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Medium-sized hemiparasitic trees that attach themselves to the root system of nearby plants from which they extract water and minerals. Pinto Peanut and Acacia are suitable hosts as they are a legume and hence a natural nitrogen source. Keep Acacias pruned so they dont over take growth of Sandalwood. Used in the production of sandalwood oil, trees are harvested from 8 years and the entire tree is used for oil production including the roots and stump. The production of sandalwood in India and Nepal is strictly controlled by the government who owns all the trees, however illegal harvesting and smuggling is a problem due to the high value of sandalwood oil.

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Specifications of Sandalwood - Indian

Preferred Climate TropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From SeedlingLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) +10m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Sometimes

Amount of leaves in Winter? All Leaves (Evergreen)

Quarantine Restrictions to these Areas WA

Sandalwood - Indian Reviews & Tips

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Mahendra Dayal
5y ago

19 Fawkner Street. Slacks Creek , QLD , Australia, Australia

Sandalwood - Indian

I bought 2 plants, and planted them in ground now with lot of ground preparation as instructed by Delay nursery and they are thriving now ,planted them in full sun. planted them in December. its about 70 cm tall now.I am very happy .

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