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Spring CatChoose one of these 4 plants to get 40% offlooking for staffA multi coloured relative of silverbeetDragon fruit are a vine that produce large flowers and fruit. The pearl variety has white flesh.Rare Fruit magazines
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Herbs and spice

Make your meals taste absolutely fantastic with the addition of home grown spices. As a culinary spice, there is virtually no such thing as an overdose and the spices are suitable for enhancing the flavour of a multitude of dishes. Fresh spices always taste better than the dried variety and offer many health-promoting benefits. Here are some of the more popular and hardy spices that are ideal for a kitchen garden.

Sugar Herb - Stevia Curry Tree Lemon Grass
Cardamom Vanilla Vine Echinacea ( Purple Cone Flower )
Drumstick Tree ( Moringa ) Snake Jasmine Pepper - Black
Rosemary Tamarind Tomato - Santorini
Luffa - Smooth Sage Parsley Italian
Bay Tree Walking Onion Achiote - Bixa
Dill Curry Plant Turmeric Orange
Comfrey Tea Plant Thyme
Parsley Curly leaf Wasabi - Mazuma Lemon Verbena
Coriander - Thai Zaatar Coriander
Aloe Vera Allspice Cardamon Ginger
Society Garlic Galangal Garlic - Elephant
Chaya - Spinach Tree Cinnamon Tree Yanang
Vietnamese Mint Lemon Balm Star Anise
Tamarind - Sweet Basil - Sweet Mexican Tarragon
Sage - Pineapple Javanese Ginger Sweet Marjoram
Mint Peppermint