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BagLady's Edible Backyard

Joined: 17/09/10 Updated: 17/09/10 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

BagLady Forum Contributions
Passionfruit problem - I have buckets full of young passionfruit vines from seeds I spat, but only two have compound leaves and the rest are simple leaved. I presumed the compound leaved plants were the females. Am I wrong?..2215 days 10hrs
Ackee tree - I too am looking for a supplier in Oz for ackee. I live in Cambodia so they would grow here just fine. All I need is a seed supplier who will post abroad. Anyone know of such a place, I would be most grateful to hear...2215 days 11hrs
Where can i buy ackee fruit tree - Well did you do it?..2544 days 5hrs
Where can i buy ackee fruit tree - Well that is just so pathetic...2544 days 5hrs
Where can i buy ackee fruit tree - I can think of no better soil for this wonderful fruit than the rich, red dirt that surrounds Cooktown. A few breadfruit trees would complete the ensemble and provide great, cheap nutritional food for the top end. ..2544 days 5hrs
Ackee tree - Just one more gripe. Sorry. I thought that when I chose "reply" under someones comments, my reply would come under those coments as a sub-section (As in other chat sites). My comments above do not stand alone and read like goblygook. (No comments ne..3127 days 11hrs
Ackee tree - Jeff!!! That is exactly what I said. You are having to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the latest posts which should, and usually are, at the TOP. NOW LET THAT BE THE END OF THE MATTER. ..3127 days 11hrs
Ackee tree - I have never grown ackee but I find plants to be very much alike in make-up, like stray dogs. A malnourished dog, plant or seed will respond with such gratitude and love when encountering a little kindness and spring into a new lease of life. The health ..3127 days 11hrs
Ackee tree - this website is upside down. the latest posts should be at the top not the bottom..3139 days 5hrs
Ackee tree - i suspect this old cantankerous tree does not like sharing his space!!..3139 days 5hrs
Ackee tree - surely the Chinese do salt fish..3139 days 5hrs
Ackee tree - If you go back to JA don't forget to visit Mae's Pen. Just the best fried chicken, ricÚ n peas and ackee. Had to lie flat for 1 hour last time I went..3139 days 6hrs
Ackee tree - oh man that's beatiful(the photo of ackee). I live in Cambodia. Can I get seeds? Do you think they would cope with humidity? Tried toms in Cooktown Queensland once. They shot up, fruited and immediately contracted black spot from the humidity...3139 days 6hrs
Ackee tree - and the best ice cream..3139 days 6hrs
Ackee tree - Hi, you seem to be knowledgeable on the subject. How long does it take an ackee tree to mature to fruit stage? How long does it take a breadfruit tree?..3139 days 6hrs

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