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StopFruitFly's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/09 Updated: 01/12/09 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

StopFruitFly Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - hi Charles, thanks for your valuable suggestion. these nets can be joined cheaply and easily. sure wider nets have their place. we may import some later on...3452 days 9hrs
Fruit fly control - hi Julie, sorry, i miss spelled. you can search 'Plant Protection Net' or 'Fruit Protection Bag' or 'Exclusion Bag'. ..3479 days 11hrs
Fruit fly control - hi MR, thank you for your reply. yes, i live in Melbourne and not affected by fruit fly. i am in the process of developing some products for fruit fly affected areas. we currently have Plant Protection Mesh and Exclusion Bags (made from the mesh..3481 days 24hrs
Fruit fly control - hi Diana, thanks for your reply. in Melbourne, we do not have this fruit fly problem. gauze bags, are they UV treated? i mean, how long will they last under the sun? Stopfruitfly..3487 days 1hrs
Fruit fly control - there are Fruit Protection Bags available on the net, they seem pretty effective. anybody has tried? peashoots..3487 days 23hrs

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