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MO's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Cairo Egypt

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MO Forum Contributions
Mango trees are flowering - Hi Wayne the most commen mistakes that may cause mangos to shed the crop:- 1- never water the trees at mid day or heat.Better to water eary morning or ate afternoon.This applies to the fowering period and a duration of crop with no exception.You can irri..5457 days 15hrs
Mango trees are flowering - Hi Jantina,I have a mango plantation - first of all the tree U have should not stay to grow in a pot mango trees may out live peaple could rang be 100 200 or more years.U should not leave it in the pot more than 2 years or U will bend and disfigure the wo..5472 days 14hrs
When to feed and prune a mango - ..5472 days 15hrs
When to feed and prune a mango - Ross , mangos out live peaple 1- prune any dry twigs or minor dry branches in October-November. 2-could sound like to much water -This would rot the roots and accordingly paralise and dry the branches 3-either to frequent irrigation or no drainaige in..5495 days 10hrs
When to feed and prune a mango - Gwen,copper oxichlorates should be sprayed for anthracnose imediatly after winter pruning as protection say by November to mid December.then by Febreuary add to the copper sulphur (micronic).Do not use copper products while blossom this can cause infirtil..5495 days 11hrs

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