Testimonials 2015


Testimonials 2015

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The plants were very well packed and arrived safely. Since planting all are thriving. I have not been so lucky with some other mail order plants. MichaelStrathfieldNSW(30th Dec 2015)

great brian faireyKalangNSW (31st Dec 2015)

Another staff member to help with sales, information, etc would be great. As there has only been 1 staff to help customers when I've been there and it's been quite busy. CarlyKunghurNSW (30th Dec 2015)

1. In your website, Sort by most in stock is not working properly. 1 in stock item will mix with none stock item. 2. Not happy with price increased when in stock, and price drop back to normal after sold out JuliusHurstvilleNSW (29th Dec 2015)

I want to say thank you for all plants that I ordered and got from you. All plants healthy and grow well.Except, one tomato plant, that I got from Reward list. When its arrived it looked VERY sad and unhealthy, didn't grow still same size even now, no flowers. Tomato called,as I remember French Marmelade. And I pay postage fee for that! Not happy at all. Happy New year and best wishes to all Daleys Nursery staff! Svetlana S. SvetlanaWerrington DownsNSW (29th Dec 2015)

Would like to know status of plants that I am interested in via email periodically so I know you have not forgotten about it. shakeelaQuakers HillNSW (29th Dec 2015)

Plants always arrive very well packed . Keep up the good work. franJimboombaQLD(29th Dec 2015)

General: I don't know if it was just me / my computer, but it would have been good to know if I'd asked for email notification already when looking at the website. Specific: It is very difficult to work out the blueberries from the website. The "pollinator" info is hard to find and it doesn't distinguish clearly between "can be pollinated by" and "will pollinate" - add the complications of climate requirements and availability, and it's a real headache. Cheers, happy new year. Bruce Philp BruceLoftusNSW (29th Dec 2015)

I have purchased many plants from Daleys over the years and have always been more than happy with the plants and impressed with the packaging. Most of those plants (except a couple I managed to kill) are still going strong and providing my family with great fruit and nuts. I tell my friends about you all the time! :) CathyBarellan PointQLD (28th Dec 2015)

Hi, At present, a lot of your stock is unavailable,may have to wait till winter time for more. As you are in hinterland NSW, a cool district???, am looking for plants as in Victoria such as some Linden trees for their medicinal flowers to make tea- which is now no longer available in super market. With global warming, maybe even tropical fruit trees?. Still, a good place for plants for my south Queensland farm. Eddy. EdwardBungadooQLD (28th Dec 2015)

I have found Daleys to be very professional in all my dealings with them, the range of plants is exceptional and the quality of the packing is excellent. They are unique as a source of rare and exotic plants for my garden. PeterBellevue Hill(28th Dec 2015)

You are the best online nursery I know, I bought a lot from you over the years and all trees are thriving! DoryBrightonQLD (28th Dec 2015)

Better pics of mature plants would give an idea of how large a space would be needed.DaleBracken RidgeQLD (28th Dec 2015)

It would be good to provide estimates of when plants that are in production will be available and to expand your ability to hold available plants for customers until others become ready for sale. I dont want to be paying for freight on just one or two plants at a time. I would buy more plants from you if you could do this. GrahamWilkesdaleQLD(28th Dec 2015)

I know plants ordered online, via your website, are always nice specimens & in good condition on arrival. Always a pleasure dealing with the staff & very informative. BrettWoolloongabbaQLD (28th Dec 2015)

The plants were in perfect condition and I'm enjoying watching them grow LorraineUpper CoomeraQLD (28th Dec 2015)

Your videos,and advice are second to none.The way you send the plants is brilliant.i already have my next order a waiting.Thank you Daleys Nursery. RobyneNewtownQLD (27th Dec 2015)

Service was excellent donnanBoronia HeightsQLD (27th Dec 2015)

I an definitely not a 'green thumb' but my plants are still alive. I am happy with the service and will use it again. SusanOrmeauQLD (27th Dec 2015)

Totally awesome company to deal with. ..friendly and helpful information. .. Highly recommended and will use this website again. Many thanks indeed daleysfruit.com ‘� Geoff geoffNewingtonNSW (27th Dec 2015)

Happy with the quality of the plants. Your website can be made more friendly. HasanRoseberyNSW (27th Dec 2015)

Then plant died within 2 weeks of arriving. I had not moved it from its original pot. I experience -8C days here in winter so am limited in what I can purchase from you. The grafted black mulberry didn't make it through last winter. RobBurrawangNSW (27th Dec 2015)

More growing information on plants and what area they are best grown. Information on root systems for any tree, dwarf or normal. Feeding and l have found that a few of my dwarfs have the stock roots growing and l keep cutting and they just grow. This is disappointing. The more information the better. Also what roots to cut if wanting to grow a fruit tree in a pot when repotting. MeaRunaway BayQLD (27th Dec 2015)

I would recommend you....Allow order and purchase on ordered items with a "yes please deliver "text rather than having to re do the order once in stock notice is received. SusanCurrarongNSW (27th Dec 2015)

The 2 grapevines have not looked back and both are flourishing. Thank you for the perfect packaging. WarrenElimbahQLD (27th Dec 2015)

Flexibility and ease of ordering are exceptional, and the packaging is first class, plants always arrive in perfect condition. DavidMacksvilleNSW (27th Dec 2015)

Haven't had dealings with staff, never needed to. Easy ordering via website. Information videos great .Plants always lovely. Last lot of plants survived in great condition for 8 days in postage process as I was unable to pick up plants from post office straight away and a weekend in between as well. Thank you MaxineBourkeNSW (27th Dec 2015)

Two plants arrived in an unhealthy condition (a virus in a papaya and woolly aphids on a mulberry stem which has almost completely ringbarked it). Better quality control would be good. CoralynBundaberg WestQLD (26th Dec 2015)

Plants are always packed well and survive the journey to my place well. :-) JohnMarsdenQLD (24th Dec 2015)

need a contact phone number ,the thing is you got a good verity of plants and there not small plants , yet the potting mixture is so bad you need to water every day as its to much drainage and the only thing it keeps it alive is the fertilizer you ad , in that alone shows what kind of soil you use. And postage wow to high , the price we pay for the plants the postage should be included . as i sell Lucerne trees and people comment on how they like our potting mix as it suites farmers and we understand there needs and our plants are 1/3 of the price that you sell your plants for , yet we sell in bulk because our price is so low . VincentWhiteheads CreekVIC (23rd Dec 2015)

Daleys' is incomparable. JessicaSurrey DownsSA (23rd Dec 2015)

Would prefer to be able to speak to a staff member re plant problems & advice on plant varieties. Otherwise very pleased with your service. Thanks. Brent. BrentRockleighSA (23rd Dec 2015)

my two big japoticabas are doing well - and my mini is more ornamental but its also doing well - just had two days rain in sydney after 35 degree days so the trees and garden in general are happy . Cheers . allison allisonSt IvesNSW (23rd Dec 2015)

Rewards for surveys need to be very simple and easy to achieve. Perhaps offer to put all entrants into a draw for one free plant plus freight or postage. One giveaway per state. As soon as you put conditions on these things the completion rate drops off massively. Your website needs to be redesigned and modernised. 80 per cent of web site views are on mobile devices now. That said your full web site does have lots of excellent forum feedback and the YouTube videos are great. It's a big job to redo a site but if you get it right you will drive more sales and engage your community more effectively. Love all the work you do making specialty plants available. Have been out to the orchard and filled my ute at least once. Regards Adam Benson AdamMeerschaum ValeNSW (23rd Dec 2015)

Love everything about Daleys...the trees are great, the staff super helpful and packaging brilliant. My only problem is how many holes I have to dig to keep up with all the wonderful trees I buy :) Thanks team!!! louiseStanmoreNSW (23rd Dec 2015)

Happy with Daleys service and quality of plants. They are hardy and survive well. The only, very minor, issue I find is that items that I want of often out of stock. SMS reminders are good but I'd prefer to bundle a number of plants together to save postage. This is hard sometimes with limited stock. But very happy overall. GillianFernmountNSW(22nd Dec 2015)

I do all the time - we are not geared up to mail deliver - our plants are more mature and we can only deliver to the central coast and Sydney district JamesRozelleNSW (21st Dec 2015)

Online ordering easy, delivery came on date advised. Plant very healthy on delivery and growing well. Very happy and will order again BonitaBirdwoodSA (21st Dec 2015)

Always get excellent plants in great condition from Daleys. See some in my Bushtucker Gardening Book Peter PeterYassNSW (21st Dec 2015)

It was a bit difficult to choose 'pick up from nursery' but your email response to my question - very prompt - sorted it out. RoslynCaniabaNSW (21st Dec 2015)

Daleys have been great for delivery (both in packing quality and delivery). If there is anything you could improve on, I would say that your website looks dated. It doesn't need to be a work of art, but it should fit more with current expected standards. For example, when I first purchased something from Daleys, I was a bit worried as the website didn't look very professional and could have been a scam or 'fly-by-night' operation. It turns out (of course) that the purchase was fine, but the worry was there. Other things include that big red button on the right. I have ignored that forever (it appears like an ad). But it looks like you want people to use it. Anyway - you have the key part of the website right: it works. But there was a good chance you may not have got me as a customer based on my impressions of the it. SeanGlen WaverleyVIC(21st Dec 2015)

I don't like it that you can't ring when you have a quire. NicolaHortonQLD (21st Dec 2015)

Plants always arrive in pristine condition. I think your service is excellent. TraceyBroadbeach WatersQLD (21st Dec 2015)

The plants arrived on time and very healthy. Being kept up to date with tracking for arrival was good as well TanyaOne MileQLD (21st Dec 2015)

I have bought from Daleys for a number of years, you are my 'go-to' nursery for almost all of my fruit and exotic plants. I believe that you have one of the best on-line business systems of any that I have encountered and I have often suggested to both potential customers and other business to see how Daley's does it. My main comment is that I miss the very valuable online/email contact that I had with your sales staff; they were always most helpful. Keep it up, a great example of a rural business doing great things.TonyToorminaNSW (21st Dec 2015)

I rated 'Quality' 4 out of 5 because I am a beginner re gardening, with more experience I should be better at rating. The white mulberry tree I bought from you last year is thriving but the coconut tree I bought recently died. My own fault, I was in a hurry to go to work and misread the instruction. I put it in Fish emulsion instead of Seaweed liquid. I have no complaint only praise. I have learnt so much from your videos. Thank you. You are a top nursery. May MayHolland Park WestQLD (21st Dec 2015)

I was a bit worried how plants were shipped, I ordered berry plants but they seem to be ok. I would love more growing instructions sent with the plants too - I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to that and sometimes there's conflicting advice on the internet. Overall thanks for a great service and site. Also are your plants heirloom or organic? Cheers SusanPaddingtonNSW (21st Dec 2015)

Plants I order from you are really healthy when they arrive. I like the instructions you include, and the plants do well. EllenStanmoreNSW (21st Dec 2015)

Just need to know status of grafted dwarf Wurtz avocado.... put on "waiting list" a few times. Will it eventuate or should I enquire elsewhere. Only looking for one plant. Rgds John Cameron. Bracken Ridge. JohnBracken RidgeQLD (21st Dec 2015)

I know that it must be really hard to control in a nursery, but three of the fruit trees I recently purchased have scale, which has been a bit frustrating to introduce to my property, which I am trying to keep organic. johnCooroibahQLD (20th Dec 2015)

few plants out of stock which is frustrating when I ordered they were in but were not when the order was despatched. EverardParkdaleVIC (20th Dec 2015)

there really is not enough info on planting. On the bottom line you have some detail, height, frost, but I really want to know also water/soil/sun/shade requirements I have cold (=5 at times) but also 40 temp, some sub tropical doing OK (macadamias fruiting for years, first avocado now, white sapote survived 3 years now) but a lot is soil dependant. I have rich black and stony dry, plus inbetween. So more of that info would be good. I do not want to be going doing google searches while I am in the paddock with a shovel. sorry about the red underline don't know how I got it or how to get rid of it... stephenThowgla ValleyVIC (20th Dec 2015)

Why do your shop sell limited I never see that in Adelaide. You didn't sell some trees to Adelaide but some shop they bought such as carters red pummelo ( Immij Pty ltd citrus maxima pummelo). TruKilburnSA (20th Dec 2015)

Love the way you pack your plants JanetIsabella PlainsACT (20th Dec 2015)

Keep up the good work, thank you for your excellent service! Hope to deal with you again soon. SumaneeFrenchvilleQLD (17th Dec 2015)

Trees were in perfect condition as always CathyCollingwood ParkQLD (16th Dec 2015)

Plants arrived looking like ingot them from the nursery not like they had been posted. Best online nursery. JaniceNorth TurramurraNSW (16th Dec 2015)

Great prompt service and shipping item beautifully packaged. Was very happyJessalynNuriootpaSA (15th Dec 2015)

I love the variety of plants available, however there not always available together to order in the one shipment to save on freight. Maybe, you can make the public aware of the season when most are available from your nursery. I really wanted the Fejoa and John Picone Fig from my last purchase but both were not available. Good job otherwise. johnNaremburnNSW (15th Dec 2015)

Possibly provide availability month for some rare fruit trees. I realise that this may be impossible. Eg. I would like to know when you have Cherimoyas available for purchase each year. Thanks JonGrangeQLD (14th Dec 2015)

An easy transaction and the goods arrived well packaged. Thanks. KenBangaleeNSW (14th Dec 2015)

Everything was great. Nothing more to make my shopping experience better. Love your videos showing tips and hints on growing plants successfully. Paw Paw is planted and doing very well. Can't wait to receive my other red paw paw on back order waiting for availability. Cheers Vicky VickyCoolum BeachQLD (14th Dec 2015)

I order a lot of plants from you-and overall I am very happy with them- very well packed and usually quick service however the last order was very slow (and I'm waiting on another now that I think must be overdue ) and I am distressed to find that none of the plants from the last order survived. I know it's December I know what's required to keep plants in top condition and I do- repot those that are not planted out immediately (with trickle water lines to establish) shade and plenty of TLC. BUT the last lot of she oaks and grevillea must have had some sort of issue in transit because not one plant from that order has made it. Can they be replaced? I'm crossing all my bits for the safe arrival of my Nashi trees....... CaroleYass RiverNSW (14th Dec 2015)

D papaya plants arrived in good condition n now they r thriving- still waiting for my dwarf papaya plant- can't wait to get it- thanks tonyOakhurstNSW (14th Dec 2015)

Can't think of anything... RobertMoorookaQLD (14th Dec 2015)

The website is a bit confusing and disjointed, it's not easy to navigate and I often end up somewhere and can't get back to where I want to be without starting at the beginning again, so I believe it needs tlc. Plants are always so healthy and hardy, thankyou! JanetteBongareeQLD (14th Dec 2015)

The plant was supplied in very poor condition, poorly packaged, branches bent have planted but not looking healthy. Put off by this incident RabindraRowvilleVIC (14th Dec 2015)

I was very pleased with my little China Flat peach, and it is growing beautifully, Thank you. Barbara McdowallQLD (14th Dec 2015)

I ordered 2 cape gooseberry plants some 3 months ago.They arrived in good time and in perfect condition. They are now covered in fruit to come and I can't wait to sample them! This was due to planting instructions from Daleys staff and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends,which I have done so already. Thanks again. Phil . Phil North GosfordNSW (14th Dec 2015)

Plants arrived looking like ingot them from the nursery not like they had been posted. Best online nursery. JaniceNorth TurramurraNSW (14th Dec 2015)

Very happy with my purchase and all the trees I have bought have arrived healthy happy. JeanBluewaterQLD (13th Dec 2015)

Plants were very healthy. The planting instructions etc were great. KathCoopers ShootNSW (13th Dec 2015)

Last order was absolutely fantastic - great Rollinia, Green Sapote, Canistel and Kwai Muk. Only plants I havnt been happy with in past order done with my friend Georgia Kopelis was a Bacon Avo that died due to poor rootstock in mucky potting mix (had no white roots at all and I tried hard to save) and a Pinkerton Avo that still lives with Phytophera treatment using Phytoguard and AntiRot injections but did manage to regraft its last flush onto a good reed seedling and is now powering away in the ground next to my Mexicola of same size i grafted to a reed seedling - dont know why growers use Zutano IMOP? MarkMount WaverleyVIC (12th Dec 2015)

Yep rock-on Daleys kevinSarinaQLD (12th Dec 2015)

Plants packed so well and the instructions were thorough! I even "forgot" about the plants for a couple of days and didn't unpack them for almost a week (we were moving) and they were fine!! Perfect even. They are thriving! KateWeston CreekACT (12th Dec 2015)

Am really impressed with your service. Nothing to suggest to improve! DebWittaQLD(12th Dec 2015)

Love your website and plants! CarolKillaraNSW (11th Dec 2015)

They are the best 10 stars Regard Tamila Tamila Lalor ParkNSW (9th Dec 2015)

Keep doing what you're doing, well done, you obviously have great staff that are passionate about plants. cheers Vanessa VanessaObi ObiQLD (9th Dec 2015)

Love the website, any chance though you can get some honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea) seedings ? BradSaleVIC (9th Dec 2015)


thank you for making publicly available such an amazing variety of rare and exotic plants. great website and excellent service. we are lucky to have such a nursery in Australia. thierryTurramurraNSW (9th Dec 2015)

They are the best 10 stars Regard TamilaLalor ParkNSW (9th Dec 2015)

Keep doing what you're doing, well done, you obviously have great staff that are passionate about plants. cheers Vanessa VanessaObi ObiQLD (9th Dec 2015)

Love the website, any chance though you can get some honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea) seedings ? BradSaleVIC (9th Dec 2015)

I am always very impressed with the quality of the plants you send. The packaging is great for getting them here in perfect condition.  TonyRedcliffeQLD (8th Dec 2015)

I found your website and service exceptional. Great range of plants and plant protection products :) TimSouth ToowoombaQLD (8th Dec 2015)

This is a wonderful nursery and will only get better and better as time goes by. I believe that everything that this nursery is doing so far is good. The only improvements that I can see is nothing that can be done now but will come as time goes on. I will continue to support Daley's Nursery. LukePort MacquarieNSW (8th Dec 2015)

I have bought more than 12 plants/trees from Daleys over the past 3 months. Postage is always fast...plants are nicely and neatly packed. Plants are always in very great condition- very healthy! I order a few catalogs and gave them to friends. Thanks Daleys!!! MarilenPunchbowlNSW (8th Dec 2015)

took quite a while to get stock in, but arrived within estimated time frame Glenda East MaitlandNSW (7th Dec 2015)

Some details should be kept in your database so that I don't have to enter it repeated... like postcode and suburb and when a request for notification of a plant availability. Will pistachios be available? Heng KMulgoaNSW (7th Dec 2015)

i had to wait quite a while for delivery due to stock availability but was contacted at all stages - great service! GeorginaPetershamNSW (7th Dec 2015)

The website can be improved by having more information available for each plant on the website - so when you buy a particular plant - you are told desirable pH - whether it can handle NPK sun/shade - watering requirements - long after the label is lost - maybe customers can tell you where they are growing each plant - it may encourage others in that area to take a gamble and try growing something they regard as too exotic for their zone ..? STEPHENFredericktonNSW (7th Dec 2015)

All good plants are great michaelNambourQLD (7th Dec 2015)

Very quick delivery and the delivery was presented well I was surprised, overall I will purchase more items soon, because I know I can depend on Quality and delivery. Overall 10/10 for me WarwickMoonan FlatNSW (7th Dec 2015)

I don't know if my coffee and soursop plant will survive this coming winter, but for now they seem to be thriving in Melbourne summer. I'm been really impressed with the variety and native plants you have! I just wished I had more of a suitable place to plant more stuff than a sixth floor balcony lol Your service is great - thank you for existing! ThuRichmondVIC (4th Dec 2015)

Very happy with our live plant delivery to a country town!! DaveKergunyahVIC (2nd Dec 2015)

I was really impressed with service and product. The follow up on line email was terrific when I had a query about the little black mites. Sasha Holland Park WestQLD (2nd Dec 2015)

Recently I received a plant with what I call Mealy Bug present, I informed Daleys, and sent photos of the plant. They responded very quickly with advice, and the offer to replace the plant, AND an apology. Thank you Daleys, I'm still very happy and satisfied with your products and service.  ColleenMundubberaQLD (2nd Dec 2015)

I am impressed to be able to buy fruit trees etc online and have them delivered in such good order. Communications was good and the whole deal was great. Thanks so much keep up the good work. Regards Gabby. GabrielWallace CreekQLD (2nd Dec 2015)

Items in the shopping basket are retained until order is completed JennyWyrallahNSW (2nd Dec 2015)

Choice not to see out of stock items and to see when stock estimated to be availableJaniceNorth TurramurraNSW (1st Dec 2015)

I am completely satisfied with a young fig tree I purchased from Daleys about three months ago. It arrived within a week of my order, the packaging and wrapping was excellent and well beyond expectations. It had provided total protection during transport and the soil was still moist. The plant was in perfect condition and once in the ground it just took off. Although small it keeps trying to produce fruit which I will have to pick off for a while I could not have asked for more and will defintely be a return customer. NevilleBoambee EastNSW (30th Nov 2015)

Another great experience dealing with Daleys Nursery Staff. It is like dealing with family.PaulStubboNSW (30th Nov 2015)

Thankyou Daleys you make my life so easy. The delivery service is exceptional, the packaging is excellent and product quality outstanding. All of my purchases are happy in their new home and growing tremendously well. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. BrendaBenallaVIC (30th Nov 2015)

Excellent service. My plants were packaged very soundly and arrived fresh and on time. JMax, Hervey Bay Janet UrraweenQLD (30th Nov 2015)

I was surprised when the plants arrived so quickly, brilliantly packaged & in perfect condition. I have recommended Daleys nursery to friends as I was very impressed & the staff I had dealkings with were all fabulous. TraceyFerntree GullyVIC (30th Nov 2015)

Always a pleasure to deal with. Plant quality is always excellent. If only I had a bigger yard so I could fit in more plants! Martin KirraweeNSW (30th Nov 2015)

I love Daley's it is the most reliable nursery with the widest range of plants. I like the specials pages too. All plants have survived as I pot them on to get them strong before putting them out. I love how you go on ebay too which sometimes gives me a better bargain. EdwinaWithcottQLD (30th Nov 2015)

Your staff are excellent, this was my second purchase. First time, delivery was on time, second time was slower, but your staff have excellent communication, are super helpful and the quality and packaging was first class. Thank you SueRingwood EastVIC(29th Nov 2015)

I have had a few trees over the years turn up in less than good condition and some have died. To be fair it is a long way to send stuff and transport is rough. Some of the smaller trees could have been better general shape and size prior to shipping. I do recommend Daleys! russellEidsvoldQLD (29th Nov 2015)

Some plants purchased are of disappointing quality. Mulberry had poor graft. Santorini tomatoes were yellowed on arrival. Many plants we wanted were not in stock. GlendaNarangbaQLD (29th Nov 2015)

Little disappointed that due to high demand, I was not allowed to purchase a second plant (White Jacaranda) through pre purchase. Maybe the option of a second plant, would be wonderful. IainGolden BeachQLD (29th Nov 2015)

Love your work guys, especially your Facebook page FallonBowenvilleQLD (29th Nov 2015)

It would be helpful to have a bit more info on the plant tag i.e. frost tolerance; height; etc. I'd forgotten (hehe) and had to go and look them up all over again. Very happy with my plants. Your plants actually looked 5 times better than a plant I'd bought locally. I love the plant boxes... they're so simple but pure genius. AnneQuirindiNSW (29th Nov 2015)

Just great. Nothing to do except orde, pay and wait for a beautifully packaged, healthy plant to arrive. MaxineRisdon Park SouthSA (25th Nov 2015)

Really happy with my purchase. Will definitely order from you in future. RachinQuakers HillNSW (24th Nov 2015)

Always a pleasure to buy from Daley's, great range and quality. One of my passions is rainforest trees and I derive great enjoyment from perusing the side. thanks. Tim,

Plants have always been top quality and this is matched by Daley's service and range of stock. Peter familari PeterPascoe Vale SouthVIC (24th Nov 2015)

everything was well handled no troubles phillipMoorabbinVIC (24th Nov 2015)

I am extremely happy with your web site, plant information, professional packaging of plants purchased and courier service. Thankyou JonGrangeQLD (23rd Nov 2015)

Improve the website SimonCoopers PlainsQLD (23rd Nov 2015)

Plants were of excellent quality, the range was awesome, packaging was impressively well done,shipping was fast & customer service was excellent. The website is a little over "busy" but otherwise can't fault you guys. One of if not the best online nursery I have found. GaryNumerallaNSW (23rd Nov 2015)

Very happy with Daley fruit! Really easy to order from website..will do again in the near future. MichelleGordonACT (23rd Nov 2015)

Out of most other web order plant sellers I have used, I have most success with your stock. Your plants have been pest free and healthy. Thanks ChrisMawson LakesSA(23rd Nov 2015)

I am still trying to get a female kiwi fruit and the lime tree I wanted I had to source elsewhere. EthlynBarrengarryNSW (23rd Nov 2015)

No dealings with staff just internet.My mango tree is very healthy.I want a different mango so you need to graft lots more.your you tube info is great.I will be back.Cheers mick rose. michaelGerrngongNSW (23rd Nov 2015)

Great service even after purchasing. Asked few questions and got immediate reply

The Dwarf Mango - Irwin I purchased had an under developed root system. 2/3 of the soil fell away when I planted it. Planted on 23.09.15, It's taken almost 2 months to start growing new leaves.Phew!!I thought it wouldn't make it. I'm in Brisbane. The Dwarf mulberry I purchased at the same time,has doubled in size. DavidZillmereQLD (23rd Nov 2015)

Swift delivery, healthy plants! WeselQueenscliffNSW (23rd Nov 2015)

Your website is really good, and if have a directly customers communicate service is perfect! YanRevesbyNSW (23rd Nov 2015)

I love your informative website very easy to use and great planting tips. With the e mail me's my only comment is that as I have requested to be notified about quite a few plants is there anyway of clustering/holding/ potential plants as they become available as i am more likely to order several things at a time if i know they are coming up and can be posted together rather than paying postage each time? Love your stuff. Ann AnnCrystal WatersQLD (22nd Nov 2015)

Awesome plants. Easier website would be nicer, but not really an issue. Healthy plants and haven't had any problems with my trees Nektarios Edmondson ParkNSW (22nd Nov 2015)

The plants that we have purchased from you, Daleys, are actually our healthiest and best producing plants. Thanks, very happy with purchases. Regards, Mark MarkEagle HeightsQLD (22nd Nov 2015)

More precise info. On plant suitability by region ( local councils have noxious weed policies ) GlendaEmeraldVIC (22nd Nov 2015)

Excellent packaging joanneYarrahapinniNSW (22nd Nov 2015)

Apart from one delivery, all plants have been well packed & arrived happily. LindaBingaraNSW (20th Nov 2015)

Guys I am extremely happy with your products and service.Thank you GHiltonSA(19th Nov 2015)

consider perhaps an easier way of asking questions about looking after plants purchased ? STEPHENFredericktonNSW (19th Nov 2015)

Hi Guys! As always it's been a pleasure buying from Daleys Nursery! Plants are always of great quality and delivery super quick with plants carefully packaged! All purchases I have made have grown including my recent mangosteen! (bought a greenhouse this year!) Keep up the great work and the only thing I can suggest is to revamp the website but otherwise it has all the basic functionality and serves it's purpose! Cheers, Ben BenjaminHughesdaleVIC (18th Nov 2015)

I have been purchasing from Daleys for some years now and have every intention of continuing due the quality of plants and timely delivery of them, not to mention the diversity of the plants available. GRANTCraigieburnVIC (18th Nov 2015)

The plant arrive in great condition & the supporting info is excellent. LilliahElingamiteVIC (18th Nov 2015)

I may be wrong , however when searching your site the chillies were in more than one location why not all together regs graham grahamDrysdaleVIC (18th Nov 2015)

Haven't had any dealings with staff,my business was done on the net. My nephew has dealt with Daleys on my recommendation BARRIEKiallaVIC (18th Nov 2015)

wonderful plants for me and my friends orders processed very quickly cause who likes waiting. please is there any feed bake on plants that are on the out of stock list lizDuriNSW (17th Nov 2015)

Keep up the great service, healthy plants with instructions on planting and maintenance a no brainer. Staff helpful and available to answer any advice. Thumbs up! SandraRichmond HillNSW (17th Nov 2015)

not much avocado stock waiting for a wurtz dwarf neville GymeaNSW (16th Nov 2015)

Plants are thriving, had a useful discussion with staff, got delivery early as a result, have already advised a number of friends to view your website. Very happy. Thanks. Jim JimCasulaNSW (16th Nov 2015)

havent received the plant I PURCHASED YET DianeGlen HuntlyVIC (16th Nov 2015)

I have been VERYhappy with both orders so far and will certainly purchase from you again. Thanks so much' MicheleLaidley HeightsQLD (16th Nov 2015)

The only drama I have ever had dealing with staff was recently on the website where I asked a question or was giving feedback. The guy I chatted with seemed to completely miss the point I was making twice. Initially I thought he misunderstood, but then he never seemed to get the point. Its a bit frustrating. But I love your choice and quality. :-) DarrenBenarabyQLD (16th Nov 2015)

Pawpaw arrived in great condition & has grown at least 50% in a short time very pleased LEN PS had no dealings with staff so put a O LenNowraNSW (16th Nov 2015)

Top quality plants, arrived well and healthy. All my plants are still alive. Great service. If I have a complaint awaiting for advise for a dwarf Thai King mango tree. JulieBrisbaneQLD (16th Nov 2015)

The quality of packaging was extraordinary. The plants arrived in excelant condition. ChrisPacific PinesQLD (16th Nov 2015)

Still needs to be a one on one contact ability. Personel touch keith AndergroveQLD(16th Nov 2015)

I've been a Daleys fan for many decades. The one comment I'd make re my last purchase is that I would have the delivery made to the Post Office rather than the house, as Cawongla PO doesn't deliver. Maybe it would be nice to warn customers that they should check with their post office before deciding where to receive their purchase. MarthaMountain TopNSW (15th Nov 2015)

Unfortunately the tree died, but it wasn't the fault of quality, it was weather here. I'll be back to buy more when our gardens are more established. StuartCrosslandsNSW(15th Nov 2015)

I was going to purchase some apple trees also, but I saw them at Bunnings and had them in the ground weeks before I heard from you that they were available. SheenaGoomboorianQLD (15th Nov 2015)

Very pleased I did not have to sign for delivery as often no-one is home during day. Plants arrived in very good condition in well-packaged container. DavidElwoodVIC(13th Nov 2015)

You guys have a fantastic range of plants and your packaging is by far the best I have ever received. Would be a dream to come see your nursery in person, I'd be lost :)Thank-you for your great service KathrynBeenleighQLD (13th Nov 2015)

A bit disappointed with the transaction, I paid the first transaction and I went to open the invoice, I click your link some where along the email to revisit the site for miracle plant. I may have click to buy 3 miracle fruit tree but never click any thing to confirm or provide my credit card. Some how you just use my previous credit card information and push the sale on to me. I don't think this is your intention but would be great if you can improve this. I didn't realised this until plants arrived at my door otherwise I would have contact your store for cancellation. Kind regards, Minnie and Ming MingMount Pritchard NSW (12th Nov 2015)

I have been extremely satisfied with your advise and plants you sell. The oldest, apple trees and berries, have given us plenty of fruit for many years now. Your recommended plants are well suited to Sydney conditions. HannaChatswoodNSW (12th Nov 2015)

All up, you guys are great. I wish you were based a bit further south so I could use more of your range (I'm near Canberra). Your plants are always in great condition at a very reasonable price. One issue is that the website is a bit busy (cluttered looking), but it works fine so not a big drama. Thanks again for all you do. BenBraidwoodNSW (12th Nov 2015)

I don't think I have called you so cannot comment on dealing with staff. Overall I am very satisfied with all other aspects except for no fact sheets for plants. They would really help. lesleyWerribeeVIC (12th Nov 2015)

This time, my delivery took time, but I was not in a rush to get it anyway. Quality of plant and packing was great. Thanks KionLabradorQLD (11th Nov 2015)

Received two tea bushes a few months ago they developed leaf curl and died, watered and looked after them but didn't cope well. Might try again next year. Everything else growing really well and will order more from you in the future. StuartPicccadilly SA(11th Nov 2015)

One strawberry plant had black leaves. Careful attention to plant quality always. CarolynBriagolongVIC (11th Nov 2015)

I have recommended your nursery and quality of fruit trees to others PaulMorayfieldQLD (11th Nov 2015)

The plants were very healthy and in an excellent condition BoguslawaYatalaQLD(11th Nov 2015)

Always great plants and prompt delivery IanWillastonSA (11th Nov 2015)

It was great to place an order and have that request followed through months later when the plant was ready. It was only one plant but I still felt like I was an important customer kerryKynetonVIC (11th Nov 2015)

It would be nice if some of the reward plants were in smaller pots to be free postage. BrentonNewboroughVIC (11th Nov 2015)

The Golden Globe White Sapote I ordered arrived with perfect foliage, in practically perfect condition considering it came from NSW, i've received plants in unbearable conditions from other nurseries, but not Daleys, this was the deciding factor of my future purchases, and more future purchases to come. Now I browse daleys daily looking eagerly for any interesting fruit I could snap up for my garden, it's truly become an enjoyable hobby, and the staff are very helpful if you have any questions, Daleys is definitely the cream of the crop as far as online nurseries go. Looking forward to purchasing more white sapote varieties when available in the future. PeterNorth PlymptonSA (11th Nov 2015)

It was fantastic. Loved the little 'how to...' note that came with the purchased trees. Will definitely buy again. Thanks DavidQueanbeyanNSW (10th Nov 2015)

Clearer information on the website that indicates if the plants are grafted or grown from seed. MichaelBalgowlahNSW (10th Nov 2015)

All good. Very happy with those plants. Thank you. :D Ya-HsiuRobertsonQLD (9th Nov 2015)

One of the best online nursery around!!great range, great deals, great quality and fast delivery! CongDarraQLD (9th Nov 2015)

I appreciated your prompt reply to my emails. PaulThurgoonaNSW (9th Nov 2015)

Have had no dealings with Stff but could not imagine there would be any problem with any inquiries as everything else run by this business is run so well, am always very happy with the service and had no problems at all with any of the plants I have bought. Thank you again. Mark. MarkCurrumbin WatersQLD (9th Nov 2015)

Overall happy with my purchases. The website can be improved by having a filter to show different categories eg currently available, ordering in advance etc. MimiNarraweenaNSW (9th Nov 2015)

both the plants arrived promptly and in good condition with information on how to care for the plants was a blessing. i am waiting on at least 6 plants to come available when they are in production, so i cannot wait. it is an excellent service. are you able to please get me a bor plant ( indian fruit ). and thank you for the free plant with my next purchase. ryan ryanOrmistonQLD (9th Nov 2015)

Can't improve on perfection. BobIsabella PlainsACT (8th Nov 2015)

Have ordered previously from you - always excellent service and great quality plants. ShirleyOxleyACT (8th Nov 2015)

While your plants are good quality they do seem to get smaller and smaller. I now need to pot them up for a while before putting them in the ground. That said, your plants are always healthy... AllanUpper Wilsons CreekNSW (8th Nov 2015)

The greatest problem I have with Daleys is asking questions about the plants after the event - questions posed on your Facebook page are not always serviced. What is the most appropriate way to ask for advice eg fertiliser requirements for an Orange Grumichama and Peanut Butter tree? Solve that and youll score 4-5/5 every timeSTEPHENFredericktonNSW (8th Nov 2015)

My honest opinion DFTN has it down to a T, so why change things if it ain't broke. My wish now is to one day shake Kathys hand. Hopefully she can rub some of that green thumb on me ðŸ˜�. Thank you guys. M D AntoineCarole ParkQLD (6th Nov 2015)

same suggestion as last time..email alert to include prepurchase option for plants that become available..so even though they are not technically in stock customers know they are on their way and can buy one..or two or many.... thankyou, love your work. ErinLarnookNSW (5th Nov 2015)

Always get great healthy plants from Daleys AgnesTullyQLD (4th Nov 2015)

Whenever I am checking for a plant I find that a lot of the plants are either not available, in production etc. It will be good to have a filter if we want to search for only the plants currently available for sale. NarenthiranBaulkham HillsNSW (4th Nov 2015)

Nothing. Just keep up the great service! VictoriaManninghamSA (3rd Nov 2015)

Plant, isabella grape, arrived safely and I followed the acclimatising points and then planted it. Unfortunately the main stem broke a few inches down and the size has stagnated whilst the next stems take over. My idea that it would grow like mad and cover the new pergola was a bit wishful thinking. However it looks healthy and has survived the 5 weeks I have been overseas so have to wait and see.Initially I found the website confusing but I ended up with the plant so i must have succeeded in the order! brendaCamperdownNSW (3rd Nov 2015)

It would be great to see biodegradable pots and materials used with mail order plants. AnaNorth St Marys NSW (3rd Nov 2015)

Speed of service, well I had to wait a couple of years till the stock was available. but that's just how it is. cheers SteveBridgesQLD (2nd Nov 2015)

I could not believe how quickly the trees arrived and in such good condiiton - wonderfully packed. Web site is easy to navigate and I like the fact that you can request a reminder if the stock you are after is not available. Fast effecient service and excellent quality trees. All have continue to thrive since they have arrived. Kate at Tascott. KateTascottNSW(2nd Nov 2015)

Dayleys Fruit Tree Nursery provides excellent plants and service every time yhat I have ordered from them. Highly recommended. TahliaWamberalNSW (2nd Nov 2015)

I had a perfect customer experience, thank you for all your help Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery Monique StrathpineQLD (2nd Nov 2015)

thankx benRosebankNSW (2nd Nov 2015)

love what you do LeonoraCabooltureQLD (2nd Nov 2015)

Better? Impossible! 😀 Thank you!!! MargaretForest LodgeNSW (2nd Nov 2015)

Price expensive after adding postage can get products in stores for $10 less or more in some cases chrisBurpengaryQLD (2nd Nov 2015)

Provide a time frame for supply of unavailable plants, overall Iam very happy with the service and the quality is well above anything available I've seen up here. ColinAlligator CreekQLD (2nd Nov 2015)

I specialise in temperate fruit and berries, your plants are well described and in good condition. It takes considerable time to get the plants used to our local environment (elevated southern tableland) and this has to be done very carefully. Starting with good plants always helps with this. Your website is your let down. More than often when you are seeking a plant, it is currently 'not available' or 'in production'. This then moves onto your 'all plants currently available section'. Poor thing is that you can't click on this list to get the information for each plant. Your website asks you to 'let me know when available', I have been waiting for an extended for some and maybe it would be better to leave them off your website. Ask yourself, just how long have I been waiting for Star Anise, you'll be surprised. I have found that when you do come up with an 'in production', it is better simply to go and look elsewhere. Your plants are excellent, your website is not. DavidCarwoolaNSW (1st Nov 2015)

Very satisfied with purchase PaulTomakinNSW (1st Nov 2015)

good and healthy plants.l LeopoldLightning RidgeNSW (1st Nov 2015)

It would be nice to have the option to pay a little extra for a taller box without the plant being tip pruned. BrentonNewboroughVIC (1st Nov 2015)

You have a nice range of tropical fruit trees but there are not too many in stock. I would buy so much more plants if freight was cheaper. It is usually a third of the price. If only you had a fixed price for amount bought or price spent. Freight is what prevents me from buying more and also regularly. WahKings ParkVIC (29th Oct 2015)

As you know I have recently bought 20 liquid amber bare rooted trees. 18 of them are doing fine...all are under irrigation....but two of them never seemed to have had a chance....what can I do?? HardoHahndorf/echungaSA (28th Oct 2015)

You cannot improve on your performance, other than to get some fantastic stuff quicker.JohnForresters BeachNSW (28th Oct 2015)

Excellent products,prices and service. Without any doubt, one of the higher quality on-line nurseries. I am, and will continue to be, a repeat customer. ThereseMalvern EastVIC (28th Oct 2015)

The website isn't very mobile friendly. I would love for it to be easier to scroll through plants in stock and then others that you can request when available. Aysha

Plants were packed very well amd healthy upon arrival. Thank you for your serviceSteveWoocooQLD (27th Oct 2015)

I was very happy with the whole experience and my plant continues to thrive. MargaretBerwickVIC (27th Oct 2015)

Your ordering page was not working as usually a number of weeks ago. I put an order in for 4 green sapote and I only got error messages and no email confirmation. Ordered again the next day and put in the comment, to check for double ordering. Obviously this got ignored and both orders were sent. No drama, as I will find a place on my 4 acre property to plant them. I got very frustrated trying to contact you. You do not provide phone contact nor email. Only online contact page on your website. Your website only allows to enter a mobile phone number. I only have a landline, as the rural area I am living in has no mobile service. So there is no other means for me to contact you, other than sending a snail mail. By that time the order has been processed and it is too late to discuss things. I think you urgently need to improve ways to contact you directly, when your online system does not work properly, or even under normal conditions. Regards, Arnold Erber. ArnoldSpeewahQLD (27th Oct 2015)

I never received any news about your fry grapes or dwaf fuji apples ? NoelPacific PinesQLD (27th Oct 2015)

Nothing. Just keep up the great service! VictoriaManninghamSA (26th Oct 2015)

The plants arrived quickly and in excellent health. They are flourishing in my garden - very happy (all of us :0) Wayne St LuciaQLD (26th Oct 2015)



You are excellent! Your plants price, quality, size, packaging, delivery speed and care far exceeds any other supplier I've purchased from. Communication is great! And I love that you can add things to the order. RaeTorrensACT (29th Sep 2015)

Yes, all good... the bull bay is now happily planted. cheers LarryNSW (29th Sep 2015)

More youtube clips on the fruit plants you are selling. eg. Tips on how to grow these fruit plants..etc TimCroydonNSW (29th Sep 2015)

Just to say that the trees are looking (2 x Cape Chestnuts) fantastic. We are going to transplant these into the backyard this Friday very late afternoon. The only suggestion would be to have a colour expectation if at all possible as I have no idea what colour(s) the flowers will be. I know they come in shades of pink as well as a white variety The packaging was fantastic and protective of the plants as they arrived unscathed and in a timely fashion. I am so pleased with your service and have already highly recommended you to a few friends. We will all be patiently waiting for the very first blooms to appear in the years to come. PS I have been blessed with my first grandchild a healthy daughter named SKYE. I have dedicated one tree to her so as my granddaughter is growing so too is her tree. Best wishes and keep up the great work  VeraDoonsideNSW (28th Sep 2015)

Talk to real person instead talking to machine to use website sometimes you ring and wanted to talk somebody but instead asked to use internet which frustrated you. Thank you for listening margaretMinyamaQLD (28th Sep 2015)

Keep prices down. Thanks Charlie CharlesWakoolNSW (28th Sep 2015)

I was very happy with the little tree I did get, but the still haven't heard anything about the other fruit tree I wanted. Also found your website a bit of a pain, not having a Phone number and being able to call anyone for clarification is annoying. But as I say The Plumcot I received is doing very Well Kind Regards  RebeccaCoombabahQLD (28th Sep 2015)

Extremely happy with your service and the quality of the stock, my Champion Quince is thriving. SusanDeniliquinNSW (28th Sep 2015)

The persimon, an expensive plant, was somewhat smaller than I had expected, just one small stick, but to my relief is beginning to show signs of life. overall am pleased with your service. patriciaTuross HeadNSW (28th Sep 2015)

The plant died within two weeks StuartAlstonvilleNSW (28th Sep 2015)

There are far to many steps to facilitate communication for an order. HowardBilambil HeightsNSW (28th Sep 2015)

quality trees and no issues with delivery MichaelHighvaleQLD (27th Sep 2015)

plants arrived in good order and the service was great.. would recommend Daley's nursery for all your mail order plants :) AdrianSheppartonVIC (25th Sep 2015)

I am a little concerned that the dwarf Custard apple tree (tropic sun)which I purchased is not doing well. I will bring a picture of it in on Monday when I come in to pick up my order. I realise that it is semi deciduous but so far unlike my other deciduous trees it has no new growth. I do find your website rather difficult to navigate. However I have had some informative help from your staff via the website. sindhuThe ChannonNSW(25th Sep 2015)

everytime i order plants they arrive in pristine condition! thanks so much , (25th Sep 2015)

I did not speak with staff and would not typically make recommendations to friends for purchases of plants .. maybe I would refer them to your web site but after that it is up to them RonStrathmoreVIC (24th Sep 2015)

I've been trying to buy more , kauri & bunya pines without success I keep missing out! I've been planting out a road reserve near home TerryGreensboroughVIC (24th Sep 2015)

Excellent. Will recommend you to Gardening Australia. DylanNorth BoovalQLD(23rd Sep 2015)

A rough idea of temp tolerances for plants. DAVEQuaamaNSW (23rd Sep 2015)

I am 76 years of age and I would like to be able to contact a staff member by phone at times rather than go through the website as seems to be your existing system even though I appreciate that this may be more difficult at your end. JohnSinnamon ParkQLD (22nd Sep 2015)

Web site a little confusing on ordering side but great service good quality plants Thank you again. DavidGwandalanNSW (22nd Sep 2015)

It was great....delivery was fast....quince growing nicely...maybe a tad expensive, that's why i didn't give it a 5 RadosavTheodoreACT (22nd Sep 2015)

We're very happy with the plants and service, however the website is difficult to navigate and in some areas doesn't seem to link correctly. It could do with an overhaul. Cheers! JanetteBongareeQLD (22nd Sep 2015)

It's all good KevinRedcliffeQLD (22nd Sep 2015)

More localised advice on fruit tress FelixGlendenningNSW (21st Sep 2015)

Daleys Nursery is a very reputable company. Just recently when an order arrived which I thought was short of two grape plants. After reporting it and questioned If I somehow overlooked them. They sent out the replacement plants without fuss or even challenges of me being wrong. Well they were in the order with an apple tree and they emerged a few days ago. Telling them about my BIG mistake they gave me a 10% discount for the extra plants sent me. I simply had to pay my debt. Thank you, Daleys Nursery great Company. Nicholas Dworcowyi. NicholasMogendouraNSW (21st Sep 2015)

RE my last order & delivery=For the first time I had plants with insufficient root develpment.All was perfect with planting conditions,but a few plants failed.When I took them out of soil & washed out soil & inspected roots they were just a few threads.Even repotting failed.The native gingers were fantastic & have trebled in size,but other from fruit cuttings all failed. This would not prevent me from placing further orders,as one must expect a few problems from time to time. Ray Doblo RayTweed Heads SouthNSW (21st Sep 2015)

plants are posted with great care, and arrive in great shape PeterMulgowieQLD (21st Sep 2015)

Wonderful service beautiful thriving plants. Thank you very much. ElioSouth MorangVIC (19th Sep 2015)

All good well done StevenClifton SpringsVIC (19th Sep 2015)

Everything was very satisfactory, had a question and it was answered straight away. Thanks for your attention to detail. JoanneBroken HillNSW (18th Sep 2015)

I was disappointed with the size and quality of the Fuyu Persimmon tree which we purchased from you it has not shown any sign of budding or growth, we purchased a Giro Persimmon from our local nursery at the same time and it has budded and is in flower MindaYinnarVIC (18th Sep 2015)

One of the Glory vines has died alisonCastlemaineVIC (17th Sep 2015)

Make the website more user friendly Mattias & MeganEverton ParkQLD (17th Sep 2015)

I think your website is terrific and have learned so much from the vidoes on grafting. I love that I can pre-order plants and you let me know when they're available. Thanks so much! Helen HelenNimbinNSW (17th Sep 2015)

Daley's has cornered the market on good customer service in an era of 'who cares?' . I had to ask Daley's to change my address details at work because Australia Post has refused to bring anything to the first floor. I think Daley's used a courier and he was really friendly. So well done FrancesBendigoVIC (17th Sep 2015)

Very good service the last couple of times i have purchased stuff... if i was being really critical would have to say that maybe the webpage needed bit of a revamp ? Regards Andrew AndrewMerbeinVIC (17th Sep 2015)

From a customer point of view, THE best website example I have ever seen [check it out] www.t2tea.com. Interactive, user-friendly, fun and memorable! I found it by accident but cannot forget it. RhondaGlenwoodQLD (16th Sep 2015)

It was convenient to be able to mark a plant on website with contact me when available. MichaelWeetangeraACT (15th Sep 2015)

Good product arrived, well packed and prompt service. I did not deal with staff so I cannot comment. only a suggestion - and perhaps it's my lack of knowledge, but there was a long list of trees to go through to find the type that we wanted (low height. fast growing, frost and drought tolerant etc). It would be nice if possible, to filter selection by specific requirement, not just the type of plant. Thanks! SoniaHallsvilleNSW (15th Sep 2015)

Service could not be better thank you BertLeumeahNSW (14th Sep 2015)

Up till now everything you sent me have reached safely in good condition, I am satisfied with the dealing with you. I am waiting on some plants that I chose and was told to mark them for as when they are available. GaryArtarmonNSW (14th Sep 2015)

To be honest, it is too early to have any comment about the fruit trees I have ordered as I only see one is showing the sign of live, which is apricot tree, the other two are still in hibernation. For the other two I have order:jiaogulan and suger herb, I think it is not good for money, the plan was too small and weak to survive in the winter. Even I left it in the inside of shed, I am not sure it is coming back in the spring, especaily Suger Herb which I didn't see any sign of live now. AmyBurwoodNSW (14th Sep 2015)

Have never dealt directly with staff so can't comment. Every transaction to date has been 100% satisfactory. Website could be a tad easier to navigate. ElspethSafety BeachNSW (14th Sep 2015)

Great service and fast shipping. Item was extremely well packed. MarkEraringNSW(14th Sep 2015)

I was pleased to find the cuttings were so advanced and so healthy. They are still healthy and doing well. Thankyou, D DianaThe OaksNSW (14th Sep 2015)

I've been buying the odd plant from Daley's for years and am really impressed with the plant quality and service. I live a long way from the nursery, and have only visited it once, I was warmly welcomed. LouiseMissen FlatQLD (14th Sep 2015)

I would not buy trees anywhere else.Quality is very high, jenniferMurgonQLD (14th Sep 2015)

don't love your website looks a bit amateurish and is not so clear trees good - delivery fast marieNorthbridgeNSW (14th Sep 2015)

I purchased a Grafted Dwarf Persimmon tree from you. Planted it as per you instructions. I became worried when my apricot trees started growing leaves a couple of weeks ago and the Persimmon stayed dormant.But I need not have worried as the Persimmon tree is sprouting well so if this keeps up I may purchase another one when they are available next winter. VictorIron KnobSA (14th Sep 2015)

I can't think of anything else at this moment but I been buying from a 3 years now and already recommended to my family and friends and thanking you for your service regard LukeCecil HillsNSW (13th Sep 2015)

I have made many purchases with you and I'm very pleased with the quality of your plants and the love and care that goes into transporting them. Your careful packaging is excellent. Can I please receive pictorial labels for Nashi Pear Nijisseiki, Williams pear,Coffee K7 and Coffee dwarf Catui as they didn't come in my last order. Cheers Sara saraYarrave'NSW (13th Sep 2015)

Nothing I can think of. Oh, maybe an estimated time on plants "in production". ClaireFairy MeadowNSW (12th Sep 2015)

Have more avocado plants as the demand is very high MikeGlen WaverleyVIC (10th Sep 2015)

Plants always arrive looking fresh and every one I've planted has done really well! , ,(10th Sep 2015)

all the plants arrived in good condition and even though small have all thrived HELENCoburgVIC (10th Sep 2015)

I am 100% happy with your service and quality of your plants I have so far purchased. I will always use you when I need something and will tell all my friends just how great you are. AmandaCraigmoreSA (10th Sep 2015)

Keep up the good work JudithBuxtonNSW (9th Sep 2015)

Nice to see more specials, more plants that are very good for health, rare plants like super foods, more plants that can resist frost. RomynaMount-druittNSW (8th Sep 2015)

You have been great & all your plants have been perfect! Thankyou so much for producing & providing quality plants. VickieMoggillQLD (8th Sep 2015)

Just do your best to make sure plants are ready to go in ground prepared for a tough life! AnneDuranbahNSW (8th Sep 2015)

Very good service and I will purchase more from u in the future MickWauchopeNSW(8th Sep 2015)

I have always been happy with our purchases and often recommend you to people who know plants JasonWilstonQLD (8th Sep 2015)

I always receive excellent quality plants from Daleys! Plants are always packaged extremely well, and delivery is super fast! I have purchased plants from numerous nurseries online, but Daleys is by far the most superior supplier in both cost and quality. I now will only purchase plants online from Daleys. Thank you! :) AmandaLutwycheQLD (8th Sep 2015)

My last order disappeared between your nursery and the Sydney depot and when I emailed to find out where it was, the response was great. I was kept informed the whole way through and the replacement order arrived very quickly after that. Great service! WindsorNSW (8th Sep 2015)

I have bought quite a few trees from Daleys. The trees were great, came quickly and packaged well. I am a novice Subtropical grower and my only complaint is a FAQ section or assistance page for the website. I needed some questions answered and they never were. I had to seek assistance elsewhere. Patrick Eatons HillQLD (8th Sep 2015)

More pre-order option on the web site. Some items sell out too quick and are not always offered by pre-order. DerekNorth TamborineQLD (8th Sep 2015)

I had ordered 2 fruit trees that were not available...was notified when first became available...the other never happened. Have always loved every tree I have purchased but this persimmon has not shown any signs of life despite every other tree in my garden growing with spring. Very disappointed and considering buying replacement locally GrantNerangQLD (8th Sep 2015)

The payment page is not very easy to modify. Also, I can't add reward tree into the existing order. Maybe I couldn't find the option on website??! SuMulgraveVIC (7th Sep 2015)

Definently a great range of plants to choose from. The only negative being the postage costs for the plants that aren't on the free postage list. DarrenLeongathaVIC (7th Sep 2015)

The website can be a bit busy at times. I would like better detailed description/care instructions for the actual plants. The range & quality is very good. I am hoping that my new persimmon is only just asleep & not dead. The mulberry plants are shooting nice green leaves everywhere. However Melbourne's forever changing weather can be a bit tricky on plants that are used to up north! Your service is very good and keep up the great work. Thanks CorradoBundooraVIC (7th Sep 2015)

I was very impressed the way my Persimmon was packed for delivery plus the instructions as to how to handle it after I received it. I would like a little more contact for after care, eg, when will it shoot etc. Thanks heaps, Eunice. EuniceHarristownQLD(7th Sep 2015)

I am very happy with the quality of the plants and service. RegDyers CrossingNSW(7th Sep 2015)

Plants always grow. IAN EidsvoldQLD (7th Sep 2015)

I think your service and products are great - I don't think you can do much more to improve - the only thing you can do is :- keep up the great work.. Thanks, Colleen ColleenMundubberaQLD (7th Sep 2015)

More advise whether the plants are suitable for South Australia and if it could be grown in a pot IsabelleEdwardstownSA (7th Sep 2015)

Very happy with bare rooted trees received from Daleys. Only negative was that box was not left in yard as requested and we needed to pick up, however I think this is more an Australia post issue and not something Daleys can control. CassandraLancefieldVIC(7th Sep 2015)

I find the website a little confusing but after navigating all over the place l worked it out! SandraCabooltureQLD (7th Sep 2015)

Will be buying more, healthy fruit trees and fantastic service. CindyMossmanQLD(5th Sep 2015)

this is the way a business should be run! BRENDANAthelstoneSA (3rd Sep 2015)

On the website I love the option of clicking the "Notify when Available" if the plant I am interested in is not yet ready for sale. Daleys' stock a fantastic range of food plants including species or varieties not readily available. The postage boxes used are of extremely high quality so my plants arrived in perfect condition. ElissaGlenroyVIC(3rd Sep 2015)

I am very happy with the product and service. ConnieReservoirVIC (3rd Sep 2015)

I have been very happy with the plants sent in terms of survivability/size and value and impressed with the extensive varieties available and the fact that I can be told when items get re-stocked. Glad I found the website ChrisTown ViewQLD (3rd Sep 2015)

Have more rare tropical fruit trees in stock. BrandonGavenQLD (1st Sep 2015)

So far so good, now let's hope they'll grow & survive! annemarieDaleys PointNSW(1st Sep 2015)

still have some navigation problems with your site.still keep coming back. great products, always arrive in tip top condition. dennyBalmoralQLD (31st Aug 2015)

I was away on holidays when the plants arrived and still are My daughter picked them up up from the PO after tracking them and they are budding now, I have only seen photos of the trees and the look great Thank You TheoKootingalNSW (31st Aug 2015

Great service and healthy plants :) Thankyou SharniBellangryNSW (31st Aug 2015)

More information on suitable growing areas & cultivation would be good eg: frost tolerance, heat/cold, drought tolerance, sun/shade, soil type! EadieDelroy HeightsNSW (31st Aug 2015)

I love that you have an active "wait list". Some places say they will out you on a wait list and you never hear back, not with daleys, even if it takes 12 months for something to come back in stock, they will notify you so you can get what you want. A+ for customer service :-) JasonChisholmACT (31st Aug 2015)

Ive been very happy with the service and the quality of plants. Plants have arrived promptly and in good order. very impressed. PaulWyong CreekNSW (31st Aug 2015)

I sometimes travel interstate with an open back ute to pick up stock from your nursery. Plants get windblown on the journey home. U were good enough to provide an enclosed box for the bigger plants for the return journey. This facility was much appreciated. I.S.IanHelidonQLD (31st Aug 2015)

Bare root plants (3x raspberry plants, 1 boysenberry, 1 asian persimmon) did not break dormancy. AlfredLidcombeNSW (30th Aug 2015)

I would like to see some of the grafted tropical & sub-tropical fruit trees become available more often. CameronTottenhamVIC (30th Aug 2015)

ALSO Happy with your plants and great service - thankyou CarolynHillviewQLD(30th Aug 2015)

An extremely reliable business. Well done, you have got it right! Fran FranSeville EastVIC (29th Aug 2015)

It would be a big advantage for gardeners to buy plants that are easy to grow. plants that are strong and healthy and I think that is when plants are from original seeds and cuttings,and crafted good roots stock specially fruit and vegetable plants with no genetic modified plants. More good on specials plants Always shop around for cheaper curiers Look for rare plants supper food fruits & veggies RomynaMount-druittNSW (26th Aug 2015)

your website hangs often. Don't know why pramodMarlestonSA (26th Aug 2015)

Once some packaged plants arrived without adequate containment of the soil within (I think they may have been from one of your suppliers that time). Otherwise, fantastic service, range and online information. Cheers, Giovanni GiovanniLaraVIC (26th Aug 2015)

The Turkish Hazelnuts (3) were very small and dried out looking. I planted immediately they arrived but only one looks as if it will grow to date. Persimmons have not been viable and I lost the pollinator for the Plumcott (failed at the graft) but have since bought an Apricot which I hope will do the job. However, the Peach trees and Figs we put in 18mths ago have grown amazingly well.(very viable) I have given them mountains of aged cow manure and covered the peaches with 30%shadecloth(fruit fly) this week. DavidMitchellQLD (26th Aug 2015)

I am not able to purchase any more plants from you due to the payment problems through your website. This issue was never resolved with my last order and it is impossible to talk to anyone directly about such problems as it has to be done via a web form which is most unsatisfactory. The last plant received, Kwai Muk Richmond, has died which I believe was due to inadequate potting as all the other Kwai Muk plants from previous deliveries are still growing under the same conditions. LintonNoble ParkVIC(26th Aug 2015)

l asked if l could buy a citrus tree and get it added to my preorder when it was mailed, but it all seemed very difficult from both ends, so l gave up. Overall l am unsure as to whether l will use your website again. RomanaMaclaganQLD (26th Aug 2015)

Being a novice gardener I really appreciate the advice I've had. RondaBullaburraNSW (26th Aug 2015)

What I really appreciated was the email to inform me the item I was looking for was now in stock as it was in season. ArnieNewcombVIC (25th Aug 2015)

I've been very happy with the quality of the plants I've received over the last few months. My most recent purchase, 3 dwarf stone fruit trees arrived bare rooted and healthy. They have settled in to pots at this stage and are doing well. The entire process from browsing to ordering to receiving well packaged, quality plants is so easy. Many Thanks, Fiona Shelley, SA. FionaYackaSA (25th Aug 2015)

I'm used to your website now, but I still find navigation a little difficult, especially when navigating from the postcode page to the order page. I don't know if other visitors find this problem too? Not a major concern, overall very, very satisfied and recommend you guys to all my friends andaquaintences. KennethMirandaNSW (25th Aug 2015)

Lovely Isabella Grape bought bare rooted. Very happy with this beautiful, healthy little trouper. LornaMalenyQLD (25th Aug 2015)

Hi, I bought a Legacy Blueberry awhile back and it was the only plant I've ever received from Daley's that was not really strong and healthy. Spindly and weak. I've been nursing it in the most ideal soil and ph conditions, and it's not yet come through to full health. Still about as it arrived - just barely alive. Contrast this with another bare root plant bought at about the same time, which is powering on. Love everything else I've bought from Daley's so I thought you ought to know. Hope this helps. LornaMalenyQLD (25th Aug 2015)

I bought two plants - a Medlar and a quince. The Quince is covered with swelling buds and looks full of life. The Medlar looks like it has not taken - looks dead...! As spring has only just started it may be too early to write off the Medlar yet. Both were bare root plants and both planted in the same way. As usual your service was excellent. I may need to wait another year for another bare root Medlar. RichardNorthcoteVIC (25th Aug 2015)

The operation from go to whoa was fine. LilliahElingamiteVIC (25th Aug 2015)

just keep doing what you are doing; its excellent cliveValla BeachNSW (25th Aug 2015)

I have now purchased an Tangelo, and a Plum Tree both dwarfs from Daleys . The packaging , service , and courtesy of the staff are was outstanding . Needless really to say both trees are growing really well. I will be back. AlistairHarrington ParkNSW(25th Aug 2015)

I still find it hard getting around your website. I have to commend you on the quality of the plants. The Loganberry and Keriberries are growing well, and the Raspberries already have flowers on them. I'm looking forward to my yummy berries. I can't fault the service or the help I was given by the staff. JennyGin GinQLD (25th Aug 2015)

Hi, my other fruit trees are now blossoming, but the Greengage I bought from you is not. It looks dead and is dry. I may have done something wrong (though I didn't with the other trees) but thought I should let you know. Thanksl CarmelOakleighVIC (25th Aug 2015)

Excellent people to deal with. Could not ask for better VinoCollaroy PlateauNSW(25th Aug 2015)

it would be nice to have the information of plant's width on the webpage. SuMulgraveVIC (25th Aug 2015)

I was impressed by the packaging and safe delivery of my order. Thank you MarilynPortlandVIC (25th Aug 2015)

The website needs much better filtering and sorting functions. Love all of the information on each plant. JanetFerny GroveQLD (25th Aug 2015)

for a beginning gardener I've really appreciated being able to contact for advice as i'm pretty clueless at the moment. Our two fruit trees are starting to do their spring sprouting and my 5 yr old excitedly checks them every day :) Thank you NaomiBerowra HeightsNSW (25th Aug 2015)

Went above and beyond expectations PaulBrowns PlainsQLD (24th Aug 2015)

discounts for multiple orders of the same plant StuartKiamaNSW (24th Aug 2015)

This was my first purchase from Daley's. I was thrilled with the healthy Black Sapote which arrived in beautiful condition. I have already placed another order. Many thanks GaiPort MacquarieNSW (24th Aug 2015)

Keep up the good work Thank-You. PaulinaKings ParkNSW (24th Aug 2015)

all my dormant fruit trees have flourished (so far) and the passionfruit still waiting for the sa spring to leap into growth maryReynellaSA (24th Aug 2015)

Everything is very good but if you can advise me how to get rid of bush turkeys,it would be marvellous. ( They have eaten most of the leaves of the plants I've bought...) Best Wishes, Silvana SilvanaAscotQLD (24th Aug 2015)

2 out 3 fruit tree or every not well I try to repotting still not sure what is going to well. The mandarin is going fine and it small fruit on. GrahamKin KoraQLD (24th Aug 2015)

I have ordered chempedak for ages. I understand it is not always available but no feedback on non avialability or progress of the order. chin chinGavenQLD (24th Aug 2015)

Guys Im extremely happy with the way you professionally conduct your business and a willingness to market new varieties of fruit trees from overseas.Thanks Guys. GinoHiltonSA (23rd Aug 2015)

The Website is a little clunky in that repeat searching takes me back each time to an earlier start point and I have to scroll forward again. All your plants are now in the soil. Put in over a few weeks as weather warmed (and then cooled!! Yikes) They are all going just great. Question? 3 native limes of same variety (?)... No other choice? And not labelled, so are they the same variety? ps They have grrrooowwwnnn.. BronBeresfieldNSW (23rd Aug 2015)

Nothing. I was satisfied with the plant, and it seems pretty happy at the moment, has just woken up and there are new leaves and growth. KyleeCastertonVIC (23rd Aug 2015)

More plants in larger tubes for more cost efficient freight. RaymondKilkivanQLD(23rd Aug 2015)

Maybe adding an additional sheet with each type of plants that details best planting time/soil, pruning periods, fertilizer needs, harvest periods etc... if possible. if paper print an issue, a pdf emailed could do. :) Otherwise am pretty happy. Thats why i am coming back. Thanks guys EricBroadbeach WatersQLD (21st Aug 2015)

with the trees and other things maybe a few tips on their likes + how to tend them in their younger years. can search this on the web but it would be great when you open your order to have it there in black and white, as you do offer some useful tips not mentioned on other sites. thankyou. PAMCharlevilleQLD (20th Aug 2015)

Hello, I have bought many plants over the last few months from you but was disappointed with the Boab trees. The main leader had been damaged with 6 of the plants. I have had not other problems with any of my purchases and am happy with the quality with the other plants Mike Booth MichaelSurry HillsNSW (20th Aug 2015)

I've had some of my fruit trees purchased from Daley's in the ground for 6 months now and they are all growing well despite the drought. I am very happy with the quality and hardiness of the plants. morgainBrandonQLD (19th Aug 2015)

Excellent service, fast delivery and good communication. Great, healthy, strong plants. Some are already producing fruit!! Could not be happier. Will be ordering again in a few weeks when spring arrives. JennyMaudslandQLD (19th Aug 2015)

It took a few months for the plant to arrive, which was not the issue. My biggest complaint was the lack of correspondence and information from staff. AdamElthamVIC (18th Aug 2015)

Wonderful quality and efficient response time for all my purchases. I would certainly recommend Daley's Nursery as a great place to order your Horticultural requirements. LaurieEmeradVIC (17th Aug 2015)

great service - I look forward to doing business with you again. thanks very much MarkEurekaNSW (17th Aug 2015)

I have bought plants several times from Daleys now over the last couple of years. The plant have all been healthy and as described on the website. All plants have been well packed for transport without any plants being damaged in transit. I will definately be a future repeat customer. Paul... PaulSalisburyQLD (17th Aug 2015)

I purchased bare rooted fruit trees that have yet to sprout, so this survey is a bit early for me to give totally accurate feedback HelenCamiraQLD (16th Aug 2015)

you guys were brilliant - couldnt fault any part of your service, thank you very much. (16th Aug 2015)

The plants were smaller than I expected and I thought the figs I ordered were the eating kind no the ones I got. JennyWilcanniaNSW (16th Aug 2015)

Sometimes I am surprised at how small things are. Realise that it is because of misconceptions on my part. I thought 165 meant Cm high. Of course it did not. JayneyNelson BayNSW (15th Aug 2015)

Daleys Fruit tree Nursery is just not the best online nursery here here in Australia, but the best online nursery in the whole world. Thanks Anthony AnthonyWest LakesSA(12th Aug 2015)

thank you the follow up on my request YAM/OCA tubers was much appreciatedStephenDurham LeadVIC (12th Aug 2015)

Tree was well packaged and reached us in very good order RobinBayswater NorthVIC (12th Aug 2015)

Very Happy with the plants DanielPakenhamVIC (12th Aug 2015)

I was delighted with the trees, customer service and delivery. your website is a bit 'busy', but doesn't impact on the final product. Thanks! AlisonTarrengowerVIC (12th Aug 2015)

You guys are always helpful. :) jeanieMurwillumbahNSW (11th Aug 2015)

Trees are looking great and we're looking forward to their spring flush of growth! danielByron BayNSW (11th Aug 2015)

I do not think you could do better. Your plants are lovely and healthy and promptly delivered. DixieLandsboroughQLD (10th Aug 2015)

postage is the only excessive cost when added on EricCootamundraNSW (10th Aug 2015)

Plants arrived in very good condition. Looking forward to my first harvest. Some ongoing feedback on when plants not yet available are likely to be in stock would be nice. Eg I've asked to be informed on certain avocado varieties and carob trees. Thanks PhilippaBuccanQLD (10th Aug 2015)

it was easy to do business. regards bruce bruceWoolloongabbaQLD (10th Aug 2015)

ITs really great to get some fruit plant from you by online. Thanks a lot. Regards. Hardik HardikWhyallaSA (8th Aug 2015)

Daley's is a wonderful resource for us - Qld retirees to Roseberry Creek. We recommend your business to our many backyard gardener friends in Brissy, both as FYI When we do so, we also give them recommendations for where to eat in Kyogle, best lookouts, local attractions etc. So, you see, your business plan is part of the greater Kyogle business and natural resource community. Finally - I LOVE your forum - I learn so much. Thank you Daleys. BillKyogleNSW (5th Aug 2015)

I would like to see more specials, More crafted plants there is a lot plants that get attack by incects and deceases. Now-days environments is not easy for plants we need more dwarf varietys plants like pawpaw some they grow very tall hard to reach hard to protect from birds, bats, weather and frost RomynaMount Druitt VillageNSW (3rd Aug 2015)

I have been buying fruit trees from Daleys for over 10 years and have found their quality to be the very best. Sometimes I have picked them up and sometimes I have had them delivered - always A1 service. Have never had a fruit tree fail yet. Thanks, LindsayPacific PinesQLD (3rd Aug 2015)

Plant arrived fast and well packaged. Cheers! PeterMcdowallQLD (3rd Aug 2015)

Well attended by the staff of all my request manoAuchenflowerQLD (3rd Aug 2015)

all good jayneWyomingNSW (2nd Aug 2015)

Always great service and healthy plants. Thank you RosemarySouth NanangoQLD(2nd Aug 2015)

Very satisfied with your communication and service. Excellent product received - here's hoping my new avo tree loves it's new home and thrives!! JoanneNerangQLD (2nd Aug 2015)

The best place I've found to buy those normally hard to find plants PeterTahmoorNSW (2nd Aug 201

I think the service you offer is excellent. Maybe more information links about the plants on your site, (images, site info and soil type,etc.) AndrewChevallumQLD (2nd Aug 2015)

The healthiest plants I've received from an online purchase and loved the packaging they came in. Thanks AmandaPoorakaSA (29th Jul 2015)

I have never ordered fruit trees in Australia.I am so pleased to have stumbled on Daley's website and have been amazed by the high standard of service on every level.The size of the plan and the quality are amazing and the packaging and the exact time of arrival.Staff was a phone call away to advise me and I am very happy I have ordered the fruit trees and even shared my experience with my colleagues.Thank you Daley'sJosephHampton ParkVIC (29th Jul 2015)

I liked the packaging. The individual tubes and the holding system within the box was impressive. All my plants (I received 4) are doing well. Thank you SusanMosmanNSW (29th Jul 2015)

I just had a problem trying tog et some information thats all but it all worked out ! I just think your website is a bit confusing at1st but now that i have used it i get it.The plants i have purchased have been very good.Thank you. BrainTuntable CreekNSW (29th Jul 2015)

As always, dealing with Daleys has been great. I had an issue with one of the plants that I received and they immediately rectified the problem without batting an eyelid. Great products and great customer service. robWest FootscrayVIC (29th Jul 2015)

You are all doing a great job, your plants are healtier and larger than other plants ive ordered online. More plants in stock would be good though. AlexBugle RangesSA(29th Jul 2015)

It was very good service and my plants were great, thanks DanielleNSW (28th Jul 2015)

Pretty awesome,I don't bother looking at other on line sellers. ShaneKing CreekNSW(27th Jul 2015)

I have dealt with lots of nurseries over several decades and not in all that time would I have given five 5's! Your quality and unique packaging just blew me away. My only regrets are 1. I had not discovered you earlier (my last home was on 27 acres) but now as I downsize there is not enough room to take advantage of your offerings. 2. Your plant specialisation does not extend into more of the indigenous plants. Being back in Sydney will inhibit my opportunities to tell others but if the occasion arises I will certainly put in a plug for Daleys. Best of wishes in keeping our country green. CharlesMortdaleNSW(27th Jul 2015)

Nothing at all ShaneKing CreekNSW (27th Jul 2015)

you have the right amount of information that enables a considered purchase. The whole process was excellent. AlisonCorrimalNSW (26th Jul 2015)

Instructions on how to keep plants alive until they are ready to be planted into the ground would be greatly appreciated. The instructions provided are excellent but despite following them many of my purchased plants had failed to survive the winter. AshrafKearneys SpringQLD (26th Jul 2015)

The 20 asparagus crowns that I pre-ordered and pre-paid for arrived VERY late and I had to chase the staff repeatedly for their ETA. When they arrived they had fungus growth on their roots and so far only two of them have sprouted..not impressed and of course its now too late to get them elsewhere. I'm developing a diverse market garden stocking it with an unusually high diversity of plants. I cannot afford failures. shirleyBald HillsNSW (26th Jul 2015)

Guys, you cannot improve the service I received from you.Plant quality - excellent, Speed of Service - plant could not have reached me any sooner., Satisfaction - Top Marks, Did not deal with staff but I am sure I would have been very satisfied if I did, Website - from my view-Top Marks, Encourage Friends-I certainly do this whenever appropriate. David DavidMorganSA (26th Jul 2015)

your service and products are excellent. wht more can I say. always mention you when the occasion arises. regards and thank you, Derrick DerrickBurpengaryQLD (26th Jul 2015)


im happy with the service you provide samirLakembaNSW (26th Jul 2015)

Very happy with all the dealings I have had with Daleys and have no hesitation in recommending them to future customers. JuneRural ViewQLD (26th Jul 2015)

Nothing every item is always in good nick, and my go to place for plants AnthonyKinglakeVIC (26th Jul 2015)

The tree arrived quickly . It was healthy and continues to be so. I am very happy with the service and will return to buy more. Regards Susan SusanMayfield EastNSW (26th Jul 2015)

Love your range. ElizabethKilcoyQLD (22nd Jul 2015)

Folks I can't say enough good things about you. I am a plant lover, I own a business and I develop websites. You collectively do such a good job. I love how I can be notified when plants are available. I love reading the forums which sometimes leads me to other sources for plants. But I always come back to you. Please do not underestimate the impact your efficiency and effectiveness has on your customers. It is such a pleasure to buy from you. Please add more videos on YouTube it's great to see the people behind the plants which I think is important for what is essentially an online business for me. Thanks again, take a bow Jim Radford JimTraralgonVIC (22nd Jul 2015)

Tea tree looked pretty thin and weak AlexanderMitchell ParkSA (22nd Jul 2015)

I'm constantly telling friends and family how great the service and plant quality is at Daleys nursery. Will be ordering trees for many more gardening years to come :) kennyBrierfieldNSW (20th Jul 2015)

You have always been fabulous to deal with,prompt delivery ,beautifully packed and strong plants. The Passionfruits are doing well janeFlindersVIC (20th Jul 2015)

So much simpler than going to a nursery! I never find the fruit trees I want at a nursery. Now my mini orchard is on its way. Thanks JulieCanterburyNSW (20th Jul 2015)

Overall extremely happy with purchasing from Daleys. LiisaBargaraQLD (20th Jul 2015)

The plants available are interesting and they have always arrived in excellent condition. The instructions included are helpful. I will continue to use Daleys to purchase the more unusual plants. AmyGlen WaverleyVIC (19th Jul 2015)

I recently purchased a miniature mulberry which arrived safe and well. My husband laughed at me spending money to buy a "stick", and has been watching it ever since, still laughing! The smirky smile has been wiped from his face as about a week ago the tiny buds started to swell and they now have little shooting leaves! I'm so excited. I also purchased from you (some time back) a Dragon Fruit cactus. He laughed too at that purchase, but he just loved the fruit - two last year, but five this year!!! Since I took the fruit off it's been going gangbusters growing along the fence. Thank you!!! AngelaBarden RidgeNSW (19th Jul 2015)

Very happy with the entire process. Plants are looking really healthy. Sadly we may be moving late this year or early next year.Guess we will have to leave our fruit trees behind. Will not invest in plants again 'til we are sorted. Thanks, carol. CarolBurpengaryQLD (19th Jul 2015)

Not sure if I purchased these plants at wrong time as we have had very cold and frosty weather, I'm just hoping they survive. They are the red Passionfruit varieties .. 2 of i type and another as a free promo when I purchased them. DenisMulwalaNSW (19th Jul 2015)

While I did not deal with your staff directly, I received prompt service via your web site and received e mail (as promised) when the tree I ordered was available. Very impressed with you website and fantastic speedy service. Many Thanks Alan AlanTop CampQLD (19th Jul 2015)

All good, very healthy plants. My problem is that I ordered 1/3rd the way through winter and some are suffering as it has been extremely cold with frost but they are still alive! Very happy with the experience PaulMaryboroughVIC (19th Jul 2015)

Never had any issues with the service nor the plants... plants are always healthy and strong. I'd say keep doing what you are doing.. cheers wal WayneEverton HillsQLD(19th Jul 2015)

I have problems finding things on websites as I am not very computer literate. I really prefer to have someone to talk to and ask questions. Otherwise I was very happy and the plants I have purchased arrived in very good condition and have stayed very healthy. Wendy WendySalamander BayNSW (19th Jul 2015)

Plants in very good condition on arrival. PeterMulgowieQLD (19th Jul 2015)

Always great quality stock. Instructions for care and planting very helpful. LindaLeichhardtNSW (19th Jul 2015)

One of the easiest purchases I have made online. Keep up the good work. GraemeWilliamstown NorthVIC (17th Jul 2015)

No complaints at all. You deliver what you say and sell. MickNingiQLD (17th Jul 2015)

I am from WA the time in-between ordering, paying then despatch is far too long. Ordering when the weather is still warm if the plant had been sent would have been ideal, however with the delay winter set in and not ideal for planting out tropical type plants they wilt badly and are set back. I am fully aware of the reasons you have this delay only it is all in your favour and not the customer. I suggest you seriously review this procedure and put yourself in the customers shoes after all your success is driven by customer satisfaction. DavidMaylandsWA (17th Jul 2015)

I cant think of anything to improve,the delivery was quick, packaging was brilliant your web site with the video clips is great and your staff when we last visited could not have been more pleasant or helpful. Regards, Ken Goodman KenJoynerQLD (15th Jul 2015)

Love the "Freight Free - 3 x 3 Pack Save 40%". Brilliant! DollyJambinQLD (14th Jul 2015)

the plant took almost 3 months to deliver and has not put out a single new leaf since then TerryWillettonWA (14th Jul 2015)

All was good regarding my order HemantCannon HillQLD (13th Jul 2015)

more information on what plants will work in our local environment. Thanks, EthlynBarrengarryNSW (13th Jul 2015)

add climate ( temp range ) to listings would be good DAVEQuaamaNSW (13th Jul 2015)

Quality products and good service. I have always been very happy in my dealings with you folks at Daleys. Keep up the good work. R rossCashmereQLD (13th Jul 2015)

I had to wait a few weeks for my tree, but you told me when it was being shipped, so I knew you hadn't forgotten about me. When my tree came it was perfect and I was really happy. I plan to order more trees from you in the future. Thanks. BernadetteMaylandsWA (13th Jul 2015)

so happy with all my plants. My dwarf Mulberries are budding or is it fruiting. I couldn't be happier with them. KismetBribie IslandQLD (13th Jul 2015)

Good morning, It actually was the first time Id purchased plants from you and found the experience to be easy and professional. I have a few plants that are of interest to me and am currently waiting them to be grown or come into season so that gives you a good indication I'm going no where else from now on. Kind regards David DAVID RozelleNSW (13th Jul 2015)

Plant arrived in great shape, I followed all instructions (nice & clear) and it is doing well! Thanks very much. Caroline Harry CarolineCottesloeWA (13th Jul 2015)

We are very pleased with the pleasant and efficient service we received from Daleys georgeNelson BayNSW (13th Jul 2015)

website has become a bit confusing janisBroadfordVIC (12th Jul 2015)

Not all descriptions of trees on the website show the height that they can attain, which can be important for someone like myself who might not be totally familiar with them,and has a fairly small backyard. Also I intend to purchase a few more dwarf citrus but do not know when they will be available, so whereas "notify me when available" is fairly good, a rough idea of when this could be would be helpful. John McKeon JohnSinnamon ParkQLD (12th Jul 2015)

Hi Guys, I was really impressed with the quality of the plants I purchased as well as the packaging. Only issue I had was your web-site. I found it very confusing trying to work out how the goods were to be delivered. This is important to me because local couriers do not deliver to where we live. I prefer to use Australia Post because they do deliver. I spent a fair bit of time trying to find out if my delivery was by Australia Post only to find out at the end of the transaction the AP was the default (I think, I'm still not sure)? Also, the web-site lacks consistency and it looks a though a lot of people have made changes without consistent standards. Cheers Pete Boer PeterCounteganyNSW (12th Jul 2015)

Can be hard to find things on the website. I was looking for the page where people in your suburb share what varieties are growing well for them. I also wanted to know which passionfruit vine is frost hardy but couldn't find the information quickly. JacintaReservoirVIC (12th Jul 2015)

I was extremely happy with the speed of service and the quality of the plants I ordered. They arrived still looking happy and healthy and have transplanted well. I would be more than happy to encourage anyone to purchase from you. It is certainly a quality service you provide. Penney LissnerQLD (11th Jul 2015)

Not much to add to a perfect score. The plants were great, packed very effectively, arrived promptly and have done well. DruceKarana DownsQLD (11th Jul 2015)

Nothing else needs to be done. The plants arrived quickly in very good condition. Could you please tell me how long the gooseberry will take to fruit? Do they come in male and female or should they fruit on one bush? Thank you, Melva Strong MelvaNorth NowraNSW (9th Jul 2015)

Really, really impressed with the packaging to protect my mango tree, the quality of the tree itself AND the fact that it arrived within two hours of estimated time. Great experience. Thank u so much!!!! Cheers, Trevor. TrevorCharters TowersQLD (6th Jul 2015)

Hello Very happy with this company. All plants and delivery and packaging was very good and professional. Notifications of plant arrival when on order was all sent. Was able to purchase some plants that were very hard to get elsewhere or else I would have had to travel to a few different nurseries to get them. I frequently keep an eye on your web page just to have a brouse. All plants purchased so far are doing very well. Thanks heaps Rita RitaCamiraQLD (6th Jul 2015)

I do not think you could do better Kathy because you were able to fix up a problem that was my fault, very quickly. Dixie Lloyd-Jones. DixieLandsboroughQLD (6th Jul 2015)

Maybe better pictures of mature trees or a few pics at different stages Shane King CreekNSW (6th Jul 2015)

You do not have to do nothing else, your website is perfect JoyArgents HillNSW (5th Jul 2015)

Perhaps have estimated dates when popular plants are expected to be ready for purchase. Otherwise I find Daley's as the go-to place for all my plant needs and the quality of the products and shipping is amazing. Ashraf Kearneys SpringQLD (5th Jul 2015)

The website is a bit clunky but it still works fine. I like the options you provide for cross pollination species - it makes it easier for us! The trees I bought arrived in very good condition (packing was done efficiently and I appreciate the (minimal) use of non recyclable packaging). Expect to receive more orders from me in the very near future!AlexiaJillibyNSW (5th Jul 2015)

Send me a better tree, the one you sent was a bit too crooked, I'm happy I got the variety I wanted. Waiting for spring to see how it develops. All the best to the daleys team. JorgeAdelaideSA (2nd Jul 2015)

Many thanks for your excellent service on our previous purchases. The quality of your stock is excellent. We are however in the process of building the house so garden work has stalled for a time. We will order again when we get moving on the garden again. Thanks, Colleen & Robert Toy BobTully HeadsQLD (2nd Jul 2015)

We were extremely impressed with the careful way in which our 4 trees had been packed for their journey to us, they subsequently arrived in perfect condition when they were delivered to our doorstep! We would highly recommend Daleys for any purchases either online or in person. SallySuttonNSW (2nd Jul 2015)

I have a request in as the guava tree is still in production. So looking forward to hearing when I can purchase my tropical hawaiian guava (quick to fruit variety) JULIECurrumbin WatersQLD (29th Jun 2015)

nothing ROBYNWarrell CreekNSW (29th Jun 2015)

I had no troubles with this order and my plants arrived in perfect health and are doing well. I only gave a 4 on dealing with staff because I didn't deal with them. I love the free post as things out this way get to expensive to post. Thank you MichelleBarcaldineQLD (29th Jun 2015)

Can you link your short videos to each appropriate fruit tree - so that as you browse each fruit tree in the shop you can see that there is a related video and can easily play it - instead of wondering later if there is a video and then searching separately for itDeniseBexleyNSW (29th Jun 2015)

Everything was honkey dory! love my plants! Thanks a million! LyleMudgeerabaQLD(29th Jun 2015)

Aw c'mon guys! How do you improve on perfection? I've lost count of the number of my friends that I've pointed in your direction. BobKambahACT (28th Jun 2015)

Plants are always very healthy when they arrive, and are packed well. We are very satisfied with all our plants that we have bought from Daleys Nursery. Many Thanks.. ColleenMundubberaQLD (28th Jun 2015)

I am very pleased with service, especially your progress report on my order. Ailsa Ailsa BeerwahQLD (28th Jun 2015)

Everything spot on, I am very happy with the Yacon plants that I purchased. My order was sent carefully and my plants are growing healthy and well. Thanks Daleys, Thanks so much. Regards Shirley Macneil. ShirleyIlukaNSW (28th Jun 2015)

waiting for spring to buy more fruit trees EdwinToongabbieNSW (28th Jun 2015)

Other than being able to actually see the plant your on line service provided me with a better source of plants than the surrounding garden centers which all tried to sell me what they had not what I asked for. williamEncounter BaySA (28th Jun 2015)

Great work, happy to recommend to other and use again in the future GavinGreenacreNSW (28th Jun 2015)

I do not think you could do better. DixieLandsboroughQLD (28th Jun 2015)

Have purchased numerous dwarf citrus and Fortunella. All delivered damage free and going well so far (i.e. up to 10 months since planting out). Very happy. JamesWoronoraNSW (28th Jun 2015)

Not much to say - I've only ordered from you once so far (there will be more) and I must say the trees arrived in great condition. The only thing I could offer as a suggestion for improvement is if you could provide an estimate of when the order would arrive. Love your website and really love your range, especially that you include things like bush tucker plants. When people ask where I have sourced my trees I enthusiastically recommend your service. BrittaPetrieQLD (26th Jun 2015)

Your website isn't easy to navigate, and I know what I'm doing. I would understand many others abandoning their carts just because they couldn't find their way around. Other than that, one great point is the boxes you send the taller plants in. Marvelous. The plants can't possibly move with the way the boxes/cartons are designed. The vines arrived healthy and vigourous. All over, a great purchase. JennyGin GinQLD (24th Jun 2015)

I have seen even some Bunnings/masters stores selling your plants in WA so its not just the plant nursery's anymore also i tell people looking at the plants to order directly from your website instead due to them being cheaper and in better condition (people normally take cuttings so they don't have to buy them which leaves them not in perfect condition) but they increase the price by a lot more than you can get them from your website so its better to just buy direct from your daleysfruit website. The only suggestion i can give you because you do everything else perfect which is why i gave you the top rating for every rating option and i am only giving it as a suggestion so you don't have to do it is to think about increasing the reward plant time before it expires. (this gives people more time to place a order) nathanKenwickWA (24th Jun 2015)

Have a contact number would be nice KhaledPunchbowlNSW (22nd Jun 2015)

Your plants always arrive quickly and in robust good health. All the plants I have bought from you over the last few years (of which there are many) are steaming ahead vigorously, apart from one macadamia that I probably planted badly. I do advise family and friends to buy from you, and sometimes we give each other gifts bought from you. JohnPelican WatersQLD (22nd Jun 2015)

I was extremely pleased with the packaging arrangement of the Dragon Fruit tree we purchased. It was fully protected and arrived in perfect condition. The design of the packaging is very clever, so I have no qualms regarding the ordering of more plants from Daleys Nursery. MarkHalekulaniNSW (21st Jun 2015)

Please update the website to make a bit more user friendly AnnaMaroubraNSW(17th Jun 2015)

Occasionally some plants have arrived a little worse for wear, presumably from the time in transport. In general though the pant are well packed and arrived in fine condition. RobBentleigh EastVIC (17th Jun 2015)

the quality of the citrus trees delivered was excellent and the way each one was packed was really first class..never seen anything like it before cliveValla BeachNSW (16th Jun 2015)

Excellent service,plants arrived in good condition and are growing well. KevinKilaben BayNSW (15th Jun 2015)

The reason for the low score on quality was that i bought 4 Jerusalem artichoke plants, when they arrived the looked almost dead and not a single one has survived. I wanted to give the plants a chance to respond to the planting before lodging a query with you. However all the other plants were great and the freight charges good. If you could provide more perennials edible plant choices I would be a more frequent buyer. Thanks for the opportunity to feedback to you. Sabine SabineParkinsonQLD (15th Jun 2015)

Im absolutely enthralled in delight with each tree that comes from you! The plants are always so happy and have all kept growing well. I am continuing to receive plants from your nursery as i appreciate them much greater than the many nurserys ive bought fromwhen trying to start our family home. Being a new gardener it is rewarding and brings me great confidence so I thank you greatly! Fruit trees and herb medicines has become a great passion of mine over the past few years. So i will be sure to continue the love of fruit tree here on the Central Coast NSW, grow them and share them throughout the community. And direct people to your nursery whenever I can. Thank you very much! Forever in gratitude to your teams generosity! Jackson JacksonMacmasters BeachNSW (15th Jun 2015)

I was very happy with your product and service, thank you, and particularly impressed with the compact packaging. The plants probably arrived in better condition than those I buy locally and bring home in the back of my car. There was certainly less spillage of soil and not a single leaf was jammed in a car window!The reason I am unlikely to encourage my friends to purchase from you is because I do not have friends who are keen gardeners who would think of purchasing online. However, if the opportunity arose, I would not hesitate to relate my Daley experience. AnneCorryongVIC (14th Jun 2015)

All aspects good=quality & range of plants,packing & delivery etc etc. Only thing I could suggest is that ALL plants be tagged with name,growing habits etc.Currently only one or 2 tagged which means I have to identify tag the rest myself,but depends on buyers needs i suppose. Cheers, Ray. RayTweed Heads SouthNSW (14th Jun 2015)

All plants true to description, easy to make selection from a very wide variety, web page is easy to navigate and place orders, plants arrive reasonably quickly, well boxed and in excellent condition. Everything purchased so far (been quite a few plants now)have not only survived but are thriving. I am very happy indeed with the whole experience and because the plants have been professionally grown, tendered and packaged, no losses have occurred making the whole exercise very cost effective. I have already recommended my friends use this service and so far a couple have and it's still early days. GrahamBellaraQLD (14th Jun 2015)

Very pleased with the quality of your plants TONISydenhamNSW (12th Jun 2015)

The client feedback re individual plant performance on plants they have purchased is great....if somehow you can encourage more of that re longer term plant performance/care/issues would be great for purchasers...and obviously anything to sell more plants is good for you. I definitely place almost as much weight on that as nursery description as it can be much more specific to my location. Hope that helps. JoMoorlandNSW (12th Jun 2015)

I like reading the comments made by customers on plants as it helps me decide which plants to buy. My orchard is full of plants from Daleys. I like the fact they use a courier which is cheaper and quicker than plant purchases I have made through Ebay as they all seem to use Australia Post. Keep up the good work! Denise DeniseBurpengaryQLD(11th Jun 2015)

Some of the plants I bought may not be suitable for my climate. perhaps clearer info would help,as some of the recent orders have died. margaretNoojeeVIC (10th Jun 2015)

For those items "in production", is it possible to pre-book (pay a deposit to secure) and only once all items are available, pay the balance and send the items in 1 shipment. I find that I am ordering multiple times when items are made available and to avoid missing out I purchase, receive the good, but 2 weeks later another items I wanted is available, but I don't proceed with the purchase as I don't want to pay for another shipping cost. I prefer to spend more for plants, rather than spend on multiple shipping. thanks. RonDoncaster EastVIC (10th Jun 2015)

Great service very happy DonClermontQLD (10th Jun 2015)

Daleys have such a fantastic range of rare and interesting fruit trees,and have made great efforts to expand on this over recent months too! Freight is really quite reasonable and it is only space restrictions and budget constraints which prevent me from ordering more! Keep it up you're doing a great job. Regarding website, it has obviously grown (organically!) with the business and could be a bit better organised but I realise this is a huge and expensive task. JennyCalamvaleQLD (10th Jun 2015)

so far so good I can't complain about anything so thanks guys PaulEastern CreekNSW (9th Jun 2015)

all tree being healthy looking good Thanks ChauFerryden ParkSA (9th Jun 2015)

Hi to better next time well that will be hard, as your shop is so good but to rely better your business, just keep on finding unusual and stringed edible plants / trees. That is what I love about your shop. O yes thank you Keep finding new edible plants and trees that the other business do not have because that is why I buy here.I wondered if you could find Mexico tree spin age Yucatan Peninsula of mexico as seen on gendering Australia.Thank you Kev. KevinCurrajongQLD (8th Jun 2015)

Each time I have dealt with your company I have had fantastic service and the plants always look fresh and healthy - as though they have just been taken out of the greenhouse so I am more than happy and I will return. Kind regards, BronwynNorth TamborineQLD (8th Jun 2015)

love your nursery. only buy from you now. SandraWallsendNSW (8th Jun 2015)

very satisfactory mikeMirrabookaNSW (8th Jun 2015)

Only thing I can think of is if a customer orders something that isn't suitable to their location a way of letting them know and maybe changing the order. Would be good for people like me who know next to nothing but love a garden. TerriBoolambayteNSW(8th Jun 2015)

Hi,I dont know if expense of tagging every plant would increase prices of plants excessively,but would be great if possible. I am halfway through planting out my orders of 100 trees & more shrubs etc & have to put ID copper tags on them,so you tagging them would provide info needed.Its no fun running around trying to ID all from one or two that are tagged. All else is great, Many thanks, Ray Doblo. RayTweed Heads SouthNSW (8th Jun 2015)

Let Shearschool to come again to see the nursery. We loved and would be happy to return in the future with other classes NadiaMullumbimby CreekNSW (4th Jun 2015)

I have made a few purchases and have been very happy with my orders so far. thank you! BrettAlbany CreekQLD (3rd Jun 2015)

Easy to order and the plants were delivered quickly and in fabulous condition. The website feels a little bit clunky compared to others, but if spending money on fancying up the site compromises the good prices its not worth working on. NatalieChisholmACT(2nd Jun 2015)

The plants arrived well packaged and in good condition. The only concern I had was that the plants seemed to take a while to arrive and I was concerned that they may have dried out. As it was the plants were fine so I take it they are well set up for their journey. I do not need a free plant at this time, thanks for the offer. Trevor Needham Trevor NingiQLD (2nd Jun 2015)

The only thing I would like to see is planting instruction for each plant and there requirement eg soil type shade, sun light , frost. I know this information is on your web site ,but a printed lable on each plant would be great. Ian MerewetherNSW (1st Jun 2015)

Hi, no complaints with current standards,& I think you have all possible aspects covered. Page setup,photography,info, service ,selection,packing & delivery are all great.I think the only improvement would be a label on every plant for identification in the future,& maybe a little more info on growing care. Thanks again Ray. RayTweed Heads SouthNSW (31st May 2015)

I am waiting for Reed avocados to come into stock RaymondAvenell HeightsQLD(31st May 2015)

Guys you just do it so well. We are sending heaps of people your way. Thank you for good reliable old fashioned service. Michelle and Graham MichelleGavenQLD (31st May 2015)

I'm very happy with your service and plants - I receive sms notification when my plant is available on the waiting list - Thankyou CarolynHillviewQLD (31st May 2015)

One small thing: I had both Fuerte and Wurtz avos on my "notify" list. You notified me about the fuerte only, although when ordering I just happened to see that Wurtz was now available too. My order of both is due for despatch next week, so I'm hoping both will be sent together, saving on postage, only because I noticed the Wurtz. Maybe my free gift for the survey will be added to that same order too. Love your work. LornaMalenyQLD (31st May 2015)

Great plants always delivered in mint condition! RebeccaNarweeNSW (31st May 2015)

The restrictive practice of palming off plants as a free GIFT that could be of no value / little value to the customer must change. MohanKillarney HeightsNSW (28th May 2015)

to be oable to talk to someone on the phone patriciaMount PritchardNSW (28th May 2015)

I was extremely happy with the reply my enquiry, and subsequent follow up with plant availablility JillSouth MackayQLD (27th May 2015)

I already recommended this site to several people. HanneloreMillicentSA (27th May 2015)

better than going to Bunnings EdwinToongabbieNSW (27th May 2015)

I think that you have a great system and your service is tops. maxwellCockatooVIC(27th May 2015)

Unable to comment on the quality of the product at this stage as they are still very small. However, I look forward to when they will flower and bear fruit. Jean-MarcBexleyNSW (27th May 2015)

Tell customers of changes in policy. I did wholesale orders and it included pictorial labels. Then all of a sudden I had to start asking why they where not included because it happened over 3 times. Staff member just said that I need to make sure I let them know that I needed them, so it was my fault. I always need them because I am running a retail nursery and labels help sell plants but the change in policy was not told to me and I had to follow it up over a few orders. I wasn't told about the change and that I had to let someone know until I asked what was going on. Maybe the very first time someone should have told me you don't sell wholesale with labels, but why then did all my first orders come with them without me asking? Thanks JoshuaElimbahQLD (27th May 2015)

Fantastic service, fantastic quality, and a fantastic way to purchase new plants. Quick and easy. AndrewGordonNSW (27th May 2015)

thay but two tree in one box so one tree was not good by the time it arrived jarrodEdwardstownSA (27th May 2015)

The plants were small and expensive, when I compared them to what I could of got here. Very disappointed. My Poinciana was dry when it arrived and shrivelled up by the 2nd week. I took a photo and sent it to you and was advised it would take by spring. All I have now is a twig, which won't be the flourishing, bushy specimen I was hoping for in spring! sylviaKiama DownsNSW (27th May 2015)

Price was very competitive and plants were far more advanced than I was expecting and in excellent condition when they arrived. PeterKynetonVIC (27th May 2015)

I like your website , very easy to use . Your plants are all way arrive in good condition . Sometime I get a bit impatient for waiting for the plant I want to be ready for sale. NormanBaulkham HillsNSW (26th May 2015)

We are very pleased with the quality of plants, packaging and speed of service. All the plants we have purchased are doing great and we will definitely be using Daleys nursery again. Thank you and keep up the good work. MomtaizQuakers HillNSW (25th May 2015)

Love dealing with uses MarkAlexandra HillsQLD (25th May 2015)

The website has good information and the great part is the stocklist online but its a little confusing the way things are displayed and looks too busy. KomalGoodnaQLD (25th May 2015)

don't like the new format of the website, a little difficult to navigate. other than that all have been excellent including prompt delivery NormanBossley ParkNSW (25th May 2015)

Sometimes the website is hard to navigate back and forth, having a wishlist would be fantastic for logged in users. EmilyKirraweeNSW (25th May 2015)

I have in the past have had trouble with sending in question or requests with emails with your system? KevinRedcliffeQLD (25th May 2015)

a little more info for specific plants rather then a blanket imformation for nearly all trees and plants,you advertise about sending detail info re planting but it is the same for all trees and plants and i dont think thats quite correct. speroManly WestQLD (25th May 2015)

Nothing much to improve on. The range is great, subject to seasonal variation, customer service is terrific. I love that I can opt to receive an email notification when the stock I want is available. And if I am too slow and miss out on limited stock, I can be notified when it becomes available again. CarolBarnsleyNSW (25th May 2015)

Freight is the killer. Website is getting crowded and confusing. Example: Enter 'Bare Root' in search - first result is ebay (even after clicking on 'Daley/s stock'). But generally, love Daley's! Peter PeterBerriSA (24th May 2015)

Pretty good. Your catalogue is so extensive it is hard to effectively browse online. The only improvement I can think of is an easier to use web interface. However, if it is easier to find stuff, I will end up spending more money - so maybe I am wrong. DamienBlack MountainQLD (24th May 2015)

I have been very Happy with all my purchases so far. They have been very healthy Good Quality Plants That I have received. GailTermeilNSW (24th May 2015)

All good, can't think of anything to complain about RichardBelroseNSW (24th May 2015)

I had no dealings with staff, hence the average rating, it really wasn't applicable to my dealings with you so far. IanLangwarrinVIC (23rd May 2015)

Great plants and speedy delivery. Thank you I am always happy with my order AgnesTullyQLD (21st May 2015)

Find your nursery easy to deal with and efficient, plant always in good condition on arrival VivienneKeinbahNSW (21st May 2015)

All plants I ordered arrived in excellent condition and are all thriving. The tamarillos are doing extreamly well. PeterPort MacquarieNSW (21st May 2015)

Great Selection of trees and plants. Reasonable delivery. Will purchase again. Thank You! JanParafield GardensSA (19th May 2015)

Nothing, Job well done. Thanks again for your service. Kerry Micallef Kerry LynSarinaQLD (18th May 2015)

Pine nut trees for the win! Delivered as described in excellent condition in double time.ScottNarrabundahACT (18th May 2015)

Replace plant which died shortly after receiving WolfgangLoftusNSW (18th May 2015)

Growing Information Height and Width of Plant. Full Sun and/or partial shade. PercivalEmu PlainsNSW (18th May 2015)

Maybe increase more reward and recognition for loyal customer, such as a small gift (e.g a free plant or free deliver) send on their b'day or just being a loyal customer over the years. It doesn't have to be a free plant. overall, website (product update) and customer service are outstanding. keep it up. LuanBraybrookVIC (18th May 2015)

I have made a number of purchases both in person and by post. The plants have always been good healthy specimens and were delivered promptly. I will visit again. Thanks, Gavin. Gavin GranthamQLD (18th May 2015)

I have been paying plants from you for years now, because they are always in mint condition and you have such an interesting variety (I am a bit of a plant "nut"). The website has gone backwards since you re-designed it, too many moving things and green on a white background is not really that readable. However - as I am a repeat customer, I just put up with the web site. Would be good to look into it, though. For a new customer it might be too hard to navigate the site. elkeDunboganNSW (18th May 2015)

One thing really annoys me - I go on a long waiting list for a plant, receive an email to say the plant is now available just to find out it cannot be send to WA - why not show on the Web Site what can and can't be sent to WA - saves wasting time. VickyMaida ValeWA (18th May 2015)

When I purchase the last lot of cunjevoi spoon lily's, nearly every one of them was eaten away by a huge green grub or caterpillar. When I purchase this plant again, it would be nice if someone would just check under the leaves for a grub or caterpillar so the plants aren't eaten on the way to my home. otherwise, it has always been magnificent services.CarolGoodnaQLD (18th May 2015)

You do everything right don't change a thing service is great quality is great everything is really good MargaretAxedaleVIC (17th May 2015)

Very pleased over all LiisaBargaraQLD (17th May 2015)

Plants always arrive happy, and are establishing well. Thank you!!! PS I find the packaging much easier to open unlike some other online nurseries that I order through. TwiggyRavenshoeQLD (17th May 2015)

We wouldnt buy anywhere else. Quality is great, everything always arrives in great shape staff are most helpful, the only plant to die was the blueberries they never did any good probably our fault not yours. Keep up the good work Steven KelsoQLD (17th May 2015)

Unfortunately, the smaller plant died. Probably would be better to send the larger plants for interstate buyers. You have a great range of plants, which is great because we don't get a lot of these varieties in NSW LouiseSydneyNSW (17th May 2015)

Plants didnt arrive until Saturday morning this last order but were still in good order and soil was still moist. I have told a few people about Daley's and they are all impressed at the great range of fruit trees available. morgainBrandonQLD (16th May 2015)

Service was great, very happy, already recommended to my friends :-) Belinda KurandaQLD (16th May 2015)

It is just a small thing I wondered if you could make the ordering for regular customers such as myself easier by retaining our addresses and payment details, so that all we need to do is login our email address. Also, re the free plant. I feel you could make the offer last until one's next order, instead of an arbitrary time. It is really annoying to be offered a free plant, then receive a notice that something I have been waiting for arrives after the free plant offer is finished. Cheers. MargaretHillviewQLD (14th May 2015)

If can get more plants for temperate zones and more plants and fruits for health and nutrition. Will appreciate more fruit trees that are crafted and Dwarf varieties for home gardens Like small plants of paw-paws and keep deals for cheap deliverys fees Kindness regards to all at Daleys nurseries and thank you for you good servise RomynaMount DruittNSW (13th May 2015)

I have always been very happy and satisfied with all my dealings with Daleys, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you Daleys, Colleen ColleenMundubberaQLD (13th May 2015)

I like to have information of how to take care of the plants I bought, eg. type of soil, fertilizer, pest, position, etc. any thing at all to make the plants stay healthy. songsriLane Cove WestNSW (11th May 2015)

Really happy with my purchase from Daleys, well packaged good healthy plants. Excellent selection of fruit trees I cant get locally. SylviaManly ValeNSW (11th May 2015)

We eventually managed to rescue our Lychee from the carrier where it had been held in storage for about 5 days. Eventually we rang them and managed to have it delivered. We had not done this earlier since your communication had said not to make contact for five days.Unfortunately we acceded to this instruction. The plant eventually arrived in dry condition. It has still not completely recovered despite our care. We were very disappointed since we have dealt with you many times over a number of years. We have previously driven to Kyogle from Tamborine Mtn to collect them after ordering from your website. RonaldTamborine MountainQLD (11th May 2015)

Awesome. first time user. 1 tree arrived in not as good a shape as the others. was fine though. will certainly use you again AdamGunnedahNSW (11th May 2015)

All plants arrived promptly and in good/excellent condition. All potted on; all doing well, none lost so far. JamesWoronoraNSW (11th May 2015)

I always now recommend Daleys to everyone who will listen. The plants arrived quickly and in great shape. One very happy customer :) SuzanneIndooroopillyQLD (11th May 2015)

Had no dealings with staff as everything seemlessly processed via the website so hard to rank staff. The emails advising of purchase and postage are also brilliant! Lexie,(11th May 2015)

I was very impressed by the size and quality of my citrus I ordered, thanks GabrielleEaglebyQLD (11th May 2015)

it most likely be my lack of computer skills, but I find when buying from the list on your page that when I do tick an item to cart, it all goes back to page one rather than continue from the page where I was from that point to continue looking at the following items, apologies if its my lack of computer skills. con ParkvilleVIC (10th May 2015)

We have bought a range of plants and every one has thrived, including Blueberries, Raspberries, Grapes and Passion fruit plants. Can't better that! ElaineNingiQLD(10th May 2015)

Excellent service and plant lineup. My first destination when looking for new plants. Plants are always well packed and very healthy CraigMordiallocVIC (10th May 2015)

The plants are growing very nicely. We purchased Lilikoi and sweet Grenadilla and were lucky enough to get the Lilikoi to flower and we crossed it with the established Grenadilla we already had flowering profusely. The result is 16 fruit set so we know that the cross works. Previously we had tried for 3 years to get fruit set. We have lost the Banana passionfruit - we know it grows in autumn and fruits in July but does not like our summer humidity/heat. Margaret ZorinBirkdaleQLD (10th May 2015)

Great packaging and speedy delivery. This will be my new way of buying plants. Highly recommended AngelBroadwayNSW (10th May 2015)

You have healthy interesting plants, well suited to my SE Qld climate. Your website is often the first place I have heard of some plants, which is great. Your plant advice has always been useful. I would like more herbs. MickCloseburnQLD (9th May 2015)

Wait for Avocado plant was quite long. Some 6 months. Prompt process though once stock in. ClintonProspectSA (9th May 2015)

I liked the idea of being able to add to your order bit by bit by specifying a date and paying as you go. That worked well for me. Thanks EdenStewarts RiverNSW (8th May 2015)

all good... plants are doing very well.. WayneEverton HillsQLD (7th May 2015)

why don't you approach gardening Australia to be on the show? you have a great range, great prices and you are on the internet. it would bring in heaps of business and get your name out there. Dylan North BoovalQLD (7th May 2015)

Hello, great service, you kept me in touch with the status of the order and plants were delivered on time and in great condition. When shopping online occasionally found it difficult to return to the shopping trolley. Cheers. alanGawler EastSA (6th May 2015)

I'm very happy with my tropical apple tree. It was beautifully packaged for protection. The instructions for how to take it out of the box and how to manage the tree for the first few days before planting were extremely useful. My tree has lots of new growth and I'm looking forward to my first season of apples! Many thanks. JoanneGilstonQLD (6th May 2015)

Nothing I am perfectly happy the way you operate, even though I am down here in Victoria , nothing is a problem and at least I can get what I want from your on line shop, where as other sites are far too expensive ( from my view anyway ) in Vic Thanks for your service GlendaLake BogaVIC (6th May 2015)

I'll let you know after I've tasted the fruit. LysaLeopoldVIC (5th May 2015)

all good. plants always arrive healthy. and are still thriving after transplanting. Margaret & KenBungamaSA (5th May 2015)

Thank you for cultivating such an amazing online nursery. The range you have is fantastic and there are even quite a few rare or hard-to-get plants/trees that I had been looking for. All plants have been received in excellent condition in the quickest time possible. All have adapted well to our drier conditions and warmer climate and are thriving thanks to comprehensive notes on care and environmental factors. Your dedication and service, along with the quality of your products are second to none. So once again thank you... Liz & JohnDalbyQLD (5th May 2015)

All good!Only issue was the plant box was crushed during transport and so damaged a few branches/ leaves but overall not really a too big an issue. CalliePlymptonSA (4th May 2015)

Nothing. It was all perfect. Would highly recommend and the quality of the plants are second to none. PeterMount EvelynVIC (4th May 2015)

I like if you don't have a plant in stock you can opt for an email when it arrives in so that you can then purchase.Plants have arrived in good condition via the mail for me in Sydney Thanks Steve Bridgland SteveMarrickvilleNSW (4th May 2015)

Great service great plants thanx MichaelWauchopeNSW (4th May 2015)

Beautiful, healthy plants are on their way to becoming trees. ScottElanoraQLD (4th May 2015)

On website when you add plant to cart you then have to go back to start of the list. It is really painful and time consuming. Better to add to cart and go back to last plant you added in the list. GlennBooralNSW (3rd May 2015)

Well done, would buy again from you anytime HardyOberonNSW (3rd May 2015)

I have bought 5 plants over the last 12 months and I am very pleased with the service and the fruit trees, my passion fruit are bearing a lot of fruit, your website is so informative and helpful. I don't need to go the Flower power or Bunning to get the fruit trees I want, just at a click and in two days time it is at my door EdwinToongabbieNSW (3rd May 2015)

I think you give wonderful service. I am very very happy with the quality of communication from you. I enquired about a Yuzu citrus, impossible to find in Aussie. You kept me updated and informed me when your stock was ready. The tree is very healthy, well packaged. I honestly cannot suggest anything for you to do better ... SUSANMedowieNSW (2nd May 2015)

Great service and healthy plants, I would just like an update to the plants that are in production I am still waiting for. Thanks. vanessaAlbanvaleVIC (1st May 2015)

Very happy with plants. They arrive healthy and in great condition. I have filled my orchard with Daley's plants. There is so much variety to choose from! I am happy to recommend Daley's Nursery to friends and family. DeniseBurpengaryQLD (30th Apr 2015)

Every tree I have purchased has been very healthy and for a good price BrendanClarence GardensSA (28th Apr 2015)

Daleys are very prompt and very efficient at responding to queries. Even though my plant died due to the manner of delivery (it was left in the sun on a very hot day), the staff suggested methods of recuperation, and when that did not work, I was offered a gift voucher in compensation. I feel very confident in ordering from the website. Wen-AiHighgateSA (28th Apr 2015)

I lost a banana passionfruit after planting. I did move it around while I was planting it and I think that I must have snapped an essential root or something. Have to wait now for the new lot to be available. The plant had arrived here in good shape, as have all the plants we purchased online. mikeMirrabookaNSW (27th Apr 2015)

your freight company does not adhere to the delivery instructions on the packaging label BradWarranwoodVIC (27th Apr 2015)

Plants we bought are very healthy. I wish there were more variety of herbs or edible plants, such as bayleaf trees. NaokoWoodendQLD (27th Apr 2015)

The ability to purchase plants online from you guys that I cannot source from local nursuries is amazing. Thank-you and keep up the great work and excellent diversity of plants on offer. ClarrEchucaVIC (27th Apr 2015)

Your courier service needs attention. Couple times now I had problems with service. Apparently even though you use one courier service they pass on and then there is now service just when get around to it. VickiDevon MeadowsVIC (27th Apr 2015)

Could not rate dealing with staff as all my purchases are via email. Very happy with that aspect PeterPort AugustaSA (27th Apr 2015)

fantastic service, with an amazingly wide variety of plants, i also love that you are able to notify me when plants become available. ManamiSt IvesNSW (26th Apr 2015)

Have always been very happy with the plants and service I have received from Daleys. Plants have arrived in great packaging and have been very healthy. Overall we have been extremely satisfied with our dealings with Daleys. Thank You! ColleenMundubberaQLD (25th Apr 2015)

You offer a fantastic service with a comprehensive list of quality stock. Easy to recommend to my friends with full confidence in the service provided. AndrewChevallumQLD (25th Apr 2015)

Best Range of fruit trees I can find anywhere, especially rare tropicals. Cheaper to buy online and pay freight than buy locally. Plants always arrive in good order, and I am in North QLD so they have some way to travel. morgainBrandonQLD (25th Apr 2015)

It would be very helpful to know what areas plants do best in You could use a map and colour code or a range of temperatures. A slip with each plant mentioning Shade or sun, amount of water, fertiliser etc. MargaretAratulaQLD (24th Apr 2015)

Delivery is a Joke , truly a joke , if sent by Australian post i get shafted if sent by Courier ,it get sent to Australian Post , and then to try and talk to some one from Dales Nursery just about impossible , yet love the good quality trees when i dont get hacked trees as i had maybe two hacked trees that was sent to me as it looks it has been subjected to a tree that was used as for cuttings . VincentWhiteheads CreekVIC (24th Apr 2015)

The packaging of the plants for delivery is so carefully done they arrive in better condition than when I pick them up myself. Lindsay Walker Dulwich Hill, NSW LindsayDulwich HillNSW (24th Apr 2015)

I didn't have any issue to deal with staff, hence "4", but if I did I'm sure it was good. The stock notification system was really useful. The tree I bought (yuzu) may be suited for warmer climate than Canberra, I haven't seen much growth since getting it in a big pot, but I'm crossing my fingers. Some years back I think you didn't sell to individuals in small quantities but I'm glad you do now. MakiCookACT (24th Apr 2015)

i will if I think of something. I enjoy working with you guys darrelPomonaQLD (24th Apr 2015)

I ordered 5 finger limes and my plants were 11 days in the post during a heat wave. They arrived in very bad shape. I have 3 healthy ones growing 1 that looks like it might survive but 1 did not survive. VeronicaKoumalaQLD (24th Apr 2015)

I would like cheaper freight charges but I know u do the best u can --- freight costs on everything really hurt us in regional Qld---maybe if u offered smaller plants u could do cheaper costs -- I find I pay as much for the freight as I do for the plant and I would rather my money goes into plants rather than freight I am an avid collector of edible plants and have a large collection --- will u be growing the Wongi Plum ( native Manilkara) anytime soon rgds Col ColSeaforthQLD (24th Apr 2015)

Great service The plants arrived healthy and happy. SusieEast LynneNSW (22nd Apr 2015)

Such great quality plants - thank you so much. I only hope our avocado survives this storm system :( IsobelTempeNSW (22nd Apr 2015)

I'm satisfield with the level of your service never had plants destroyed. so very happy.SandyNewportVIC (21st Apr 2015)

Very pleased with my last order - the dwarf red shahtoot has already given me two fruits to sample/share. :) kimDianellaWA (21st Apr 2015)

The only thing that would improve your business for me is if you would move you business to Orange or near there. I was very happy with your service and packing my trees were very healthy and happy when they arrived I am 100% satisfied with everything :-) JanelleRooty HillNSW (20th Apr 2015)

Very good service. AlojzCorioVIC (20th Apr 2015)

Timely survey. Very disappointed in the last shipment of plants to me. I have lost 3 x plants in this interstate shipment and the previous deliveries except for one had a plant on the brink of death which took months to recover from their delivery(?)ordeal. Perhaps it had to do with their small size(see below for plant to price ratio). Originally I said I would have said that I was a '3' as far as my dealings with Daleys but I can assure that I am now a '1'. In my most recent delivery I lost a female Kiwi which has upset me a bit. Having spent over a $1000 I think it prudent to comment on a couple of other things: 1) there should be no quota on certain plants. This exhibits lack of forethought and makes you look unprofessional. 2)I find you have and overpriced 'plant size to price ratio'. ie: Plants for the same size could be sourced much cheaper. I wonder if its a situation of customer is in WA so they wont know any better. Are you sending interstate customers smaller less sub-sufficient specimens? Okay got that off my chest. I think you need to follow up with interstate orders faster. Having said all of this I do still appreciate the service and access to plants. Kind regards. D. Raymond DarrenOcean ReefWA (19th Apr 2015)


I was on a waiting list for a special reed avocado tree i had been waiting some months then when I notified and tried to order my bankcard would not go through. So now i am on waiting list again for my reed avocado. It would have been great to contact someone by phone to let them understand the problem that I had. I have been waiting a very long time for my tree and now i have missed out till next time, which may be months away. Thanks valerie valerieNorth GregoryQLD (19th Apr 2015)

paying so much for postage and having a long wait time in Perth is a pain, but at least we can get your stuff! also my Yuzu had lots of leaf curl bugs when it arrived, but i chopped them all off and threw them away and none have returned. All trees doing very well thank you! MartineHamilton HillWA (19th Apr 2015)

There is no one to ring for a quick question although you always reply to email I must admit. But it is nice sometimes to have someone to talk to especially if it is a quick question. AnthonyHendersonWA (19th Apr 2015)

my emails were replied with speed and explained with good answer,s thank,s tony tonyUranganQLD (18th Apr 2015)

I have been buying plants from you for many years and they have been very healthy and my garden is filled with your trees and plants. Thanks ChrisZillmereQLD (18th Apr 2015)

The quality of all plants I ordered was high, they arrived well packaged and in the same condition as when they left the nursery. They've all survived transplanting and have continued to grow. I've recommended Daley's to friend and some have ordered. Thank you for providing a great product and service. BelindaSpringfieldNSW (18th Apr 2015)

Hi I have purchased lots of plants both at your nursery and via the web site. I like unusual edible and medicinal plants, and have at least 80 different types crammed into a house block and the nature strip. Howard. HowardBilambil HeightsNSW (18th Apr 2015)

I have always received excellent service from Daleys Nursery and I have recommended Daleys to family and friends. The staff are always helpful and fruit trees and plants arrive in very good condition. Plants usually arrive the day after leaving the nursery. Most of the fruit trees and plants I have in my orchard have been purchased from Daleys. Denise Carnes Burpengary. DeniseBurpengaryQLD (17th Apr 2015)

The plants are beautiful and healthy, and arrived carefully packaged. ZoeFairlightNSW (17th Apr 2015)

Thank you for your offer of a free plant - - - the choice you give me - is kind of you - but unsuitable.. I have only a small garden and larger trees are impossible to fiot.. Tropical plants are unsuitable for Melbourne.. When I buy plants I choose very carefully according to the size of my backyard and the climate.. So I have to decline this offer - and I still filled in your Survey.. All the best, Thank you EdithKewVIC (17th Apr 2015)

Did not have to deal with staff so i didnt answer that one... Trees are going well BrianColedaleNSW (17th Apr 2015)

All plants purchased have been healthy and have grown well (with only a few exceptions). Staff always helpful and friendly. GeoffTalarmNSW (17th Apr 2015)

Your Business is a best, It is like Christmas day when I have parcels from your nursery. Thank you, for very Good job. Regard Tamila TamilaLalor Park NSW (17th Apr 2015)

Would be nice to get planting tips in a booklet like the catalogue so all plants were covered. BruceGlenning ValleyNSW (16th Apr 2015)

Couldn't improve on your fantastic advice & service. JaneneLennox HeadNSW (16th Apr 2015)

I am continuously impressed by the variety of plants available! JulieParkesbourneNSW (16th Apr 2015)

I did't actually deal with any staff as interaction was all on line - so not sure how to rate that one. Trees arrived very quickly. Would have liked a printed fact sheet on the plants I ordered - like pref for planting and one thing - how far away from the next tree should I plant them. I couldn't find any useful info on line at the time of planting so what will be will be. I'd certainly buy from Daleys and recommend the on line store. FionaStreaky BaySA (15th Apr 2015)

The second order arrived in the same manner as the first; promptly with the plants safe, secured & healthy. My third order will follow today. PeterClevelandQLD (15th Apr 2015)

I love your service and products. It would be helpful if you could build in an alert when a plant is not suited to a particular postcode. I know its our responsibility, but sometimes a plant has come up as being bought by others in my area, and it turns out to be tropical plant coming to live in the frost and snow. Just sayin.... Many thanks for your fine work. I have many unusual trees thanks to you (and they sometimes do adapt!) CarolineLake BathurstNSW (14th Apr 2015)

Your plants arrived in excellent condition. I followed all the instructions and they seem to have establish themselves in the garden. BernadetteBellbowrieQLD (14th Apr 2015)

Thank for your wonderful service, I would order from you anytime and anywhere. thank you Regards Mel MeleiLoganleaQLD (13th Apr 2015)

nothing price right; timing excellent; service excellent; packing and postage best ever. Thank you. I want to put in another order which I thought I have done online but can't find it as you offered a new plant in which I have chosen the Stevia herb plant. Could you please send along with the other order in one pack. We will be away for the next week until the 22/04/2015 barbara MoominQLD (13th Apr 2015)

Fabulous site and I love being able to get an SMS to say the item is now in stock. Great service. JanNewboroughVIC (13th Apr 2015)

Very very happy with Daleys. All the plants I have ordered have arrived in beautiful condition, and all have thrived. LOVE the website! Dawn WangarattaVIC (13th Apr 2015)

All 5 for feedback and can I say, I've never had any issues with your business. It is run smoothly and the service is perfect. AndrewHarrisonACT (13th Apr 2015)

Quite happy with way nursery is run.Because of freight costs would like more plants in tube size. RaymondKilkivanQLD (13th Apr 2015)

Your Web pages were terrific in my being able to find and order my plants. They arrived soon after being ordered and were excellently wrapped for the postage and arrived in excellent condition. Obviously you have put much research into sending these plants. Since receiving the plants they are thriving excellently. I am very happy and was also very surprised at the vast range of plants to choose from. I would sincerely enjoy calling in for a closer look the next time I'm down that way. Thankyou. GrahamBellaraQLD(11th Apr 2015)

My order from Daleys were mainly mango and papaya plants. The quality of the plants were excellent - During the same time, I also bought three papaya plants from Bunning. Although Daleys is more expensive, the plants are healthier. Also the backup has been very fast - thanks, Kath. Website is very easy to access. I am looking for Thai and Keo Savoey ( I ordered the latter, but gave it away to a good friend. I guess I have to wait for this next year. Also bought 2 Noni plants several years back. Now they are fruiting like mad!! As a bonus, it appears to be a dwarf variety, very unlike the ones I had in Jakarta. michaelBirkdaleQLD (11th Apr 2015)

keep doing what you are doing gregQLD (11th Apr 2015)

easy to use and informative sight delivering excellent plants paulaWest Pennant HillsNSW (11th Apr 2015)

I purchased 2 Papaya plants in late Spring last year. Both plants are doing very well , and I'm sure they will bear fruit here in Sydney. I had a few questions at the time of purchase , and got excellent feedback from the Daley's staff. The packaging was great, and the plants survived the trip in top condition.As I wasn't able to plant them immediately, as I was going on a road trip, I took the plants away with me.I followed the care instructions that came with the plants , and all was well.This was my first purchase from daley's , but won't be my last. Keep up the good work !! GordonCastle HillNSW(11th Apr 2015)

I have ordered plants that have not thrived - one jaboticaba that was grafted and has still not fruited after some 8 years and was told the seedlings fruit earlier after some years. In that case I would have hoped to be offered a discount for the seedling Jabotica, especially as I have bought a lot of plants from Daleys. Mostly they have been good. Some more advice about how long till fruiting, need for pollinators, seasonal suitability and pests would be helpful in making better choices. Of course we need to find out which plants are suitable for our climate zones but easier if the advice is clear as I have spent a lot on plants that have not made it due to climate zone and pests. Some plants are just not worth growing in Sydney as they succumb to fruit fly no matter how hard you try to support them. Otherwise I ahve had a lot of joy from our plants from Daleys. MicheleEnmoreNSW (11th Apr 2015)

Provide more detailed fact sheets or links for bush tucker style plants GraemePort MadquarieNSW (11th Apr 2015)

All good was satisfied. I guess at a stretch I'd say more information about the plant and its growing conditions, preferred soil and... just more information would have been a really premium. Otherwise packaging and delivery / product all fab. Thanks. BrentDarlinghurstNSW (11th Apr 2015)

Stellar company...so inspiring as to what edibles are available it has opened up a whole new world for me. Love Daley's Fruits xxx Wendy B. central coast nsw wendyNoravilleNSW (10th Apr 2015)

Nothing really, the service was good, and the quality of the product is good though, it hasn't shot yet :-) CliffordTenterfieldNSW (10th Apr 2015)

Buying subtropical plants in autumn is always a risk in Melbourne. I won't be putting them in the ground until spring. The plants were in great condition. After potting up to the next size have put on good growth prior to winter in a sunny spot as you recommended in your instructions. LindsayNunawadingVIC (10th Apr 2015)

The yuzu tree arrived in excellent condition and it's thrived since planting it. I'm very impressed. SueToorakVIC (10th Apr 2015)

The pots are sometimes too small for the plants or they have outgrown them so they have to be repotted on arrival. The soil level in the pots is always too full and almost right to the top of the pot so it is difficult to water them effectively. The Plants on back order do not usually become available at the same time so it is difficult to combine orders to save on the freight. It would help if estimates of when the plants will be available could be advised, or if existing orders could be held longer to allow more time to combine orders. LintonNoble ParkVIC (10th Apr 2015)

This was my first ever online plant order and I was very happy with my plants. I would love to be able to buy Jujubes trees from you. I found a few links on your website do not work. For example "in stock now, click here" although I am not sure if that is my computer. Keep up the great work, Thank you StacyMelroseSA (8th Apr 2015)

I have purchased stock from Daleys on 3 occasions now and am consistently happy with all the plants I have received. Now that the price of shipping has dropped it is my go to place for all my subtropicals. RobWest FootscrayVIC (7th Apr 2015)

plants where sometimes wilting by the time,I picked them up,or they where delivered,other wise they have done will,most of the time. thank you for your quick service,cheers christopher crossley AnneElimbahQLD (5th Apr 2015)

We are extremely happy with the plants we have purchased from you over the last 3 years. The plants are a very good size and the quality has been excellent. A higher standard in our experience in comparison to other online nurseries. Regards Antoniette And Gerald AntonietteBoambee EastNSW (4th Apr 2015)

Can you text me when plants leave your place for delivery? Thanks Edward EdwardEaglebyQLD (4th Apr 2015)

I thought I had ordered a grafted macedamia tree. I do not think the tree I received is grafted. Would you check your records and let me know please? The tree I received is growing well julieWaratah WestNSW (4th Apr 2015)

I was very happy with the plants and the speed of delivery. I had no dealings with staff so that needs a NA option for me. The only negative I had was the inability to call and speak with staff to have questions answered. I was referred to Daleys by Cheryl Crotty, so am proof satisfied customers do indeed bring more customers. KiraneNorth RothburyNSW (4th Apr 2015)

you have an extremely efficient service.without the internet services,people like me would be very stuck.i wish you lots of luck in your business. keep up the good work.you also have very healthy stock. jenniferMurgonQLD (4th Apr 2015)

Just stay as professional as you are! It is so easy to choose online which trees you want and which suit your climatic zone. The well grown trees come in excellent condition packed so there is no chance of damage and take off as soon as they are planted out. I wouldn't buy anywhere else. liisaBargaraQLD (4th Apr 2015)

Keep up the good work. TonyWhiteman CreekNSW (4th Apr 2015)

I think you need to graft many more neem-trees the seem to sell very fast. here in Lightning Ridge you have to be sure to plant them on old mining holes, for there is what we call a steelband in the strata and the roots wont make it without a break in that band..Leopold LeopoldBill De BoerNSW (3rd Apr 2015)

It may just be my old browser but your web site sometimes glitches, especially on links like free postage, or some items in the side menu bar. Fantastic range of fruit trees, including rare and hard to get plants. Prices are very reasonable and all plants I have purchased have been healthy, even after freighting to NQ, and are all growing well. MorgainBrandonQLD (3rd Apr 2015)

Thanks for the A-grade service. Before shopping here I bought a few blueberry bushes from GardenExpress and they arrived in awfully small tubes and have barely grown in the months that I've had them. Since then I bought a blueberry, 3 raspberries and 2 youngberries from Daleys and all have arrived in great condition and large pots. I've recommended the site to a couple friends already. AndrewNorwoodSA (3rd Apr 2015)

It is very frustrating not being able to talk to someone by phone. I understand you don't want to have someone manning the phone all the time but maybe ring a customer when requested by email. My queries could have been answered by a quick 3 minute phone call but took a few days by emails because my questions were not answered properly. Cheers Mick MichaelTerranoraNSW (3rd Apr 2015)

We are very happy with the purchasers we have gotten from Daleys Nursery williamAndergroveQLD (3rd Apr 2015)

Service was very fast and perfect, plant was in great condition. Thanks I will definitely use you again. JanWellington PointQLD (3rd Apr 2015)

The graft union of two of the three babaco had a hole remaining at the graft site. This will allow water in and sit which may end up being a problem until it grows and seals, because the babaco is so tempermental. The nitrogen level was low in the two pauelo, so more osmocote/nutricote was needed. I used to run a wholesale nursery, plants like that would have never been sent out unless the customer was advised first. ralphBuderimQLD (3rd Apr 2015)

I love browsing your website. I just wish I had more room in my garden to fit in everything I want to try. I also find your youtube clips very informative. It did take a little while to get used to the idea that I couldn't phone you for advice, but my emails (online queries) have been very well handled and responded to, so it doesn't concern me any more. Thank you for your wonderful service. DawnWangarattaVIC (3rd Apr 2015)

I was very impressed by the total experience and the two Verbena plants were very well packed and arrived in great condition - and in impressive time. I could not have asked for more. I would have scored quality as a 5 - but I thought the plants were a little "leggier" than I expected - but I say this in complete ignorance of Verbena but I'm sure you will understand. My sincere 'thank you' and I wish your enterprise every success. RichardRichardDaisy HillQLD (1st Apr 2015)

The tea plants were all at the same height even though i ordered one at the bigger size Thuy TienCondell ParkNSW (31st Mar 2015)

need more info on plants that are in production and advance order. CindyMawson LakesSA (31st Mar 2015)

I have a small garden and rent. Your range of small edible plants that can be grown in pots and bear fruit or produce a crop is great. The plants are healthy and arrive in good condition. I recommend you to all my friends. Dylan North BoovalQLD (30th Mar 2015)

The tree was in excellent condition and is growing well. The packaging was fabulous and it was shipped quickly so arrived in very good shape. The website description was very helpful and easy to follow. I recommend Daley's to anyone looking for top quality plants. Thank you AlexisTweed Heads SouthNSW (30th Mar 2015)

Nothing, you have a great website and plants arrive quickly in perfect condition. LynBalgownieNSW (30th Mar 2015)

This was my second purchase. I'm happy and I will buy again from them. Wong Weng Kwai weng kwaiDoncaster EastVIC (30th Mar 2015)

good product and good service. THANKS PaulBromptonSA (30th Mar 2015)

freight has always been a consideration. with the introduction of free freight on some items i have been much more likely to order items that i would like to try. love the new clear packaging the plants arrived in. alyceMia MiaVIC (30th Mar 2015)

I was very impressed with how fresh and healthy the plants were when they arrived. Also they were larger than I expected for the price. Thank you. I will definitely be making future purchases. GeorgieMillthorpeNSW (29th Mar 2015)

The purchase of my dwarf mandarin plant was trouble free but it is too early to tell how fruitful the plant might be. Previously I purchased a chocolate fruit tree from you & it hasn't been too successful as it doesn't tolerate our hot summers, the fruit burn. GlendaOxenfordQLD (29th Mar 2015)

The reason I have shopped with you guys for years is that I think everything that you do is of a high standard. Plant production, quality, customer service, additional services, the website, preordering, notifying, Daleys is a company I tell everyone one about-rave about!! donnaHorsfield BayNSW (29th Mar 2015)

It is so convenient, plants arrive in great condition. Forget going to a nursery when there is such a great service. Some 3 years ago I bought 3 coffee trees and they are now bearing their second crop. One tree is all berries or are they beans? Three papaya arrived beginning of the year and are growing like wildfire. Am sure in 12 months they will be fruiting PaulMosmanNSW (29th Mar 2015)

Thanks - very good service. ColinMount Gravatt EastQLD (29th Mar 2015)

I thought your service was excellent and I was very happy with the quality of the plants. My only issue was your instructions prior to planting (i.e. leave in full sun) lead to sun burn and loss of plants. AndrePullenvaleQLD (29th Mar 2015)

The reason I have shopped with you guys for years is that I think everything that you do is of a high standard. Plant production, quality, customer service, additional services, the website, preordering, notifying, Daleys is a company I tell everyone one about-rave about!! donnaHorsfield BayNSW (29th Mar 2015)

My only reservation is that I'd prefer to buy from a local nursery. Well done you guys. I have some trees on hold and would love to know when they will be available ; can you advise . Thanks! RobynSt LuciaQLD (29th Mar 2015)

I have been really pleased with everything, especially the health and vigour of the mailed plants. Thank you. KateBondi JunctionNSW (28th Mar 2015)

I have already passed on your name to friends for all the above reasons, 5 out of 5. Healthy plants, good advice, helpful staff, prompt. Packaging is great, plants always arrive looking happy and healthy. Alison. Invergowrie, N.S.W AlisonInvergowrieNSW(28th Mar 2015)

Can't think of anything, I was very pleased with the service and the product. Thank you very much. Can't answer dealings with staff as all was done over Internet. RobertMount WarrigalNSW (28th Mar 2015)

I'm a very happy customer. Thank you very much for the fast service and the fanstatic packaging. AnnSouth TurramurraNSW (28th Mar 2015)

More videos ! Information on root size, size of trees or photos of grown trees would be helpful. Example I would love to have a carambola tree but I'm afraid the rrots will destroy the garage pathway... CarlosBuderimQLD (28th Mar 2015)

Good to get what we paid for online. alanBurpengaryQLD (28th Mar 2015)

I love Daleys. I have stocked almost my entire garden of 20+ fruit trees from Daleys. They are always prompt, excellent communicators and the plants arrive in top condition.KateTarragindiQLD (27th Mar 2015)

I think a usefull addition to the plant description would be to include the size the plant would grow to. ie 2 metres 6 metres etc. Otherwise everything is excellent justinBrightonQLD (27th Mar 2015)

 I really can't complain, so I highly recomend Daleysfruit, for everyone who is interested in gardening... Anthony AndrewAmamoorQLD (25th Mar 2015)

Beautiful tree!! It is growing really well in it's new home. ZoeTorontoNSW (25th Mar 2015)

I have usually been happy with Daleys quality of plant material, the systems you use and the staff that help. Thanks. Cheers, Rob RobBentleigh EastVIC (25th Mar 2015)

All trees purchased are doing well. No complaints. DionneChildersQLD (24th Mar 2015)

I purchased 2 lemon verbena plants. One as a gift and the other for myself. Both lemon verbena plants died. The stems were dry in 3 days and after much watering it didnt survive. I rang my friend who I gifted one to thinking that maybe it just mine but hers had also died. We both had followed the instructions that came with the trees but no success. NaziraOatlandsNSW (24th Mar 2015)

Great stuff guys, keep it coming... RegDyers CrossingNSW (24th Mar 2015)

Love all the information you provide on plants ? trees / pruning etc.Very easy to use site full of great info !! AndrewMuswellbrookNSW (24th Mar 2015)

The that your website is messy but I could be picky because i do shop online alot. But the service and system you have in place are awesome. CindySmithfieldNSW (23rd Mar 2015)

Have been very pleased with all my purchases HelgaBellingenNSW (22nd Mar 2015)

1 of the plants we purchased died within 2 weeks, and we had to buy a minimum of 4 Hoop pines, (I only wanted 2) even though we bought 5 other plants. LinCoopers PlainsQLD (22nd Mar 2015)

I found your service and the quality of the plants I purchased excellent. I was impressed in how carefully my purchase was packaging. Eva EvaVictoria PointQLD (22nd Mar 2015)

please ensure that my next mango plant purchase that the leaves are fully matured. The last grafted Kwan mango the new leaf growth was very immature and delicate. Otherwise everything is excellent. Can you get some new grafted varieties of mangoes like "Maha Chanok", "Tong Dum also known as Black Gold", "Mallika", "Caraboa". Regards Jack JackDenistoneNSW (22nd Mar 2015)

Excellent packaging , speedy delivery and very detailed planting and growing instructions . A pleasure to do business with. AlistairHarrington ParkNSW (22nd Mar 2015)

I dont like having to text questions, its nice to talk with people.But I understand its easier for you. ralphBuderimQLD (22nd Mar 2015)

Love your selection. Would have liked to order your blood oranges and other citrus but went to citrusmen.online instead as they were able to ship to South Australia. Overall I have told friends about your site, very happy with the fast postage and healthy trees, my mulberry has fruit already. Thank you, from Christine. ChristineWhyallaSA (21st Mar 2015)

A very good site overall. Speed of arrival of plants is better than anyone else I have tried. EdenStewarts RiverNSW (21st Mar 2015)

Plants were of good quality, well packaged and arrived in perfect condition RonaldCoffs HarbourNSW (21st Mar 2015)

The Australia Post side was the slight let down. My pepper vine sat in a post office for the weekend, despite you having sent it with plently of time for them to deliver before that. It looked a little limp as a result, but after a good watering it was fine and has grown well since! Your packaging worked a treat for protecting the plant. Thanks PeterCedar CreekQLD (21st Mar 2015)

I have always found the trees that I have bought from Daleys top quality lynetteCliftonQLD (21st Mar 2015)

great service and products however we could not order more than one and was asked to state in comments section that we wanted more, so we did, however next day your staff contacted to tell me that stock was sold out so we only got one when your website said there were four left when we ordered out one plant. BradSouth GraftonNSW (21st Mar 2015)

the plants turned up in very good condition glenChildersQLD (20th Mar 2015)

I was surprised by the speedy delivery and the packaging that ensured my fruit trees were in top condition when they were delivered. I can get species the bursaries in my area don't bother with. I highly recommend daley's to fellow gardeners. ChrisWorrigeeNSW (20th Mar 2015)

I use quite a few online order companies and Daley's is by far the most professional company out there! The staff give great advice, the plants arrive very well packed and get here so quickly. Don't hesitate to buy from Daley's. GeoffGretaNSW (20th Mar 2015)

I visited Daley's numerous times from your early beginning, and recent purchasers and always had the very best of service and interesting discussions. Now moved from the Tweed Valley and retired in Forestdale 2kms south of the Brisbane border I purchase by mail order. Nothing has changed your service and plants are still the very best. Cheers Gil May GilbertForestdaleQLD (20th Mar 2015)

Sometimes I feel I miss out on a particular plant. because I want to complete the order. Possible to reserve by paying a fee? steveBanksiaNSW (20th Mar 2015)

Never ordered plants online to be delivered, always a bit sceptical what quality and timeframe would be like but plant was there within about two days and absolutely beautiful little orangeberry bush inside. Very satisfied with mail ordering and will definitely be doing it again. Regards Donnan donnanBoronia HeightsQLD (20th Mar 2015)

I was very impressed with how fresh and healthy the plants were when they arrived. Also they were larger than I expected for the price. Thank you. I will definitely be making future purchases. GeorgieMillthorpeNSW (19th Mar 2015)

I have had multiple orders from Daleys and have always been very impressed with the quality of the plants and with the care taken in packaging the order. I am happy to recommend Daleys Nursery. KelvinParkwoodQLD (18th Mar 2015)

I cannot wait for the fruit trees to grow. We will wait to do our front fence before we buy anymore plants. DaleColedaleNSW (18th Mar 2015)

I am growing a Sofia, custard apple, 2 types of paw paws, and star fruit in Adelaide and there growing well. The ca had flowers on it last season and expecting fruit this year. The paw paws will fruit as well as long as I keep the frost of them, that's why I am growing them in pots. I have many other plants I have purchased from Dailys and very happy with. Thanks WindartiSalisburySA (18th Mar 2015)

The quality of the trees I bought would have been excellent on dispatch But my shipment was dispatched on a Tuesday and I did not receive them until the following Monday.Had they been dispatched Monday and arrived by Friday I think they would have been in better condition IanAltona MeadowsVIC (18th Mar 2015)

A visit to your orchard which features on your videos it would show clients what the plants grow into. ChrisBall BayQLD (17th Mar 2015)

The quick add to cart feature wouldn't work on the suggested plants. Love the service and the you tube channel. Always bragging to friends in cooktown about you! DavidCooktownQLD (16th Mar 2015)

I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of plants and ease of service from Daleys. I have already recommended you to my friends. Expected date that out of stock plants will be available would be great. Cheers Neil NeilBunyaQLD (16th Mar 2015)

At some stage before my purchase I was hoping to talk to someone rather than just communicate via e-mail, in the end I had to make a rushed decision before all the plants were sold. But otherwise I'm quite satisfied with my purchase but its early days yet. PaulTomakinNSW (16th Mar 2015)

nothing really except , give me more free trees . because im not so good with the computer and couldnt work out how to order on line , your staff were great with helping me over the phone , - i have no complaints . very happy , thankyou RobynEwingsdaleNSW (16th Mar 2015)

I was very excited to be able to purchase a buddahs hand from you guys, I could not find it anywhere else. You have such a wonderful range of trees and I will certainly be buying from you again in the future. Cheers, Sarah sarahBelgrave SouthVIC (16th Mar 2015)

Very happy with service. JohnLower MitchamSA (16th Mar 2015)

wurtz avocado rootstock only pencil thickness, top somewhat thicker,not well matched, will be very whippy for some time, nevertheless OK and has advanced already. Not really complaining. FrankKingscoteSA (16th Mar 2015)

I was extremely pleased with my dealings with your company, your service, the quality of the plant I purchased and I intend to purchase more plants from you in the future. I have already passed on your details to my family also as they would also like to purchase plants from you in the future. KathKincumberNSW (16th Mar 2015)

Excellent service. Great variety of plants. ThaoCapalabaQLD (16th Mar 2015)

Im an old fashion person and prefer when I have questions regarding either the plant or delivery of a plant I like to communicate one on one with a phone call. hassanWoodridgeQLD (16th Mar 2015)

2 out of 4 of my salak palms died within 2 weeks carlMajors CreekQLD (16th Mar 2015)

Hard to click out of 1-5, I was quite annoyed that it took a week for the plants to come when we live 2 hours away and they looked quite beat up and one was broken but they all revived and are still alive. I suspect they went to Willowvale and we live in Willow Vale 4209 Stupid but happens all the time even when you have the right post code people are in a hurry and so it is RobertWillow ValeQLD (15th Mar 2015)

Flawless website, flawless products. I work in a garden centre and buy things off here for myself. All the staff at work i tell love your site and products as well. Good work! JoshMona ValeNSW (15th Mar 2015)

I love Daleys, much better than another website my neighbour used to provide a gift for me. The plant was out of season, the advice told me to plant it in Winter, when they sent it in Summer, after I queried, then waited two weeks to be told to plant it now. It perished.steveConcordNSW (15th Mar 2015)

I have purchased plants from you for many years now and have been very satisfied with the quality and varieties you provide. If there is one 'improvement', if I may call it that it would be in the area of availability of some of the more 'specialized' varieties. Some plants, eg cashew nut,seem to be rarely offered but are always 'in production' or 'awaiting suitable rootstock'. I recognize the different challenges in growing some types of plants but to have a rough idea as to when plants like this might become available would allow for better planning and planting options. Thankyou. johnAgnes BanksNSW (15th Mar 2015)

I love buying your plants. They arrive in good condition, ready to plant. Love the range too, makes choosing very difficult. I just need someone to dig the holes for me then I can have more, perhaps you could add that to the shop, hire of an able bodied person for a day or two. :) HelenWest KempseyNSW (15th Mar 2015)

Your web site will not allow a purchase from Ipad GregRed HillQLD (15th Mar 2015)

When I have a quick question it would be so much easier to be able to phone someone and ask - though I assume that you put in place the email method because you couldn't get anything done answering too many phone calls. When paying for additonal plants on an order the PayPal screen shows the full amount of the total order, as if you are paying for the first portion of the order again, which gives me pause about whether to pay it or not wondering if it is a mistake. The email that arrives after the payment shows the corrected amount but it would be good if there was some explanation of this as when this happened to me I considered abandoning the order of extra plants as I could not call anyone to see whether this was a mistake. I love your plants and they arrive healthy and better than ones I can pick out myself here in a nursery in Canberra - I've got an indoor-ish collection of exotic rainforest edibles now which I can't get here and I have been VERY impressed with the plant size, quality and packing. I have used lots of mail order plant companies and some (very well known ones I might add) have sent me plants I would consider as barely rooted cuttings, plants that have been so pot bound I've had to cut the pots open, or 'trees' so tiny and forked that I'd rather compost them rather than plant a problem tree. I have been so happy to get such great plants from Daley's - when your boxes arrive I am excited to open them. When I got plants elsewhere I got used to being apprehensive to open them. This plant reward was a nice surprise too. I am looking forward to buying loads of bare rooted plants soon. Thanks CassandraUriarraACT (15th Mar 2015)

Hello, I would love more videos and detailed information about about how you would care/plant your plant. And anything you should do to ensure the health of the plant, especially concerning hot weather/ frost etc and growing plants in areas not native to that area. But otherwise excellent. Live the extensive range/ information in all one place. Live the email/SMS notifications. People were shocked I bought such great plants online and they were posted!! AlisonHamlyn HeightsVIC (14th Mar 2015)

I have discovered a work colleague in leonhatha who buys from you. Very disappointed with australia post delivery. I collected one hour before i received the email to say it was ready for pick up. The plant leaves were bruised and limp four leaves dropping off. I think it will recover but will be using couriers plus again next time as plants arrive undtressef pamelaNarre Warren NorthVIC (14th Mar 2015)

The website could properly do with a upgrade. NathanKingsgroveNSW (14th Mar 2015)

More plant growing information would be lovely. Especially if you could grow the tree as a hedge, pollination partners and so on. SarahBundaberg SouthQLD (14th Mar 2015)

High standard, high quality and first rate service. Hard to improve on that. LizHillsideVIC (14th Mar 2015)

I was very impressed with the quality of the plants and also the way they were packaged. When they had arrived there was no damage. They were safe and secure. They are growing beautifully. The instructions which came with them was a great help. One thing which would help someone like myself who is starting off with growing my own produce is a print out of plants which would grow well, encourage and get best results from the plants purchased for the particular area in which they will be planted. JodieKellyville NSW (14th Mar 2015)

I haven't had much contact with staff (nor needed it) as I simply knew what I wanted and ordered it from the web site; all plants arrived healthy and well packed. Couriers reasonably efficient - though it's a little hard to know exactly when to expect them. StephenBunjurgenQLD (14th Mar 2015)

I would like to thank you for making wonderful and reasonably priced plants available. Your range is fantastic and I will always buy from you when I can. VickiSingletonNSW (14th Mar 2015)

An excellant service and a great choice and quality of plants. wayneLandsboroughQLD (14th Mar 2015)

The instructions said the tea plants were sun hardy. They weren't. I live near Noosa, and planted them exactly as instructed...exactly, but three of the plants immediately lost most of their leaves...they turned brown and dry. Only one, after two months has shown any signs of growth. One tried to put up a flower, that died and is now dead. When I realised they needed shade, it was too late, I might get one decent plant out of the four if I'm lucky. peterCooranQLD (14th Mar 2015)

Can't think of anything AnthonyCroydonNSW (14th Mar 2015)

Every plant and tree I bought from Daleys by online order- arrived in perfectly good health,and the fruit trees are all bearing good quality fruit by the ton that I can share with my family and indeed the whole village! Rosalie Meerschaum ValeNSW (13th Mar 2015)

You are really great to do business with. DebbieEdmontonQLD (13th Mar 2015)

Very happy with the quality of the plants you sent me. I have potted them all on into larger pots pending us moving into our home. In the heat & humidity of the Cairns summer they have bolted and a probably now twice the size in a matter of months. Yes, I will be purchasing again, soon. JanieBentley ParkQLD (13th Mar 2015)

It would be good to be sent a progress email, to let us know when our order will arrive, posted or delayed. I had to call to find out my order had been held up. The website makes it hard for you to call if you need help. I had to look up your number on another website. gailWest PymbleNSW (13th Mar 2015)

Excellent service. Have bought lots of trees from you guys and am running out of room to plant more, my 3 acres is turning into a forest ! RonMangrove CreekNSW (13th Mar 2015)

My purchase was made on line, I had no issues at all, very good service and communication. PhillipBrightonSA (13th Mar 2015)

My trees are beautiful and so healthy. I have purchased other trees at the same time from other nurseries and the health of the trees were poor compared to my Daley's fruit tree. Beautiful health green foliage, blemish free, the trees have bounced ahead at a time when our area is in drought.. I will certainly be purchasing again. Your tips and videos on your website are also fantastic. Thank you for helping me get my orchard started. I hope to be sharing beautiful fruit with my family soon. AmandaTamboQLD(13th Mar 2015)

I've recommended quitea lot of friends to makie purchases from Daley's, especially when seeking specific varieties cf. those sold at roadside fruit markets. Well done all1 LeanneBald KnobQLD (13th Mar 2015)

I was very pleased with the plants. Not pleased about the delivery....left front door and I'm on a main road. I thought that it would go to the nearest post office. The website is OK but before I purchased I had to do a lot of Google because I didn't get a response to my question was my purchase of choc. Pudding tree Ok for Victorian climate. I went ahead anyway but pleased with all my plants. Thank you MaryMerndaVIC (13th Mar 2015)

im very happy to use your service and will be purchasing 2x plants around 26th march .regards greg gregBeachmereQLD (13th Mar 2015)

I've already been telling everyone interested in buying plants about you. I found it very difficult to find what I was after in Sydney and the 5 odd plants I ordered from you were delivered quickly and packed up very well for transport. The instructions on arrival were appreciated and they are growing well. My only complaint is that my dog is eating all the strawberries while I am at work but that it clearly not your issue! :) Am looking forward to purchasing a vanilla vine and many other plants from you in the future. AnnieDover HeightsNSW (12th Mar 2015)

Very impressed with the quality and speedy service. On the website,everyone looks very happy to be working at Daleys. I never consider anywhere else when looking to buy excellent plants jennYambaNSW (12th Mar 2015)

Keep up the good work! NickSheldonQLD (12th Mar 2015)

Really impressed. No need for the free gift. John JohnHughesACT (11th Mar 2015)

Great service. It was a pleasure to do business with you MILTONCharlestownNSW(11th Mar 2015)

Excellent quality trees. All trees planted are doing well. DionneChildersQLD (11th Mar 2015)

I find some of the bigger trees have very small containers which affects the size of the roots this then affects the plant when potted up as they are not in proportion, this is obviously to try to keep weight down for transport but ultimately it affects the plant. Your website could have a section of all edible plants rather than have to go in and out of different sections CherylBitternVIC (10th Mar 2015)

Well packed and appreciated the planting info and tips, thanks charmaineTanawhaQLD (9th Mar 2015)

Difficulty in contacting staff re plant question GregTintenbarNSW (9th Mar 2015)

I placed a request for a plant which wasn't available immediately, thought it had been forgotten, but got a call and apology and email months later, very good follow up system and customer service BrianBurleigh WatersQLD (8th Mar 2015)

In all honesty I can't find anything to complain about. The staff are always courteous and helpful. The website is easy to manoeuvre around. The fruit plant is delivered the day after being picked up by 'Couriers Please' so they always arrive in great condition. The size of the plants is value for money. The only thing I would like to see added is info on whether to plant in full sun /part shade. Thanks Denise DeniseBurpengaryQLD (8th Mar 2015)

I have recommended you to friends. Regards Chris Chris WillowbankQLD (8th Mar 2015)

You have always been most informative and helpful. Thanks meg(8th Mar 2015)

great trees andrewIndooroopillyQLD (8th Mar 2015)

there was a delay in delivery because the tree ended up at the wrong post office - i was able to find it because it was tracked and i had to contact this post office to ask that my plant be delivered. The plant was correctly addressed, the post office got it wrong. fortunately the plant was so well packed it withstood the nearly 3 weeks it took to get to me and it has settled into our garden. shirleyBadger CreekVIC (7th Mar 2015)

I placed a request for a plant which wasn't available immediately, thought it had been forgotten, but got a call and apology and email months later, very good follow up system and customer service BrianBurleigh WatersQLD (7th Mar 2015)

Your staff and your service are exemplary. We love dealing with you guys. I know why you do things the way you do, but not being able to call you can be a pain sometimes. We know it ties people up answering the phone. That would be the only thing we would improve. Well done. We are customers for life. Michelle and Graham Hood. michelleGavenQLD (7th Mar 2015)

All plants from you have been in excellant condition when they arrived. And keep on growing when planted, MyEatons HillQLD (7th Mar 2015)

It was all good williamSwanseaNSW (7th Mar 2015)

Love Daley's Fruits and what you do. You have opened me to a world of new possibilities and i am buying trees i never new i could have for my garden. Very exciting and totally delightful. Thank you sooo much Daley's and all the staff.xxx wendyNoravilleNSW (7th Mar 2015)

My husband and I have been buying plants from Daley's fruit farm for many years and have not lost one plant we have bought.That speaks for itself.The delivery is allways on time and in good conition. I have no complaints about the service.And I love your website. nancyLake HeightsNSW (7th Mar 2015)

There's not much you can do to improve the article and service to me. I've had very small loss, better than my local nursery service. Overall I use you and your product because their good. KenBenarkin NorthQLD (7th Mar 2015)

Australia post let you down with slack delivery time but plants reached us in good condition BrianBongareeQLD (7th Mar 2015)

All plants arrived happy And are all growing well Thanks fabrizioMilduraVIC (7th Mar 2015)

My first purchase of a fruit tree from Daleys. Well packed and tree arrived in excellent condition and is doing well. Will definitely buy again. GeoffRipleyQLD (6th Mar 2015)

You are doing a great job! Keep it up! :) AndreaLenswoodSA (6th Mar 2015)

l was extremely satisfied with the online ordering system & prompt, safe delivery of my quality plants. Provided as part of packaging good after sales support(climatising my seedlngs) prior to planting and they are all thriving well. l will definately continue buying for your nursery JenniferGreens CreekQLD (6th Mar 2015)

Was very happy with all parts of your service: informative website, fair delivery cost, excellent plant care instructions and came quickly once disptched. Thought the packaging for out Indian Almond was very clever as it supported the tree well. LisaCape PatersonVIC (6th Mar 2015)

Rare plants at a great price! What more can you want! After my migration to Melbourne, I dont get to just buy my local food because it's just isnt here but thanks to Daleys I at least get to grow some of the fruits I grew up with from back home Borneo! ChienAbbotsfordVIC (6th Mar 2015)

Daleys I stumbled upon your website. I received my consignment just as I thought on time and healthy plant. Love your service, you have some wonderful collections. Thank you Chethan chethanAshwoodVIC (6th Mar 2015)

I have been very happy with all aspects of my interaction with Daleys - and my plants have settled in easily and are growing well. TrishLane Cove NorthNSW (6th Mar 2015)

Speed of Service, the arrival of the White Jacaranda took some time. That may have been related to its preparation?? Occasional emailed commentary would be good. Dealings with staff was excellent in quality but somewhat lacking in frequency. Every couple of weeks a short reassuring email would be nice. The Website is a little complex to the less familiar enquirer. The content is very good, just the lay out seemed complex. You have my whole hearted support with referrals, I have sent your Website on to 70 contacts. Kind regards,  DonCabooltureQLD (6th Mar 2015)

This is the only place ever buy fruit plants. I love the quality and because they are usually small they grow fast and take hold. Have only had three deaths and they were chicken related not due to quality. Seems they like mulberries. BronwynBallendellaVIC (6th Mar 2015)

I have bought so many plants from Daleys Nursery and never once disappointed. The delivery is punctual, plants are in a good condition when arrived. The notification plant option is one of the best service I love, all I need is just wait for an msg or email to let me know my plants are ready to order!! love it,,..thanks to Daleys Nursery LaongDover GardensSA (6th Mar 2015)

Really happy with the quality of the plants that I have received - they have all been really healthy. The packaging is also excellent with helpful advice. You're my first choice for any plants I need! Thanks :) ChelseaLoxtonSA (2nd Mar 2015)

I don't know really. Increase range perhaps but generally keep doing what you are dong. PhilKalangNSW (1st Mar 2015)

Hi, your website needs tweaking as it was a little bit painful going back and forth to make the purchase. Trees are thriving. Thanks Manish Manish PenrithNSW (1st Mar 2015)

This is my first order from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery and I must say the service and dispatch time is outstanding. The quality of the plants is fantastic and the way they have been packaged up for transport is very impressive, in fact an ‘art form’. It is evident that Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery have really considered what the customer is seeking in terms of ordering online and made every effort to deliver this. Thank you very much and no doubt I will be ordering from you again. Karen KarenBinjuraNSW (26th Feb 2015)

Amazing service thankyou for doing a great job :) My pop loves gardening and can't access internet but I purchased him a product mag back in December and he tells me he's found 40+ species in there that he is really keen to add to his garden! So Will back on your website soon to find them (lol) It's very nice to see him excited and everytime he's talking about your magazine and all the different speices he's interested about :) thankyou again! Chantal Preston QLD (24th Feb 2015)

When I ordered my plant was not in stock however I left my details and I was notified by Daleys Fruit. Within 3 days my plant was delivered in a tall box, healthy and fresh. I have planted it in our backyard and it is growing well. I cant wait it to start bearing fruits. I have also surprised my family by ordering dwarf fruit trees and have them delivered at their place. I will certainly recommend to everyone reading my feedback, please do not hesitate to place your order. I can rely on Daleys Fruit and you can also trust them for a good service. AjnilBoondallQLD (23rd Feb 2015)


There's nothing i can add to make things better, because everything is tops. The plants are received in superb condition, sent swiftly and your staff if i need to contact are just great. Thank you Daleys Raine LorraineAldershotQLD (21st Feb 2015)

I was very pleased with your service. The plants arrived quickly and in good health. The packaging was excellent. Being on the NSW mid-north coast, and Comboyne to boot(!), the plant descriptions still left me with a lot of guesswork as to their suitability for our location. I really don't know how you deal with this. I wonder if any other horticulturalists have some leads which could be helpful to you. JohnComboyneNSW (20th Feb 2015)

Excellent service right through the only thing was the delivery which is slightly out of your hands took a little longer than expected and only made it to the local service station as freight company said they don't come to the beach's I had to go and collect distance approx. 17km. CraigGarners BeachQLD (20th Feb 2015)

With all my purchases I have had excellent service with plants that are very healthy, any questions have had a quick response. Thanks Rgds AlanB alanGlenbrookNSW (19th Feb 2015)

Did not have any dealings with staff. Website is excellent - classification of different plants for different purposes and climates is great. Plants were beautiful andhealthy on arrival thank you LisaSkinners ShootNSW (18th Feb 2015)

Disappointed to receive plants that seemed to be diseased. Wampee and longan had yellowing leaves with brown spots on undersides. ?? Mites. Luckily other plants ok although cinnamon looked quite droopy and unhappy for a while, don't know why. All recovering at present following treatment. LuciaTennyson PointNSW (17th Feb 2015)

Sometimes I find parts of the website difficult to navigate. However I find the customer feedback on each plant a great bonus! SteveKariongNSW (17th Feb 2015)

I don't remember ringing and talking to staff - however your staff must be good cause plants I bought are thriving and very healthy. Thank you. DianneThe HillNSW (17th Feb 2015)

Perfect service, great quality, but took longer to receive than my orders from other online nurseries, which is not a big issue at all. Thank you for the voucher. DannyBrisbane AirportQLD (17th Feb 2015)

The whole transaction was brilliant. A friend recommended your site and I ordered the tree as a gift for my dad for Christmas. Delivery was speedy, the tree itself was in excellent shape (and remained so even though I left it wrapped for Christmas), it even has fruit on it right now! So SO happy. BrieEast GosfordNSW (17th Feb 2015)

You have a great website, fast shipping, and excellent quality plants. Do you do wholesale orders? GilesCrestmeadQLD (17th Feb 2015)

Very professional with a personal touch. Other than keeping up with demand, its a great service and endorsement of a quality nursery. BOYDNewrybarNSW (17th Feb 2015)

I know it's hard to stock everything all the time! but I'm findign the plants I want are often not in stock. I would like to be able to order them and have them delivered all at once when they are all available. SandrineAnnerleyQLD (17th Feb 2015)

Top plants. Well packaged for safe delivery. Plants are still very healthy and growing well. Definitely recommend buying from Daleys. Rohini YoungNSW (17th Feb 2015)

I didn't have to have contact with stff as everything was handled online I especially liked the 'care on arrival' instructions because the tree I ordered was a present and had to be cared for until Christmas Day OliviaManlyNSW (17th Feb 2015)

Then plant took longer than expected to arrive (perhaps because it was near Christmas) and the plant was very heat stressed when it arrived. Luckily, I managed to bring ti back to life and it is doing OK now. It might be wise to avoid sending plants at this time of year due to the heat. JenniferEast AlburyNSW (17th Feb 2015)

Would buy from you, or recommend you any time. Cheers VincentBalgownieNSW(17th Feb 2015)

All was perfect and my trees are already fruiting!! Thank you ☺️ DayleRedcliffeQLD(16th Feb 2015)

The package was excellent and having tracking attached helped as well. I will be definately be buying from you again. Thankyou so much KarenNorlaneVIC (16th Feb 2015)

The plants you sent were beautiful, healthy lush specimens which I'm very happy with. The only feedback of a constructive nature would be that some of the plant entries on the site don't show obviously visible growing size that's important to small yard growers. Thnaks for your lovely plants!! SahajaPort ElliotSA (16th Feb 2015)

Wonderful service. PaulBromptonSA (16th Feb 2015)

Great Service, and excellent quality plants. I would not purchase anywhere else. Web information is really helpful when choosing the appropriate product and the additional notes make the choice a lot easier. RegDyers CrossingNSW (16th Feb 2015)

Hello all, Overall I find the quality of your plants high and they are shipped well. I have had the rare plant where quality could have been better. I think you are friendly, very helpful and you have a very interesting range of plants. Thanks, Rob RobBentleigh EastVIC (16th Feb 2015)

You could have talked me into buying more as I regret I didn't! GarryAthelstoneSA(16th Feb 2015)

Already recommended you to a few friends who have purchased from you. Highly recommended for quality, variety and service. Thanks DebKiama HeightsNSW (14th Feb 2015)

How can it be that plants I've waited months for are ready a few days after i receive an order? Id like to see approximate times for in production and somewhere to view my requested plants no signup passwords or forums please. google is great but the more plant growing info the better, soil types, fert requirements and especially widths. what about a coming soon list. Just suggestions you are doing a great job but the easier you make it for the customer the better. VincentDoonanQLD (13th Feb 2015)

just keep up the good work - great plants - happy customers :-) GeorgeEudloQLD(13th Feb 2015)

Very professional service and quality of trees are excellent including the back up services. You really know your products. Sincerely, Cora of Lyndhurst, NSW. CORAZONLyndhurstNSW (12th Feb 2015)

It would be great to get some info on what to expect from the plant when it will flower best position what to feed it etc. JeffCrestmeadQLD (11th Feb 2015)

Daleys was my first purchase of fruit trees online and I can honestly say the service was flawless,from starting my search the information provided was extremely helpful,(ie information regarding A+B type avocadoes to maximize fruiting etc !!) Payment was extremely simple with receipts and email flags along the way,right up to receiving the trees,well packed,(which only took a week !!!) I would have no hesitation using Daleys in the future and have saved them in my favorites for future reference... Thank you guys..... wrinkly1... RichardRegents ParkQLD (11th Feb 2015)

Cant fault anything really... plenty of info provided on your site to enable customers to make good decisions...my Brazilian cherry arrived in good order... cheers wayne wayneEverton HillsQLD (11th Feb 2015)

thanks you guys are the best LynetteElizabeth BayNSW (11th Feb 2015)

All good thanks. ScottRutherfordNSW (11th Feb 2015)

You are the GO TO place for food plants in Australia ! stevenChandlerQLD (11th Feb 2015)

I live in an apartment on the top floor which has no doors at the stairs access so its easily accessible. The plants were left in my parking space, which is an open space with many other parking spaces. I would prefer the plants to be either delivered and left outside my door, or a note left for pick up. Where it was left it could easily be stolen. Other than that everything else was good. connieQueanbeyan EastNSW (11th Feb 2015)

I used the website so didn't deal with staff. Plants excellent quality. Only problem was the website says to look for more plants before you finish the order and postage which makes you think more plants means cheaper postage but it doesn't do that, it just charges a flat rate for every tree. It would be better if that was clearer up front, so I can keep track of spending as I shop. IngridWeston CreekACT (11th Feb 2015)

I was initially a bit frustrated as I just wanted to speak with someone about my order to clarify a couple of points. Once I got the call from your staff I was very satisfied. I bought 100 pecans and all 100 are still alive so very happy. I hope the same happens when I purchase my next 100. Cheers Craig CraigThe WhitemanNSW (10th Feb 2015)

I would to see a more cheaper couriers so I can buy more plants I always need to buy more plants. Here in North western suburbs in Sydney wether is very extreme intense hot weather and heavy frosts many plants do not make it. even looking after them with shelters cannot be save it. I like more variety specially rare types of plants fruits,and please more crafted types of plants and dworf types no much rooms of garden for big trees and no for so tropical plants areas Thank you RomynaMount-druittNSW (10th Feb 2015)

I would to see a more cheaper couriers so I can buy more plants I always need to buy more plants. Here in North western suburbs in Sydney wether is very extreme intense hot weather and heavy frosts many plants do not make it. even looking after them with shelters cannot be save it. I like more variety specially rare types of plants fruits,and please more crafted types of plants and dworf types no much rooms of garden for big trees and no for so tropical plants areas Thank you RomynaMount-druittNSW (10th Feb 2015)

Plant arrived very safely due to amazing packaging - wouldn't hestate to use your nursery again! Thank you! PhilippaYambaNSW (10th Feb 2015)

When a tree is grafted it would be good to know what is the rootstock and what is the scion and where these come from. Ta chrisBli BliQLD (10th Feb 2015)

I was very happy with the service. My mulberry tree was very healthy. We are even getting a few mulberries already, although the tree is very young. Many thanks Wendy WendySalamander BayNSW (10th Feb 2015)

To be able to contact telephonically chrisSeven HillsNSW (10th Feb 2015)

All excellent DarrylWamberalNSW (10th Feb 2015)

With the many orders I have made the process went very smoothly, and the plants have thrived and progressed well. Thanks and Regards AlanB alanGlenbrookNSW (10th Feb 2015)

I am very happy with your products and your service. I find that the postage is rather prohibitive, but at least I can get things from you that are difficult to find elsewhere. Thank you BrendaWest WollongongNSW (10th Feb 2015)

Was unable to add plants to my purchase - these were plants that I had expressed an interest in purchasing last year but I had forgotten which plants and as well the one plant I could remember I wanted, I was unable to communicate to the website that I wanted it added to the purchase list. This would enable me to take advantage of the one postage cost instead of having to pay an additional postage for this plant. DavidCoombabahQLD (10th Feb 2015)

I purchased a variety of about 50 native trees in forestry tubes, they arrived in magnificent condition and with minimal care are thriving, having doubled in size after 2 months in the ground. Thank you Daley's. ScottElanoraQLD (10th Feb 2015)5/5

I am very happy with your service and plants. I will be purchasing more plants in the future. Thanks MichaelWauchopeNSW (10th Feb 2015)

I was delighted, not only with the whole process of choosing my plants, from helpful web and staff information to selecting and delivery, but also with the healthy good quality plants I received with detailed instructions for care. Sherie, Huonbrook. SheralynHuonbrookNSW (10th Feb 2015)

I found it hard to contact you by email. The process seems to be complicated. KathleenWandalQLD (10th Feb 2015)

I would have liked a "fact sheet" about the plant - like the information on the web site - expected height - pruning instructions - etc Nicole MarrickvilleNSW (10th Feb 2015)

I was very satisfied with the plants I received from Daley all my plants are growing well with the exception of one. The persimmon came with just about 6 leaves but after a month they all fell off. Don't know if the plant is dead? The Wax Jambu has grown the fastest. The Alison red Mango and Kafir lime to are growing pritty well too. RolandWoodcroftNSW (10th Feb 2015)

You don't need to change a thing you've got it down pat !! I'm a very happy customer every time I order !! MicheleWurtullaQLD (10th Feb 2015)

With my last order, the plants arrived in better condition than plants I see in my local nurseries. SandraWoollamiaNSW (9th Feb 2015)

I love your website (am a little obsessed). One thing I would like to see - being an enthusiast from Adelaide - I'd like to see more information on where people are commenting from in the feedback/comment sections on the plants. Thanks heaps; you have a devotee in me. Tom Hutt ThomasWest CroydonSA (9th Feb 2015)

I cannot fault your business because so far your service and products has been first rate. mel MelEraringNSW (9th Feb 2015)

Plants were healthy when received and exhibited excellent vigour when planted. I purchased 1 plant locally that didn't perform as well. ANDREWThe RangeQLD (9th Feb 2015)

Good morning. I can honestly say that your plants are very healthy. I have recommended Daleys to a couple of my neighbours and I hope they do order with you. About the website, it is good but the smaller banners I believe should be made clearer. Kind regards, Antoine AntoineNew BeithQLD (9th Feb 2015)

Trees arrived in satisfactory condition one of the lime trees in poor condition and struggling herbs arrived in very poor condition and so me not worth planting neville ManangatangVIC (8th Feb 2015)

Very happy with your products and service. Definitely no complaints. You have a great online system and I find ordering and searching your site a breeze. AndrewMarayongNSW (8th Feb 2015)

Great service and delivery. I've used you for years and always impressed by your standard of packaging. Cheers, Gerry GerryGlasshouse MountainsQLD (8th Feb 2015)

every thing was good perhaps I could have been informed when persimmons were available are they sent bare rooted and when thanks peterPeats RidgeNSW (8th Feb 2015)

You've got it all right ,plants always arrive green and well watered and packed !!!!MicheleWurtullaQLD (8th Feb 2015)

Excellent - no changes necessary. Many thanks. PeterMount EdwardsQLD (8th Feb 2015)

you have an excellent variety of plants. only wish I could buy more. dennyBalmoralQLD (7th Feb 2015)

Maybe an email when the product is actually shipped,and the expected date I should receive, perhaps you did send one I can't remember. But I was very very happy with the way you packed the plants and the quality of the plants was most impressive. jennyWhitfieldQLD (7th Feb 2015)

all is good; CyrusWellington PointQLD (6th Feb 2015)

Keep up the good word, you are amazing. JoelleFederalNSW (5th Feb 2015)

Just to say I am happy with your plant . My guava is now growing happily so is my pawpaw.. Thanks and cheers to the team. Sincerely, SOL SOLWakerleyQLD (4th Feb 2015)

Very happy with the plant thank you! ReneeKensingtonVIC (4th Feb 2015)

Three neighbors now use Daleys FrankKurabyQLD (4th Feb 2015)

You don't need to try to better your service as there's nothing that I can see that needs to be done.My plants I have ordered from you are always delivered so quickly, in top condition, and always with directions on how to take care of them. I'm a very happy customer and will always order from Daleys. You are the very best, Lorraine LorraineAldershotQLD (4th Feb 2015)

No nothing needs to change in my eyes SandraWoononaNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

Great range - I love the unusual plants and the advice on your website. You don't find these plants as most local nurseries. RossBellbowrieQLD (3rd Feb 2015)

As I mentioned in my email to you. The plants I received from you were very small and have not grown as well as the larger and cheaper Bunnings plants. We bought from you as we believed we would get a superior product buying direct from a nursery. It has been a real disappointment. KathyBray ParkQLD (3rd Feb 2015)

nothing, just keep doing what you are doing now, great , quick service and very healthy plants peterTura BeachNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

I didn't deal with any staff, so I can't put a rating here. If i have to i suppose I'll put a 5 or else you will probably contact me and want an explanation I love my turmeric Thanks Alison AlisonBeaumontSA (3rd Feb 2015)

Love Daleys' range and service, however, the delivery driver from the freight service you use was a little less helpful and friendly. JudyCasuarinaNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

I have no suggestions for improvement you guys are awesome KateMogoNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

Really happy with your overall service, well packed healthy plants that are delivered kindly by a good courier service (unlike some!) Thankyou - and yes I am a repeat customer lizWest HavenNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

I was really very happy with the nursery especially as I am just a small suburban gardener and not a big customer BerylVermont SouthVIC (3rd Feb 2015)

I'm Bastien but the purchase was for Peter. When I got the delivery address wrong and corrected it you sorted it out well. Cheers BW BastienMerewetherNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

Unfortunately the corrier took a week to deliver it as they only deliver on a Monday. So when you posted it on a Monday, I got a notification it was at the local dispatch on the ?Tue or Wed, and when it did not arrive I called them and they made a special deliver on sat. They reassured me the plants were being watered, but when opening the box and seeing how well they were packaged, there is no possible way they could have. The plants were still well and healthy thanks to your packaging. Jenny Pearl BeachNSW(3rd Feb 2015)

Good morning, I'm always happy with the quality of plants I get for Daley's Nursery either via post or pickup at the Nursery in Kyogle. Website is mostly easy to use but the search is sometimes a bit hit and miss :) Tony Slacks CreekQLD (3rd Feb 2015)

Grafts of some trees a bit close to soil level in pot Nicole Forest LakeQLD (3rd Feb 2015)

If a check for any ' notify when available " plants are ready , or almost ready when an order is put in . A few months ago I placed an order , and 5 days later recieved notification that a plant that I'd enquired about was available . I'd have waited the extra days to have had that plant added to my order , rather than pay another delivery fee for just one plant . Everything else good . Trying to make time for a visit to the nursery to purchase some long awaited things . DeeSherwood Coffs HarbourNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

I am sorry to report that my much-anticipated Fuerte Avocado died within two weeks of planting. It arrived in what seemed to be good condition, I followed your soaking etc instructions and where it was planted is near a locally bought mango planted at much the same time, which is still fine. I have now planted about 20 locally bought fruit trees here in the last few months and lost none so am at a loss as to why this precious one died. The leaves seems to slowly wither and then the stem die. So I don't know how to rate the purchase really as I don't know the cause… your nursery came very highly recommended to me. SharynUpper LansdowneNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

I find it a bit frustrating not being able to speak to someone easily on the phone CarolEungai RailNSW (3rd Feb 2015)

Was lovely to visit your nursery recently and talk to your great staff and get some extra information. Our plants are looking fabulous. Will send a photo of our kiwi fruit trellis if you would like one. Thanks. Ivy Rigg IvyRedlynchQLD (2nd Feb 2015)

was pretty busy but took awhile to get served brianMt ForbesQLD (2nd Feb 2015)

More information on trees nd plants clintonMilesQLD (2nd Feb 2015)

If you can list the Month and weather for the fruit trees BasrahTarneitVIC (2nd Feb 2015)

Plants were dead when arrived. TimSunsetQLD (2nd Feb 2015)

I found the sheet of information to be very useful information, thankyou. MinhThe 

your service is very good and you follow up on orders. Your price was the best for the plant we gought. Thanks Charlie Hall CharlesRowvilleVIC (2nd Feb 2015)

Nothing constructive to offer you. BRENDONMapletonQLD (2nd Feb 2015)

Great quality plants & a timely service. Thank you KateWonga ParkVIC (2nd Feb 2015)

Last survey I did I got the free plant offer with an expiry date then when I went to use it on next order (within time) it told me it was expired. So think there is some flaw in website programming. Perhaps because I had gone in to look at what was available free & not ordered it registered it as used or date of expiry in program not what I was told - maybe not but perhaps a clue. One for your web programmer RandallCumberland ParkSA (2nd Feb 2015)

I would enjoy more info on your website about growing conditions for plants and the best site for them, so I can select plants that will suit my garden. (eg. some of your 'rainforest plants' will grow elsewhere). I often use other websites to research plants then look for them on your site. When plants say "in production", it would be useful to know if it is likely to be available with 3, 6 or 12 months or longer. I have sometimes bought elsewhere or chosen another plant, only to get an email from you a month later saying "available now". FionaBurleigh WatersQLD (2nd Feb 2015)

your soursop had shell adphids.The last time deliveried little bit later, the trees are weak little bit. Why did I oder some pummelo for my friends that you did not sell, I do not think SA do not permit because SA have lots of citrus TruKilburnSA (2nd Feb 2015)

I have always found your trees are the highest quality. They have adapted to my soil conditions and grow very well. Your postage and packing are of high quality as well.RobChirnside ParkVIC (2nd Feb 2015)

Everything was perfect, the service the standard of plants was one uh dred per cent as coming from the nursery industry I could not fault the plants and the service. As I am a disabled person now it's great to be able to purchase top quality plants on line and known they are of the highest standard. Thank you, Anne. Anne Manning PointNSW(2nd Feb 2015)

Seldom shop on the Internet but the Daley's experience was excellent. Emails and phone calls were responded to promptly. Thank you. PatriciaBundooraVIC (2nd Feb 2015)

Overall, did a great job. RyanEssendonVIC (2nd Feb 2015)

I wish if you could give an estimate date for the trees in production. AlbertWoodcroftSA (2nd Feb 2015)

2 plants died within 1 week but the rest were good. karenCooktownQLD (1st Feb 2015)

Put on extra qualified staff to help with customer enquiries GlennGoodnaQLD (31st Jan 2015)

Very satisfied with the plants received and all growing nicely. No complaints. Regards, Ron Cruickshanks. Ron Sunnybank HillsQLD (30th Jan 2015)

order arrived sat morning po closed ,had to make arrangments with po on friday to collect goods on sat aust post not that smart!!! jonOrbostVIC (30th Jan 2015)

Very good experience. site friendly to use. The plants very healthy secure and well packaged arriving quickly and safely. Thanks Alan alanGlenbrookNSW (30th Jan 2015)

I gave several of the trees to family members for Christmas presents and they were very happy with them. Plants are thriving IreneMannumSA (29th Jan 2015)

I always love your trees and plants, great quality and fast service. Can't think of anything you could change. Thanks! JessicaGlebeNSW (28th Jan 2015)

I gave several of the trees to my family for Christmas presents. They were delighted and the trees are doing well in spite of a blast of S.A.'s very hot weather IreneMannumSA(28th Jan 2015)

Great quality plants packed well with no damage at all on transit. All plants doing really well. Lovely clear instructions. Website good...easy to order and follow. I recommend Daleys to my gardening friends regularly LesleyGaythorneQLD (27th Jan 2015)

I have already recommended your company to many friends. I find the quality of the service very good, from the speed of orders being delivered, to messages that plants are now available. Plants are always of high quality and well packaged meaning they arrive in excellent condition. Prices and range are very good and very competitive. JuliePimpamaQLD (27th Jan 2015)

All good MarkMcmahons PointNSW (27th Jan 2015)

Plants were in fantastic condition on arrival and are growing beautifully. JanetMarrickvilleNSW (27th Jan 2015)

Very happy with plants and service. Recommend you to family and friends. KerrynNimbinNSW (27th Jan 2015)

Very happy with the plants and service. Thank you. MarkEngadineNSW (27th Jan 2015)

One of my main branches on the goji berry was half torn AiseffGreenacreNSW (27th Jan 2015)

The plants arrived safely and in great condition. They seem to be of very high quality. Some very hard to find plants (e.g. pandan, avocado) were available. Looking forward to my next purchase! NickAnnerleyQLD (26th Jan 2015)

Plants arrived in very good condition and are going strong. AnthonyLathlainWA(26th Jan 2015)

it would be great if more plants could be marked as pot suitable. Otherwise great. KathyNorth St MarysNSW (26th Jan 2015)

Always been happy with the prompt service and delivery,the staff are also prompt to get back to me with answers to my questions.  daveRydeNSW (26th Jan 2015)

he blueberry that I ordered died very quickly. The two Papaya's are going gangbusters. I followed the planting instructions. Don't know why the Blueberry up and died straight away JulianGreenwichNSW (26th Jan 2015)

My order of 4 Sandpaper Fig trees and 1 Jaboticaba tree arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. The Jaboticaba has new shoots and the Figs have almost doubled in size in just a short period. I love Daleys selection and am currently reviewing more interests after getting my son to buy me a gift certificate for Christmas. Cheers DebraRiverstoneNSW (26th Jan 2015)

I am very satisfied with the prompt delivery and the healthy state the trees I purchased were in. I am very happy with your overall service. jamesVictoria PointQLD (26th Jan 2015)

Plants were very well packed for delivery. chrisCoolangattaQLD (26th Jan 2015)

Plants were very well packed, just suffered slightly from confinement and movement. However they recovered quickly and the care notes that accompanied the package were useful. JudyNarrabeenNSW (26th Jan 2015)

Very satisfied thankyou: would use again! SusannaRussell IslandQLD (26th Jan 2015)

The plants are so well packed and damp and green EVERYTIME I get them you don't have to change a thing it's fast too !!!! MicheleWurtullaQLD (26th Jan 2015)

Overall I am very satisfied with your services. The plants/ trees arrived in very good condition. I would hope that your website offer more information on how to grow them, eg sun and water requirements, etc. ThiDeer ParkVIC (25th Jan 2015)

Got my trees very quickly,in excellent condition. Keep up the great work. Garin Upper CabooltureQLD (25th Jan 2015)

all plants arrived in good order and were planted in accordance with the enclosed instructions and all are thriving with the exception of the persimmon which showed it's displeasure by dying stone dead within a short space of time. As this is the second persimmon to treat us this way I can only presume that our area is not suitable and will reluctantly give up on them,all the others are doing well and we have had fruit from the lemon and lime and are very pleased with them peter,

I made my purchase online. If I had dealings with staff I am sure they would have been exceptional. MelBeerwahQLD (25th Jan 2015)

The purchase of my young tree a short time ago was my first dealing with you. I Must say that the experience was top grade, amazing service from all concerned.The biggest surprise I had was how well the plant survived the 7 days in its box with no access to light, just planted it out and away it went. I can assure you that I will be a returning customer later in the year for another dwarf, not sure of species yet. Best Regards to you all. David Roediger Morgan SA DavidMorganSA (25th Jan 2015)

i was very impressed with the quality of the trees and speed of delivery will most certainly buy from again even supplied a reccomended preperation for planting wont go wrong thanks barry robinsonMackayQLD (25th Jan 2015)

Best experience in ordering and delivery -too easy. Delighted with the quality of the fruit tree. BarbaraArmadaleVIC (25th Jan 2015)

It has all been perfect thank you MoiraCaloundra WestQLD (25th Jan 2015)

All good very healthy plants and growing very well IanBongareeQLD (25th Jan 2015)

I find all plants that I order are top quality, and always arrive in good health. As I don't have a way of bringing plants home from nurseries, I find having them delivered to my door so much easier. JaimeLowoodQLD (25th Jan 2015)

Great service and plant was in top condition when received. Would use this service again. Thank you MargaretRobertstownSA (25th Jan 2015)

I found the whole experience very easy, from the searching of the plants to the delivery, have told friends to check out Daleys, I think that the information you provide is great keep up the great work. Hank HankWaterwaysVIC (25th Jan 2015)

Plants Arrived in good time excellent condition, very good quality. Last time I didn't check my order properly and must of clicked wrong button thought I was ordering 2 Plane trees & 2 tulip trees. Still waiting for your grafted carob trees to come available, clicked notify me when ready. Gail TermeilNSW (25th Jan 2015)

Stay the same DanielWallsendNSW (25th Jan 2015)

all is excelent JudyWamuranQLD (23rd Jan 2015)

The Forum and My Edibles help one decide what to buy. But some of the posts in My Edibles contain very little info. I've noticed that you appreciate the importance of helping buyers work out what they want, thus including possibly negative features (eg 'sour' or 'thorny') in descriptions. PeterNorth IsisQLD (22nd Jan 2015)

I Am Extremely Happy With The Service From Daleys Nursery. Thay Have The Most Healthyplants And Always Are Delivered In Perfect condition. I Would Have No Hesitation In recommending Them To My Friends And Family. As A Matter Of Fact I Do recommend Them All The Time. Yours Sincerely Doreen Dunstan West Tweed Heads 2485 DoreenTweed Heads WestNSW (22nd Jan 2015)

Your website is full of great plants and information, but its hard for me to remember what I wanted when I looked before. I'd love it if I could add to a wishlist or save my shopping cart items. I understand some plants may no longer be in stock by the time I checkout should this feature be available. Thank you so much! You guys to a wonderful job. ManamiSt IvesNSW (22nd Jan 2015)

Please advice before shipping so that we can estimate the day of delivery. Thank you. TamYagoonaNSW (22nd Jan 2015)

Due to extensive distance from your Nursery it would be beneficial if you could have a put aside service so that plants could be sent together when all ready instead of individually as this would make freight more cost effective. I think this would encourage customers to pre order. One day I will make a visit to your nursery in the meantime thank you for all your assistance over many years. Regards, LouSouth BingeraQLD (21st Jan 2015)

You are doing great! Keep up the good work. Possibly some magical force field around the plants to keep fence crawling cows from next door destroying them would be great but otherwise perfect. BronwynMaidenwellQLD (21st Jan 2015)

In relation to this particular purchase. 1. i received an email 17dec14 advising the plant was ready to be shipped. i clicked the "send it now" (assuming the intention was to despatch before Christmas). It was despatched 06January (good thing i didnt go away on holiday).**when i receive an email stating its ready to ship i expect it to ship if i click "send it now" - or at least receive an email advising of further delay. Whilst i assume the intent is to get customers to add more to their order (which i have glady done in previous orders) in this case i just wanted it sent. The plant had pretty bad caterpillar damage when it arrived. Yes, i know leaves grow back - but there were Qty 33 Sharwil avocado's on the website when it was shipped - i still believe another plant(without damage) should have been sent. Anyway, yes i'll probably still purchase from Daleys in the future, im just annoyed at the way this purchase went. regards Dave Kilby DaveBomaderryNSW(21st Jan 2015)

I ticked 5 in the dealings with staff even though I have really had no dealings but without the staff the rest is not applicable. Please don't change a thing as plants arrive in awesome condition and you even have the mailing down pat as my orders have never had to sit in a post office somewhere over a weekend. Thank you ShirileeGeorgetownQLD (21st Jan 2015)

Very happy with service, would be interested in purchasing some mature fruit trees, but live in Queanbeyan/ACT region and understand that this service is not available, would be willing to pay a premium on postage costs if this is a way forward Rgds GordonQueanbeyanNSW (20th Jan 2015)

Beautiful healthy plants delivered with care NoelaArundelQLD (20th Jan 2015)

Need more tropical fruit tree that no one else got u have same old one for many year need more unusual &hard to get DoraWallaciaNSW (20th Jan 2015)

Just perfect Great website Speedy and reliable delivery Plants well packed PeterDarkwoodNSW (20th Jan 2015)

All the trees I have ordered have arrived safely and are all growing well. Look forward to getting some papaya in the near future. HeleneLane Cove NorthNSW (20th Jan 2015)

Didnt have to deal with any staff so pls disregard. Delivery was longer than expected but all plants arrived in good condition. Would order again. Would love to sea a bigger variety of wood trees such as purple heart , ebony, and more bigger plants. To be honesty most of the plants that i wanted at the time were out of stock. Thanks ChristlBirchgroveNSW (20th Jan 2015)

I didn't have any direct dealings with staff, hence the 3. I love the quality of your trees and plants I have purchased, the packaging is excellent and I have had success in my garden. TraceyCamp MountainQLD (20th Jan 2015)

You have always been very helpful when I've had any questions, even when I haven't bought something from you. I've only had one order from you, some tamarillos, which were (and still are!) lovely healthy plants when they arrived. I was surprised they got here so quickly. I also appreciated the instructions for planting them which we religiously followed. So, all up, I'm very happy with what you do and it's almost easier than going to the local nursery where the sales assistants usually don't know much about plants. My husband and I will definitely be ordering more plants from your nursery! Many thanks. AnneHighfieldsNSW (20th Jan 2015)

If I could give dealings with staff 100 points I would!! They couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you. JuneWerrington DownsNSW (20th Jan 2015)

Everything is excellent about your company! MariaBlair AtholNSW (20th Jan 2015)

In the web site when looking for plants Is hard to know their botanical history there are many fruit trees or herbs that are similar plant family but many are upgraded with different names Hard to know whichone is most beneficial and the best I am always try to buy health benefits plants.Is hard toget plants that are not too sensitive to frost RomynaMount-druittNSW (20th Jan 2015)

I would like to see a page that saves the plants that i am waiting for, and an approximate time for availability also if a plant is available a couple of days after initial shipment the order could wait and ship altogether, a printable pdf invoice or hard copy would also be good, thank you i look forward to ordering again soon VincentDoonanQLD (20th Jan 2015)

My main problem with the website is that you cannot build up a wishlist online before you are ready to place the order. Many other websites have this, or will keep your pending order permanently until you actually complete it. This is very helpful for online shoppers. You have a large website which takes time to go through all the plants available. EdenStewarts RiverNSW (19th Jan 2015)

Have order all of my orchard tree from Daleys and am extremely happy with their service and quality of plants sent to me. Have not had a death yet:) KimCapalabaQLD (19th Jan 2015)

I find the website to be a bit of a chore, and often put off looking for plants. NevilleCedar GroveQLD (19th Jan 2015)

I purchased 2 Black sapote which were freighted to me in Meningie South Australia. My issue was that both plants were covered in mildew/mould and had ants within the potting mix which were mobilising the fungus. The mould/fungus was covering the graft area of the plants as well as some leaves. I also think the plants were left in their box at transport depot for too long, because it was a good week from when I was notified that my plants had been dispatched to when I recieved them. Also, I found it annoying that there is no contact number on your website as I wanted to speak to someone about this. Cheers, Sam SamanthaMeningieSA (19th Jan 2015)

I have dealt with Daley's for several years and have found that my orders have always been dealt with in a timely manner. Their trees are good and healthy and there Is always a wide variety to choose from. Plant descriptions appear accurate and packaging for transport is robust. Delivery is prompt and is cost effective at least to my address. Mike CarindaleQLD (19th Jan 2015)

Best service Ian happy.thank you very much. MadhaviCambridge ParkNSW (19th Jan 2015)

The web site is easy to follow. The plants I purchased arrived quickly well packaged in good health and are thriving. Staff responded quickly to questions I needed answered. Overall a good experience and have placed another order when plants available. Thanks Regards AlanB. AlanGlenbrookNSW (19th Jan 2015)

I was very impressed all round. I wouldn't hesitate to order again, or recommend others to order. ChrisThornlandsQLD (19th Jan 2015)

Quick very efficient and the plants were amazing! SamuelEmu PlainsNSW (19th Jan 2015)

Very happy with the service and my plants. The website was fantastic and helped me choose new plants for my garden that worked well in my area- also liked to see the testimonials for plants that were borderline. Loved the instructions that came with them to make sure they transferred well. They are so healthy and are thriving! erinJindaleeQLD (19th Jan 2015)

I did not interact with staff therefore did not rate. Followed instructions exactly, all trees doing very well. Thanks. JohnBalwynVIC (19th Jan 2015)

Nothing more needed. With my last tree order everything was perfect NoeleneTallaiQLD (19th Jan 2015)

service is good but takes a bit long to get plants. still waiting on my last order ,made about three weeks ago GeoffWoodburnNSW (19th Jan 2015)

The service and the quality of the product is excellent. GeraldIngleburnNSW (19th Jan 2015)

There is nothing you could do better,your products are fantastic. The only thing holding me back from buying more of your plants are the price, but quality is A1. GarethGlenvaleQLD (19th Jan 2015)

I purchased a Bergamotto sour orange, a plant which i had been wanting for a couple of years. Generally, I'd prefer to buy plants from a local nursery in Melbourne (although these are becoming rarer because of the Bunnings scourge) because I can see/touch the plant before buying. That said, Daley's Nursery gave me excellent service, promptly delivered, and with a good quality plant waiting on my doorstep. ps I repotted my plant straight away; it's very happy, and experiencing a growth spurt just this week. Thanks, I'd be happy to buy from your nursery again. JohnCoburg NorthVIC (18th Jan 2015)

Good healthy looking plants arrived without delay. Both Plum tree and Tamarillo have flourished since planting. GregWest PymbleNSW (18th Jan 2015)

Quality of plants I have received has been outstanding and have resulted in excellent growth rates with some beginning to fruit earlier than expected. Would thoroughly recommend this site. CliveNorth JindongWA (18th Jan 2015)

I have bought 2 persimmons last year about 8 months apart, the first one was planted then it shed all of its leaves, I thought it died. I never dug it out and just left it in the ground. The new plant was placed about 1 meter away and it took off. next thing the old plant started sprouting leaves. now I have 2 good looking fruit trees right next to each other. I wish I had known I bought the first tree at the wrong time of the year. RaymondAvenell HeightsQLD (18th Jan 2015)

Overall service has been great in regards to delivery time, any correspondence, and most of all the quality of the plants I have received. Totally satisfied with Daley, we just have to do the right thing by the plants... ColleenMundubberaQLD (18th Jan 2015)

Very happy with order and condition of plants. Your persimmon came in a pot and is doing well - we have had bare-rooted persimmons before, and they do not survive well at our place in the Adelaide Hills. RobertUraidlaSA (18th Jan 2015)

love all fruit trees I got from here. will continue buying tress here! SuMulgraveVIC(18th Jan 2015)

Your service was most pleasing. I will most certainly order from you again, providing I can find suitable species to grow in the arid and alkaline Murray Mallee. Than you Jan Kay janMannumSA (18th Jan 2015)

Plants arrived in excellent condition and delivery was prompt very happy customer. IanWillastonSA (18th Jan 2015)

Some of the plants were not in the best shape, odd pruning or old damage meant odd growing habit or look. Other than that they were healthy and arrived in good order. KammNiddrieVIC (18th Jan 2015)

I am very happy with everything and my trees are doing beautifully my only criticism is I had a number of trees on order and at times, as one became available it would be sent only to have another become available a few days later - it would be good if a check could be made to see what else was becoming available and when applicable hold a plant for a short period so they could be sent together reducing freight costs. Thanks, Ian. IanCooroyQLD (18th Jan 2015)

only thing no good was freight very slow. jamesBooralQLD (18th Jan 2015)

I would appreciate approximate dates for plants that aren't currently available and will be soon. All the plants delivered arrived in a very healthy condition and were extremely well packed. They have thrived in my garden. camAltonaVIC (18th Jan 2015)

I was very happy and impressed with the quality of the plant however I was disappointed with the length of time it tool to get here from dispatch, to the point I as getting concerned about the stress to the plant especially give it had been so hot over that period of time.. IreneWarnerQLD (17th Jan 2015)

Hi , The only challenge i have had is that I have some time lost the order while in the middle or got distracted and when I have come back to the computer the order is not there , A big thank you , kind regards Angela AngelaSt Kilda EastVIC (16th Jan 2015)

I have had no direct contact with staff but receive regular updates regarding my orders. I have ordered multiple items three times now, all three times the trees have turned up on some of the hottest days and have looked perfectly fine upon arrival, the soil has still even been moist and no damage, bruising or drying of the leaves. Trees overall are healthy and transplant well. Quite impressed and would highly recommend. KellyPenrithNSW (16th Jan 2015)

Thanks for providing such great access to an amazing variety of quality plants. I like to push the boundaries of what i can grow and thanks to your website i find i am able to take an educated and informed gamble on plants growing out of their comfort zone. MICHAELNarrawalleeNSW (14th Jan 2015)

My only problem is that one of the plants I ordered was incorrect. I ordered 2 jaboticaba trees, received one and received a flying dragon rootstock tree. NyssaThirroulNSW(14th Jan 2015)

Hey Guys, No bad news from me. Man are you guys & gals good at what you do. My only complaint is the waiting time for different citrus trees to be ready. My place will be just about set once I get my hands on next order (due to be dispatched in mid February 2015) .I'm promoting your business big time 1/2 of my next order is for other people. I've pulled out all of the trees & roses around my house & planted fruit trees. There isn't to many dwarf varieties available over here,so let me tell you hit this state with Web info you won't no wrong. Your product is far superior to anything I've seen. Most of the trees I've seen over here in the West are $60 or more. I buy your trees (if my order I big enough )I land them here for $44. I've helped three people with "Depression" using your plants,now they have an interest and are on their way to a better life. Hey I've seen the free reward offer and would like one those Young berry Thorless trees.If you can I would appreciate it if you could dispatch this plant with my order that is activite P/No 1149837. Sorry if this all above is hard to follow as I'm Dyslexic.Hey please don't veiw this as a sop story, I'm straight up. Please remember if a customer is unhappy he will tell everyone and if a customer is happy he will tell a few . Well I'm very happy with your service & products. So I my friends will tell many of your excellent business . Thank you Regards Robert. Devine Phone 0400614608 Anytime. RobertRockingham BeachWA (14th Jan 2015)

The plants were great all the way to Perth is a long ride it was great to be able to weight for things to come available and send at once one thing would be it was a bit confusing if the box was full so not as you want to get the best deal on postage also I orded and then after was told water chestnuts could not come to Perth it would be good if u could know up front what could come this way as I would have order something else to put in the box all my plants are growing great thx so much for the bother of sending to WA we love ur plants 😊 louiseKalamundaWA (13th Jan 2015)

Items took longer than expected to be dispatched. Courier service was unable to contact me on the Friday and didn't bother phoning again for another 6 days. Half of the plants purchased were dead when I received them and the other half are still struggling to survive. I waited twelve months to purchase these plants till you had them in stock. Paid over $180 for 6 plants to be delivered and only have 3 left that are really struggling. Perhaps a word with the delivery company may be worth while as I'm sure this is not your fault. Regards  MarkDonnybrookWA (13th Jan 2015

real life pictures and something used in picture to understand sizing of trees purchased. MarkBreakwaterVIC (13th Jan 2015)

I purchased a dwarf mulberry tree. Given the time to come from NSW to Perth and the warm weather it was transported in I was surprised at the absolutely perfect condition in which the plant arrived. It has been in the ground nearly 2 months and is growing very well. PaulGreenwoodWA (13th Jan 2015)

My assessment over all is BRILLIANT. All plants are doing wonderfully well. Totally satisfied and happy to recommend far and wide. sandraClunesVIC (13th Jan 2015)

I was overall very pleased with all of the plants from you. The emails & order notes said I would get some planting notes or words to that effect. I didn't receive any planting notes or details about each plant. I have been busy since they arrived so I quickly planted them only not sure about several things. As I have been busy I have not followed up with obtaining some planting or description notes. Maybe I need to do that shortly. Kind Regards David Dyke DavidMaylandsWA (13th Jan 2015)

I order 3 passion fruit from you and the art growing beautifully! You had reservations sending the plants to me in November and wanted to look after then til April, I requested they be sent earlier and thank you for agreeing and voicing your concerns :) Wonderful staff to deal with, great plants and value for money Thanks again Claire ClaireQuinns RocksWA (13th Jan 2015)

Hi there, On this customer feedback form, for my first purchase from Daley's, I've given you full marks for each bit. The reason is simple. I bought a Yacon and a Choko and they are both in the ground and thriving. I live in regional WA so that's a fair trip to get here and survive. They were looking worse for wear from the journey but I was ready for them because the website provided plenty of care info and I knew when they were coming. All good. Thanks. SteveMerredinWA (13th Jan 2015)


I have been recommending you to friends. I am looking forward to making the trip to Kyogle. KateWynnumQLD (12th Jan 2015)

Was very happy with everything. Plants on excellent condition and well packed & preserved for the delevely SueGavenQLD (12th Jan 2015)

The product I wanted appeared in stock, so I placed the order. To combine shipping I added another item. It turns out the original item was not actually in stock, and I was sent notification of this only a short time before my order was shipped. It would have been nice to have been given the opportunity to rethink my order (at least a day). I would have delayed my order until it was available in order to combine shipping costs. Also, I still haven't been awarded my "first order" discount found in your catalogue (didn't work online) and no explanation has been given. paulArana HillsQLD (12th Jan 2015)

You are great! I am slowly becoming self sufficient because of you! DebbieEdmontonQLD (12th Jan 2015)

You can call me and talk to me instead of texting replies GlennGoodnaQLD (12th Jan 2015)

one small thing I would like. when you have growers comments after your plants, there should be a clear indication of exactly where the plant was grown. HelenKincumberNSW (12th Jan 2015)

Keep doing what you are doing. Our grapes are growing incredibly well. Thank you for asking. GaylePymbleNSW (12th Jan 2015)

Postage is higher compared to other online nursery; however have more varieties LingliAshfieldNSW (12th Jan 2015)

Nothing. Prompt efficient service and plant packaged beautifully and arrived in pristine condition Thanks SharranCrescent HeadNSW (12th Jan 2015)

Was really happy. Also have referred 2 mates because I was so happy. ChrisNorthgateQLD (12th Jan 2015)

I ordered a plant as a gift for my mother and was unimpressed with the courier service. The courier company called to say the parcel was ready to pick-up from their depot on a Friday, or they would deliver the following week. Considering that I paid for a courier to deliver the parcel to the door and added that it could be left if no one was home, I was disappointed that it wasn't delivered and my parents were expected to pick up the delivery (a 40-min drive from their home). Given that it was a live plant they weren't comfortable with leaving it in a warehouse over a weekend. Penny(12th Jan 2015)

While the overall quality of your plants is excellent, last time I ordered two Cape Chestnut trees. One of them was much smaller than the other and weak and spindly. It is not standing up to the summer heat nearly as well as the other. It will probably survive, but will probably always look smaller and weaker than the other. EdenStewarts RiverNSW (12th Jan 2015)

It wasn't specified that the plant I bought was grafted. But otherwise the overall transaction was perfect. Very happy with the plants I had purchased. The delivery was super fast too! MichaelBalgowlahNSW (12th Jan 2015)

Great information on the website but it really needs an overhaul to include better search, filter and sort functionality. Could be more of a limitation with the database used, I don't know, but it needs to be "re-jigged" to offer more options. JanetFerny GroveQLD(12th Jan 2015)

i cant think of anything you could have done better.i could not believe how the tree arrived,i have used that courier for years before i retired and am glad to see the service was the same from up your area.i was surprised when it arrived to see how it traveled and was perfect.now about the fig tree.i planted as instructed in a 50cm plastic pot and it is now about 50cm high with four figs on it we cant wait for them to rippen.70 years ago when i was a kid we had a large fig in the back yard i grew up eating them all day.i always read your blogs so much information and help.i hope you get this i am not to good at these computors, and thank you,bill tyrrell william alexanderNorth EppingNSW (11th Jan 2015)

Some of the tropical fruit tree I want to purchase are not readily available (not sure if this is due to seasonal issue). CameronMaribyrnongVIC (11th Jan 2015)

Excellent Service. Great Packaging and quality of plants. Thanks very much !!!!!!! AdeleKawarrenVIC (11th Jan 2015)

All good keep it up Whilst living in Queensland I have no hesitation in ordering plants from you, as my experience is that I have received quality plants in good condition that have been packaged in an appropriate way to handle the transport. JohnCaloundra WestQLD (11th Jan 2015)

Trees arrive quickly and are packaged well. Trees are a good size and are strong. The staff seem to take pride in their work and care about the plants. GunterServicetonVIC (11th Jan 2015)

Very happy customer, transaction totally online, products doing well and postage was great too. MARYNorth WarrandyteVIC (11th Jan 2015)

Love them plants from here ! Will order again soon , thank you PiyanuchMannumSA(11th Jan 2015)

Keep up the good work! PhilipWodongaVIC (11th Jan 2015)

Have found it difficult to connect with staff via phone or email to ask questions regarding my order. My last order had one plant that was still an unrooted cutting and hence didn't set roots and grow. PaulBrays CreekNSW (10th Jan 2015)

I am hoping to pop down soon and visit Daleys in person, to spend time looking through. As I've only even been able to order through your website- which I love! I'm always grateful for the great service you always provide. Thanks heaps, Mark. MarkCurrumbin WatersQLD (10th Jan 2015)

Every order I have made has been delivered promptly, the plant is very well packaged with no damage to the trees and communication via email is excellent Thanks JulieSeven HillsNSW (9th Jan 2015)

It would be very helpful if your website would show how to raise the plants you sell on specific regions as collected from the experiences of your buyers and from agricultural data and not just postings that are unfinished or incomplete and sometimes even irrelevant. A blog might on your website might offer some useful out of the ordinary advise from some backyard gardeners that discover remedies for common problems in organic ways. A free plant reward is nice but it would be better if the shipping comes with it. Otherwise, it will appear as a bait to buy some more instead of a true reward. Besides, a true gardener would tend to take the REWARD and be tempted to buy more anyway. JeromeEdensor ParkNSW (9th Jan 2015)

more specific about the choice of delivery options. My past bad experience with one of courier company, even though it was not under control of Daleys nursery, affected my enthusiasm on purchase ninaWolli CreekNSW (9th Jan 2015)

starf must talk to each other to tell me honestly when delivery has left and arrival time is otherwise all good PeterRussell IslandQLD (8th Jan 2015)

The staff at Daleys were most helpful and very professional. Our dwarf Mulberry is thriving in Southern Victoria and thanks to the assistance and tips of the friendly staff. MarkHightonVIC (8th Jan 2015)

Dear All at Daleys I have bought plants from you on two occasions, and both times I have been delighted with your prompt response,the accuracy of the information you gave re delivery and the fabulous condition in which I received the plants. I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, and find your website really interesting and easy to use. It is also very helpful that you host comments on the website from gardeners - a great help to an amateur like me. Many thanks, and wishing you every success Regards Cecile Leibowitz CecileOakleighVIC (8th Jan 2015)

Keep up the good work. JoelleFederalNSW (7th Jan 2015)

all the plants i brought are doing great, i converted pallets into pots and the seem to be doing well. Siuta Ellen GroveQLD (6th Jan 2015)

Compared to the first time I purchased plants from Daley's I noticed the delivery time has increased quite a lot. Also the fact that a different courier service is used meant that deliveries to Sydney were longer than some other places. The plants themselves are the high quality I remember with careful, eco-friendly packaging but I would say the longish delivery time is letting Daley's down a bit. Food for though. Kind regards, Catherine Dever CatherineChester HillNSW (6th Jan 2015)

Your advice and service are outstanding. Plants are always of good quality and arrive in excellent condition. NB The Nectarine White Satin I purchased from you turned out to be a peach. susanNorth MalenyQLD (6th Jan 2015)

Your advice and service are outstanding. Plants are always of good quality and arrive in excellent condition. NB The Nectarine White Satin I purchased from you turned out to be a peach. susanNorth MalenyQLD (6th Jan 2015)

The plants I received arrived in wonderful condition and has never looked back. The Panama berry started flowering within a month of my purchase and all the Ceylon Hill Gooseberries have doubled in size and it's only been two and a half months since I bought them. I'm very happy that I went through Daley's to buy my plants. Fay FayNorth ToowoombaQLD (6th Jan 2015)

I've lodged my interest on two lychee plants and a kassia lime but did not receive any advice whether these plants are available. Eventually I bought a Irwin mango plant instead. Also bought a papaya and soursop before that. I have planted the plants in the ground and they are growing very well. Kim TeckPutneyNSW (6th Jan 2015)

Hello There I am very pleased with your quality and service. Keep it up! The only thing I would like to say is that I bought a Sapodilla plant in 2013 but it is not doing very well. Am not sure if the spot I have chosen for it is good or is it the soil. It has hardly grown. I also bought a Cape Gooseberry from you last year. It has picked-up very well but would like to have more information on it, will the plant survive in the winter? Will I need to buy a new plant again or can this plant continue to grow. Thanks and looking forward to your reply. Kind Regards wilma Gusi Wilma East HillsNSW (6th Jan 2015)

I am very happy with the purchase . Prompt delivery and healthy plants.Thank you . LAIBruceACT (6th Jan 2015)

Very happy with my walnut tree Thanks a lot MarwaEagle Vale (6th Jan 2015)

The plant came very well packed, I had not received plants in the mail, and was a little worried, but the packing was excellent. The plant was in excellent condition. Keep up the good work. paulGreensboroughVIC (6th Jan 2015)

 A sevice advisory on the phone will help you sale more. 2 No other service for delivery is in offer towards your advance crop, please let me know if any Avaliable. 3 When the grafted mango trees will be avaliable  AdamProspectNSW (6th Jan 2015)

Fantastic nursery and very reasonable freight costs. VICTORIAAroonaQLD (6th Jan 2015)

The 'drumstick moringa' seedling was much bigger than we expected, so we were very happy. The packaging of the seedling was first class as was the courier delivery. We are now looking at ordering more fruit trees from Daleys Fruit. RafaelRoseberyNSW (6th Jan 2015)

Was very impressed with the fast efficient service. Also the packaging of the plants and express courier service. The 3 cape gooseberry plants I purchased are thriving and am looking forward to them bearing fruit. I definitely would repurchase from you and recommend you to my friends. JaneMoss ValeNSW (6th Jan 2015)

Reason for the 4 in quality and overall satisfaction is one of the two purchases died? not sure why the other is thriving. Overall satisfied and I will come back for future purchases.LeighEmu PlainsNSW (6th Jan 2015)

What I love the most is the control I have over my purchase, your site allows me to make changes to the order as the order hasn't been dispatched. It's a fantastic feature! CindyMacquarieACT (6th Jan 2015)

My plants always arrive in good condition - healthy, good plants. All have survived transplant and are doing well. Enjoyed fruit from my mulberry tree already. Very happy using Daley's and have recommended them to others. CarlaWanniassaACT (6th Jan 2015)

Last purchase was 4 x Goji Berries and a Poinciana. Poinciana is doing ok, but Goji's looked dried out when received. I watered well for a week before planting. All except one has done nothing since planting, in fact only one has showed any signs of growth, and the other three look like they may die. Very disappointing. IanStuarts PointNSW (6th Jan 2015)

Love the comments and tips from other customers about the plants. StefCamden HeadNSW (6th Jan 2015)

You need to give more accurate time for when we express interest in a plant to when it might be available. I prefer to plant in Autumn, late Winter early Spring so that the roots develop to support them independently in summer . It is difficult when I am planting in the preschool early Summer, to sustain them over the school holidays when no-one is there.Thanks, Maree. mareeCarlingfordNSW (5th Jan 2015)

My Kwan Mango has grown 21 cm since I planted it 7 weeks ago in Nov. 2014. This can be attributed to the fact that Daleys sent me healthy ready to go plant and the fact that I took every measure to ensure that it would grow! Thank you Daleys for taking every effort to ensure that my tree arrived in good condition. George from Burpengary Qld. GeorgeBurpengaryQLD (5th Jan 2015)

The plants are extremely healthy & have put enormous amounts of new growth in the few short weeks after they were delivered I have no hesitation ordering more trees & plants (some date palms next ) thank you. One very happy customer josh JoshMooloolabaQLD (5th Jan 2015)

The plants are extremely healthy & have put enormous amounts of new growth in the few short weeks after they were delivered I have no hesitation ordering more trees & plants (some date palms next ) thank you. One very happy customer josh JoshMooloolabaQLD (5th Jan 2015)

The quality of your plants is outstanding all my plants are healthy and growing well. My one bit of frustration came from the difficulty of adding to an existing order as yet not delivered particularly adding plants as they become available after an inquiry. But despite this I would not purchase from anyone else Regards Maria Tripolone mariaPicketts ValleyNSW (5th Jan 2015)

Some company that give bonus to their client on the client birthday. Some other company give bonus such as a few percentage off if their client spend up to a certain amount. These are a few suggestions that you may want to take up. I find that these incentives encourage me to introduce my friend to these companies. MICHAEL TRUCCastlecragNSW (5th Jan 2015)

i already sent an email about issues with the delivery apart from that everything was fine paulaRandwickNSW (5th Jan 2015)

Excellent service, Mathi North SydneyNSW (5th Jan 2015)

outstanding as always , really enjoy dealing with you KarenCoolum BeachQLD (5th Jan 2015)

I buy all my plants via your website and found it easy to use. All plants have always been good and healthy an to this date have had no deaths:) would highly recommend. KimCapalabaQLD (5th Jan 2015)

Probably some communication regarding the progress with back orders. RobSouth MacleanQLD (5th Jan 2015)

Excellent service and product... The plants arrived in very quick time and well packed. I am very happy to purchase from you again... TimMurrumbeenaVIC (5th Jan 2015)

Overall I am very happy with Daley's service. FintanEnoggeraQLD (5th Jan 2015)

You can read what I said about you in my forthcoming book on growing bush tucker. Peter PeterYassNSW (5th Jan 2015)

I ordered a Japanese Raison tree and was delighted at how prompt the service was. I was also very happy at the excellent condition the tree was in. Especially since the tree had travelled by courier in a cardboard box. Once planted it began growing new shoots almost immediately. AdamEnoggeraQLD (5th Jan 2015)

Just love your variety,i have my tree growing well at this stage.it has been very wet here in Boonah so i have been worried about my tree.your service was fantastic and i have told many people about you and the great way you looked after me.Thankyou very much I will be buying from you again for sure.Thanks from Sherria. SHERRIABoonahQLD(4th Jan 2015)

on the website there is not enough information generally on plant requirements, and for many it is very difficult to establish plant frost tolerance. stephenThowgla ValleyVIC(4th Jan 2015)

The plants that I have received from you have all ways been of a very high quality but the brachychiton-populneus I received in my last order where not to your usual high standards. But a very happy customer. PamelaAugathellaQLD (4th Jan 2015)

I really was a bit surprised was not expecting that the mulberry would be that small by the way how tall will it grow in a pot in case it survives. I,m doing this not because of the reword simple one have to waite long time to see some results and at my age I need plants that start fruiting in one or two years time. Happy New Year to you all. JorgeProspectSA (4th Jan 2015)

I really was a bit surprised was not expecting that the mulberry would be that small by the way how tall will it grow in a pot in case it survives. I,m doing this not because of the reword simple one have to waite long time to see some results and at my age I need plants that start fruiting in one or two years time. Happy New Year to you all. JorgeProspectSA (4th Jan 2015)

I am very pl;ease with servicefrom Daley's and with the plants. philKalangNSW (4th Jan 2015)

Everything went smoothly, Freight is at a reasonable rate as a lot of times it is the limiting factor as to whether I purchase over the net or not. Trees were in good order, so thumbs up all round. Cheers Rob RobertBrandy CkQLD (4th Jan 2015)

The service is wonderful, the packaging of the plants is excellent, I have no hesitation in using Daleys again. . Anne Manning PointNSW (4th Jan 2015)

We had two 45 degree days in spring. Unusual. Bought a fig. Lovely young tree. Didn't get a chance to plant it in ground for around a month. Lost all but two leaves. Planted it anyway. 38 plus degree days. It has now regenerated back to original glory. Thank you Maxine McCoskerBourkeNSW (4th Jan 2015)

Is it possible to get plant height included in descriptions even if it's only approximate. Maybe high lite in colour plants on the ordering page that are not yet available but ordered so dummies like me read the description better. Your packaging is superb, thank you for going to so much effort to keep the plants safe. charleneBurpengaryQLD(4th Jan 2015)

you guys are fabulous! MariaBatesfordVIC (3rd Jan 2015)

While there is nothing I like more than a physical wander around a local nursery, I love that I can have a virtual wander through Daley's, place an order, and come home from work a couple of days later to find a little garden in a box! Excellent range, quality, and service. love the videos. Thank you and all the best to all at Daley's for 2015. Linda LindaTareeNSW (3rd Jan 2015)

Have had several orders and have been happy with all of them. Thank you MicheleTinoneeNSW (3rd Jan 2015)

Would prefer to speak directly with staff via mobile as opposed to email. Other then that the service and product are exceptional. Thanking you Marc Schubach MarcWollongbarNSW (1st Jan 2015)

All very straightforward. Thanks. LisaCoogeeNSW (1st Jan 2015)

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