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Norfolk Island Pine (Aruacaria heterophylla) at the oceanBy John Tann CC BY 2.0 (Photo Credits)
Botanical Name: Aruacaria heterophylla

Endemic to Norfolk Island this attractive tree is commonly seen as a striking landscaping plant around the coast of Australia. Its symmetrical shape makes it very distinctive. Grows to 50m. The cones take 18 months to mature and will disintegrate when mature to release the nut-like edible seeds. Young trees are frost sensitive but make great indoor plants where they can be kept over winter.

ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$12.90 0 Seedling Pot: 0.75L
Height: 30-40cm
Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
$14.75 0 Seedling Pot: 0.5L
Height: 20-30cm
Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
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Norfolk Island Pine For Sale (Size: Medium)  (Grown from Seed) Leaf of the Norfolk Island Pine Norfolk Island Pine For Sale (Size: Small)  (Grown from Seed)

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Subtropical, Tropical
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All Leaves (Evergreen)


Question & Answer

Hello I just thought I would let you know that my Norfolk pine tree arrived snapped in half I was rather disappointed and wonder if you have any more? I have photo proof if you'd like to see itRegards Karlee Raddon From: YEPPOON QLD

Thanks for telling me about this Karlee, Yes can you please send me a photo. We don't have any in stock right now unfortunately. I will do my best to look after you as I want you to be happy with your purchase from me. Take Care, Correy

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Norfolk Island Pine

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