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Fruit Tree Packs: Blueberry Plants Buy 3 get 1 FREE

Blueberry Plants Buy 3 get 1 FREE

1. Why do I benefit from more then 1 Blueberry Plant?

Having 4 blueberries in your orchard allows you to get great cross pollination which increases your blueberry harvest. Another benefit is extending your harvest period. One variety might fruit early in the season another later. Also you might want to give one away to your friends.

2. Can I choose which Blueberry Varieties?

Yes, Just use the drop down menu to select the blueberry varieties that you like. You can choose different varieties or all the same variety by using the drop down menu. We recommend choosing different varieties because you get more blueberries that way.

3. I want to add a Blueberry Variety not in the drop-down menu. Where is it?

Only blueberries that are in stock appear in the drop down menu. You can go to the blueberry plant page and then click Email me when Available to get notified when that variety is in stock. It is however unlikely that it will come into stock before the end of May which is the duration of this offer.

4. Can I order more then 4 Blueberry Plants and get the discount?

Yes. But you need to order them in lots of 4 below. Click Add to Cart when you make your choice. Then come back to this page make another selection of four and click add to cart again.

5. How can I find out more about each type of Blueberry Plant?

You can visit our Blueberry Plant page to research all the benefits of each variety. However simply by clicking add to cart for the pack below is already a great selection.

The free item must be the lowest valued item of those selected in your pack.

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