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March 2017

The Daley News

Autumn is a fantastic time to plant fruiting trees, berries and vines. The soil still has the warmth from Summer and is buzzing with life. Autumn often has showery weather making it an idea time to get plants established before Winter. They will be ready to jump away when Spring arrives.

Fruit-Filled Youtube short Clips

The Papaya Broad Leaf has stunning leaves and a red tasty flesh. Let us introduce you to this variety of papaya that may suit your backyard. Buy Papaya Broad Leaf Fruit Tree

One of our favourite varieties of loquats that are sweeter than many seedling varieties of loquats and have larger fruit. Buy Loquat Nagasakiwase Fruit Tree

Packs - Better together

Pack Passionfruit Vines

From fences to balconies and even hanging down from a covered walkway. Passionfruit vines can grow happily in many places.

Coffee Bean Fruit Tree

Coffee Trees have fragrant white flowers that will amaze you and the coffee beans ripen from green to a very bright red.

Blueberry Plants Pack

Blueberry Plants fruit much better with cross pollination between varieties. Make sure you choose all different varieties in this pack to get an even bigger blueberry harvest in the years to come.

*Blueberry Quarantine Exclusions to VIC, SA & WA

Perennial Vegetables Pack

A great time of year to plant Perennial Vegetables. Choose from Taro Japanese, Yacon ( Apple of the earth ), Sweet Leaf Bush, Chinese Water Chestnuts, Mushroom plants, Water Celery and many more.

Apple Fruit Trees

Great for Subtropical NSW and QLD these Apple fruit trees have low chill hours. You also need 2 Apple trees to get cross pollination. By purchasing 2 different varieties from our Apple pack is highly recommended.


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