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Jason10's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/06/10 Updated: 26/06/10 Frost:
Location: Portland

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jason10 Forum Contributions
Guide me which fruit tree will suit - I'd suggest any apple, peach, apricot, pretty much all citrus, Cherimoya, White sapote, Avocado. Will all do well in Melbourne. Lychee not so much but in a warm suburb you might get away with it have a couple of fruit..3165 days 19hrs
Graft problem - That's normal for a dwarfing rootstock you always get the top outgrowing the rootstock..3165 days 19hrs
Growing saffron flower - Well Tasmania has very warm winters compared to almost all of Europe (everywhere but the very South of Europe) and hot Summers also so thats fair enough. Saffron is easy to grow here also, same climate as Tasmania pretty much with a little more heat in..3167 days 7hrs
Grafting macadamias - Is anyone here done some macadamia grafting? I have this issue that in theory tetraphylla should be the ideal species down here for growth speed/best flowering and best crops etc. But in practice it doesn't work that way. Integrifolia turns out to be m..3169 days 13hrs
Growing blood oranges - I'm sure real soil beats potting mix every time, the problem is you can't remove soil from the ground and put it in a pot without disturbing/breaking it and then it's no good for anything..3169 days 17hrs
Coxs apple - It's the kind of apple some people don't like. I grew one and my father told me it was the most rubbish apple he ever grew. Turned out in the end that it's one of my favorites so now I eat the fruit from both my tree and his :)..3171 days 6hrs
Treated pine1 - You know when they pull thousands of green posts out of vineyards each once in a while to replace them. Between 20% and 100% of the post below the soil surface no longer exists. So everything is in the dirt about 2 feet from the grapes, is that good? I do..3171 days 18hrs
Watering frequency for avocado in pot in - Brendan yeah Citrus do ok, all I need to add to citrus is nitrogen and they look fine with good coloured leaves etc. I have a few cactus they are ok also but everything needs HEAPS of food to actually grow. Something odd happens with phosphorus and iro..3172 days 8hrs
Treated pine1 - There's nothing else in the middle of Mount Gambier. I just had a read up on why the city stinks like that and found that perhaps they still treat pine with Creosote there. A lot of the vineyards still use those posts so maybe that's the smell, either w..3173 days 5hrs
I have a cherry tree - Cherry slug? did it look like a slimey little thing with a giant mouth full of choppers like something from the worst horror movie ever?. If so Lady Birds fix them up, you do have to be patient and wait for he slugs to have done a fair bit of eating befor..3173 days 7hrs
Treated pine1 - Treated pine is banned for use in kids playgrounds is it not?. If you go into Mount Gambier where they make lots of treated pine the first thing you notice is the toxic cloud of stink that covers the entire inner city, it's a very strong and bad smell. I..3173 days 7hrs
Watering frequency for avocado in pot in - Brendan it's Iron based loam on top of clay. Like if you drag a magnet across the soil you get a magnet full or iron gravel, that's mixed up with red stained loam (from the iron) and about 20-60cm depending if you are digging on a slope or an area water..3173 days 7hrs
Help identifying a feral fruiting shrub - Seeds again :p dangerous stuff I tell you..3174 days 8hrs
Persimmon rootstock what do diggers use - wow.... Anna how much does it grow each year?. I've had my trees for well... 5 years for one that's about 6 foot and the small one might be 10 years old and only about 2 feet tall lol. Clearly I fail at persimmon growing..3174 days 9hrs
Persimmon rootstock what do diggers use - I have two and only the one from Flemming's grows (and not all that well) the one from Daleys never did anything. I'm not sure if they both have different rootstocks but that might explain the difference in my trees..3174 days 17hrs

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