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Snow's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Connolly Perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Snow Forum Contributions
Black sapote not growing - My problem is how to get the fruit to set. The tree is about 12 years old and has beautiful lush rich growth gets covered in flower but nothing ever sets. It sits between a Longan and mangoe and both have given some grea crops all get the same water..3017 days 7hrs
Black sapote not growing - Brad, I will share my large crop if it get ripe! stay tuned...3920 days 5hrs
Black sapote not growing - Hi Brad, Thanks for your advice, not sure if it helped but I did try a few things even a spray of Mangozeb and the other day I noticed that I actually have two fruit about the size of Golf ball and deep green very hard to spot in the foliage, but there f..3920 days 9hrs
Black sapote not growing - Hi Debbie, My Sapote is about 12 years old and stands about three metres tall and would have been taller if I had not given it a severe pruning about two years ago because I had tried all the fertilisers and was getting masses of flowers and no fruit but..3974 days 6hrs
Beanpea identification1 - This plant looks like a Tamrind that I have growing at present and mine is about two meteres tall but no fruit as yet, if you taste a leave it should be acid/tart. good luck Eric..3981 days 7hrs

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