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trees and shrubs are the most important living elements in your home landscape.
They beautify your house and garden whilst adding other features such
as privacy, act as noise and dust filters, and provide a background of
colour. From sprawling ground covers to the most majestic of large trees
the following list offers plants to suit all purposes in the home garden.

Wisteria - Purple Parrot Tree Crepe Myrtle - Tuscarora
Flowering Peach - Klara Mayer Flowering Peach - Magnifica Grape - Ornamental Crimson Glory
Cedar - West Indian Kalanchoe - Flapjack Hibiscus - Moon Drop
Peace Lily Madagascar jasmine Californian Redwood
Sacred Fig Phormium - Bronze Baby Wisteria - White
Cordyline Tangelo Abelia Conifer Trees
Exotic Frangipani Natives
Palm Trees Perfumed Trees Petunia