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June 2017

The Daley News

When Pre Ordering from Daleys Bare Root Catalogue your order gets 50% off freight*. The first bare root fruit trees will be in stock later this month at which time this offer will stop. The remaining will be ready throughout July.

Bare Root Fruit Trees get 50% off Freight

To see freight simply add a bare root tree to your cart and enter your postcode or visit our Freight Page.

Ready Now: CITRUS - Orange, Mandarin, Lemons, Limes

Orange - Smooth Seville Seedling
Orange - Smooth Seville Seedling Citrus Fruit Tree
Lemon - Eureka
Lemon - Eureka Citrus Fruit Tree
Tangelo - Seminole
Tangelo - Seminole Citrus Fruit Tree
Grapefruit - Honneffs Surprise
Grapefruit - Honneffs Surprise Citrus Fruit Tree
Citron - Buddhas Hand
Citron - Buddhas Hand Citrus Fruit Tree
Lemonade Tree
Lemonade Tree Citrus Fruit Tree
Lemon - Lisbon
Lemon - Lisbon Citrus Fruit Tree
Lemon - Meyer
Lemon - Meyer Citrus Fruit Tree
Lime - Kaffir
Lime - Kaffir Citrus Fruit Tree
Lime - Tahitian
Lime - Tahitian Citrus Fruit Tree
Mandarin - Emperor
Mandarin - Emperor Citrus Fruit Tree
Mandarin - Imperial
Mandarin - Imperial Citrus Fruit Tree
Orange - Arnold Blood
Orange - Arnold Blood Citrus Fruit Tree
Orange - Valencia Seedless
Orange - Valencia Seedless Citrus Fruit Tree
Mandarin - Afourer Murcott
Mandarin - Afourer Murcott Citrus Fruit Tree
Orange - Valencia
Orange - Valencia Citrus Fruit Tree
Grapefruit - Rio Red
Grapefruit - Rio Red Citrus Fruit Tree
Mandarin - Hickson
Mandarin - Hickson Citrus Fruit Tree
Dwarf Lime - Tahitian
Dwarf Lime - Tahitian Citrus Fruit Tree
Dwarf Orange - Cara Cara
Dwarf Orange - Cara Cara Citrus Fruit Tree
Dwarf Mandarin - Okitsu wase
Dwarf Mandarin - Okitsu wase Citrus Fruit Tree
Dwarf Lemon - Eureka
Dwarf Lemon - Eureka Citrus Fruit Tree
Dwarf Lemon - Meyer
Dwarf Lemon - Meyer Citrus Fruit Tree
Dwarf Mandarin - Imperial
Dwarf Mandarin - Imperial Citrus Fruit Tree


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*Only Bare Root Plants can be pre-ordered together to get the 50% freight special. * Plants on our current stock list cannot be added to a bare root catalogue order, please place a separate order for these items and it will be dispatched to you straight away *Discounted Freight prices are displayed after you add to cart and enter your postcode.* If there are any changes to your order we will let you know as soon as possible.


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