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Alistar's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Bundaberg

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Alistar Forum Contributions
Vanilla orchid cuttings - Hi Wayne, Sorry for the long delay,my computer as blown up shortly after replying to Blendan message. I managed to get an old computer working. Yes it will be OK to visit,just let me know when you're coming...3509 days 5hrs
Vanilla orchid cuttings - Hi Brendan, Yes and No - Not from a bean that has been through the processed of curing. Only the beans that are cross pollinated with another flower. The seeds are very tiny and often referred to as "dust seeds". So if you are not into Vitro Seed Pr..3516 days 10hrs
Vanilla orchid cuttings - Hi Wayne, Yes - Vanilla is an epiphytic orchid. The aerial roots of epiphytes obtain much of their nutrients from the air and from debris and mosses collected in the trees upon which they grow more so than from the ground. So if you provide the same co..3516 days 11hrs
Vanilla orchid cuttings - Hi Brendan, Have you tried Daley's,they have them from time to time. I have no cuttings at this time. Most of my plants are heavily laden with vanilla beans at the moment. They will definitely grow in Mackay...3517 days 11hrs
Vanilla orchid cuttings - Hi Jujube, Vanilla is an orchid, a member of the 'Vanda' family so the vines require a support on which to climb.They won't flower until it reach the top of the support. I never pruned my vines. My vines get fertilised every 2-3 weeks with 'Seasol..3518 days 4hrs

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