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Susan's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Northern NSW

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Susan Forum Contributions
Sick leafless avocado tree - I planted a small grafted avocado tree a few months ago and it has since lost all its leaves and looks very sick. Is it salvageable? I have sprayed it with white oil and copper fungicide on separate occasions thinking I might get lucky but it doesn't see..3611 days 7hrs
Black fungusmould - Hi Amanda, The tree is at a guess around 20 or 30 foot tall. I am on tank water so no good pressure. Does anyone have any ideas? I am guessing I will need to lop the top two thirds off. Such a shame......3651 days 20hrs
Young poinciana plant - Hi Amanda, It has been raining all night so the poinciana should be very happy! Eltham is near Bangalow northern NSW. Cheers!..3652 days 7hrs
Black fungusmould - Hi Daniel, Thanks for your feedback. I can only reach a third of the way up the tree to spray white oil. It is my understanding all of the infested tree needs spraying. Will I need to chop the top off the tree in order to kill all the scale? Regards, S..3652 days 19hrs
Mango tree with ants - Thanks for the great advice Wayne. ..3652 days 23hrs

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