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Norma's Edible Backyard

Joined: 11/11/10 Updated: 11/11/10 Frost:
Location: Greenbank, SEQld

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Norma Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Got our Vegenet on Thursday. Now we need to work out how to make frames for it. Any suggestions? We would rather not put up a polypipe frame as a vegie plot isn't that big. We thinking of making tubes out of wire netting and then making tubes out of the ..3111 days 6hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi Julie, Have you used Neem as a drench? Any success?..3117 days 4hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi all, Got another email from Netpro about Vegenet, this time from Mark Minifie, Sales Manager. They now have Vegenet in 6mts wide by whatever length up to 500mts. He said it is still same price per square metre as the 2.2mts stuff which works out a..3117 days 4hrs
Fruit fly control - Netpro's details are: www.netprocanopies.com sales@netprocanopies.com Ph: (07) 4681 6613 Glenn McRae from Netpro answered my email. They sell 2.2mt wide by whatever length up to 500mts. When you order they will let you know how much p..3123 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - I contacted Netpro via their website. Their details are: Glenn McRae, sales@netprocanopies.com or you can contact them through www.netprocanopies.com Phone number (07) 4681 6613 I only asked about their Vegenet which is 2.2mts wide by whatever length ..3123 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi torastus, Thanks, I did finally get hold of Netpro, they said they sell it by the metre now, works out about $1.09 per metre for 2.2mts wide. Just need to work out how we're going to cover our trees and the tomatoes and then no more of those rotten l..3126 days 4hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi, How do they actually ingest it? Whenever we have sprayed Ecolure as per instructions it seem to dry up overnight. I thought it would make globs so the f/fly could 'drink' from it. Did spray the underneath of our fig tree leaves to help during rain ..3132 days 8hrs
Fruit fly control - Sorry, what I meant was we started spraying/baiting with Econaturalure at petal fall and kept spraying weekly and straight after rain. We were almost religious in our spraying, that's why we are so disappointed in the results...3140 days 0hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi, just stumbled on this forum while looking for f/fly control and am I glad I did. We lost all our fruit to f/fly this year. sprayed with Eco-Naturalure at petal drop, had Wild may baits (caught about 30 in it, useless) and f/fly wicks to check which..3141 days 5hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi, we lost all our fruit to f/fly this year. sprayed with Eco-Naturalure, had Wild may baits, f/fly wicks to check which direction they were coming from. Unfortunately we have a market garden 3 blocks over and they get rid of unsaleable tomatoes by pilin..3141 days 6hrs

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