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Shade and Ornamental Trees

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Ornamental trees and shrubs are the most important living elements in your home landscape. They beautify your house and garden whilst adding other features such as privacy, act as noise and dust filters, and provide a background of colour. From sprawling ground covers to the most majestic of large trees the following list offers plants to suit all purposes in the home garden.



Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Cordyline
Trees and Plants > Daleys Indoor Plants > Cordyline

Cordyline sp
Cordylines are attractive ornamental plants for indoor and outdoor feature planting. They thrive in shade moist gardens. Many have lush leaves and come in a variety of colours for landscape accents. Native varieties have fruit that can be eaten.


Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Exotic

Trees & Shrubs


Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Frangipani

Plumeria Rubra
Frangipani Plants for sale in Australia. These flowering plants are known for their fragrant smell and delicate flowers.

Ground Cover

Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Ground Cover

Plants that have a low growing habit and often sprawl across the ground. Great for stabilising soil and limiting weeds.


Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Maple

Acer spp.
Maples are very attractive Temperate trees developing foliage in shades of yellow, orange, and all shades of red as they lose their leaves for the Winter. Some varieties maintain deep red-coloured foliage throughout the year. Their leaves are a distinctive palm shape across all species.|| Some species are tapped for their sap to make sweet syrup. They make beautiful additions to landscapes and gardens at all times of the year, tolerating shade and full sun. Trees range in size from those suitable to smaller gardens, to those more suited to avenue and landscape plantings. They are all sure to please throughout the year.


Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Natives

Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
Native Trees & Shrubs

Palm Trees

Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Palm Trees

Palms are all time favourites for landscaping, they are attractive, versatile and will give any garden a tropical look.

Perfumed Trees

Trees and Plants > Shade and Ornamental Trees > Perfumed Trees

This selection of trees are fabulous fragrant flowering plants that will fill your garden with delightful scents and fragrances. Some of them are famous for their use in perfumery.

Grape - Ornamental

$19.75 ($15.90-$23.90 choose a size)

The ornamental grape offers fresh green leaves in spring that turn brilliant red, scarlet, purple and orange in autumn. It does well in a range of climates from hot and dry to cool moist and subtropical. It may get some downy mildew in humid coastal climates. This variety doesn't produce fruit, but will flower and soon after drop any fruitlets that form.

Peace Lily - Mojo


Mojo is a stunning indoor plant with beautiful white flowers and broad dark leaves. Mojo is a little more upright and slender than other varieties. Peace lilies soak up harmful chemicals in the air, helping you breathe easier. A great choice for homes and offices, as well as outside in shady tropical garden borders.

Ginger - Spiral 'Belize'


Beautiful landscaping ginger with yellow inflorescence from which emerges the red edible flower. Crisp, tangy and tasty, they make a great addition to salads of all kinds. Prefers lightly shaded, moist areas but can tolerate sun and some dry times. Relatively cold hardy, dies back over winter in cooler areas. Reaches about 1m and can tolerate a range of soils and climates.

Flowering Peach - Magnifica


Double crimson-red flowers on this flowering peach provide a bright splash of colour for small gardens and other landscapes in early spring. Semi pendulous branches give a weeping effect.

Flowering Peach - Klara Mayer

$49.00 ($49.00-$69.00 choose a size)

A smaller tree for small gardens, this double pink flowering peach has 'ruffled' petals that make a pretty feature for small gardens.

Truffle - Black - English Oak


The Black Truffle originates in France, in the region of Perigord. It is very aromatic and is highly valued with chefs and restaurants. The vast majority of the truffles that are grown in Australia are this one. It is harvested typically from June through to the end of August. It has a black peridium (skin) and the glebra (fruit body) is black with thin white veins. The host tree is English oak, Quercus robur, which produce acorns, and the roots of the tree are inoculated with truffle mycorrhiza. In Europe, truffles thrive in nutrient poor, calcareous (lime) soils and a temperate climate. Therefore to establish a truffiere in Australia you will require an area with a similar climate, including rainfall & winter frosts, sufficient available water for drought proofing, and apply a great deal of lime to replicate the European soil types. They need cold winter temperatures with a few frosts. Hot summer temperatures for initiating truffle formation. Free draining soils, suitable for altering with lime. Sufficient rainfall or irrigation water.
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Giant Redwood

$29.00 ($29.00-$79.00 choose a size)

Spectacular, large evergreen conifer tree, with thick, deeply grooved, reddish bark. Long lived, up to 3000 years, and the largest tree by height and volume in the world. Crown is dense and cone shaped at the top with upward swooping branches. These trees need the heat from fire to cause the cones to open and disperse seeds. Male and female cones grow on the same tree. The thick bark protects older trees from fire damage. Native to the Sierra Nevada range of California.
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Plaited Plants - Malabar Chestnut

$79.00 ($79.00-$99.00 choose a size)

A striking indoor or outdoor plant to grow. Plaited plants give a sculptural effect in a display As the plait matures it will thicken and become more intriguing over time. If you are looking for unique plants then this is one to add to your collection.

Sacred Fig

$19.75 ($4.90-$49.00 choose a size)

Considered sacred by followers of Hinduism, and Buddhism, this tree is all about enlightenment, wisdom and the peaceful road of life and is a place to meditate. The sacred fig is a large strangler fig with extensive aerial roots. Thrives in hot, humid climates, it prefers full sun and well drained soil. It can also be grown as an attractive pot plant or bonsai.

Californian Redwood


The tallest trees on earth with specimens reaching 115m in height. A spectacular long-lived evergreen tree, that are amongst the oldest living things on earth, living 1200-1800 years of age. Suited to large parks and gardens or as a bonsai specimen. Trees are monoecious with pollen and seed cones being produced on the same plant.

Ice Cream Bean


Trees have long pods up to 1.5m long filled with a thick, white, juicy,'cottony' pulp surrounding each large seed and it is sweet and melting. Ingas are large attractive trees with spreading branches and lovely white and yellow pompom type flowers, flowering and fruiting 2-3 times per year. For best fruit set, 2 trees are required This species has the longest pods of the Inga genus, they are a very popular fruit in Latin America. The tree has the added advantage of being nitrogen fixing and is a good choice as a fast growing shade tree. They are very useful as a shady interrow tree in orchards of coffee and cacao, for example. They are fast growing, large trees and respond well to heavy pruning to control size, even coppicing. Weed Warning: This is an attractive fast growing legume tree native to Central and South America. Over the last 20 years Ice Cream Beans have gained popularity in Australia as a nitrogen fixing tree that produces large velvety pods filled with creamy sweet flesh. Its popularity has also generated concerns about its potential to spread, with the main area of concern in NSW from Taree to the Tweed region and into Queensland.

Crepe Myrtle - Tuscarora

$19.75 ($19.75-$49.00 choose a size)

This small to medium sized tree has dark green foliage that turns reddish-orange in autumn. New growth is red tinged. The bark is attractive and the beautiful dark pink flowers appear in late summer to early autumn. Suitable as a feature tree in gardens and parks. An excellent screening or street tree. Prefers an open sunny position with well drained soil. This cultivar has been bred to resist powdery mildew.

Parrot Tree

$17.75 ($17.75-$24.75 choose a size)

The common name of Parrot Tree derives from the large numbers of parrots attracted to the tree during its flowering season. Flowers appear in spring, are numerous, deep red, and filled with nectar, although exact flowering times vary from tree to tree. The name, Drunken Parrot Tree derives from the fact that the individual flowers contain so much nectar that it has a tendency to ferment before the birds can eat it all, resulting in a mild narcotic effect on the birds. A medium to large, spreading tree, growing up to 20 metres, but more commonly from 5 to 10 metres depending on conditions.

Madagascar jasmine


The trumpet-shaped blooms are in season year-round, provided they are given enough light and water, and are a popular component of bridal bouquets. It is a vigorous climber, tough-stemmed, bearing dark green leathery leaves, which grow in pairs at regular intervals along the vine. It grows best in sunny, tropical conditions, or inside. They can grow from 2-;6 metres, and are widely cultivated as garden plants. They can flourish for years, grown indoors on a sunny windowsill. They can be moved outside or into a greenhouse during the summer.

Dragons Blood Tree


Unique and sculptural, this tree grows a large umbrella shaped crown. Its leaves only grow on the end of its newest branches, shedding all old leaves as it grows. Named for the dark red resin it exudes when cut.This has been tapped for medicinal and cosmetic uses over the years. Endemic to only one island off the Yemeni coast, Socotra, it is now considered vulnerable due to over grazing and over harvest.

Cedar - West Indian

$12.90 ($2.90-$12.90 choose a size)

Fast growing, medium sized tree that is a popular cabinet timber due to its fantastic colouring, it produces fine timber with yellow banding and red-brown stripes. The timber is similar to Australian Red Cedar but the tree is easier to grow. The wood has a strong aroma of onions which is reputed to repel insects such as cockroaches. Tolerant of some frost.

Hibiscus - Moon Drop


A single bloom of bright orange-yellow veined in pink right through the petals up to the bright pinnkish-red eye.



These beautiful ornamental shrubs provide a blaze of vibrant floral color throughout summer, and autumn color in cooler climates. Can be used to great effect when planted as a low informal hedge, and look equally impressive when planted singly. Most Abelia species have a densely bushy habit, often with slightly arching branches and small glossy leaves that taper to a fine point. The young foliage has bronze to golden tints that in some cultivars persist to maturity. From late summer, small, full-shaped to tubular, white to pink flowers smother the bushes. Some species have persistent reddish sepals that provide an additional ornamental feature after the flowers have faded.Although hardiness varies considerably, most abelias are not suitable in areas with severe winters. Plant in a position in sun or part-shade with moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Pruning should be undertaken to keep the plant looking tidy whilst maintaining its natural arching habit. Trim to shape in late winter or spring, removing the cane ends and also some of the basal shoots in order to allow room for new growth

Phormium - Bronze Baby

$14.90 ($14.90-$14.90 choose a size)

A dwarf variety with stunning upright arching foliage in shades of green purple and copper. Low maintenance drought and frost hardy once established. Ideal for mass plantings and garden borders. Bronze to red flowers in summer. Prefers a full sun to part shade position .

Kalanchoe - Flapjack


Attractive succulent with large pancake-like leaves that display bright red edges that catch the sunlight producing a stunning highlight in the garden. Grows to around 75 cm high and is an excellent choice for waterwise gardens.

Photinia Red Robin

$9.75 ($9.75-$14.75 choose a size)

Fast growing evergreen shrub, with a dense habit, that responds well to pruning. New foliage growth is brilliant red in colour, changing to bronze-green as the season progresses and maturing to be dark green. Showy white flowers appear in clusters to be followed by small berries. Ideal as a long lasting hedge, a focal point shrub/small tree, topiarised, or in pots on balconies and courtyards in courtyards.
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Cassowary Pine

$14.75 ($14.75-$49.00 choose a size)

This is a beautiful tree with large glossy leaves and stunning pendulous flowers. The flowers produce large quantities of nectar which attract lots of wildlife. Cassowary love feeding on the large fruits when in season. Also called the mango pine, this deciduous or semi-deciduous tree is found in New Guinea and Australia chiefly in coastal areas. The glossy leaves tend to be whorled at the ends of the branches, The fragrant white flowers are in long pendulous spikes and appear just prior to the new growth flush. Will grow as far south as subtropical Northern NSW.
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Grevillea Silky Oak

$3.40 ($3.40-$18.75 choose a size)

Very fast growing slender tree with ferny foliage and bright yellow toothbrush flowers. Grows in a wide range of conditions including southern and inland areas. Good indoor plant.
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Jacaranda - White Grafted

$44.00 ($44.00-$99.00 choose a size)

A beautiful white flowering form of jacaranda. A spectacular choice for a street tree or large shade tree. Long lived trees that can grow to be 200 years old. Flowers appear in late spring and early summer. Grafting ensures flower will be pure white.The foliage is delicate on young trees, and our potted plants are known for their older leaves to turn yellow and drop during transport to conserve energy. This is not a problem long term. With care and acclimatisation they will bounce back
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Macadamia - 816


New Hawaiian selection that is a preferred commercial variety in new plantings. Good resistance to husk spot. Upright, moderately dense tree, very high% kernel recovery. Large uniform kernels, early to mid season nut drop.

Elephant Apple

$12.75 ($3.90-$29.00 choose a size)

Medium sized tree to 15m, attractive corrugated foliage. The knobbly fruits can be used in curries, jellies and jams. Highly ornamental fragrant flowers. Prefers a tropical location, marginal in the subtropics. Great for Food Forest canopy tree. Fruits are ripe when a yellow colour- pick fruits only when ripe as they will not ripen further. The outer Petals can be prepared and eaten, the gelatinous pulp is often combined with sugar if consumed raw. Medicinal properties and a beautiful shady ornamental tree in warm climates. This tree is found growing in Tropical Asia, and is loved by elephants.
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Blue Quandong

$3.90 ($3.90-$18.75 choose a size)

Fast growing rainforest tree. The species is well regarded for its timber and as a key in regenerating rainforest. The fruit of this species is round and blue, between 20 and 30 mm across, and has a seed with deep convolutions in its shell. These are eaten whole by cassowaries, woompoo pigeon and spectacled flying foxes, which pass the nut undamaged. A large tree up to 50 metres tall, usually with elaborate buttressed roots. Flowers, fruit, foliage and shape make this an ideal tree for large gardens or parks.
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Dwarf Macadamia - A16

$39.00 ($19.75-$49.00 choose a size)

An Australian selection that shows dwarfing tendencies. High yielder, excellent nut quality. Slow growing and wind tolerant. Med - large nut and high kernal recovery. A semi-dwarfing small, compact tree.

Ginger - Red Spiral


Red inflorescence with yellow flowers appearing from within the bracts. The yellow flowers are edible, crisp and tangy with a slight ginger flavour. Great in salads of all kinds. A beautiful landscaping ginger plant to 1m. Prefers lightly shaded, moist areas but can tolerate sun and some dry times. Relatively cold hardy, dies back over winter in cooler areas.


$4.90 ($4.90-$15.90 choose a size)

Fast growing tall tree with large leaves and up-turned branches. Hardy in most conditions but prefers plenty of moisture. One of the best pioneer trees. A butterfly attracting tree.
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