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Andrew9's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/11/09 Updated: 09/11/09 Frost:
Location: Bayswater, VIC

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Andrew9 Forum Contributions
Feijoa not fruiting - .. By the way, we did notice one solitary piece of fruit grew last season on our tree, but it was about half the normal feijoa size. Maybe it's a pollenation issue..3478 days 21hrs
Feijoa not fruiting - Hi all. Still not quite sure what to do.... I've pulled many pretty trees out from our property & replaced them with fruiting varieties such as pomegrate, seedless mandarin, fig and goji; naming just a few out of a total of 12. Should I plant anot..3478 days 21hrs
Feijoa not fruiting - Good afternoon. We live in Bayswater in Victoria, and in the three years we've lived here, our only feijoa tree flowers prolifically but has never fruited. I had read that feijoas don't need another feijoa to cross pollenate, but just need pollinat..3479 days 22hrs

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