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Anna10's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: SEABROOK

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Tasteless gulf gold plums - My first harvest of Gulf Gold Plums but unfortunately they are tastless. I thought they were supposed to have good flavour...470 days 1hrs
Water chestnut plants - Hi Audrey, I bought it online last week from Daley Nursery. They have just got new stocks, so you best get them soon. The postage costs more than the plant!..3843 days 10hrs
Water chestnut plants - I have just bought 2 water chestnut plants and would like to know how to plant them? Do we plant it submeged in water and do we add soil to it? Would appreciate your advice. Thanks anna..3845 days 6hrs

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Tasteless gulf gold plums - Hi Anna Next fruiting season you can try applying 6 handfuls of sulphate of potash around the tree and water it in with 2 tsp of Epsom salt dissolved in 10 liters of water to sweeten the fruits. Too much water and fertilization can also dilute the ..Liked Answer 454 days 6hrs

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