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Russell3's Edible Backyard

Joined: 30/08/09 Updated: 30/08/09 Frost:
Location: Mt Evelyn, Vic

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Russell3 Forum Contributions
Onion weed - Oxalis is another weed that has the potential to take over a property if left unchecked. Like onion weed it multiplies in two ways by seed and by growing new baby bulbs around the mature bulb. Also as with onion weed cultivation only spreads it further. T..3139 days 10hrs
Onion weed - Aparently they are edible so they shouldn't hurt the dog...3239 days 10hrs
Onion weed - Actually having just been out doing my anual onion weed eradication hunt, and being hit again with the strong onion smell, stronger than normal onions and on a pa with fresh crushed garlic, I wonder whether the common and often maligned onion weed might h..3246 days 11hrs
Onion weed - Don't confuse onion weed with nut grass they are not the same. Nutgrass is much worse as a weed, apparently the world's worst weed. It spreads through the soil like cooch grass but creates 100s of tiny round brown nuts, all of which will grow. It can ta..3246 days 14hrs

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