Small native shrub, with pendulous branches and delightful flowers

(1/3) Small native shrub, with pendulous branches and delightful flowers

The Gorgeous flowersof Baeckia virgata

(2/3) The Gorgeous flowersof Baeckia virgata

This is not exact cultivar of Clarence River but very similar in the way it looks

(3/3) This is not exact cultivar of Clarence River but very similar in the way it looks


Baeckia - Clarence River

Baeckea virgata
Fine, weeping foliage and abundant white flowers in Spring and Summer, make this pretty shrub a good addition to a native garden. Perfect for a medium height, informal hedge
Other Names: Myrtle, Baeckia

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Specifications of Baeckia - Clarence River

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Special Offer: Buy 4+ @$3.40ea usually:$4.90ea

Baeckia - Clarence River Reviews & Tips

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★★★★★ 1y ago


Baeckia - Clarence River

Only recently planted but seems to be thriving.Waiting till spring/summer for the flowers and more growth.Happy so far.

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