are notified and given priority. If I hadn't of checked back, I would still be waiting to receive a notice and likely would have missed out. SarahKempseyNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Fantastic to buy from and speed of delivery was first class considering state of world JennyMilduraVIC (18th Jan 2021)

excellent packaging and service HelenCobargoNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Would like to see a easier to navigate website MonikaNorth NowraNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Plant got held up in mail during a very hot week, did not survive trip. Need to ensure that dispatched first thing Monday morning so plant can get to destination before end of week. HELENBurongaNSW (18th Jan 2021)

Can't think of anything that needs improving Frank Canley Heights NSW (18th Jan 2021)

I find the new website difficult to work out. Thankyou for all the wonderful and interesting trees. PaulineGoodwoodSA (18th Jan 2021)

Please have more information which fruit trees are most suitable for each part of Australia. PabloHackettACT (18th Jan 2021)

I'll to see more variety RobertoBotanyNSW (18th Jan 2021)

I live in Melbourne and i did order white jacaranda.It came on time,packaging is excellent,however when I removed the pot from the packaging nearly all leaves were dropping.I thought that is not going to survive.The soil was still not dried. I did water the plant and next day I reported it into next size up pot.Fortunately my plant recover,have few new leaves,but I will not plant into soil until first rain in March.I believe that it was to hot or dry or dark with the courier. I am happy customer,all the best. Kind Regards TatjanaForest HillVIC (17th Jan 2021)

When I go to purchase plants from Daleys Nursery, I know that the whole process form beginning to end will be effortless and truly enjoyable.The website is easy to use and comprehensive, the range of plants offered is a sheer delight and the customer service staff are lovely - friendly and helpful.Daleys offers prompt feedback to enquiries,an AfterPay facility and a great choice of delivery dates and couriers.Daleys service is nothing short of impeccable. CherylKalkieQLD (17th Jan 2021)

Great range of plants. JosephPaddingtonNSW (17th Jan 2021)

Great service and happy with product AllanaWulguruQLD (17th Jan 2021)

Peachcot arrived in good condition, looks healthy,and has been planted into it's pot. DorothyKawunganQLD (17th Jan 2021)

I would like to see lower prices on your website CristianCraiglieQLD (17th Jan 2021)

good service, good product, good information, good people ChuckLightning RidgeNSW (17th Jan 2021)

the freight company lets you down , suspect plants were left in the truck over the weekend in the sun cooking the plants peterMooroopna Nth WestVIC (17th Jan 2021)

Delivery was quick and efficient. Plum tree arrived in top condition has grown 150mm since planting in ground. Thank you. KerrodLakes CreekQLD (17th Jan 2021)

My berry trees turned up in top condition I followed all your instructions and now weeks later have doubled in size in your pots and I'm reading the stop for them in my garden thank again Kind Regards Michael MichaelCurrajongQLD (17th Jan 2021)

A real easy purchase. Great communication. Very satisfied with the plants. GlenSinnamon ParkQLD (17th Jan 2021)

just keep doing what you do, healthy plants, and a good size, last one was a Blueberry Burst and i was impressed of it's size when i recieved it. gordonDurack (qld)QLD (17th Jan 2021)

The packing boxes are brilliant. TamaraBalmainNSW (17th Jan 2021)

Great quality plants that are always well packed and arrive in excellent condition. Range of fruit trees is fabulous. JulieProspect NSW (17th Jan 2021)

I've enjoyed being able to buy a diverse range of plants from Darley, the only thing I wish could improve in the future is shipment of larger mature plants; sometimes I like the ability to put a mature tree in so I can achieve an instant impact instead of having to wait for decades to see the result conradPymbleNSW (17th Jan 2021)

Easy hassle free service and great quality thanks GrantClifton SpringsVIC (17th Jan 2021)

You have a big demand so it is hard to buy some plants. Maybe producing population plants could be increased? I have a waiting list. GlenChelmerQLD (17th Jan 2021)

Couldn't believe how quickly they arrived! All in great shape & growing well! BonnieThe GapQLD (17th Jan 2021)

There's some lack of clarity in the website. IanRobinaQLD (17th Jan 2021)

I enjoy the great job you guys do and everything I've ordered has arrived in a healthy condition. The pre order doesn't seem to work because there have been several occasions that I have been waiting for a product notification and it's just been shear luck that I've checked the website and seen the product available. I did prefer the old format for the website better but all in all I'm grateful that you have such a wonderful nursery that make the stuff available that most people would struggle to obtain without your organisation. All the best in the future with everything, Sincerely Jason Scott. JasonAlbert ParkSA (16th Jan 2021)

Website can get confusing and a little bit all over the place. When I’m shopping for plants I would like to make sure that each plant has a picture and it is easily accessible AndrewVineyardNSW (16th Jan 2021)

love the quality of your plants and the info that you send in the package. Its great. vickiRoseberyNSW (14th Jan 2021)

Daley's always have the best communication and selection of plants. I've ordered over 10 plants and haven't been disappointed yet. Highly recommend! ShannonLenevaVIC (14th Jan 2021)

the only thing i want to know is there seem to be a long waiting time for plants what is the problem darrylRaceviewQLD (14th Jan 2021)

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