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Adamus's Edible Backyard

Joined: 03/12/10 Updated: 03/12/10 Frost:
Location: Armidale

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Adamus Forum Contributions
Veggie garden - Wow. Treated pine has arsenic to keep the buggers at bay. It is recommended to cover it with something impermeable if you're growing veggies or fruit in it. I certainly wouldn't be eating anything grown in beds made of uncovered treated pine. ..2983 days 2hrs
Rasberry bushes - I'm thinking maybe it's the area you grow in. When i lived in the Dandenongs, it was the least pleasant. Now I'm in a colder climate, it's really come into it's own. It gets two good flushes of fruit, and is stll fruiting long after all the others ha..2986 days 21hrs
Curry leaf tree in melbourne - John , yes and yes. I'd love some seeds, as the last tree bit the dust. Um, I tried your email to no effect. amssynnottatgmaildotcom. I'll try again. cheers. adamus...2997 days 1hrs
Square watermelons - Just when you think you have a handle on reality.!! The sixties were very good to some people...2999 days 1hrs
Garden with used kitty litter - Be Careful what you ask for. One day, you might get it...3002 days 1hrs
Garlic - Sounds fine. It's probably the best time. We use the frost to improve the flavour, But I don't think Bunbury would be that cold. I used to get good marron from Bunbury.. Yum...3003 days 1hrs
Garlic - I hope you're all putting pickies up. I love to see all the effort...3003 days 17hrs
Spurbearing apple varieties - A Cox's should do well in Altona. Just remember they're known as being the worst apple for attracting pests. They seem to get every disease going, but , as Jason says, a beautiful cooking apple. A bit tart for eating IMHO...3004 days 22hrs
How can i stop slugs eating my - Slaters are the curse of Mulchers everywhere. Nothing nicer than a fresh Strawb from your own patch. BTW Julie, are they a big company.? I often wondered...3005 days 1hrs
How can i stop slugs eating my - I'm with you Julie, the Multiguard pellets do work well. $3.75 from the House of Bunnings. They're made of Iron Chelates, harmless to animals, who don't seem interested anyway, and they keep away snails and slugs, especially off your strawbs.!!..3007 days 2hrs
Curl grubs - Yeah, sorry about that. They have Nature's Way, the same as DiPel. It's a powder also. Looks like I'll just have to approximate with the powder from now on. Thanks Chris, another lesson in not trusting big companies...3008 days 2hrs
Curl grubs - Yep. One is liquid, and one is powder. BTW, it was pretty harmless. and funny. I still haven't found out why they're called cockchafers. How do you irritate a Rooster.? Hmmmm?..3008 days 12hrs
Curl grubs - I didn't know you could get it for underground grubs. The grub had to ingest the substance. Yates have a liquid version of it called "Success". There is also a powder version called DiPel. The liquid worked better for me, because it was easier to measu..3008 days 22hrs
Curl grubs - It just hurts the skin of the grubs, and kills them quite quickly. For them It's like being burnt to death, but I've never heard of plants being harmed. It seems to keep them away for about three years, but the earthworms are back quite quickly...3009 days 2hrs
Curl grubs - It's only toxic at a high level, they usually survive more than the Curl grubs. You can usually buy it at a hardware store. I got mine from the Produce Store, but I live in a rural town. Sometimes it will kill the earthworms around where you put it, but ..3009 days 11hrs

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