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November 2016

The Daley News

We had some fun this month in our Jackfruit tasting YouTube below and have some great ideas for edible plants to grow underneath your fruit trees like the Mushroom Plant towards the end of this email.

Dwarf Peach Always small

Dwarf Peach: The go to recommendation for a small sunny space. A star performer in pots and it will smother itself in blossoms during Spring. Also easy to cover with nets to keep pests away.

Banana Passionfruit

We enjoy following people on instagram. @mimscuisine banana passionfruit was our favourite this month she says "I don't use these in cooking (although I'm sure you could), but they are the most delicious snack to pick" This one definitely suits cooler climates." Comment on one of @daleysfruit instagram posts & we will be sure to follow you as well.

Blueberry Pollination charts

Blueberry Pollination: Matching the right blueberry varieties can be tricky so we have created these charts for you on all our blueberry pages. For example this Biloxi is highlighted with a red border and shows you that yes it matches Gulf-coast, Misty and a few others. Search for your favourite variety on to see it's chart highlighted in red.

Ready right now is the Brown Turkey Fig Trees

Fig Brown turkeys are looking great right now and if you haven't tasted a brown fig before you are in for a great surprise. Secret is patience and eating them at exactly the right time when they are gooey and delicious.

The Mushroom Plant: Great for planting underneath your fruit trees the leaves of this plant taste like mushroom. Great for adding to salads and looks great as a ground cover plant.

Cut Leaf Mint Bush: an edible shrub that every time you touch or brush up against it you will be smelling it's beautiful strong scent.

Jackfruit: Our staff have tasted so many different Jackfruits that we are starting to think we are experts. We bought in a seedling jackfruit we have been growing in our subtropical climate to taste. It was delicious and the fruit was not over the top massive making it ideal for home gardens. We are now grafting this variety so you can experience it and have called it Little Jewel Jackfruit.

Broad Leaf Papaya: There are many peculiar papaya plants out there and this is one of them. It has these broad leaves and produces a torpedo shaped red papaya or as us Ozzies like to say pawpaws.

Warrigal Greens: We explain their taste along with their amazing ability to create a dense ground cover when growing under your fruit trees.

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