Testimonials 2011


Testimonials 2011

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Thank you for such a great service. Super fast delivery, my plants were packed very well, arrived in great condition and are growing strong....can't wait for my next purchase. MelissaMarylandNSW (23rd Dec 2011)

Very happy with the quality of plants received. HeatherNgunnawalACT (21st Dec 2011)

Peanut butter tree and dwarf peach tree and growing well.i would tell people to buy plants at daley's as they arrived perfectly and are growing extremely well. jane,Wynnum NorthQLD (20th Dec 2011)

Hey guys, I was really impressed with your service and the plants i bought. If I need to buy any fruit trees in the future it will be through you guys. Keep the good work up regards Adrian AdrianBeecroftNSW (19th Dec 2011)

Excellent packaging. Have recommended Daleys to friends who have now bought from you. LisaMoffat BeachQLD (19th Dec 2011)

I loved the way they were packed in that long box with the indentations holding the plants securely. They are growing well! HeatherCamdenNSW (19th Dec 2011)

I only got one plant so far, a fig that already has heaps of fruit and doing great. Thanks :) ZeljkaBayswater NorthVIC (14th Dec 2011)

I live in Sydney and I have been ordering from Daleys for sometime now and I must say they have a very good delivery system well packed and always on time. They have an excellent selection of plants I always have received good quality and healthy plants all of them have survived except a few tropical plants did not make it in winter when we had frost. LornaKenthurstNSW (12th Dec 2011)

I had forgotten that I had sent the enquiry about sweet potatoes and was rapped when I received your email to say that some were available. I was initially a bit relunctant to order when I realised the cost of the postage. (I hate paying postage, guess it's a little fees and taxes:) ) But when I received the order, I couldn't believe the condition, quality etc not only of the plants but how they were packaged for the trip. TaniaBracken RidgeQLD (11th Dec 2011)

Very impressed with quality of plants and efficiency and responsiveness of the nursery/staff etc. Plants arrived very promptly and were literally jumping out of their pots and eager to get into the ground. User friendly web site much appreciated.NarelleBridgeman DownsQLD (9th Dec 2011)

Vanilla Icecream Bean Plant smaller than usual,but very grateful to have it. Leaves yellowish, but seems to be going Okay. Took a little longer than usual to arrive, but this is understandable for this time of year. Asked if it was self fertile and was told it was. I always reccommend Daley's Nursery to family, friends, work mates and some strangers! Keep up the great work; nowhere else in Australia do I know of a Nursery with such a wide variety of eatable fruit plants, with a great database of advice. Thankyou :) KayeWallsendNSW (5th Dec 2011)

The last plant order quality was good except for the Chocolate Pudding fruit tree (Seedling) It arrived with a Poor Root system; despite my care and attention it is still struggling to get established.Edward Phillips. EdwardEaglebyQLD (9th Dec 2011)

All my Daleys purchases are doing extra well. I am very happy with the service and quality of the trees. Thank you JillWamberalNSW (5th Dec 2011)

Happy with the delivery and state of all my plants that I ordered online. Prompt delivery times and some great specials. PhilMarsdenQLD (5th Dec 2011)

Plants all arrive beautifully packed in great condition - what I have come to expect from Daleys. Sometimes orders take a little longer to get here than I expect - but am always able to get an update on the timing of the order and delivery - parcels are always left where I specify. Advice from Kath is professional, knowledgeable and always returns calls quickly. CharlotteRed Hill SouthVIC (5th Dec 2011)

The best plants - especially considering they survive the journey looking better than what I've ever bought direct from other nurseries. Good advice too when I have emailed. joanneYarrahappinniNSW (5th Dec 2011)

The plants were incredibly well packed and arrived safe and looking stronger and healthier than I could ever imagine. My Black Genoa fig tree is now quadruple the size it was when I planted it in a pot. It doubled its size in less than 3 weeks. Everyone who comes to my home cannot believe its rate of growth and its very healthy condition. The Brown Turkey fig tree that I gave as a gift is growing more slowly but is already producing fruit. The chilli tree which is still quite small already has several fruit on it and the paw paw and tamarillo are both growing big and strong and very quickly. I watch in amazement at the success of these plants and I know that I will not buy a fruit tree from anyone else. The instruction / information sheet that accompanied the plants was a pleasure to find. Also it is comforting to know that we can seek guidance through the website or by phone any time. The staff have been helpful and friendly. The communication and order tracking have been very efficient and professional. Thanks to your Team and Merry Christmas. Cheers Sharon sharonOrmistonQLD (4th Dec 2011)

Hello. The 'Pink Mammoth' custard apple tree that I purchased is loving the hot, humid weather up here in Edmonton, Far North Qld., a lot more than I am. I have to put on a suit of armour to walk near it for fear of being hit by the 'SHOOTS' flying out of the branches. I can't wait to start munching on the juicy fruit (hopefuly next season). Kind regards, Kevin KEVINEdmontonQLD (4th Dec 2011)

Whenever I want an unusual fruit tree I buy from Daleys as they have the best variety of fruiting trees I can find. Trees arrive in a very healthy condition and are well packed to avoid damage during the trip. KathleenWandalQLD (4th Dec 2011)

I haven't had anything posted to me because I have been able to pick them up but the service I have recieved has been outstanding. On the first visit I chose a lemon tree which I thought was a good variety but after some very useful advise I released I really didn't chose wisely for what I wanted to use the lemons for this gave me the confidience in the staff to ask lots of questions on my other purchases......thankyouLoisHomeleighNSW (1st Dec 2011)

Fast delivery, arrived in perfect condition as a gift! Thanks!!! Luke(27th Nov 2011)

All plants arrived quickly were undamaged and well packaged,which meant with just a few days of harding in our weather we were able to plant, all plants grow well from the start. our fruit trees are to young to bear yet they are growing well so should fruit in due season. MarieBlackbuttQLD (27th Nov 2011)

Thanks again Daleys and Kathy, my plants are thriving and powering on due to the fact of the great condition that they arrived in. Its good to deal with your proficient team. Big KEV. kevinSarinaQLD (27th Nov 2011)

I have had plants delivered to me here and when I lived in the UK. Daleys Nursery delivery was fast, beautifully packed to reduce stress on the plants and the information for planting was useful. I also think the cost of the plants is very reasonable. Many thanks Daleys. VerdaKarana DownsQLD (27th Nov 2011)

The plants were very well packed and delivered in excellent order.The courier service was polite and pleasant. Good website and excellent communication.Thank youMoniqueHarcourtVIC (27th Nov 2011)

Great service & excellent variety of plants LisaJimboombaQLD (24th Nov 2011)

plants ordered mulberry and pomegranate banana passionfruit are all thriving. Theo,MaroubraNSW (21st Nov 2011)

My experience with Daleys nursery is above expectetions. Plants arive well packed and healthy and very fast.I recomend you to all my friends. Best regards, Katarina Schraer KatarinaHawks NestNSW (21st Nov 2011)

Love your website and the variety of plants available. SueRomaQLD (21st Nov 2011)

In establishing a new garden, I have tried 5 plant mail order suppliers. You are the only one I will now use. The rest supplied root dried, struggling, insect eaten & dying plants. Your plants are magnificently packed & arrive looking fresh & ready to go. The last few months I have ordered over $1000 worth of plants from you & only one, a quince did not grow. If you ever need comparison photoes I have some. LindaBingaraNSW(20th Nov 2011)

Have had good produce in Conondale from the first season of nectarines and apricots and more than expected from the plums that were not strong enough to hold all the fruit. And the sugar plums and asparagus are growing nicely. Thank you. John & Pat,GeebungQLD (20th Nov 2011)

Plants arrived in great condition and are thriving so far. Postage was very quick and very happy with the service. The website provides great information on the plants and growing them. Thank you. CaseyJubilee PocketQLD (20th Nov 2011)

I am very happy with the plants and seeds that I bought and and I cannot fault the prompt delivery of my orders.Thank you and keep up the good work. G.KaranikichGeorgeMt EvelynVIC (16th Nov 2011)

The peachcot tree had set two fruit when it arrived and they matured and ripened. I had to pick before the birds devoured them. I liked the taste and I look forward to see the autumn leaves on both trees and the blossoms next spring and of course the fruit next summer. Should I cover the peachcot tree from frost? DeniseBugaldieNSW (15th Nov 2011)

I bought 2 lemon verbenas. Something has eaten most of one, the second is doing better. I have used sprays and pellets, but feel I have let these plants down by not providing a better home for them. They arrived so fresh and hopeful, I was thrilled to receive them. Some specific advice on pest protection would be really helpful about your plants as this is what we face when they go out to the garden. Also, do you have anything for cats? My cat is constantly looking for 'greens' . We don't have any grass at our semi, just a large garden bed in the back yard and concrete tiles for walkway and patio. I know cats eat grass but would there be any plants I could put in that would be equally suitable. Your advice would be most appreciated, Robyn Taylor. Robyn,The RocksNSW (15th Nov 2011)

top tree,s all doing well ,very happy jasonManifold HeightsVIC (14th Nov 2011)

Your service is excellent however the frieght company fastways does put the boxes in the shade plants in the shade Many Thanks Samantha samanthaBrightonQLD(14th Nov 2011)

All the items I have ordered have arrived in perfect condition, even though they have been transported to Melbourne. Also worth mentioning is that the plants I have received have all been of excellent quality. BobCaulfield NorthVIC (13th Nov 2011)

Always quality plants and quick delivery. Daleys have a great reputation and it's well deserved. Love your online forum as well. LissaStrathpineQLD (12th Nov 2011)


I am very pleased with the quality of the plants. They came in good health and are doing well. The delivery service is excellent. My longan tree has now flowered (can you believe it, it is only about 1/2 m tall). Michelia alba, champaca and ylang ylang are very happy, sprouting new leaves everywhere. All plants are grown in the largest containers I could find in Bunnings. I love buying plants from you because I can be certain they will come in good condition and the service is exceptional. Thank you and keep up the good work. Linh LinhNoble ParkVIC (12th Nov 2011)


excellent service and delivery jamesBella VistaNSW (10th Nov 2011)

I brought some plants here,most of them are growing well except one or two of them. I just thinking it will be great if Daleys has a kind of service to help me solve some problems of my plants. Anyway I like Daleys nursery. FULUBelroseNSW (8th Nov 2011)

The plants arrived in amazing condition. Love the box they were delivered in! Also was very thankfull for the instructions on how to get the plants out of the box. Petra,Wurdong HeightsQLD (8th Nov 2011)

loved the way the plants were in great shape and even one had fruit on....thank you very much,you must have a great team of workers stephenTanilba BayNSW (7th Nov 2011)

Your services are above my expectations! simonMarrickville MetroNSW (7th Nov 2011)

Daleys has been my No. 1 Supplier of fruit trees. Little did i know that there was such a diversity of fruit trees. It has been so satisfying growing a tree that is, not only, unknown to the general public but produces a fruit that is so much more delicious than a store bought fruit. This has increased my passion for gardening . When, I not only grow a new variety of tree or shrub, but I get to grow my own fruit. Bravo Diggers! I have not found any nursery that supplys such a diverse variety of fruit trees. Thank-you. Min Taylor. MinRosevaleQLD (6th Nov 2011)

I was happy and satisfied dealing with Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery. My plants made the journey to Melbourne in a short amount of time and arrived in great condition. The only slight concern I have had with my plants is one of the five plants has a hole in the graft, i cannot see any disease in the area so hopefully this wont become an issue. Rick,The BasinVIC (6th Nov 2011)

We are quite happy with the plants we ordered. They are strong, healthy plants. The plants were well packed and delivered very quick. JacobaNarrabriNSW (6th Nov 2011)


I am more than happy with the service I have received through Daleys Nusery. It's so great to be able to locate those 'hard to find' fruit trees online and get them so promptly when I am keen to get them growing. My plants have always been very healthy and as soon as they are in the ground they take off. Keep up the excellent work. Kathleen,BaxterVIC (6th Nov 2011)

I did think that I was going to get a free Tamorillo, but alas it wasn't with my last order. But I will order one asap, as i'm very fond of them. Regards, Suzanne Suzanne,Elizabeth BeachNSW (2nd Nov 2011)

My last dealing with your nursery: I ordered a female gingko - was texted that it was ready. I ordered online with my credit card and went to pick it up. Sadly, when I went to plant it out last week, discovered, upon looking closely at the label, it was another male that I had been given. I had previously obtained a male gingko from your nursery. Have been meaning to call and see if you still have the female but been away and busy with other matters. Thank you for the opportunity fr feedback. Triny Roe. p.s all other plants I got from nursery have been fine, TrinyNimbinNSW (1st Nov 2011)

I love the plants at Daleys…I am new to growing fruits but find buying my fruit trees from Daleys a really pleasurable experience. Having 2 young ones to care for, it is fantastic to be able to purchase fruit trees online and excellent quality ones at that! My trees arrive looking healthy and happy and most have begun fruiting within 2 months so I am one very happy customer!
I also love the fact the staff there are passionate about what they do and unlike a lot of my local nursery staff are VERY KNOWLEDGABLE when in comes to growing fruit and veg.
Love your company….keep up the fantastic customer service and good work!!Joanna M (Sydney) (3rd November 2011)

I've established an orchard on 1/4 acre using only Daley's trees. The plants were well packed and all were very healthy. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and I continue to use your website as a reference (and also just for enjoyment). Well done, you are an exemplary business. SallyInalaQLD (1st Nov 2011)

Plants arrived quickly and in excellent condition, they are all planted and doing exceedingly well, I am very happy with the service and quality and will shop with you in the future. Many thanks JM JennyWinmaleeNSW (31st Oct 2011)

I am very pleased and happy with my plants, have recommended you to my friends, The delivery is fast and prompt and packed very well, you will be hearing from me again in the future, thankyou Cecilia ceciliaHolden HillSA (31st Oct 2011)

Hello. The fig and the grape are doing wonderfully but the persimmon doesn't look as if it is happy. The leaves have burnt outer edges. I dressed the soil with dynamic lifter and gave the tree a diluted manure drink. Is that too much? LiisaBargaraQLD (30th Oct 2011)

most of the plants i bought have been of good quality. but i did get a bad minneola tangelo .you have a good range of plants that you cant get at the bunnings in my state!! i also like the forum where i have had some good advice which has helped me a lot as i am a novice gardener.keep up the good work!! peterPoorakaSA (30th Oct 2011)

Hi, Love the plants and the wide choice. Only thing I would love is a little more advice (feels like staff are a little rushed), and also the ability to pre-purchase a lot more plants. Cheers JoannaBeecroftNSW (30th Oct 2011)

Unfortunately I did not get to see my plant alive as the depot manager at this end failed to advise that the plant had arrived. A friend picked it up when she was told about it but, despite all effort and care the plant had been left for too long without water and could not be revived. I do thank you for remembering my request and sending the passionfruit plant and I wish the outcome had been better but I will try again at a later date. Regards, Cheryl CherylGeorgetownQLD (28th Oct 2011)

I was pleasantly suprised with the quality of the plants and the way they are packed. All plants are bounding ahead with the warmer weather and a little rain, I .will certainly be purching more of your plants MarieBlackbuttQLD (23rd Oct 2011)

Yes, i was very happy with my trees and the service, the site is very helpful too, and helps me make the right choice. trishDunbibleNSW (23rd Oct 2011)

My order arrived only a couple of days after I placed it.All the plants were in excellent condition & had been packed & transported carefully.This was the first time I had used Daleys & I was so pleased with the whole experience that I placed two more orders which again arrived in perfect condition (very easy to track your order on Fastways website too)Every plant from my original order has grown well - my naranjilla is huge; mexican guava & feijoa have done exceptionally well;even my grumichama & black sapote have heaps of new growth now that Sydney is enjoying warmer weather. Can't wait to order more beautiful plants from Daleys! SeanMirandaNSW (23rd Oct 2011)

The price was far better than the local shops, delivery was excellent, I will be ordering again next winter. gordonKambahACT (23rd Oct 2011)

Most convenient & reliable shopping for us.Much appreciated because we live on an island. We receive carefully packed, healthy and more unusual or hard to find quality plants - on our doorstep! YvonneMacleay IslandQLD (18th Oct 2011)

I have already purchased twice from your nursery. I was first little bit apprehensive to buy plants/trees on line and have them posted but the first order arrived and it was well above my expectations. With the second order arriving fast and again in excellent conditions I am recommending your business to everybody who compliments our garden. JanaShailer ParkQLD (17th Oct 2011)

Dear Staff I have only recently started my garden. And I am delighted with how the plants arrive and your service.Thank you for the time you have invested into the website it is so comprehensive. I am yet to complete "My Edibles" of the plants i have purchased. I think it is a wonderful resource, i enjoy reading other peoples comments particularily for plants i am considering. I am really looking forward to spending the summer holidays filling in the blanks for the plants i have in my collection. Samantha,BrightonQLD (17th Oct 2011)

Fast delivery with the plants arriving in healthy dark green condition . :) david,LapstoneNSW (17th Oct 2011)

great service,excellent. tonyBeachlandsWA (10th Oct 2011)

i bought a finger lime from you and i am looking forward to buying more plants from you. and i recomend you all the time as your trees a beautiful! DennisQueanbeyanNSW(10th Oct 2011)

purchased 2o plants since march 2011. all alive and healthy. Just ordered another 10 :)james Palm BeachQLD (10th Oct 2011)

I have not ordered many plants from you, as I planted most of my fruit trees 20 years ago. The 2 recent ones are because my grandson is keen on some tropical 'rose apple' style fruits. In May 2010 I bought 4 Barklya syringifolia - 1 died but the other 3 have grown well in pots, and 2 will be planted out soon. I would really like more of these. There are 2 local trees that look magnificent in bloom, but I have had no luck from cuttings myself. PamGalstonNSW (9th Oct 2011)

My Angel Peach was packed very well, speed was great, but there was, and remains only one bud. Scion had been cut back too hard. The one bud has a green shoot that is growing, but the plant is very vulnerable: if that shoot breaks off, there is no other bud on the severely pruned scion. I can send photo if you like. I have Bach App Sc Horticulture and have worked in hortic for 40+years. Im still hoping for the best,as the shoot is growing. PatriciaLeopoldVIC (9th Oct 2011)

I was very happy with the order. Thank you JillKewNSW (8th Oct 2011)

one grape stayed a stick, one coffee tree and two of the peanut trees died. Not to bad considering over 50 plants ordered DavidStaffordQLD (5th Oct 2011)

An important point is that the plants arrived in very good condition because they had been so well packed The last point is not applicable as I have not communicated with your staff Your catalogue is a pleasure to browse through because it is so well illustrated. It makes me wish that I had a larger garden so that I could plant more Irene,The HillNSW (4th Oct 2011)

Again, great service and customer awareness .Thanks for the $10 voucher, I have ordered an apricot tree so hopefully, I will use it within the 2 month period. cheers Ken Daley KenGalstonNSW (3rd Oct 2011)

excellent service very happy will definitely order again RaeMallacootaVIC (2nd Oct 2011)

I can't wait to come back for my next lot of trees. ClaireSherwoodQLD (1st Oct 2011)

They arrive in 1st class condition and I keep those nobbed rubber bands for use in training my plants... they are tremendously useful. EileenElizabeth SouthSA (29th Sep 2011)

Perfect thx. I am in Northern Territory. I hope my wife has been looking after "my" garden as I was only home for a week when I planted them. I will be home in 3 weeks so fingers crossed BrianBurleigh HeadsQLD (25th Sep 2011)

Freight and quarintine charges from Daley's to W.A is too high. I paid about $1000 I believe last order. This adds about a third to the cost. Diggers Club and others absorb some of the freight on large orders and for some reason their quarentine is way, way less. It is just not viable when a third of the cost is not for the actual plant. Yes you may use this on your testi(moan)ial page. P.S. your plants were all in good health and qualityRaymond South FremantleWA (10th Oct 2011)

During Winter I ordered 2 apple trees (root stock) the Granny Smith is thriving with leaves, the Pinkabella is either still dormant or dead. Planted the trees exactly the same way. davidRydeNSW (24th Sep 2011)

All trees are fantastic really healthy the staff were so great as I had difficulty ordering on line and the trees arrived in a few days the courier was very nice and careful with the box. My Grandson with his and myself with mine are looking forward to the fruit the quince tree is in full blossum thank you. Maureen Hurley MaureenBayviewNSW(24th Sep 2011)

The only problem I have is the passionfruit, not doing well at all. Having said that, I also have 2 Nellie Kellie passionfruit that are not doing well either which i purchased at Bunnings, so its not the plant, I am not sure what the problem is. Perhaps you could assist. thanks Robyn RobynDandenong SouthVIC (20th Sep 2011)

Wasn't easy to answer 'quality of plants' or 'how are your plants going now?,' the answers to both were somewhere between the first two options. I was happy that i got nice-looking and happy-looking plants. Neither plant has shown any growth since i got them in July though, and we've been having some warm weather down here in Western Sydney over the last few weeks. I've kept them on the verandah and tried to keep the water up to them (the pine was showing some yellow needles though and thought that it might benefit from less water?) They had some worm wee and seasol recently too. Hope they sprout soon... jeanineShanes ParkNSW (20th Sep 2011)

I just bought my first ever mail order plants, with some trepidation... I ordered 6 fruit trees on a Monday morning - 3 bare rooted & 3 in 6L bags. I was worried what condition they may arrive in, that they may be delivered while I was at work and have to spend the day neglected under the front stairs. The plants were delivered Tuesday morning - the very next day - arriving bright and early before I left for work. The lived comfortably in their box and wrapping (with some daily watering) until I planted them out on the weekend. Only two weeks later, the bare stems were totally covered in flowers - you couldn't see the stems for the flowers! These little trees are now covered in new shoots and small fruits. (I just counted more than 20 plums on the 40cm high Gulfruby!) A bit ambitiuous for 40-60 cm high trees in their first season in the ground! The small fruits will be removed to allow the trees to properly establish for a season or 2. With such precocious and vigorous plants, I have no worries about getting a heavy crop of fruit in a couple of seasons. Thank you Daleys for your excellent service, quick delivery and fantastic quality plants! I am sure to be a regular customer into the future.MichaelEast BrisbaneQLD (20th Sep 2011)

yet to receive 2nd order, but 1st order cant believe how healthy plants were better than local nurseries plants. will be ordering again peterChatsworthQLD (19th Sep 2011)

All of my fruit trees have sprung to life after winter and are looking great (unlike the one I purchased locally). The delivery has always been incredibly fast and convenient. Thanks so much, I will definitely be purchasing more - the only problem is space in the garden! JadeSingleton HeightsNSW (19th Sep 2011)

I am very happy with the service and quality of plants/trees provided by Daleys Nursery and have recommended your nursery to others for your service and quality of product supplied. Thanks Daleys...! Shaun. ShaunSwan HillVIC (19th Sep 2011)

super fast delivery and they are all powering along nicely! the instructions that came with the plants were very helpful. JOELMount CrosbyQLD (16th Sep 2011)

Most of the plants have been very good, but the two Victoria Rhubarbs have failed to grow and died - each in different gardens, both in rich, well-drained soils in our Permaculture gardens. Am hoping for a refund on next order. Thanks for the gift vouchers - much appreciated. mandy Lane CoveNSW (13th Sep 2011)

Plants are looking promising! I've potted up the Walking Stick Palms and also the Citriobatus cv "Wauchope". The Ruby Red has gone to a friend. AlexanderGranville,NSW (12th Sep 2011)

On the two occasions that I have mailordered plants, I found the quality of the plants to be excellent. Couldn't be happier. But the courier responsible for delivering in my area is nigh on hopeless. No common sense whatsoever. I live a fair way out of town and they don't deliver here. What's more I don't have mobile reception at home, so I don't get any messages until I go to town. My precious plants could turn to mulch long before the courier would think to look us up in a phone book to get a land line. The last plant I bought was a finger lime that cost me nearly $50, and it sat at the courier depot for 4 days before I had occasion to go to town again and thus get a voice message. Not good enough. janiceChambigneNSW (12th Sep 2011)

I was absolutely delighted as the order had been outstanding for a long time due to the unusual request for English trees. The medlars and crab apples are growing very well and are just budding with the spring in the cold New England. Couldn't be happier and would recommend you without hesitation. Sally. Sally, Kentucky, NSW (12th Sep 2011)

I always have had great results form your plants. GRANTMoonee Ponds, VIC (12th Sep 2011)

We use Daleys for the majority of our purchases and have never been disappointed. All our Daley's purchases are healthy and vigorous. I highly recommend them. Deborah,Como, NSW (12th Sep 2011)

Arrived in Excellent condition and have grown a good two feet since receiving. Thank you Daleys.. BenMount Louisa, QLD (12th Sep 2011)

Thank you for the good service! RuthWest Pennant Hills, NSW (9th Sep 2011)

Yes all good, right from the ordering through to the delivery. Plants are thriving and happy The slight mix up we had with the payment was sorted straight away. Can't ask for better than that Cheers Margaret North Rothbury, NSW (5th Sep 2011)

All my Plants arrived looking healthy and exactly where I'd requested them to be left-its so convientient as I work and cant get to Daley's in person. Rosalie, Meerschaum Vale, NSW (5th Sep 2011)

All of the plants I have ordered have been received in the best condition, very well packed and quickly delivered. I had reason to contact the nursery with a query and the staff were extremely helpful taking much care in explaining what I needed to know. I have recommended Daleys to several friends who have commented on the healthy plants in my garden. Keep up the good work! CarolynWaterfordQLD (30th Aug 2011)

What can I say? You've exceeded my expectations of a vendor in every aspect. In these days of fast living, fast food and no service it's refreshing to experience some good old fashioned customer service for a change. Keep up the great work! Bob,(30th Aug 2011)

The plants arrived in good order and professionally packed as I have come to expect from this very professional Company. I recommend you to any-one I come across who is interested in fruit trees. The bare rooted deciduous plants could maybe have had a little more damp saw dust around the roots, as I couldn't plant them straight away and had to tip more water into the bags. GailOurimbahNSW (30th Aug 2011)

Not sure quite how my rhubarb is going. It seems to have died away a little but when I feel the top it seems quite firm. Maybe I should have bought this in spring time. Not sure. However the plant was of good quality. JenniferTareeNSW (30th Aug 2011)

All plants arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Red Pawpaw alive but sulking - the weather in Forster has been cool. Euodia bursting with life and vigor. Kauri is enjoying it's life in a large pot just inside the front door - gets lots of light and is attempting already to race for the 2nd floor ceiling! RobynForsterNSW (29th Aug 2011)

Arrived by courier after overnight in Sydney Depot Peter North TamworthNSW(29th Aug 2011)

Everything we have bought is thriving. I just wish I'd found you sooner! Thank you so much for your continuing brilliant service and sending me the healthiest plants I have ever planted. Rhonda RhondaSherwoodQLD (15th Aug 2011

I look forward to recieving my plants from Daley's because they are always good quality and true to their description, being of good size, very health and never pot bound. LynetteOakdaleNSW (14th Aug 2011)

Your website is the most convenient and efficient that I have found. Emanuela,Croydon ParkNSW (14th Aug 2011)

Thanks so much for providing a huge range of plants and also giving advice on how to grow them. I am thrilled with everything I've bought from you, from the Buddha's hand citron to the dwarf coffee bushes! The 'My Edibles' function is really useful, as it allows people to share information about their experiences with growing the plants you sell in different regions and situations. Fantastic all round!!! EmmaMount PleasantNSW(11th Aug 2011)

So far all my plants purchased through Daley's have continued to out perform any other plants purchased locally. TresnaPort MacquarieNSW (9th Aug 2011)

Well I was worried about our quince on arrival but I followed instructions and it has come on really well its now planted in its permanent spot in the garden and doing well Ill definately order from you guys again SueWamuranQLD (2nd Aug 2011)

Much better quality than *****Removed Nursery Name*** trees (which are often undisclosed seedlings rather than grafted trees, and about the same price). Same quality as trees from Yalca. Above feedback about staff is not a negative, I just haven't had to deal with staff in person so I have no opinion. One of my Nashi trees (Hosui I think) has died at the graft which is a bit disappointing. I haven't had time to phone about that yet. Every other tree is in beautiful good health. I like the descriptions of different varieties, very helpful in selecting for our garden. Could use more info on eventual height and spread, and water requirements. Love the 'My Fruit Trees' pages.LieselWoononaNSW (1st Aug 2011)

This without a douth is the best nursery i have dealt with,i have had many dealings with them over the years and they have never failed to impress me with their service and packageing of plants for shipping,Thank you for the effort Daleys staff i for one will always return when required.....Merv Kelly MervynBongareeQLD (30th Jul 2011)

I have been setting up my home orchard and it would have been helpfull if I could have put in an order and had it put together and freighted in one lot rather than in bits and pieces as tree became available. All trees were health and responded quickly after planting both fruit and forest trees I have been planting over the last few years. Thank you. donBiggendenQLD (30th Jul 2011)

Your staff are brilliant and charming at dispensing helpful service and advice via email or phone! My pomegranates are thriving in their bigger pots with lovely fat buds waiting to burst come spring. Cheers, Sandra SANDRABaldivisWA (26th Jul 2011)

Plants arrived promptly and were well packed. The plants have all been healthy and good sized, they have all thrived. I like the system of being notified when plants become available as I don't always get time to check whats in. JulieFountaindaleNSW (18th Jul 2011)

I have always been extremely pleased with the way my plants were packaged and the condition they arrived in. JulianneReservoirVIC (17th Jul 2011)

I am really pleased with the quality of the plants, packaging and the prompt response, as well as the speedy delivery. MarkusWantirna SouthVIC (17th Jul 2011)

My trees arrived promptly, they were securely packed and undamaged upon arrival. All trees are growing nicely and will greatly assist in my efforts to create a self sufficient fruit and vegetable garden. I will definitely order more trees in the future. Gayle,PlainlandQLD (16th Jul 2011)

The new packing boxes/methid are much improved than my previous orders a few years ago. BENRenmark SouthSA (6th Jul 2011)

was able to rectify a mistake online of order before it was dispatched. plants all arrived in excellent condition with adequate instructions.all doing ok JoyStocktonNSW (4th Jul 2011)

I've been very happy with quality of all plants I've ever purchased from daleys and also with the method of packaging. It seems more care and quality control is taken at Daleys than most other nurserys that I know of. ThomasEast KurrajongNSW (3rd Jul 2011)

My plants were packed very well. You have given a lot of thought to this so that they would arrive in very good condition. After one week of receiving my plants, I transplanted them to bigger pots. And now, they are all thriving and happy in their new environment. JaneTrinity ParkQLD (3rd Jul 2011)

After a 2 year wait for Mango Irwin, you had sold out before I could order less than 2 hours after you notified me they were available MoTerrey HillsNSW (29th Jun 2011)

The speed of processing and delivery was far greater than I had expected. Only 1 plant(tubestock) out of 45 odd was damaged in transit and although disappointing really did not take away from my overall experience with the service. Both the price of plants and cheap delivery costs were a dominant factor in my original decision to try your service however now I would consider the plant quality, that was excellent, is now the main reason. It would be really nice if far more nurseies met your high standards. The plants were all planted within a week of delivery and are thriving through the winter in suburban brisbane. Thank you for providing a qualty and reliable service. Daniel,NorthgateQLD (27th Jun 2011)

Sydney winter is proving difficult for my tropical plants. I am using a greenhouse at night as we have had a couple of frosts. Please give me advice re fertilisers and shelter. Paul Bella VistaNSW (19th Jun 2011)

The delivery company delivered the plants next door and had to chase them up. Paul,DundasNSW (18th Jun 2011)

We're having a lovely time building our backyard orchard! Thanks! catharine plummerDee WhyNSW (18th Jun 2011)

I am very impressed with your customer focus MichaelJewellstownNSW (14th Jun 2011)

Great service and the price for it was good. More than happy to deal again with you at any time. MarkMarylandNSW (13th Jun 2011)

Fantastic website. Thrilled with plants. I will be back! DebCronullaNSW (6th Jun 2011)

I am constantly impressed with the service and quality from Daley's to the point where I have recommended you to many friends. The range of varieties is fantastic and there are always new things to try. Thank you guys and keep up the good work. Kate,South WindsorNSW (6th Jun 2011)


I was surprised at how easy the ordering was ... my avocado arrived in a very healthy state and is doing very well. I think I have an order for a finger lime tree. Cheers Marg Coleman MargaretBalgowlahNSW (5th Jun 2011)

Great service and excellent plants always Bill Inverleigh BillInverleighVIC (4th Jun 2011)

I was amazed at how quickly they arrived and what a great condition they were in. They were a gift for my son on his birthday and he says they are growing well and are healthy. He will be buying from you in the future. Your question: Were our staff helpful? I never contacted any staff which is why I put No. Great site, great shopping Norma,Cooks HillNSW (30th May 2011)

I was very pleased with your service. Your staff responded promptly to my questions. Delivery of plants was quick and the plants arrived in a great condition. Thank you.AmaleKings LangleyNSW (29th May 2011)

Daley's are great to deal with - I am a repeat customer because Daley's provide me the solution to getting exactly what I want. Well done - customer service excellent! Cheers Graham GrahamNormanhurstNSW (29th May 2011)

Your survey is too rigid, some plants are alright and some died, I couldn't indicate both. I order by internet so helpfulness of staff is irrelevant. Could you include more info on fruiting season of the various citrus trees, some you name as early, mid or late but others have no indication. Overall, I'm happy with Daley's and will continue to be a customer. John. JohnDurongQLD (28th May 2011)

Thanks for you service. All has been good so far and very happy with the buying experience and most importantly the plants. Also I like that you offer advance info on upcoming varieties you are propagating. This is a great service and makes me want to come back. Only other comment would be that the web site needs a bit of work to be fully and correctly viewable on an ipad. LloydKatoombaNSW (28th May 2011)

I live in an area with no local nursery and the nearest one only stocks mainstream plants. I have ordered from several places online and have often been disappointed with the plants when they arrive. Usually plants are too immature to survive the trip and transplant shock. The plants from Daley's were well developed, well packed and transplanted and established easily in my garden. Great service and delivered according to your online advertised programme. AdrianKadinaSA (23rd May 2011)

The fruit trees arrived in perfect condition and are doing really well. I will order more when I decide what to plant in my mums garden. I think you run a very professional operation. All my dealings were over the internet and went very smoothly as I hoped. Thank you. Marjo MarjoDaptoNSW (22nd May 2011)

In today's environment the "From End to End process" of the purchase was excellent. From Daleys to my doorstep, packaging, helpful hints included,etc. The condition of the plants were good in comparison to some products for sale locally in Bundaberg from outlets. The consumer doesn't mind paying the price for a reasonable plant specimen.NeilBranyanQLD (22nd May 2011)

Excited about good quality (I'm a hort myself), local nurseries often don't have quality stock. Very speedy delivery & clear who would deliver and able to say where to leave boxes( have had bad experiences with other companies/couriers before). Very happy customer!!! BarbaraGrose ValeNSW (17th May 2011)

Your website is comprehensive, your delivery always prompt and the stock of very high quality. Keep up the good work. TonyBrookfieldQLD (16th May 2011)

Your plants always arrive in great condition,are very healthy and a good size. 99% of them have survived in my garden and are now all growing vigorously. JohnMarsden,QLD (16th May 2011)

I am so glad that you don't insist on a minimum order value anymore. I did not know when I ordered my dwarf gala apple that I needed another tree for cross-polination, maybe I missed that in your details. So I have put a request in to be notified when a dwarf granny smith becomes available. I would like an update as to when I can expect this to be. thanks guys.... BarbaraMenaiNSW (16th May 2011)

Pleased with the packaging and overall health of the mandarin trees. I have them planted in pots and look forward to seeing them grow. I love the fact that you can purchase plants from Daleys that are not available in your local nursery. Stavroula,MarionSA (15th May 2011)

I had a slight problem ordering from Daleys, for my first order I had originally planned on getting only one or two plants and ended up ordering 4.. :) It's a little hard not getting carried away when there is such a wide variety of interesting, good quality plants available. MelissaChester HillNSW (15th May 2011)

I recently bought a weekender Hobby Farm and my vision is to plant all my favourite Fruit Trees and plants there. I have spent thousands with you guys but, I love it because I know one day when my husband and I are old and gray we would look at our beautiful grown up, productive trees by then and enjoy it's abundance and harvest for our kids, and their kids hopefully when we're long gone the trees will still be there as a reminder of all our hard work.I will still be buying lots and lots of plants and trees because we want to be self reliant and to sustain our family. Thank you so much. We appreciate how you look after your trees with love as we do when we get them.  Maria,Titaatee CreekNSW (10th May 2011)

Fantastic packaging that kept the plant in wonderful health. I was very impressed. I had been on the waiting list for this plant and was excited when an email arrived indicating stock, however I missed out as there were only 3 plants available and they were gone in 2 days. I was delighted to receive another email letting me know that there was more stock and I was successful in obtaining one. So great service. KylieCashmereQLD(10th May 2011)

So far I have found the quality of plants and the speed at which they have been delivered exceptional. The plants have all arrived in good health and the "what to do when your plants arrive" leaflet was very helpful to avoid shock for my new little babies I have recommended Daleys to others and have explained that at times it may take awhile for some plants to be available as they are only shipped when size and health are just right. Daleys have helped my backyard orchard expand and be fruitful. Thank you very much.Karen KarenSpringwoodNSW (9th May 2011)

I am impressed with the quality and health of the plant given it has been through the mail order process. It has settled in and has started to thrive more effectively than many purchased in a nursery.I will purchase again. JanineSt LeonardsNSW (9th May 2011)

Service has been fantastic - plants arrived healthy and in much better condition than most I find at the local nursery! Delivery was also extremely fast - couldn't be happier and I will continue to purchase plants from daley's. leanneAitkenvaleQLD (8th May 2011)

I was surprised they arrived intact. My Paw Paws are growing well for so far south ! Thank you ! Terry Farrell Terry YarramVIC (8th May 2011)

We have a number of trees purchased from Daleys, they all arrive in the best condition I have seen from a nursery. I have worked in a nursery and I am very particular about the plants I buy. All our fruit trees are growing exceptionally well and we are very happy with both the plants and the service. Much thanks Rose-MarieWyongNSW (2nd May 2011)

I have bought from other sources including online and your plants are great value for money as they come relatively advanced. Not all survive the harsh conditions of Western Sydney and a novice orchardist's care! I love that you stock a great variety of exotic food plants that will stand up to global warming. Since I tend to order when I have some free time coming up to plant, it's great to receive the plants within a week. And when I'm not ordering, your website is a great source of information -- a vegipedia! It would be nice to be able to buy forestry tubes in 2s rather than 4s if not singly. Even if I have to pay a little more. Especially since these items are supposed to grow into big trees -- and my garden just doesn't have the space for so many of them. (4 hymenosporum flavium within 140 sq m?) I think you might find that is increasingly the case among your customers in the cities. I will just have to bonsai what I can't give away, cos my friends don't share my taste in or need for big trees. No time or inclination either to flog them off in online marketplaces (not yet at least). And no, I think social buying network coupons are a terrible idea that hurts both business and customer eventually. Please don't go there. DianeSeven HillsNSW (2nd May 2011)


I'm Happy because I know that they are REALLY healthy plants and am happy to pay top $ for them Jennifer Blue KnobNSW (1st May 2011)

Overall an excellent service FredBunburyWA (27th Apr 2011)

I find ordering from Daleys Nursery I can be sure the plants are right for my area, also that they are healthy and not pot bound. Philomena DungowanNSW (27th Apr 2011)

My order was for a couple of Pandanus screw pines. As far as my research went, Daleys was the only nursery with this plant available. The specimens were great, the price very reasonable, the delivery prompt - could ask for anything for more. You guys already have an excellent reputation, and well deserved. Paul Rea, Nth Bondi Paul,North BondiNSW (21st Apr 2011)

It's been a funny season and i've never known what the weather has been doing so hae held back planting.Plants are looking good and should be in the ground over easter. Hopefully the feral deer dont like them too much otherwise one may be fast tracked to the freezer. A few dramas with delivery: As delivery was due to be before the weekend, i contacted Star Track on friday arvo as i hadn't recieved my order. Discovered Star Track subcontracted out the delivery once it reached Adelaide, so i contacted the subbie. Subbie 'discovered' they didnt deliver to my address, however never contacted me. After considerable stuffing around and discussions with Star Track stating my displeasure with their survice, I finally recieved my plants on friday night, as one of their drivers was travelling home. SimonLeawood GardensSA(21st Apr 2011)

very happy with purchase, thank you ElizabethMoonee PondsVIC (18th Apr 2011)

Plants were much bigger than expected and very well packaged. We will definitely being buying from you guys again! Thanks! Kate BunbarthaVIC (7th Apr 2011)

Really impressed with the quality of plants and i like that you can be notified when plants available JulieFountaindaleNSW (4th Apr 2011)

Keep up the quality and variety of plants, I will definitly buy more in the future.Daleys is one of the only places I can get unusual fruit trees. One thought, it would be really handy on your forum to give the area people live in as comments regarding suitability and growth habits vary a lot across Eastern Australia. cheers  karenWinfieldQLD(1st Apr 2011)

I am very happy with all my plants and how they are growing. Your company provides a excellent service and pack the plants very tight so there is no damage when they are delivered. I thank all your staff for their good customer service and I'm sure I will be buying more plants very soon.JULIEChain ValleyNSW (31st Mar 2011)

Very impressed with safe packaging. Plant arrived in good condition, nothing broken. Well done. JacquelineLavingtonNSW (28th Mar 2011)

the package you sent the plants in were great. the plants are lovely and healthy and are growing well, they have grown about 100mm. thank you des CharnwoodACT(27th Mar 2011)

Love your plants and the way they look on arrival; never had one fail in planting out or potting on; what more can I say? PeterYassNSW (26th Mar 2011)

my order was small as i will plant in a limited space, however, the plants have survived and thrived, and i am looking forward to their progress. RayBerry ParkNSW (25th Mar 2011)

I have been very impressed with the service I have received and also the quality of the plant stock. I must confess I had some reservations when making my first purchase, but have been extremely pleased and satisfied.  (24th Mar 2011)

I was hesitant to buy plants online but the quality of the ones supplied by Daleys was far better than any plant at my local garden centre. Wonderful quality, wide range, excellent service, beautifully packed and prompt delivery. My only complaint is that my garden is too small to fit everything I would like to buy! KylaSouthportQLD (22nd Mar 2011)

I always recommend people use you because of the comprehensive on line info available on all sorts of plants, especially areas they thrive and hours of chill etc. Your catalogue is great also. If I were to establish another garden/ orchard, I would certainly use no one but you. LoriMaroochydoreQLD (18th Mar 2011)

Our last year's buys are doing well. All 4 grafted Southern Red Pawpaws are flowering and one has a young pawpaw. Our dwarf peaches (Oct.)in their large pots each side of our front door have more than doubled in size and our last buy, and this year's 2 dwarf apple trees have grown a good foot or so in height and look happy in their large pots. We are extremely satisfied customers and would not dream of going anywhere else for our fruit trees. Nancy Burnett, Woodgate Beach.Q. NancyWoodgateQLD (18th Mar 2011)

I have been very happy with the plants I ordered, and received promptly. Plants were strong and healthy, arrived in good shape, and are growing well. I will definately order from Daleys again. Thank you, Colleen ColleenMundubberaQLD (17th Mar 2011)

very quick well packaged and protected great communication thanks bobNome,QLD (17th Mar 2011)

All of the plants you've sent me over the years have arrived safely and undamaged. They're always in great condition and don't have to receive any special treatment, unlike plants I've ordered from other nurseries. The size and health of your plants is also a real bonus. All in all I'm very pleased with both your service and your staff. I'll continue to patronise your nursery as the quality of your plants is, in my opinion unsurpassed. Thank you! JohnMarsdenQLD (14th Mar 2011)

Very happy with all the plants we have orderd from Daleys we have planted 23 new fruit trees/plants/vines in the last 2 years and they are all growing very well!! Thanks for the great info on the plants too, i'm always looking at your news letters and blogs Karen N.S.W karenBarrack HeightsNSW (13th Mar 2011)

Carriers fairly rough, but packing absorbed most of the shocks. Plants recovered quickly, and now doing really well, particularly the arrowroot. GrahamMarloVIC (10th Mar 2011)

I love the variety, availability and the opportunity to pre purchase plants that are scarce and just being born, lol :) I just LOVE Daley's Nursery and wish I knew about it sooner. All my plants are doing well and there was a lot of information I could obtain before purchase. I look forward to all the unusual fruit and nuts my family and I will soon be consuming. Thankyou HEAPS :) KayeWallsendNSW (10th Mar 2011)

All of my plants arrived very healthy and are still doing well. Happy to pay the freight charges because I know they are looked after. As a newbie gardener, I'd like to be able to access more information on your website about training and pruning the young plants. RachaelCookACT (10th Mar 2011)

Plants we in excellent condition and are all growing well. thamk you RobynPaterson,NSW (9th Mar 2011)

Order arrived in very good state. Daley Nursery can be recommended to anyone. Some plants are cheaper than in nearby nurseries, even if transport costs are included. Gabriel, MaitlandNSW (5th Mar 2011)

The Fact that you have the Search button on your home page that allows you to view the plants that have been added for sale is the most highly addictive thing on this planet!!!! The forum is great! But always remember to keep adding the rare stuff because thats what makes Daleys different from everyone else!!!! Keep up the good work!! mitchellKurrajong HeightsNSW (4th Mar 2011)

The plants arrived in very good condition. Good, protective packaging and reliable delivery service. PercyWiley ParkNSW (22nd Feb 2011)



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