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Dwarf Peach TreeThis tree is sought after just as much for its ornamental value as it is for the delicious fruit. Although small in stature these peaches are anything but small in taste.

They are a white fleshed freestone variety ideally suited to the subtropics. The compact size of this variety (height can be kept to 1 metre) makes it ideal for the back yard planting, container planting or as a potted specimen. An added advantage of this variety is its beautiful pink flowers that bloom in late July making it also very ornamental. The fruit ripen around late December.


Dwarf Peach

This is a white fleshed freestone variety is ideally suited to the subtropics. The compact size of this variety makes it ideal for the back yards or as a potted specimen. Seed grown and will bear in 2 years. Very attractive pink blossoms
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$27.90 6 Seedling Large


Dwarf Peach - Standard

White flesh peach maturing late Xmas. Low chill selection that is perfect for subtropical regions. Very attractive pink flowers in July. Grafted on peach stock 60cm high, stays compact, ideal for pots or small backyards.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$34.00 0 Grafted Large Email Me When Available In Production
$79.00 0 Grafted XLarge Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Peach Dwarf Valley Red compliments of guildford garden centre

Dwarf Peach - Valley Red

A hardy, compact tree growing to 2 meters at full maturity. Often called the Super Dwarf Valley Red. Long thin leaves are glossy and dark green. A beautiful display of rose-pink flowers are produced in spring. A moderate crop of fruit is produced mid-late season. Size and shape is medium and round to oblong. Skin colour is orange-yellow with a deep red blush. Flesh is golden when ripe and the eating quality is very good, with a melting sweet flavour. High Chill, not suited to Warm climates
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$49.00 10 Grafted
(Bare Root)

*Bare Root Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in late June to August this year

Angel Peach High Chill compliments of PlantNet

Dwarf Peach - Angel High Chill

A new dwarf selection of the Angel Peach. It has donut shaped fruit and is a very sweet white fleshed variety, which is more soft and juicy in texture compared with standard peaches. Performs best in temperate climates.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$49.00 20 Grafted
(Bare Root)

*Bare Root Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in late June to August this year

Dwarf Peach Fresno label

Dwarf Peach - Fresno

A large attractive, yellow fleshed, peach. Fresno has excellent flavour and has a free stone. The fruit ripens Late December, and like all peaches is self pollinating.
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$49.00 6 Grafted
(Bare Root)

*Bare Root Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in late June to August this year


Dwarf Peach - Sunset Backyard Beauty

High density flowering of double pink peach blossom in spring make this tree a delight in the garden, it produces white fleshed full sized freestone peaches in early summer Often ripening in time for Christmas. No pollination required. Sometimes referred to as a Super Dwarf Peach Tree. This is an ideal tree to get the kids involved in growing their own fruit in the garden!
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$39.00 34 Grafted
(Bare Root)

*Bare Root Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in late June to August this year

$79.00 0 Grafted XLarge Email Me When Available
*Nursery Pick up only too large to ship out Seeking Propagation Material

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Customer Comments on Dwarf Peach Tree

Tree Information on growing, planting, pruning, maintenance, ripening, taste, pick or bonsai tips. But mainly how to grow a Dwarf Peach Tree Share Your Advice or ask questions on our Forum

Dwarf Peach Tree

Plant dwarf peach tree in half wine barrell and water with used dish washing water and watch your tree fruit with lots of fruit. | Shaun Tomkinson - Klemzig, SA 14-Oct-2008

Peach - Dwarf

Fruit is full sized and full flavored, I look forward to these ripening more than any other stone fruits in my yard | David O'bryan - Mansfield, QLD 18-Oct-2008

Dwarf Peach Tree

I live in Northern Ohio and for 2-3 months my peach is completely under snow. Come spring it takes right off and I harvest15-20 peaches off of it and they are deliciouse. | Bill Allen - Madison, OH 19-Feb-2011

Dwarf Peach Tree

Our pixie dwarf peach trees, we put xmas lights on the fences around them in late winter early spring, and cover with bed sheets on late winter frezzing. we often get freeze after trees come in bloom. some seasons this works well and we have large crops. | Steve Castelo - Payson, AZ 29-May-2012

Dwarf Peach Tree

I was given a Dwarf Peach Tree in 1965 & It survived until I moved from Brisbane to the Mary Valley Hinterland & the drought finally took it. But a sucker has come up & it is now ready to flower this year! | Anthony Andrew Childs - Amamoor, QLD 05-Jul-2014
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