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Achacha Fruit ripening on the tree at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery Kyogle NSW Australia

A cousin of the mangosteen, Achachas are tangy and refreshing with a delicate subtle sweetness, a fine balance between sweetness and acidity, producing an unusual taste sensation. Fruit should be picked mature as it does not ripen further on storage. Originating from the Bolivian part of the Amazon basin in South America, the Bolivian name of the fruit is Achachairu and translated means honey kiss. Achacha is protected by Plant Breeders Right (PBR) and cannot be grown or propagated without licence agreement with Achacha Fruit Group
Other Names: Achachairu, Bolivian Mangosteen

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Specifications of Achacha

Preferred Climate Tropical, SubtropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From SeedlingLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) +10m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Likes Temps above 5deg

Amount of leaves in Winter? All Leaves (Evergreen)

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree? No (Full Size)

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 5+ Years

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months January, February, March, April, December

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Achacha Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★ 1y ago


PLanted as a seed either 2011 or 2012. Very very slow growing. I kind of ignored it for years after it established. Now hoping we might finally finally be close to fruiting!

1y ago

Carlingford, NSW, Australia


Very easy to grow from seed. They grow slowly,though grow taller in semi shade. They are quite tough plants, and easy to transplant if required. No problem growing in Sydney.

1y ago

NA, NSW, Australia, Australia


Make lemonade from the peel ...deposit in a jar cover with water overnight and drink the following day

★★★ 2y ago

SUNBURY, VIC, Australia

It seems to be a slow grower but that said, Melbourne is hardly replicating the Bolivian Amazonian basin climate.

★★ 3y ago


Poor man's mangosteen; almost as tasty and easier to open

★★★ 4y ago

ËIDSVOLD, QLD, Australia

I am giving these a go as they normally grow in far north qld. But I do have a number of frost sensitive fruit trees here and they are growing well. Star apples are growing well here as well as other trees related to mangosteen.Last winter was excepti...

5y ago


Protected from cold through winter, planted in autumn.  suspect did not like full sun and harsh summer

Jessica Ngov
5y ago

Gaven, QLD, Australia


Got our first fruit on the Gold Coast from a tree we bought from daleys. The first batch they had for sale.

★★★ 5y ago


Slow growing, new growth seems to suffer a bit from the cold and died back on one of the 4 seedlings.One seedling tested in a greenhouse seems prone to either UV burn or fungus, wouldn't recommend placing them inside one.

5y ago

Esk, QLD, Australia


I was given Achacha seeds in about 1993 they grew well here in Australia & benefited from rich rainforest type ferro & verto soils, the fruit is delicious tangy persistent flesh sticks to the large seed like a lolly.

★★★★ 6y ago


I have 2 of these both from Daleys, I have eaten the fruit from the markets and found it to be absolutely delicious although there is not a lot of flesh in each fruit.Both trees were fine during their first winter in Sydney. They are now both planted i...

★★★★ 9y ago


Achacha is said to be the Queen of all fruits, tasting like lemon sherbet. It is a very tropical tree and doesnt tolerate cold too well, so Im not sure how it will go in the subtropical Northern Rivers. It is a cousin of the Mangosteen can tolerate str...

Bill Wilkinson
9y ago

Gympie, QLD, Australia


Fruit will keep in fridge for quite a while. Delicious. Bill W.

Rae Nolen
9y ago

Toogoom, QLD, Australia


No tip just interested in trying to grow one. Love the fruit!

Leanne Sky
10y ago

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Remember the taproot is twice as long as what is above the ground

★★★★★ 10y ago

Keperra, QLD, Australia

These fruit are mind-blowing! The tree has quite a nice habit and is supposed to grow well here. I have two advanced seedlings and have grown a number of seedlings myself and all grow/germinate very well in Brisbane.

★★★ 10y ago

New Lambton Heights, NSW, Australia

the best tasting fruit i have ever had andthe skins can be made into a very healthy and yummy drink by soaking in water a sugar this is also a hunger suppresent so good for losing weight

10y ago

Dunbogan, NSW


I started 4 of them from seed of shop bought fruit in 2009. They are SLOW!!! 10cm heigh now, on a balcony in Sydney.. I hope they will soon pick up, when we have moved to Port Macquary.

★★ 10y ago

Strathpine, Qld, Australia

Such an attractive prolific tree and very pleasant fruit. Thick skinned so not a problem with fruit fly.Trouble is you need two and they grow quite tall for a small backyard garden. I could always keep them trimmed to size :)

Jason Spotswood (maculata Grove))
10y ago

Mount Samson, QLD


Slow growing at first, but speeds up over time. Provide shade when young. Pigeon pea is a great way to do this.

Russell Drinkwater
10y ago

Eidsvold, QLD


No tip. But I'm going to have a go to grow these inland from Bundaberg.I will be keeping them covered for the first three winters if they survivve the first. Surrounded by Ambarella, Mangos, Chiku,Wampi, Longan and Macadamia nuts. Good soil n water.

Lauren Murray
10y ago

Mt Morgan, QLD


These fruit are absolutly scrumptious!

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