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Joe Fernandez's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: socal

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Joe Fernandez Forum Contributions
My little orchard - Hi Pete, Yes, those are exuberant prices. There are a whole lotta nurseries in Southern California way cheaper than SoCal nursery. Cherimoya are somewhat popular down here and you could get a cherimoya tree for half the price, or cheaper, than what they ..4485 days 13hrs
My little orchard - Aussies are my kind of people. Doesn't hurt that most of Australia has a subtropical climate. Californians are just beginning to see what wonderful tropical fruits we can grow in this great weather. Oh yeah, I forgot to list my Atemoya (African pride), W..4485 days 18hrs
My little orchard - Aussies are my kind of people. You guys show great passion for tropicals which is very unusual up here in the states. ONE OF THE REASON IS BECAUSE OF YOUR GREAT WEATHER ..4485 days 18hrs
My little orchard - Sorry, kind of messy and duplicates. Some of the fruit tree in the picture: Avocados, Bacon, Lamb Hass, Holiday, Reed, Sir prize, Pinkerton. Guavas: Malaysian Red, Ruby X, Thai red, Tropical pink, Strawberry,Honk Kong pink and Indian red. Nispero. Cocktai..4486 days 2hrs
My little orchard - Que vola cubanito! I love Miami because of the beaches and the Cuban community. It's the capital place for tropicals in the USA. Here is what we grow in Southern California,..4486 days 3hrs

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