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Pre Purchase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: What is the Approximate Delivery Time if I place a Pre Purchase Order?

Answer: Usually about 1-6 months

2. Question: Do I get priority over people who have just put their email down.

Answer: Yes, the plants are reserved for you and those who want to get notified when they are ready will not have the option to buy any of these reserved plants set aside for pre purchase.

3. Question: I would like to add extra plants to my pre-purchase. Am I able to do this to save on freight?

Answer: Yes, as long as they are in stock at the same time your pre-purchase is ready for sale and you do it within 7 days of the email being sent.

4. Question: How do I pay for Pre Purchase Orders?

Answer: You can pay by Credit Card or Paypal but not Direct Deposit or Cheque or Gift Voucher.

4. Question: Do you take the full payment?

Answer: Yes the full amount including postage is taken from your payment method. If you combine the order postage is refunded back to the payment method.

6. Question: Can I Pre Purchase more than 1 Qty.

Answer: No. Pre Purchase only allows you to reserve 1. When your plant is ready for sale you will be contacted by email and given the option to modify your order. At this time you can change the qty^ to the amount you wish and pay for the additional quantities. For those wanting to pre purchase bulk quantities such as wholesale nurseries we request that you contact us. ^Some very hard to propagate varieties are limited to 1 per customer.

7. Question: How does pricing work?

Answer: You lock in the base price of the plant and even if the price goes up later due to not many being successful the price you paid and locked in will not change. This is especially the case with hard to get and grow plants and will often save you money. There are a few scenarios where this is not the case and that is where we grew far too many plants and they go onto the specials page and start to outgrow their pots and we need to move them fast. This is however unlikely with popular hard to get plants.

8. Question: What happens when the plants are ready.

Answer: You will have 7 days from the email being sent to choose from three options. 1. Add More Plants - Get more out of freight, 2. Send it NOW

9. Questions: Can I apply a discount code to pre purchases.

Answer: No, Discount codes are for in-stock plants only. Once your plants are in-stock you will then have the option to apply a discount code. Please note that discount codes may not work with the pre purchase item. Also note that discount codes have time limits to be used and may be out of date when your pre purchase comes into stock.

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