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Jan13's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Canberra ACt

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jan13 Forum Contributions
Bluberry bushes - Hi, that's good, we get a lot of heavy frosts in Canberra! Just hope that I can get the soil acidity correct. Jan..3550 days 24hrs
Bluberry bushes - Hi, thank you for your help. I cannot remember what variety I tried to grow before. I have just purchased a variety call 'Brigitta' which I was assured would do well in Canberra. I will keep the variety advised by you in mind, if these are not succ..3551 days 23hrs
Bluberry bushes - Hi What is the best variety of Blueberry to grow in Canberra ACT. We often get temperatures down to minus 5, and have had frosts this week. I would like a bush that has an abundant crop. I had a couple a few years ago which did not do well. P..3557 days 3hrs
Asparagus - Hi - I am thinking of buying & planting some Asparagus seeds, when should I plant the seeds in Canberra and any tips...4868 days 8hrs
Rasberry bushes - Hi I grow raspberries in Canberra - they fruit on 2 year old canes although you do sometimes get a few fruit on younger ones. About September/October I remove all of the dead canes- they are easy to see then as they go a dark brown in colour and just..5276 days 10hrs

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