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November 2017

The Daley News

Knowing how to plant fruit trees like blueberries, coconut palms and plum trees when you receive them in the mail is important to get right from the very start. In this newsletter we have 3 new videos showing you how to give your plants the best start in life. We are thankful for some well timed rain this Spring which is making our plants shine.

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Blueberry Pack

How to Pot up Blueberry Plants to last a long time.

Blueberry plants can last a long time in pots and often perform much better in the right sized pots than they would in the ground. This is because you can control their very fussy soil requirements.


Protecting your Gulf Gold Plum from fruit fly (a Daley's Favourite )

Dwarf Gulf Gold Plum Tree

With some planning and this clever growing technique called espalier it is very easy to throw a net over your plum tree. You will be enjoying delicious juicy gold plums this Christmas fruit fly free and pesticide free.

"... and you too could be picking 200 plums off one of these in the Spring if you dedicate a little bit of space in your backyard to growing fruit trees."


Planting Coconut Palms

Coconuts are very different to other plants and knowing what to do with your coconut plant when you receive it can be daunting. We show you in 6 steps how to plant a coconut tree to get the most success.

View all the different coconut palm trees from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery.


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