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  • Farm Forestry Woodlots

  • image: Structural Timber Trees
    Grow Structural Timber Trees that can be used to support weight and the foundation of a house.

    Structural Timber Trees

    Coachwood stand in Nymboida National Park


    Coachwood is one of the very few rainforest species that flourishes in the gullies of Sydney bushland. The trees are very distinctive, tall, with dark green, glossy leaves, mottled grey and white bark and flowers with white petal-like sepals that later turn pink. Coachwood grows in coastal rainforests of NSW and QLD.  As the name suggests, Coachwood was used in early days for coach building but it has a multitude of other applications. The timber is used extensively for decorative work and also for flooring, furniture and boat masts. Seating in the High Court of Australia in Can
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    Scarlet honeyeater feeding on forest red gum flowers

    Eucalyptus - Forest Red Gum

    Frequently tall with a thick trunk but also occurs with a short trunk and heavily branched crown. Very common Eucalypt along river banks of eastern Austalia. A Koala food tree.
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    Old Brush Box at Carlas

    Brush box

    These trees resemble a eucalypt in appearance but the large green leaves and flowers are distinctive. It has the largest trunk diameter of most rainforest trees. The showy flowers have showy white petals. Fruit is bell-shaped with three valves. Australian Timber Database 
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      $1.95 12 Seedling FT

    $12.90 0 Seedling ST Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
    Turpentine trunk compliments of Terania Rainforest Publishing

    Turpentine tree

    Ideal windbreak tree or excellent specimen for parks. Provides insect and water resistant timber. Australian Timber Database
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      $2.50 4 Seedling FT

    Eucalyptus cloeziana

    Eucalyptus - Gympie Messmate

     Gympie messmate is an important commercial wood products tree in Queensland that produces high quality, strong, extremely durable and attractive timber. Although only small volumes are harvested from native forests in Queensland, it has a well-established market, and is in demand nationally. Gympie messmate timber from native forest has been used for a range of construction, engineering, appearance products and round timbers.
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    Spotted Gum Carnarvon Gorge

    Eucalyptus - Spotted Gum

    Hardy and Both the foliage and the trunks are beautiful, making it an ideal choice where the space is available. Well-grown stock should grow quickly, and provide beautiful character within a few years after planting. Hardy and durable timber used for multiple purposes. See
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    Bamboo Oldhami Chrystal Castle

    Bamboo - Oldhamii

    An edible species of bamboo. Fast growing in just about any soil type or environmental condition. Oldhamii is a medium sized upright clumping bamboo. It has deep green foliage that starts low on the smooth clumps which turn yellow as they are exposed to sunlight. The tall upright culms grow straight and strong making it a popular variety for many different horticultural and agricultural applications. Both the timber and the shoots are popular for construction and human consumption purposes.
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    $29.00 0 Cutting 165mm Email Me When Available
    Dunns White Gum plantation Taverners Rd

    Eucalyptus - Dunns White Gum

    A tall spreading gum, native to Norht Eastern NSW. The bark is shed in long strips revealing a smooth white bark, but is often scaly and corky at the trunk base. Highly recommended for quick growing forestry plantations.
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