Dwarf Peach Flowers

(1/5) Dwarf Peach Flowers

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Dwarf Peach Standard in Flower

(3/5) Dwarf Peach Standard in Flower

Dwarf Peach - Standard For Sale (Size: Large)  (Grafted)

(4/5) Dwarf Peach - Standard For Sale (Size: Large) (Grafted)

Leaf of the Dwarf Peach Standard

(5/5) Leaf of the Dwarf Peach Standard


Dwarf Peach - Standard

Prunus persica
Fruit Trees > Temperate Fruit Trees > Peach Tree > Dwarf Peach - Standard
White flesh peach maturing late Xmas. Low chill selection that is perfect for subtropical regions. Very attractive pink flowers in July. Grafted on peach stock 60cm high, stays compact, ideal for pots or small backyards.

$39.00 ($39.00-$79.00 choose a size)

Specifications of Dwarf Peach - Standard

Preferred Climate SubtropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From GraftedLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 1-2m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Yes

Amount of leaves in Winter? No Leaves (Deciduous)

Quarantine Restrictions to these Areas WA

Suitability in Pots Yes with 35L+ Pot

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree? Dwarf (1/2 Normal Size)

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 2-3 Years

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months January, February

Fertiliser All Purpose

Plant Width 1-2m

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Dwarf Peach - Standard Reviews & Tips

Star Rating





Anand Rathod
★★★★ 6y ago


love dwarf fruit trees

★★★★ 6y ago

EASTWOOD, NSW, Australia

Very slow growing. Has grown


★★★★★ 6y ago


   Planted in a raised bed with full sun in late Jan 2017 (Gold Coast). Broke dormancy in late August, and produced eight attractive pink flowers. I allowed these to form small pea-sized fruit, then removed so the tree could put all its energy into e...

★★★ 9y ago

, NT

hardy little tree

Pink Everything
9y ago

Dianella, wa, Australia

I want to grow a potted orchard on my front verandah

★★★★★ 12y ago

FLETCHER, NSW, Australia

1 meter tall Growingwell Newcastle AreaClay soil mulchedraised with good topsoil north facing daily watering

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