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Blue Quandong fruit at the Cairns Botanic GardenBy Merryjack CC BY 3.0 (Photo Credits)
Botanical Name: Elaeocarpus angustifolius

Fast growing rainforest tree. The species is well regarded for its timber and as a key in regenerating rainforest. The fruit of this species is round and blue, between 20 and 30 mm across, and has a seed with deep convolutions in its shell. These are eaten whole by cassowaries, woompoo pigeon and spectacled flying foxes, which pass the nut undamaged. A large tree up to 50 metres tall, usually with elaborate buttressed roots. Flowers, fruit, foliage and shape make this an ideal tree for large gardens or parks.

Other Names: Elaeocarpus grandis, #CV
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$12.90 28 Seedling Pot: 0.75L
Height: 50-60cm

Buy 2 or more @ $7.75ea

$16.90 6 Seedling Pot: 0.5L
Height: 20-30cm


$3.95 0 Seedling Pot: 0.25L
Height: 10-20cm
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Blue quandong blue quandong Picture from  Botanical Gardens Brisbane Mount Coot-tha Blue Quandong wins Fast Growing Race Blue Quandong For Sale (Size: Medium)  (Grown from Seed) Blue Quandong For Sale (Size: Small)  (Grown from Seed)

Plant Information or Specifications

Preferred Climate

Learn About Climate Zones

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions)


Plants required to Pollinate

1 (Self Pollinating)
Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts?

Likes Temps above 5deg

Amount of leaves in Winter?

All Leaves (Evergreen)

Water Requirements

Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree?

No (Full Size)

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest

5+ Years

Sun or Shade

Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type

Poor Drainage (Clay)

Soil pH

Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)


Customer Comments on Blue Quandong

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Blue Quandong

Customer Feedback
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Blue Quandong (Seedling) 9/10

Emma1's Edible Fruits
Update: 3367 days 4hrs

Comments: -

This is a tough little tree, surviving with very poor soil, windy conditions and little water. I love the shape of this grand tree when mature.

Height 30 Centimetres

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Summer

Pollination: No

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18 of 22 people found this review useful

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Blue Quandong

DavidB's Edible Fruits
Update: 1775 days 6hrs

Comments: -

used as a screen tree in back yard ... still to fruit?

Planted: 2008

Qty: 1

Pollination: Self Pollination

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1 of 3 people found this review useful


DavidB says... [3446 days 23hrs ago]
Has now been in a pot for over 2 years hoping to plant it soon.

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Blue Quandong (Seedling) 7/10

Tabs's Edible Fruits
Update: 228 days 4hrs

Comments: -

Has a great open but shady canopy.  It attracts birds,  Flowers prolifically with lots of blue covered nuts. No problems growing in Sydney

Fruiting Months January, February, November, December

Planted: 2012

Height 9 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 1

Fruit Harvest: 20 kilograms per Year

First Fruited: 9 Years from purchase in pot

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Summer

After Fruiting

Pollination: Self Pollination

When I Fertilise: Never

Pest Control:



How far will the butressed roots travel? Small backyard - big tree.

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1 of 3 people found this review useful

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