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April 2017

The Daley News

Why not make some Fruitful plans this week and visit us in Kyogle to get 15% OFF* Everything in stock or 20% OFF^ when you install a QR Barcode Reader on your phone to view prices, vids & specs on all our in-store plants. ( Instructions Below )

Advanced Plants: Only sold in our Kyogle Store. They're too big for the post.

✔ View All Advanced Plants ✔ Entire Plant List: In Stock Now

$79 Advanced Custard Apples (Get 15%* or 20%^ Off)

Advanced Custard Apples

$79 Advanced Kaffir Lime (Get 15%* or 20%^ Off)

Advanced Tahitian Lime

$79 Advanced Grafted Wampee Tree (Get 15%* or 20%^ Off)

Advanced Wampee Fruit Tree

Opening Hours

Monday 9am-4pm *15% OFF or 20% Off^
Tuesday Anzac Day10am-3pm *15% OFF or 20% Off^
Wednesday 9am-4pm *15% OFF or 20% Off^
Thursday 9am-4pm *15% OFF or 20% Off^
Friday 9am-4pm *15% OFF or 20% Off^
Saturday 10am-1pm *15% OFF or 20% Off^
Sunday Closed
Monday 9am-4pm *15% OFF or 20% Off^
Tuesday 9am-4pm *No Discount

*15% off conditions: Must tell staff about this email; Does not include web sales you must visit us; Off Retail Prices only; In Stock only; 

^20% OFF Conditions: Before you visit us install any QR App on your phone

QR App for 20% off

What it's like to visit us:

Youtube: Visit Our Kyogle Nursery

Address: 36 Daleys Lane Kyogle NSW 2474 (Google Maps)

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