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Daleys Fruit Tree has Plants for Sale to Corlette and can Mail Order them to you door. Click to Find out how much Freight Will Cost.

Corlette Plants - Most Popular

Most popular is what other people in your area are buying. Remember they may be experimenting and it may not mean they are suitable for this climate. To find out plants that suit your climate you can use our Choosing Fruit Trees Tool.

Include: Surrounding Suburbs (recommended) Plants not in stock

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Jaboticaba fruiting on stem By DaleysFruit.com.au [All Rights Reserved]


The jaboticabas habit of producing the fruit directly on the trunk makes this a striking tree. Fruit is similar to a grape with a sweet and aromatic flavour. The new growth is a coppery colour along with their beautiful honey scented flowers makes it a very ornamental tree. Bears heavy crops of quality fruit that can be eaten fresh from the tree. Often fruiting up to 3 times per year. Time from flowering to fruit being ready to eat is only 30 days. More Information: California Rare Fruit Growers Association.
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$24.75 20 Seedling Pot: 2L
Height: 30-40cm

Popularity: 1

Grafting Tape - parafilm

Grafting Tape - Parafilm

Waterproof, flexible, stretchable, and self-adhesive with gentle stretch to 200% its original length. Excellent moisture barrier for grafting and budding. This Parafilm Florist Tape is made from bio-degradable polyethylene and breaks down in sunlight. its stretchable with high tensile strength, which mean you can leave it on your tree without removing it, will not harm your tree. It is also self-adhesive, providing air tight seal, preventing bacteria or any other disease from getting into grafting area. You will have enough tape to graft 100-200 grafts per roll. Daleys Nursery use this to gr
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$4.90 13   Tool

Buy 2 or more @ $4.90ea
*Two rolls of tape for $9.80

Popularity: 1

Grafting knife Due Boui

Grafting Knife Due Boui GT55

Professional quality, combination grafting and budding blade. Made in Italy from quality cutlery grade, tool steel blades. Right handed knife.
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$46.95 2   Tool

Popularity: 1

Felco Pruning Saw By Supplier [All Rights Reserved,Supplier of DaleysFruit.com.au]

Pull Stroke Pruning Saw FELCO 600 classic

FELCO 600 is a folding pull-stroke pruning saw. Reliable, strong and rust resistant it has a hard-chromed blade made of high-quality steel. Efficient conical blade shape cuts without clogging and the shape of the teeth prevents sap build-up making it relatively maintenance free. Ergonomic, comfortable non-slip handle
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$69.00 1   Tool

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