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Botanical Name: Dryland Trees and Shrubs

Native Plants - Dryland TreesOver the last 50 years or so native gardening has surged ahead in popularity and is gaining the respect it deserves, not only for its beauty and uniqueness but the qualities of low maintenance, low demand for water and fertilisers and offering food and shelter for our wildlife. Variation between native foliage is vast, with planning you can have spectacular flowers throughout the year, and you can add the delicious scent of the Australian bush to your garden.

Old Man Saltbush Black bean Heath Myrtle - miniature
Native Violet Federation Daisy Dianella - Kentlyn
Prickly Rasp Fern Creeping Myoporum - Fine Leaf Westringia - Smokey
Christmas Bush - NSW Lomandra - Little Pal Kangaroo Paw - Big Red
Kangaroo Paw - Patio Paws The Wiz Kangaroo Paw - Patio Paws Bright Orange Kangaroo Paw - Everlasting Mega Gold
Waterfall Plant Kangaroo Paw - Bush Pearl Musk Mallow
Sandalwood - Australian Kangaroo Paw - Gold Hardenbergia - Mini HaHa
Christmas Bush - Shiraz Stream Lily Kangaroo Paw Triple Treat
Acacia - Wattle Banksia Brachychiton
Callistemon - Bottlebrush Casuarina Eucalypts - Gum trees
Grafted Grevillea - Weeping Standard Grafted Grevilleas Grevilleas for sale
Leptospermum Lophostemon Melaleuca