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Marksman's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Marksman Forum Contributions
Citrus disease what do i do - Thanks Manfred, the trees are approx 4-5 years old, I have very sandy soil, and have an irrigation system with a single irrigator (sprays around 1m diameter) which I run automatically 1hr/week. They are in full sun, the fruit isn't ripe yet, so hasn't sta..2518 days 8hrs
Citrus disease what do i do - Hi, I have multiple citrus trees planted along a fence. However, particularly with my lemonade and lemons, the outside of the fruit has this dry scab/scale and the internal fruit quality is very poor - dried out, no juice, and discoloured. Can anyone tell..2519 days 16hrs
Free fruit trees in public places - Hi all, Lots of great suggestions with pros and cons for fruit trees, I have always thought that many street spaces could be used to plant fruit trees! What does everyone think of the suitability of planting an avocado as a street tree???..4258 days 13hrs
Pomelo - Can anyone tell me what the sweetest variety of Pomelo to be growing in the Brisbane area is????..4286 days 3hrs
Citrus rootstocks - Hi, I am looking to plant some citrus trees - lemon, lime, lemonade and mandarin. I live in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, and I have very sandy soil. I was wondering which root stock would be best for the above citrus? Can anyone help? Thank you..4780 days 8hrs

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