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Daley's once a Year Big Spring Catalogue is ready. SAVE on freight costs by combining currently available plants with plants that won’t be ready until mid Oct/Nov (Highlighted Yellow) View Entire Spring Catalogue | View Email Online

Daleys Spring Catalogue for Pre Order

How it works

Our plant list now has 2 options. 1) Order non-highlighted plants and they are sent immediately or 2) Order both highlighted yellow and non highlighted plants and they are sent together in mid Oct/Nov when all plants are available. After your order is completed you can continue to add to your order until everything is ready to send in one lot. Simple, versatile and allows you to fill all your empty spaces with new fruit trees this year. (View Daleys Big Spring Catalogue).

* Limited Stock Numbers and once sold out may not be ready again until next Spring.
* Plants are a live product and sometimes it may not be possible to fulfil your order.

Ideas: Ready in Oct/Nov 

Carambola Starfruit - Kary
Carambola Starfruit - Kary ($37.00)
Dwarf Fig - Brown
Dwarf Fig - Brown ($34.95)
Rollinia - Brazilian Custard Apple
Rollinia - Brazilian Custard Apple ($32.95)
Acerola - Florida Sweet
Acerola - Florida Sweet ($29.90)
Loquat - Nagasakiwase
Loquat - Nagasakiwase ($29.00)
Pecan - Desirable (A) SP
Pecan - Desirable (A) SP ($29.00)
Soursop ( Graviola )
Soursop ( Graviola ) ($27.00)
Black Sapote
Black Sapote ($19.75)
Papaya - Southern Red
Papaya - Southern Red ($12.90)

Ideas: *Free Postage Selection Ready Now

View All Plants in Daley's Postage Free Category

* In this email only the following 12 plants or items fit our postage free mailing box. When adding other plants you will pay postage on these items only.

Dwarfing Tool for Cincturing or Girdling Fruit Trees
Dwarfing Tool for Cincturing or Girdling Fruit Trees ($57.00)
Mango - Bowen Seedling
Mango - Bowen Seedling ($19.75)
Pepper - Black
Pepper - Black ($19.75)
Pitaya - Yellow Dragon Fruit
Pitaya - Yellow Dragon Fruit ($17.90)
Longan - Kohala Seedling
Longan - Kohala Seedling ($17.90)
Yacon ($17.90)
Dwarf Mulberry - Black
Dwarf Mulberry - Black ($17.75)
Passionfruit - Panama Gold
Passionfruit - Panama Gold ($17.75)
Horseradish ($14.90)
Kangaroo Paw - Bush Pearl
Kangaroo Paw - Bush Pearl ($14.90)
Pitaya - Pearl Dragon Fruit
Pitaya - Pearl Dragon Fruit ($14.75)
Star Apple
Star Apple ($12.90)

Ideas:  In Stock Now

Tips: When ordering in stock plants they are sent out straight away for you. If you combine them with Spring stock they will not be sent out until all plants are ready in late OCT/NOV.

Tumeric Plants

Turmeric has many health benefits however it is also easily grown in your own backyard. Here is a quick youtube video we did on turmeric 

Turmeric Youtube:

Jaboticaba Fruit Trees

Jaboticabas can be slow growing but once they start to fruit they can cover the trunk of the tree with flowers that then develop into the fruit.

Organic Pest Control

With Spring on the way it is great to think about pest control. We offer many nets and organic methods to keep pests at bay and make sure you produce organic fruit.

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